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The Fernhurst Society

Moments in Time... from the Archives

Snippets from 100, 50 and 25 years ago from the Fernhurst Archives. Collated by Christine Maynard, these were originally published monthly in the Fernhurst News.



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May 1885 A selection of the object lessons for the forthcoming term includes sponge, the sheep, silver, a knife, truthfulness, coal, wind and the elephant.  (School Log)

April 1886 Took tea with Mrs Francis, a charcoal burner’s wife, who showed me her earth-oven. It is a hole dug in the ground, lined with clay and topped with a large iron lid on which a pile of red hot embers is placed. The cake she produced from it was most delicious. (Charles Willcock’s Diary)

May 1887 ‘Weather particularly ungenial, indeed wintry storms with heavy snow and hailstones. Truly ‘Winter was long-lingering in the lap of Spring’. We heartily wish the old tyrant gone.’ (Mr Willcock’s Diary)

June 1887 Fernhurst celebrated Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee by giving beef to each family, so that they might feast at home.  (Mr Willcock’s Diary)

March 1888 I contracted a severe cold, which necessitated the application of a mustard plaster. (Charles Willcock’s Diary)

July 1888 Roads were thronged with vehicles and pedestrians – a disreputable crew – on their way to Goodwood Races. Everyone breathed more freely when the foul stream had ceased its flow along our quiet roads. (Mr Willcock’s Diary)

Sept 1888 Col. Brockman gave a talk at Henley Mission Room after Evening Service, recalling how, during the Indian Mutiny, British soldiers were permitted to remove their jackets during the fighting as it was so hot. (Mr Willcock’s Diary)

Feb 1889 Henley man James Cole was robbed of nearly £300. He was known to be so miserly that a stick of raw rhubarb and a portion of bread would suffice for his dinner, with currants crushed in water to wash it down. (Mr Willcock’s Diary)

Sept 1889 Col Brockman brought his invalid wife, a very heavy lady, from Easebourne to Henley in her Bath chair. It was a very hot day and he was in a strong perspiration when he arrived. (Mr Willcock’s Diary)

April 1895 Owing to the heavy rains, only nine out of 57 children attended school.  (School Log)

Aug/Sept 1896 School attendance was low as many children were helping their parents with the harvest. (School Log Book)

Oct 1899 Brought my little kitten to school this afternoon to give an object lesson on The Cat. (School Log Book)

Feb 1891 The Battle of Henley Postbox:  The Fernhurst Postmaster, Mr Smith wanted it removed, but the residents disagreed. The Post Office Inspector sided with the residents and the Lay Reader of Henley Mission, Mr Willcock, noted with relish that ‘he was pleased to see the cantankerous Mr Smith taken down a peg or two’.  (Mr Willcock’s Diary)

May 1891 William Bulbeck, who had been out shooting at Dawes Farm in heavy rain, had his loaded shotgun under his coat the keep it dry. When he skidded into a stone wall the gun accidentally discharged and he was fatally wounded.  (Charles Willcock’s Diary)

Nov 1893 I procured postal orders for the purchase of an American organ for the church, which arrived a week later on the Brick Yard wagon. A long and joyously-awaited event. (Mr Willcock’s Diary)

Jan 1892  Mr Whalley of Cuckoo Corner, Henley Common was treated to ‘rough music’, ie a procession hammering old tin trays and kettles, raucous singing and shouting for two evenings as punishment for his treatment of his ‘housekeeper’.  (Mr Willcock’s Diary)

Apr 1897  Standards IV – VII were given a conversational lesson on cruelty to birds, with special reference to birds during the close season.  (School Log)


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Nov 1901 The Cricket Club Committee is to be congratulated on raising a record £10 in their concert, which has lifted the club clear of all financial difficulties.(School Log Book)

Oct 1902 Seven year old Louis Smiths has returned to school after four weeks hop-picking. (School Log)

May 1903 The vicar, Rev A L Keith, remarked in the Parish Magazine that ‘the better lighting and brighter singing are voted an improvement. Is it a great thing to ask that this appreciation should be genuine enough to touch the pocket a little more deeply, regularly and habitually?’

May 1903 Our Football Club is to be congratulated on this, its first season. Ten matches played, four won, five lost, one draw and two to play.

August 1903 During the summer months Capt Groom will hold a series of outdoor services in different parts of the parish. I hope no-one will make them an excuse for not coming to Church. (Parish Magazine)

August 1903 It is now twelve months since the Fernhurst (Parish Magazine) was launched at a penny a number. The present issue is 208, which is very fair for the size of the parish. (Parish Magazine)

July 1904 A very successful concert, given by the popular String Band, with songs from the Choral Class, raised £3 4s in aid of the Coal and Clothing Club. (A not inconsiderable sum, the equivalent to a week’s wages for many.)

July 1904 Fernhurst cricketers pulled off a handsome victory against Haslemere.

October 1905 ‘We want as many of our parishioners to take in the Parish Magazine as possibly can to do so. It will give them some wholesome reading instead of the trash so rampant among our young nowadays…’ (Fernhurst Parish Magazine)

July 1907 A Garden Fete was held in the Vicarage Gardens with a pierrot troupe, a shooting gallery and display of drill by about 60 schoolchildren. Gypsies from the fair gave light with their flaring torches to Fernhurst String Band as they played for the dance in the evening.

July 1907 ‘Cuckoo’ Enticknapp arrived from Chichester, unannounced but very welcome, as he sweeps the chimneys in Henley. He always climbs the chimney, if sufficiently wide for him to do so, and cries ‘Cuckoo!’ when he reaches the top. (Mr Willcock’s Diary)

Sept 1907 The point of a jumble sale was neatly summed up: ‘it pleases those who give, it pleases those who buy and it pleases the vicar who has the profits to dispose of’. (Parish Magazine)

October 1907 A Girls’ club, offering such delights as talks, Swedish drill, reading, needlework, music and lectures on cooking are to take place in the vicarage. (Parish Magazine)

October 1907 Fernhurst Football club was formed, with Mr Hartwright as Captain and Mr Pickaver as Secretary. (Parish Magazine)

October 1907 Fernhurst Girls Club made a very good start with 21 members, but it was noted that ‘before the musical drill can be of any benefit, it must be taken a little more seriously’. (Parish Magazine)

Nov 1907 The senior girls at Fernhurst School are to be taught how to cook a good working man’s dinner. A wholesome meal will do wonders in destroying the craving for drink. (Parish Magazine)

Jan/Feb 08 The Parish Room: a provisional committee was set up and a site was offered by Owen Scripps Tudor, plus a donation to start off the fund.

Feb 1908 Fernhurst String Band’s expenditure included new drums, cymbals and lamp oil.

June 1908 The 2nd Annual Garden Fete raised nearly £50 for Village Hall Funds. About 80 people assisted in the staging of a handicrafts exhibition, the afternoon and evening concerts and the many sideshows and refreshments. (Parish Magazine)

July 1908 The Education Dept is sending a set of weighing scales on which the children are to be weighed. It is then to be passed on to all other schools in the area. (School Log Book)

Aug 1908 The vicar, armed with a pick-axe, asked for volunteers to help clear the site of the proposed village hall. (Parish Magazine)

Aug 1908 112 children and 30 parents went by train from Haslemere to Hayling Island for the Annual Day School Outing. (Parish Magazine)

Oct 1908 A Boxing, Wrestling and Fencing Club was set up in the Vicarage Barn. (Parish Magazine)

Oct 1908 ‘I chose the woodland path … it was a shorter journey and I was safe from the abominable motor-cars, which make the highway dangerous for pedestrians by their speed, and annoying through the horrid stench of their petrol fumes.’ (Mr Willcock’s Diary)

Nov 1908 At a concert to raise funds for the Village Hall, it was reported that "Dr Collison nearly mashed up the piano in his endeavour to show us how Liszt would play ‘Her Golden Hair Was Hanging Down Her Back' ". (Parish Magazine)

Nov 1908 The tender of Messrs Slade & Gale for the building of the Village Hall was accepted, partly because it was felt that local men employing local labour should have it. (Parish Magazine)

Dec 1908 A memorial, funded by individual subscription, was erected to the memory of W G Weller, who lost his life attempting to save his friend whilst bathing in Furnace Pond. (Parish Magazine)

Mar 1909 The Village Hall is nearing completion. In spite of numerous subscriptions lists circulating, fundraising is slow, but a dance and a jumble sale have helped funds along, which now stand at £586 of the £800 needed. (Parish Magazine)

April 1909 The new Village Hall was officially opened by Mrs Barton, wife of the Rev Douglas R Barton. Tea was served to 200 followed by a brief entertainment. In the evening there was a play performed by the Girls’ Club and a dance rounded off the momentous day. (Parish Magazine)

May 1909 Although already in use, money is still needed for the lighting, heating and fencing of the Village Hall and to make up the road. (Parish Magazine)

Oct 1909 As the Infants Dept is without a teacher, 14 yr old Mary West in Standard VII is helping Miss Symes. (School Log Book)

Oct 1909 Boy Scouts: The 12 lads who joined have formed themselves into the Kangaroo Patrol under their self-elected leader George Dudman. (Parish Magazine)

Dec 1909 Several boys have been taken out of school this afternoon to be employed in bird-stopping. (School Log Book)


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February 1910 We understand from Mr Tudor that the new road through his property on Midhurst Road is to be called Glebe Road. (Parish Magazine)

March 1910 The vicar was pleased to note that at the First Aid lectures to Women, every class of the community was represented. (Parish Magazine)

December 1911 The Autumn Jumble Sale raised £6.17.6d towards the village lighting scheme. (Parish Magazine)

January 1912 The village finally got the longed-for bath-chair, presented by Lt White of Copyhold. (Parish Magazine)

March 1912 The parish is to organise dental treatment on a more formal basis. Currently Dr Duke pulls out bad teeth at a shilling a tooth. (Parish Magazine)

June 1912 The first of a series of promenade concerts was attended by over 100 people, in spite of the chilly weather. (Parish Magazine)

October 1912 Good news for the lads of Fernhurst. The Scout Troop, which was disbanded last spring, is to be reformed under the command of Mr Hollist. (Parish Magazine)

October 1912 Since last winter, whist drives have been declared illegal. However, if couples play together for the whole evening instead of changing partners, that will be within the law. (Parish Magazine)

Oct 1912 Capt. Groom, who has been appointed Lay Reader at Henley, has also been taking services at St Margaret’s Chapel in Kingsley Green, in the absence of the vicar. (Parish Magazine)

Dec 1912 ‘A Christmas Dream’ – a series of six sacred and six secular tableaux was presented by the choir, Girls Club and Guild to great effect and even included a snowstorm. (Parish Magazine)

December 1912 The beautiful little building in Glebe Road, which is known as the Hostel of the Good Shepherd, was dedicated on 28 December. (Parish Magazine)

Jan 1913 Spoke with Mrs Cole, a worthy widow, who is in business with her 2nd eldest son on Henley Common as a blacksmith and job-mistress keeping four horses and two carriages for hire. (Charles Willcock’s Diary)

March 1913 Hearty congratulations to the Fernhurst Football Club on winning the Charity Cup, especially as the club was only formed last September. (Fernhurst Parish Magazine)

April 1913 At the AGM of the Fernhurst Dental Club it was reported that the club was now on a self-supporting basis. Over 300 teeth were extracted in the last year. (Parish Magazine)

April 1913 Good, hot soup at a halfpenny a cup is being sold to the schoolchildren three times a week. (Parish Magazine)

June 1913 An active women under 40 (able to ride a bicycle) for general nursing. Three months preliminary training provided free of cost. Adequate payment. (Advertisement for a Village Nurse in the Parish Magazine)

Aug 1914 Since the beginning of August, Fernhurst Scouts have been assisting the Selsey Lifeguards. Civil Defence, Stretcher Detachment and Dispatch Riders have also been organised. (Fernhurst Parish News)

March 1916 Some 12 Fernhurst men are at sea, besides two officers, also 30 men and eight officers of the Army are on active service abroad. Three socials and whist drives have been held to raise funds towards soldiers’ huts in France.

March 1917 Fernhurst’s vicar, Rev George Harvey Ranking, joined the Army as a Chaplain. (Parish Magazine)

Apr 1917  A very snowy morning meant that only 36 out of 117 children were able to attend school.  (School Log)

Nov 1917 Rev George H Ranking, Vicar of Fernhurst serving as a padre ‘somewhere in France’, was killed by a stray shell just after he had been taking comforts to the wounded. (Parish Magazine)

July 1918 Owing to an epidemic of mumps, which has persisted for two months, school closed one week early for the summer holidays. (School Log Book)

Sept 1918 It was noted that several children have gone hop picking with their families. (School Log Book)

Sept 1918 In accordance with a directive from the Education Dept, the top two forms were taken blackberry picking. 555 lbs had been gathered by the end of the month. (School Log Book)

Oct 1918 Due to the severe flu epidemic, all schools in West Sussex were ordered to be closed for three weeks. (Parish Magazine)

Dec 1918 The school was again ordered to be closed for the whole of December because of the flu. (Parish Magazine)

Nov 1919 Armistice Day was observed, by desire of His Majesty, with special hymns and a short address was given. (School Log Book)


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Sept 1921 It was decided by the Village Hall Committee that the Dressmaking Class could have free use of the stage, but that lighting and coal for the fire should be paid for. (Village Hall Minutes)

November 1921 The Education and Social Committee of the Parochial Church Council offered courses in History, Literature, French, Book-keeping, Drawing, Spinning and Country Dancing for the winter months. (Parish Magazine)

November 1922 Cocoa at ½ d per cup will be served to those school children who wish for it during the winter. (School Log Book)

May 1923 As it was Empire Day, the vicar visited and addressed the children on the theme of ‘Empire’. (School Log Book)

July 1923 School closed for the day for the treat laid on by Lady Phillipson-Stow of Blackdown House of a trip to Bognor. (School Log Book)

Jun 1924 Thanks to the kindness of Sir Arthur and Lady Balfour of Ropes Lane a group of Fernhurst schoolchildren went to the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley. (Fernhurst Parish News)

Nov 1924 Thanks to the generosity of local benefactor Mr Ohlenschlager, the Village Hall has a new fence and gate. (Parish Magazine)

April 1925 After Empire Day celebrations in the morning, the children were given a half-holiday. (School Log)

September 1926 The school dentist held one of his regular clinics in the Village Hall. (School Log Book)

December 1927 A severe measles outbreak reduced school attendance to 35 out of 110 pupils and the Ministry of Health has closed the school until it is over. (School Log Book)

June 1928 Through the generosity of Lady Balfour of Ropes ten children were taken to London to visit the Tower of London and London Zoo in Regent’s Park. The children were the winners of a competition to write an essay on ‘The British Empire’. (School Log Book)



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June 1930 Mrs Sarah Woodhams becomes licensee of the Red Lion. After the closure of Chase’s shop on the Green in 1938 she becomes known as ‘Aunt Sally’ to the schoolchildren who go to the Red Lion instead to buy their sweets – and pickled onions!

March 1931  Prizes were presented to the boys and girls who had done the best darning. (School Log Book)

May 1931 The weather was so wet only 50 out of 108 children were able to get to school. (Fernhurst School Log Book)

August 1932 An appeal to raise funds to pay for parish improvements to be carried out during the winter is being started. These improvements include work on the Green, behind the Village Hall and at Kingsley Green. (Parochial Church Council)

Feb 1933 A carpentry class for the boys is being planned and the vicar has kindly offered the use of his barn for the purpose. (Fernhurst School Log)

April 1933 Miss Margaret Shaw visited the school and gave prizes to the boys and girls who had done the best darning. (Fernhurst School Log)

April 1935: Prizes were distributed to the boys and girls who had done the best darning. (School Log)

June 1935 A huge bonfire was built by Fernhurst Scouts on the top of Blackdown to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of King George V.

Oct 1935 Owing to a measles epidemic and very wet weather, only 37 out of 111 children attended school (School Log Book)

June 1938 After months of rehearsing their drill, a number of Fernhurst children took part in PT display at the County Agricultural Show in Midhurst. (School Log Book)

Sept 1939  Fernhurst officially received a total of 272 children evacuated from three London schools, plus several teachers from each (School Log Book)


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May 1940 Practice in fire drill and air raid drill will take place alternatively each week. (School Log)

July 1940 Air raid alarm received at 9.45am, children dispersed and cover taken as per arrangements. All clear given at 11am. (School Log Book)

Sept 1940 Six air raid warnings disrupted classes in the first two weeks of this month. (School Log Book)

April 1941 Air raid warning received at 12.10pm; all clear at 12.50pm. (Fernhurst School Log Book)

April 1941 School officially closed for Easter, but recreational activities will be held there for evacuee children. (School Log Book)

May 1941 School War Savings total reached £500. (Fernhurst School Log Book)

July 1941 Mr Dumbrell, the headmaster, took the senior class to Blackdown to pick whortleberries for the Communal Jam Centre. (School Log Book)

July 1941 The 30 children of the senior class went to Blackdown to pick whortleberries (hurts) for the Communal Jam Centre (School Log Book)

October 1941 109 Fernhurst children and 18 evacuees were enrolled for the new school year. (School Log Book)

November 1941 39 children from the school began having their dinners at the canteen in the Village Hall. They were served with a thick soup with vegetables as the cooking stove had not been delivered. (School Log Book)

December 1941 Chapman, Lowry & Puttick commenced work on blacking-out the school. (School Log Book)

Feb 1942  All the children attended a talk on War Savings for the Warships’ Week programme. (Fernhurst School Log)

Dec 1942 Money raised at Fernhurst School to be sent to Petworth to be spent on the children who were injured in the bombing of their school there. (School Log)

Feb 1943 An enemy aircraft bombed and machinegunned the village, causing damage to the church and properties in Church Road but thankfully no loss of life. (Fernhurst School Log)

March 1943 The German Dornier aircraft shot down over Fernhurst by a British Beaufighter was one of a flight of six on an ill-fated mission to bomb Royal Navy targets at Southampton. (Midhurst Observer)

April 1943 It is proposed that the Royal Observer Corps (based near the school on the Village Green) provide a bell to warn the school when hostile aircraft are about. (Fernhurst School Log)

June 1943 May Queen Barbara Elms was crowned after a short service in the church. This was followed by a pageant, a display of country dancing and finally a concert by the Canadian Army Band stationed in nearby Bramshott. (School Log Book)

Oct 1944 The senior children went gathering rosehips for a nature lesson (and culinary purposes). 38 ¾ lbs were collected. (School Log)

May 1945 School closed for two days in accordance with the Government announcement of V E Day. (School Log)

November 1945 Fernhurst Victory Week was a non-stop round of entertainments with a bumper tea party for nearly 200 children, another for mothers and young children, a further one for the elderly, culminating in a whist drive and grand dance – with the under-15s strictly excluded. (Various sources)

Nov 1945 The school canteen was closed for a day due to a disagreement over the helpers’ wages. (School Log Book)

July 1946 Ten boys visited Plant Protection at Verdley and watched various agricultural demonstrations. (School Log Book)

Dec 1945 Owing to problems with the boiler, temperatures in three of the five classrooms remained at 45 degrees F (6 Celsius). Lessons continued as normal. (School Log Book)

Feb 1947  Two boys from the hostel at Ropes took money from a teacher’s locked desk and began spending it in the village. The hostel warden was informed and the money returned. The boys, however, played truant that afternoon.  (Fernhurst School Log)

Mar 1947  Seven evacuee boys absconded from their hostel at Ropes. Three were found and Woking and the other four at Andover. They returned to school three days later.  (School Log)

Sept 1947 During the past week five girls and four boys have been engaged in potato picking at Hurstfold Farm. (School Log)

May 1948 15 members of Fernhurst Young Farmers Club enjoyed a remarkable and instructive display of sheepdog trials and sheep-shearing. (Haslemere Herald)

July 1948 There were over 400 entries at the gymkhana in aid of the Recreation Ground. Haslemere Town Band played, and there were also athletics, a crazy football match organised by Fernhurst FC and many other attractions. (Haslemere Herald)

July 1948 ‘After 29 years of useful service, the Fernhurst District Nursing Association has ceased to exist. It has been outmoded by Act of Parliament’ said chairman Mrs W K Warren. The group has been absorbed into the newly created National Health Service. (Haslemere Herald)

Aug 1948 Fernhurst Young Farmers made a profit of £66 at the Fair and Flower Show on Bank Holiday Monday. (Haslemere Herald)

Sept 1948 Recycling: A profit of over £146 was made on a waste paper salvage drive in just seven months. (Haslemere Herald)

Sept 1948 In a friendly match, Plant Protection beat Fernhurst Reserves by 7-2, although the report added that the game was not as one-sided as the score might suggest. (Haslemere Herald)

Sept 1948 Fernhurst Gymkhana came very closed to being cancelled when the original venue was suddenly unavailable, but after some hurried scything and mowing, a field at Upper Cross was usable. (Haslemere Herald)

Oct 1948 For the second year running, Kathleen Varns won the competition to kill as many queen wasps as possible with a total of 32. (Haslemere Herald)

Oct 1948 Scouting has revived considerably lately, thanks to new scoutmaster Ernie Wells. (Haslemere Herald)

Oct 1948 Fernhurst Choral society decided to suspend activities, due to the difficulty in finding a new conductor and the lack of bass voices. (Haslemere Herald)

Oct 1948 A lay-out plan for ‘The Nappers’ was approved in principle by Midhurst Rural Council. (Haslemere Herald)

Nov 1948 Much needed road widening is being carried out between Cylinders and Cooksbridge, eliminating a number of awkward curves. (Haslemere Herald)

Dec 1948 At the games tournament of Fernhurst Working Men’s Club against Hammer Social Club the teams were so evenly matched that it was only by an almost impossible shot by Doug Howes in the billiards final that brought victory to the Fernhurst team.. (Haslemere Herald)

Dec 1948 Verdley Players presented their first panto to the great delight of the sell-out audiences as it contained many local references and jokes. (Haslemere Herald)

Jan 1949 A very good report on the activities of the Fernhurst Canning Club was presented at the WI meeting. (Haslemere Herald)

Feb 1949 A stall set up by the Village Produce Assoc to sell villagers’ surplus produce made about £400. The formation of a Pig Club was also proposed. (Haslemere Herald)

Mar 1949 During a special meeting to discuss the provision of a WC, Mr Guy Morgan said that Fernhurst had never had conveniences and thought that it was a question of self-discipline. Many disagreed with him. (Haslemere Herald)

Apr 1949 Although Fernhurst Choral Society has ceased to function, five of its former members have joined Easebourne Choral Society. (Haslemere Herald)

Apr 1949 Mr K Burrows of Fernhurst Garage suffered serious injuries while out shooting rabbits with a friend on Henley Common. (Haslemere Herald)

May 1949 A dancing display at the Village Hall more than paid for the school summer outing. Helpers included the Land Army, who supplied the chairs.(Haslemere Herald)

Jun 1949 At Fernhurst Young Farmers Club Field Day Kathleen Varns won the under 17 section and the overall Wallace Cup as best young farmer. (Haslemere Herald)

July 1949 Fernhurst’s 2nd annual Gymkhana and Sports was an all-day event with many sideshows, refreshments. A star attraction was bowling for a pig. (Haslemere Herald)

Aug 1949 Fernhurst Flower Show and Fete had something for everyone, exhibits and sideshows, music from Haslemere Town Band, a cricket match, and a whist drive and dance in the Village Hall to round off the day. (Haslemere Herald)

Aug 1949 Cricket: Fernhurst beat Easebourne by 28 runs, top scorer was P Luffman on 54. (Haslemere Herald)

Dec 1949 Owing to the decline in membership, it was decided to suspend the activities of Fernhurst Young Farmers Club (Haslemere Herald)



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Sept 1950 Road widening between Fernhurst Cross and Cooksbridge, which included excavating banks and making pavements, has turned what was a winding country lane into a much safer road. (Haslemere Herald)

Sept 1950 At a special meeting of the Men’s Club it was decided to form a Supporters Club in aid of Fernhurst Football Club to ensure that coaches for away matches were always full. (Haslemere Herald)

October 1950 The Latvian community, which is now occupying the former military camp (where Nicholsons now stands) held a Lutheran service in St Margaret’s Church. (Haslemere Herald)

October 1950 Three members of the Women’s Land Army from Fernhurst took part in the farewell parade before the Queen at Buckingham Palace. They were Miss Edith Williams of Plant Protection, Miss Pat Thompson from Upperfold Farm and Miss Edith Hanwell of Cotchets Farm. (Haslemere Herald)

Oct 1950 Miss Edith Williams of Plant Protection, Miss Pat Thompson of Upperfold Farm and Miss Edith Hanwell of Cotchet Farm, all members of the Women’s Land Army, took part in the farewell parade before HM the Queen at Buckingham Palace. (Haslemere Herald)

Oct 1950 Football: after a goal-less first half, Fernhurst beat Guildford Park 5-2 in a fast and furious second half in the Premier Division of the Surrey Intermediate League. Goals were scored by Glue, Embling and Heath. (Haslemere Herald)

November 1950 45 scholars from Fernhurst School travelled to Windsor by motor coach accompanied by Miss E Godfray and Mrs G Dumbrell and spent the day viewing the castle. (Haslemere Herald)

November 1950 The suitability of the proposed site at Nappers Wood for housing was considered by the Parish Council. (Haslemere Herald)

Nov 1950 The Fernhurst branch of the British Legion reported a good year with increasing activities and a membership of 104. (Haslemere Herald)

Dec 1950 Fernhurst Supporters Club watched their team draw with Cranleigh 4-4, then the 70-strong party enjoyed an excellent high tea followed by singing and dancing. (Haslemere Herald)

Dec 1950 The church bells of St Margaret’s, which have been silent for several months, have been rehung and will be heard again for the first time on Christmas Day. (Haslemere Herald)

Jan 1951 End of the year share-outs took place at the Slate and Tontine Clubs of the King’s Arms, Red Lion and Spreadeagle pubs, and the Working Men’s Club. (Haslemere Herald)

February 1951 Great improvements have been made to the Midhurst Road with new pavements and grass slopes to mark the Festival of Britain. Unfortunately one of the utility companies now wants to dig it up. (The Rother)

March 1951 Arthur Whicher’s hat-trick and Les Glue’s single goal added up to a grand win by Fernhurst 4-1 against Cove on a heavy pitch. Cove also lost the return match 3-2 a month later. (Haslemere Herald)

June 1951 Football:  Fernhurst were still celebrating winning the Gingells Cup (Capt Les Glue) last month and also the Sussex Intermediate Trophy as their opponents West Hove were unable to field a team in time. (Haslemere Herald)

September 1951 Football: a 1-1 draw against Merrow was a fair result, considering the antics of the ball in the strong wind and the rough ground. (Haslemere Herald)

October 1951 The first meeting of the recently formed ‘over-sixty’ club took place. 35 members were enrolled and it was decided to call the club ‘The Forget-Me-Nots’ (now the Good Companions). (Haslemere Herald)

October 1951 Football: Although holders of the Sussex Intermediate Cup, Fernhurst were put out by Bognor Regis in the first round by 5-4. (Haslemere Herald)

November 1951 Mrs Gilbert and Mrs Larbey served the refreshments at the Fernhurst Old Time Dance Club event. (Haslemere Herald)

November 1951 Mrs Whitcher and Miss Bristowe presented purses to the Queen at the Founder’s Day Festival of the Church of England Children’s Society at the Royal Albert Hall. (Haslemere Herald)

November 1951 Eleven volunteers are required to bring Fernhurst’s Civil Defence Corps up to strength. Mr W Wells has been appointed senior warden for the village. (Haslemere Herald)

December 1951 Football: Fernhurst, without Embling, Sams and Lambert, went down 3-0 against RAE. (Haslemere Herald)

Feb 1952 The Latvian community in Fernhurst marked their national day with a concert of Latvian hymns and folk songs, which was much enjoyed by the many villagers who attended. (Midhurst Observer)

Feb 1952 Harold Phillips, 21, was fined ten shillings for carrying a 15 yr old girl on the crossbar of his bicycle. (Haslemere Herald)

Feb 1952 Football: Fernhurst’s run of luck continued when they beat Balls Cross 2-1, the goals having been scored by J West and P Larbey. (Haslemere Herald)

Mar 1952 Mr Cyril Brittain’s colourful and artistic window display in Fernhurst Co-op won first prize in the Haslemere and District competition. (Haslemere Herald)

October 1952 Mr E A Brittain, retiring at the age of 70, recalled that as a boy (in the 1890s) he worked for the local grocer for five hours a day Mon-Thurs, full days on Fri and Sat, for 4/- a week. (Haslemere Herald)

Oct 1952 When reference was made to the danger to children running across the main road near Old Glebe Cottages, the Parish Council felt that this was a matter which should be left to the parents. (Haslemere Herald)

Nov 1952 Among the ideas put forward to celebrate the Coronation next year was a public showing of the tv coverage for those without receivers in their own homes. (Haslemere Herald)

Nov 1952 Darts: The team from the Spread Eagle inflicted a surprise defeat of 2 legs to 1 on the much-fancied team from the Well Diggers, Petworth. (Haslemere Herald)

Nov 1952 The Sports Day Committee have decided that due to the high cost of development, part of the Recreation Ground will continue to be leased to a local farmer.

Nov 1952 N D W Sitwell of The Old Laundry is exhibiting a scale model of HMS Eskimo made from crystalised fruit boxwood, fuse wire, pins and glue in the Model Engineering Exhibition in London. (Haslemere Herald)

Dec 1952 Football: it was a drawn game between Fernhurst and Farncombe as snow and ice, churned into freezing mud, made good football impossible. The cold was so intense the visiting goalkeeper collapsed. (Haslemere Herald)

December 1952 Four members of Fernhurst Civil Defence rescue team took part in an exercise in Chichester and were congratulated on their speed and efficiency. (Haslemere Herald)

Feb 1953 One of the 78 guests at the Annual dinner for the Elderly Folk of Fernhurst was 86 yr old Mrs Sally Woodhams, who, after 46 years as licensee of the Red Lion, was now looking forward to a quiet retirement.

Mar 1953 At the WI Meeting a food parcel from the Institute’s WI link with Australia was raffled.

Mar 1953 In an exciting match Fernhurst Boys beat Lodsworth Boys 3-1, with B Silver, P Larbey and B Glue outstanding.

May 1953 Plans to celebrate the Coronation are to include tv coverage of the day’s events in the Village Hall and a memorial seat on the recreation ground. (Haslemere Herald)

June 1953 Fernhurst celebrated Coronation Day with a magnificent pageant specially written for the occasion. There was also a fancy dress parade, which included decorated vehicles - four bikes, a pram, a boat, a horse and a pedal car. (Haslemere Herald)

June 1953 A spectacular pageant depicting many of the countries of the Commonwealth was staged to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. It was written and presented by a large cast of villagers. Money was tight, so Queen Anne’s costume was made from a pair of damask curtains. (Haslemere Herald)

Jan 1954 Three members of the Larbey family, E, Pete and Phil, ensured the home side’s 6-0 victory over Harting. (Haslemere Herald)

Mar 1954 There were four fires in just over a week in Old Glebe at numbers 5, 14, 15 and 37. People are getting nervous about lighting their fires, said a member of the Fire Brigade. (Haslemere Herald)

Apr 1954 Royal Engineers with stirrup pumps fought to contain the fire that swept through their canteen at Fernhurst Camp but by the time the Fire Brigade arrived the blaze was virtually out. (Haslemere Herald)

May 1954 Fernhurst footballers regained their form after a series of reverses and goals by J Gall, J Harding and R Carpenter secured them a 3-0 victory over Haslemere Athletic. (Haslemere Herald)

May 1954 A hearse crashed into a stationary motorcycle and sidecar in Kingsley Green and virtually demolished it before ending up almost vertical. Luckily there were no casualties. (Haslemere Herald)

Jun 1954 The 7th Annual Sports Day, Pony Show and Gymkhana was a non-stop event aimed at raising enough money to be able to use more of the recreation ground for sports instead of having to let out half of it for agriculture. (Haslemere Herald)

July 1954 The Parish council, Rural Council and the police all agree that the village needs a car park. Possible sites are being considered. (Haslemere Herald)

Aug 1954 Tenders have been invited for the clearance of the Nappers Wood site so that the building of new houses can begin. (Haslemere Herald)

Oct 1954 Fernhurst bt Shottermill Reserves 4-3, thanks to a hat-trick from C Lambert. (Haslemere Herald)

February 1955 A car park for Fernhurst was vetoed by Midhurst Rural District Council because of the ‘staggering cost’ and also because it was ‘a complete waste of time’. (Haslemere Herald)

February 1955 The future of the Village Hall is in serious doubt because when the children stop having meals there it will probably not be able to go on.

April 1955: Plans were discussed for the amalgamation of the Village Produce Association with the Horticultural Society. (Haslemere Herald)

April 1955: Football: Hat-tricks by P Larbey and E Larbey helped Fernhurst Reserves to a 9-1 victory over Graffham. (Haslemere Herald)

May 1955 Phyllis Riddle, a pretty 17 year old who works at Plant Protection, was proclaimed May Queen. She was voted for by more than one hundred children and an appreciably greater number of adults than in previous years. The Revels were held on the Recreation Ground for the first time. Twenty former May Queens attended the May Queens’ Tea, including Mrs Sarah Woodhams, 89, who had been May Queen in 1881.

May 1955 Two wins for Fernhurst Football Club – they beat Mayfair FC from London 4-3 and Godalming a thumping 7-2.

May 1955: The Fernhurst Medical Loan Depot of the British Red Cross issued 88 articles, four parcels of clothing sent to Korea, and over 1,000 books collected for hospital libraries. (Haslemere Herald)

June 1955 The Parish Council decided not to permit the use of a field adjoining The Hatch, Kingsley Green for the accommodation and possible exercising of steam locomotives as it was held that it would be detrimental to the area.

June 1955 The Mothers’ Union and Young Wives Group attended a garden fair in the grounds of the Bishop of Chichester’s residence and were delighted that the Bishop and his wife strolled among the crowd chatting to members.

July 1955 The Conservative Association fete in the Village Hall, organised by Mrs Sidney Brown with about 20 helpers, was attended by several hundred people and raised over £110.

July 1955 Cricket: Verdley dismissed a strong Riverside (Hammersmith) team for 69 on Sunday, Fordham taking 3-1 in six overs, five of which were maidens. The home side replied with 101, passing their opponents total with seven wickets down. The following week they were all out for 54 in 75 minutes when playing Easebourne!

September 1955 The Choral Society selected ‘Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast’ as their main work for the season. (Haslemere Herald)

September 1955 The Women’s Section of the British Legion visited St Dunstan’s Home in Brighton and afterwards saw a performance of ‘Guys ‘n Dolls’ at the Hippodrome. (Haslemere Herald)

September 1955 Football: Fernhurst beat Shottermill Reserves 4-1 on a bone-hard ground in parching heat. (Haslemere Herald)

February 1956 Fernhurst gained an easy victory over a weakened Haslemere Athletic Reserves side. Gallacher was at his best and Ken Larbey made a satisfactory debut. (Haslemere Herald)

Feb 1956 Football:  Fernhurst beat league leaders Old Farnhamians by 3-0 in the 1st Division of the Surrey Intermediate League. (Haslemere Herald)

Feb 1956 Football: Fernhurst gained an easy 6-0 victory over Haslemere Ath. Res. with Gallacher scoring four of the goals. (Haslemere Herald)

March 1956 Tribute was paid to Mr Ezra Varns, who, with his family, ran the general store in Chapel Street. The business is now owned by Mr Pitts.

March 1956 The Verdley Players’ production of ‘London Wall’ was particularly successful as they had four talented actresses playing the leads, each ideally suited to their role. (Haslemere Herald)

April 1956 Fernhurst Choral Society gained 2nd place in the mixed choirs division of the prestigious Petersfield Musical Festival. (Haslemere Herald)

April 1956 The Parish Council were told that children’s school games were being curtailed by members of Fernhurst Camp indulging in cricket practice at irregular hours. (Haslemere Herald)

May 1956 12-year old Susan Hill was proclaimed May Queen at the traditional site, the stump of the old oak tree on the Green. (Haslemere Herald)

May 1956 The Forget-Me-Nots presented a bouquet to 90 year old Mrs Sally Woodhams, (former landlady of The Red Lion for many years) after she was voted ‘the member with the kindest face’. (Midhurst Observer)

June 1956 The Revels had to be postponed because of appalling weather and the following week it was no better. After the church service the procession wound its way to the Village Hall where outgoing May Queen Phyllis Riddle crowned her successor Susan Hall with a wreath of lily-of-the-valley. (Haslemere Herald)

June 1956 At the second Plant Protection international conference delegates saw the presentation on mini-tvs on their desks rather than on a single large screen. (Haslemere Herald)

July 1956 Veteran cricketers – the Over-Forties Cup, donated by Mrs Mills of the Spread Eagle two years ago, was won by a team from the Red Lion who defeated the Spread Eagle side by 84 runs to 46. (Haslemere Herald)

September 1956 Fernhurst’s 9th Annual Sports Day also included a fancy dress parade, dog show, numerous sideshows and a dance in the evening. (Haslemere Herald)

September 1956 The purpose and date of the underground chamber in St Margaret’s Church was to be investigated. (Haslemere Herald)

April 1957 Fernhurst Choral Society gained 3rd place at Petersfield Musical Festival and were congratulated on the excellent balance of their singing. (Haslemere Herald)

April 1957 The village green is in a really bad and lumpy condition from when cattle were grazed on it. It was decided to roll and mow it rather than risk the Recreation Ground machinery. (Haslemere Herald)

May 1957 The Co-op was raided and thieves made away with several large tins of corned beef and a small tin of ham. (Haslemere Herald)

May 1957 Football: Fernhurst won the League Cup with a resounding 5-2 against Merrow. Butler scored a hat-trick. (Haslemere Herald)

July 1957 Profits on Fernhurst Sports Day and Dance were well down on last year’s £140 to less than £100. (Haslemere Herald)

Aug 1957 World Scout Jamboree: John Trussler (16) and Brian Silver (17) attended the event at Brighton to represent their troop. (Haslemere Herald)

Sept 1957 No car parks: under the Parish Council Act, Fernhurst Council is only obliged to provide parking for bicycles and motorcycles, but not for cars.  (Haslemere Herald)

Oct 1957 Harvest loaves were baked by Mr J Mills of Kingsley Green from wheat grown in the parish in ovens fired by timber from the local hills. (Haslemere Herald)

December 1957 In the Sussex Junior League Fernhurst beat Boxgrove 6-0 and the following week the Fernhurst senior team overpowered Lurgashall 11-0 in the Midhurst League. (Haslemere Herald)

Feb 1958 Cricket: after being forced out of existence in 1955, it now looks like play may be able to resume in the near future.

Feb/Mar 1958 Blinding, freezing snow fell continuously causing major disruption.

Feb/Mar 1958 An outbreak of foot and mouth disease was confirmed at Lower Nappers Farm, just ten days after one at Colliers Farm.

March 1958 Although heavy snow reduced attendance at the Forget-Me-Nots meeting in the Village Hall to a quarter, one 91 year old lady remarked ‘I don’t think it’s bad enough to keep anyone at home’. (Haslemere Herald)

April 1958 Football – Fernhurst beat Whangerei (Rake) 7-3.

May 1958 Fernhurst Cricket Club, revived in February, played their first match since 1954, but sadly were beaten by Lurgashall 123 to 57. (Haslemere Herald)

June 1958 Fernhurst Scouts held a weekend camp on Van Common, the highlight of which was a lively barbecue with many games and sideshows. (Haslemere Herald)

June 1958 Cricket – Fernhurst beat Easebourne by three wickets.

Feb 1959 There was a dramatic rescue through the sunroof for John Marriner and his passenger after their car overturned in a ditch at Kingsley Green. (Haslemere Herald)

Mar 1959 Members of the Royal Observer Corps based at Fernhurst were shown the part Civil Defence must play in the event of nuclear attack. (Haslemere Herald)

Aug 1959 The Youth Club helped organise the recent Flower Show and Fete and played an exhibition game of bicycle polo. There were also toddler races and decorated vehicles. (Haslemere Herald)

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January 1960 Midhurst Rural Council have acquired a site in Chapel Street (now Vann Road) for £250 to provide a car park for the village. (Haslemere Herald)

January 1960 Fernhurst Youth Club held a riotous 'Tramps' Supper' in the Village Hall. Everyone dressed up and enjoyed a traditional supper by candlelight. (Haslemere Herald)

February 1960 Football: in a Division 1 away game Fernhurst comfortably beat Lavant 4-0. (Haslemere Herald)

March 1960 The Youth Club Quiz Team, comprising Susan Lucas, Diane Ling, Michael Standing and David Ricketts, reached the final of the West Sussex County Youth Quiz. (Haslemere Herald)

March 1960 It was proposed that Church Road should be made one-way and traffic made to rejoin the main road via Hogs Hill. (Haslemere Herald)

Sept 1960 Youth Club activities for the year included taking part in local, area and county events and raising money for Haslemere Hospital and the World Refugee Programme. (Haslemere Herald)

Nov 1960 A bypass for Fernhurst is under consideration to try and reduce the number of accidents between Bell Vale and Cooksbridge. Traffic currently speeds through the village at up to 70mph, it was reported. (Haslemere Herald)

November 1961 Nearly 100 people danced the night away to the music of The Modernaires at the Scouts Dance. Mr Lambert was the MC. (Haslemere Herald)

November 1961 A new amateur dramatics society called The Optimists has been formed to replace The Verdley Players, which folded some years ago. Their first production, in aid of Village Hall funds, ‘By A Hand Unknown’ was produced by Pat Boyd and greeted with great enthusiasm. (Haslemere Herald)

December 1961 Mr Berendt gave a lecture on apple and pear growing to the Horticultural Society. (Haslemere Herald)

December 1961 Town or village? At the Parish Council meeting members voted to retain Fernhurst’s village status, but with more shops, a car park and some light industry. (Haslemere Herald)

June 1962 There was Chelsea Flower Show delight for Mrs Ronald Mann of Fernhurst Rise when she was placed third in the ‘B’ Competition for floral arrangements out of nearly one hundred competitors. (Haslemere Herald)

June 1962 Fernhurst County Primary (New) School opened consisting hall, two classrooms and admin buildings. Classes continued at the old school for several years and the new school was officially opened by Dr C Read, Director of Education on 28 May 1971. (School Log)

July 1962 The new Co-op to be built on the site of the present one at The Cross will be ‘a West End store in Fernhurst’ said a spokesman for the Haslemere & District Co-operative Society. (Haslemere Herald)

July 1962 Sleepers were awoken by the popping of coffee tins when fire broke out at Mills’ bakery and shop in Kingsley Green. Although much stock was lost, the fire was prevented from spreading thanks to the prompt action of the fire brigade.  (Haslemere Herald)

July 1962 A petition has been received by the council in protest against the use of Park Lane as a footpath to the proposed new estate at Nappers Wood.(Haslemere Herald)

July 1962 The highlight of the Fernhurst British Legion Fete was a comic game of stoolball. A team of ladies turned out to play against a team whose gender was not attuned to the clothes they wore. (Haslemere Herald)

Sept 1962 Fernhurst Horticultural Society Show: thieves made off with strawberries, vases and a number of other items while the large crowd were gathered round the judges’ tent for prize-giving. (Haslemere Herald)

October 1962 Fernhurst Youth Club held a Boys vs Girls stoolball match, which the boys won by just one run. (Haslemere Herald)

October 1962 Popular Special Constable Bob Coombes, who is well known for his traffic control duties on the busy Midhurst Road at weekends, has been promoted to Special Sergeant. (Haslemere Herald)

October 1962 The new Co-op supermarket at Fernhurst crossroads has now opened, much to the delight of local shoppers. (Haslemere Herald)

Nov 1962 While the recently completed car park remains practically empty, some motorists continue to park on the narrow forecourt in front of the new Co-op, causing obstruction and dangers to others. (Haslemere Herald)

Nov 1962 Members of Fernhurst Youth Club acted as stewards for the Haslemere Motor Club Rally from 10.30pm to 5am and had an all-night barbecue in shifts.(Haslemere Herald)

Dec 1962 Poultry, fruit, vegetables and handicrafts featured at the Fernhurst Village Product Association and Fernhurst Horticultural Society combined display and sale.  (Haslemere Herald)

Nov 1963 Plans to demolish the Post Office and adjoining shops, re-align the road and replace with new shops and old people’s homes were presented. (Haslemere Herald)

Jan 1964 Last year’s experiment of reviving the traditional Whit Monday Fair and electing a May Queen is almost certain to be repeated this May. The village fair had not been held since 1956. (Haslemere Herald)

Jan 1964 The 13th Field Survey Squadron RE marched out of their camp at Fernhurst (opposite the Kings Arms) after being based there for12 years. (Haslemere Herald)

Mar 1964 Fernhurst Club: After 18 months of work, mostly carried out by the members themselves, two new rooms and a new bar were officially declared open. (Haslemere Herald)

Apr 1964 A bypass for Fernhurst: planned in the 1930s, the scheme will still be kept on hold for some years yet, but meanwhile repairs will continue to be made to the Midhurst road. (Haslemere Herald)

Apr 1964 The Village Hall was packed to capacity for the popular Gardeners’ Question Time radio programme and 12 lucky members of the audience had their gardening queries answered. (Haslemere Herald)

April 1964 Fernhurst Club is trying an experiment of admitting women members, who, up till now, have only been able to come in as visitors. (Haslemere Herald)

May 1964 The 2nd Fernhurst Whit Monday Fair since this traditional event was revived last year has had to be abandoned, owing to difficulties in finding and training maypole dancers. (Haslemere Herald)

June 1964 Alwyn Jones shattered the senior javelin record at Midhurst County Secondary School sports with a throw of 160ft 5ins, beating the previous record by 24ft. (Haslemere Herald)

June 1964 Cricket: In a successful weekend, Fernhurst achieved two comfortable wins. On Saturday 73 runs to 39 against Stedham and 125 runs to 95 against Tillington on Sunday. (Haslemere Herald)

July 1964 Fernhurst Patronal Festival included a barbecue and a packed programme of sports, sideshows, country and western singing and a one-act play. (Parish News)

Aug 1964 Fernhurst Camp (ex-Syngenta site) on a bad bend a mile to the south of the village, was considered the wrong place for a residential development when the site came up for sale. (Haslemere Herald)

Sept 1964  At the Fernhurst Scouts annual barbecue and social, local beat group The Meteors played from the top of an air raid shelter (Haslemere Herald)

Sept 1964 A development in a field at Fernhurst cross-roads, which would involve the demolition of the Post Office, two cottages and outbuildings is being seriously considered by the West Sussex Planning Authority. (Haslemere Herald)

Nov 1964 Two very different applicants have put forward proposals for Fernhurst Camp; ICI and a school of linguistics. (Haslemere Herald)

February 1966 The Youth Club had a visit from the Army Youth Team. Members enjoyed a film, a display of light weaponry and particularly a chance to handle the exhibits. (Haslemere Herald)

April 1966 The Forget-Me-Nots (now Good Companions) and the Youth Club are to share the proceeds of the volunteer bottlers and canners who operated at Kingsley Green during the war. (Haslemere Herald)

June 1966 Since being revived three years ago, the Revels took place on its traditional venue at The Old Rectory for the first time in ten years. About 150 children took part. (Haslemere Herald)

June 1966 Verdley Cricket Club had a 6 wicket victory over Hollycombe, thanks largely to the confident batting by Woodward and Strong. (Haslemere Herald)

August 1966 Shop development – Midhurst Rural Council propose to design their own scheme for shops and maisonettes at Fernhurst Crossroads. (Haslemere Herald)

Aug 1966 Stoolball – Fernhurst won a very close and exciting game by just one run at Eastergate. D Elliott, D Hall and M Begent were the top scorers. (Haslemere Herald)

September 1966 Stoolball: Fernhurst beat Eastergate by 108-102. (Haslemere Herald)

September 1966 Fernhurst Scouts held a barbecue at which a sheep generously donated by Mr Kingwell of Marley, was roasted. (Haslemere Herald)

October 1966 Farewell gifts were presented to the Rev G F Dow at the Harvest Supper. A recording of his last service in the church was made and he was presented with a tape recorder on which to play it. (Haslemere Herald)

April 1967 At a well-attended AGM Fernhurst Scouts reported a successful year of activities, fund-raising and improvements to the scout hut. (Haslemere Herald)

April 1967 Fernhurst lost its last Civil Defence warden due to the re-organisation of the CD Corps. Walter Wells recalled some of the many occasions on which he was called out to assist in the aftermath of bombs during WW2. (Haslemere Herald)

April 1967 A home for 26 elderly people, with warden’s flat, plus shops, flats and car parking, are to be built near the crossroads.

April 1967 Plant Protection Ltd, a subsidiary of ICI, was given the Queen’s Award to Industry for expansion of sales to overseas markets. (Haslemere Herald)

May 1967 Fernhurst Revels was in full swing in the garden of the Old Rectory when rain forced the Queen, Jennifer Good, and her attendants to seek shelter in the church. Others fled to the marquee where a portable tv had been set up to allow members of Haslemere Town Bank to watch the Cup Final. (Haslemere Herald)

May 1967 Stoolball successes: Fernhurst beat Stedham 123-69 (Jean Moreton 51) and the following week beat Tillington 28-26.

May 1967 The Revels in the garden of The Old Rectory were completely washed out. Happily, a tent had been set up for members of Haslemere Town Band and equipped with a tv to watch the Cup Final. This became a refuge for many, while others took shelter in the Church. (Haslemere Herald)

Jun 1967 The new pavilion fund now stands at £1,900, with a further £580 to be raised locally. (Haslemere Herald)

Aug 1967 The show and gymkhana held at Timberscombe (now Reeks Reynolds) raised £62 for the Olympic Equestrian Fund. (Haslemere Herald)

Aug 1967 Stoolball victories: Fernhurst defeated Chiddingfold 54-44, the following week saw off Midhurst 65-31 and then beat Woolbeding 93-65.

September 1967 Over 170 people attended the Scouts BBQ where the local butcher, dressed in traditional apron and cap, carved the roasted mutton. There were many sideshows and a raffle which raised £40. (Haslemere Herald)

September 1967 Stoolball: although Fernhurst lost the final, G Berry won the shield for the most catches and D Young and A Hodgson tied for the highest number of catches for the fewest runs. (Haslemere Herald)

September 1967 Fernhurst Cross Roads Scheme, with shops, varied housing and car parking for 60 cars, was unveiled to great approval. (Haslemere Herald)

Oct 1968 The new development at Crossfield has its first leaseholder, Dudman, Ward Ltd, for a radio and electrical business. (Haslemere Herald)

Oct 1968 Football: Fernhurst Res beat Bosham Res 5-3 in a good sporting match refereed by Mr H E Smith. (Haslemere Herald)

Nov 1968 Local artist Frederick Fletcher, who moved to Nappers Wood with his wife Winifred in 1960, has become wellknown for his oils and watercolours of his adopted village. (Haslemere Herald)

Nov 1968 There were 23 beautifully contrived entries in the WI’s ‘Christmas in a Shoe Box’ competition, all of which are to go to children’s homes in the Haslemere area. (Haslemere Herald)

Dec 1968 How many items can you fit into a matchbox? 89 was the winning total by Mrs S D Ackehurst at the Forget-Me-Not Club. (Haslemere Herald)

Dec 1968 John Bonner took over as new landlord of the Red Lion from Bernard Hambling. (Haslemere Herald)

Mar 1969 A new telephone exchange was proposed for the village, to be sited near either Woodfold to the south, Heart’s Delight near the centre or possibly at Crossfield where the new shopping parade was under construction. (Haslemere Herald)

June 1969 For the first time in over 25 years the Revels were held on the Green. Cows had been grazed there for many years and the ground was only recently returned to a suitable condition. (Haslemere Herald)

Sept 1969  Rev Michael Palmer and his daughter Rachel played the bagpipes to start a fundraising 20 mile walk from Chichester Cathedral to Fernhurst. Youngest walker to finish was 8 yr old Caroline Gee (Haslemere Herald)

Oct 1969 The largest amount of produce as well as the largest congregation made the Harvest Festival particularly memorable. (Haslemere Herald)

Dec 1969 UFO sighting on Friday’s Hill; at 5am Mr F Bicknell saw a bright glowing object hurtle rapidly through the sky and land in the trees. A local expert said later that it could have been a small meteor. (Haslemere Herald)

Dec 1969 The 7th Annual Jigsaw Club Christmas Fayre had an extra attraction this year – a model railway display. (Haslemere Herald

Dec 1969 The original body of trustees that ran the Village Hall for 60 years has been reorganised into a much more efficient Management Committee under the chairmanship of Mr Ron Cole. (Haslemere Herald)


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March 1970 Work is now well under way on the new sports pavilion which is being built on the site of the old air raid shelter, which was demolished last month. (Haslemere Herald)

December 1975 The Fernhurst Optimists presented G B Shaw’s ‘Pygmalion’, directed by David Hyde and featuring Pauline Colcutt, Roger Wood and Phyllis Ling with Les Colcutt, Arnold Madgwick, John Harmes and Terry Parkhouse backstage.

Feb 1976 United Moulders of Fernhurst has supplied £20,000 worth of components for Concorde. The company employs more than 90 people in their 1950s built factory just off Vann Road. (Midhurst Observer)

Feb 1976 Local MP Mr Anthony Nelson and Mrs Nelson visited ICI PP and learned about apple picking and grading from John Glue and Elizabeth Southern.  (Midhurst Observer)

March 1976 Fernhurst Youth Club raised sufficient funds at their recent jumble sale to donate a new garden seat for Russet Court as well as some equipment for their club house. (Midhurst Observer)

March 1976 ‘The fish were not very co-operative’ was the reason given for the low catch at the Verdley Angling Club annual competition for the Bob Begent Trophy. (Plantector)

June 1976 At the Revels Fernhurst cubs displayed a sausage 110 ft long made by Mr Stanley Turner of Midhurst.

July 1976 Everyone had a chance to take part in the infants’ swimming gala organised by Mr Arthur Cocker, headmaster, in the school swimming pool as wading races were also included. (Midhurst Observer)

Aug 1976 More than 60 past and present guides and brownies, including three generations of the same family (Edith Parker, Phyllis and Carol Miles), celebrated the Guide Movement’s 75th anniversary. (Midhurst Observer)

September 1976 Geoff Goff from Lower Lodge Farm carried off the honours at the Arlesford & District Agricultural Show with his Friesians. (Midhurst Observer)

September 1976 Work is well underway redecorating the Village Hall. Mr Farnham and a faithful few have turned up every evening, but many who promised to have not. (Midhurst Observer)

Feb 1977 John Seaman, landlord of the Duke of Cumberland, celebrated his 25 years at the Duke by organising an outing to Regents Park Zoo in London for a coachload of Fernhurst children (Midhurst Observer)

June 1977 A special assembly was held at school when all the children were presented with mugs celebrating the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, donated by ICI. The presentation was made by Mrs Jenny Mitchell, whose husband John was director of Overseas Marketing at ICI. (School Log)

October 1977 As part of Fernhurst’s Silver Jubilee celebrations, a seat is to be placed along Van Common. (Midhurst Observer)

December 1977 Ex-Town Planner Mr C Barkman said ‘We do not want a rash of new housing spreading like eczema … we live in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’. (Midhurst Observer)

April 1979 No staff cuts at Fernhurst Primary School say the parents and FACE (Fernhurst Action Campaign for Education) was formed to try and maintain present teacher level. (Haslemere Herald)

May 1979 The barn dance organised to pay off the final amount for the new carpet for St Margaret’s succeeded – with just £3 to spare. (Haslemere Herald)

Jun 1979 ICI Plant Protection have now got the go-ahead for the design of a new office block . (Plantector)

Nov 1979 Fernhurst Optimists staged their own localised version of Cinderella, written by Keith Barnes, with ‘ICI Man’ coming to the rescue of the cash-strapped Prince Charming. (Midhurst Observer)

Dec 1979 Fernhurst’s vicar, Rev Cliff Hankins, found himself in an unusual role – behind the bar at the Fernhurst School Association Dance. (Midhurst Observer)


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May 1980: Despite protest meetings and petitions, Fernhurst Co-op was closed after 53 years in the village. (An upper storey was later added and the building is currently operated by Blackdown Press and other businesses.) (Haslemere Herald)

June 1980 Some 6,000 attended the ICI Plant Protection Open Day at Verdley and made good use of the tractor and trailer service that ferried visitors around the 450 acre site to see the displays and demonstrations.

September 1980 Fernhurst residents protested at the withdrawal of the 8.07am bus to Haslemere. (Midhurst Observer)

September 1980 In Fernhurst’s ‘Day of Football’ the home team beat Portsmouth ex-Professionals and in the Cubs’ Five-a-side Fernhurst Vikings gained the highest number of points. (Midhurst Observer)

November 1980 Fernhurst’s own policeman, PC Porter, gave a talk to the Scouts on how to summon assistance in emergency situations, such as a road traffic accident. (Haslemere Herald)

December 1980 The Youth Club launched an appeal to raise £10,000 for its new premises. (Midhurst Observer)

January 1981 A feature on the Kings Arms revealed that at one time the pub was also a tearoom and part of a 40 acre farm. One of the pigs, by name of Percival, liked to socialise with the patrons. (Midhurst Observer)

January 1981 After the partial collapse of the banks of the nearby stream, Fernhurst Scout Hut has subsided on one side. The plan is to slightly alter the course of the stream and strengthen the foundations of the hut.

February 1981 Chichester District Council recommended full planning permission for ICI to erect a three storey building on the site of the football pitch at Highfield, with new access roads and parking facilities. (Midhurst Observer)

March 1981 Mrs Judith Rampley won the Pancake Race on Shrove Tuesday with Mrs Sue Cousins second and Mrs Beverley Glue third. (Midhurst Observer)

March 1981 Recounting the history of the King’s Arms, landlord Frank Joplin said that in the 1930s the pub had had a 40-acre farm, a tame pig called Percy who used to greet visitors in the tea-room, and had been known to serve milk if the beer ran out! (Midhurst Observer)

May 1981 Now that the site has been cleared, work on erecting the new Youth Club has begun and should be finished by July or August. (Midhurst Observer)

June 1981 Strawberries, souvenirs and a snowman (of the 3 ft high cuddly toy variety) helped raise £148 for the Angling Club. (Midhurst Observer)

June 1981 Prize for the best float at the Revels went to the West Close Gang, who cleverly combined the Revels medieval theme with the forthcoming Royal Wedding. (Midhurst Observer)

Aug 1981 Mrs Lorna Hollis held an impromptu party at Colliers Farm for the children to celebrate the Royal Wedding.

Aug 1981 A delightful book of walks around Fernhurst, compiled, written and illustrated by Victor Davey and Helen and Ken Ouin, has just been published which combines routes with details of flowers, views and historical facts. (Midhurst Observer)

September 1981 Fernhurst Youth Club’s impressive new premises were opened. They also held a Donkey Derby which raised £320. (Midhurst Observer)

October 1981 A major redevelopment scheme was announced by Plant Protection to build a three-storey office block at Highfield to house about 500 staff. (Midhurst Observer)

November 1981 The Good Companions were treated to a fascinating demonstration of carding and spinning wool by Mrs Goatly. (Parish Magazine)

Nov 1981  Fernhurst ICI Rec Club organised a clay pigeon shoot.Trevor Brash, one of the organisers, said ‘It all went with a bang…..’ (Plantector)

Dec 1981 Gerald Puttick has just ended an association with ICI’s on-site fire service stretching back 30 years. (Plantector)

Feb 1982 Fernhurst Co-op closed and planning permission was granted for the building to be used as a Fine Art Lithographers, Publishers and Stationers.

Mar 1982 Village Hall extension, which included a new community room and new toilet facilities, was opened. (Midhurst Observer)

Mar 1982  In her regular ‘Round & About’ feature, Edie Lucas reported that the drapers’ shop had re-opened. (The shop was a few yards south of the Village Hall and the building has since been converted into flats.)  (Parish Magazine)

Mar 1982 Fernhurst Optimists celebrated their 21st anniversary with a production of Terence Rattigan’s ‘Flare Path’, using many authentic WW2 costumes and props. (Midhurst Observer)

April 1982  Fernhurst Optimists Amateur Dramatics Society production of Rattigan’s ‘Flarepath’ featured many authentic costumes, props and sound effects, which greatly enhanced the period feel of the show.  (Midhurst Observer)

May 1982 An exhibition of Fernhurst ‘A Slice of Village Life’ featured so many priceless family heirlooms that it was deemed necessary to mount a 24 hour guard on the Village Hall for the duration. (Parish Magazine)

June 1982 High temperatures followed by heavy rain made Plant Protection’s strawberry season particularly short this year. (Plantector)

June 1982 £300 was raised by some 30 enthusiastic walkers on a sponsored walk in aid of the Youth Club.

May 1983 ‘… Fernhurst nightlife wasn’t as dull as you might think … helped by a bottle of homemade wine, ‘pea shuck’ was very popular, cheap to make and quite potent…’ (Parish Magazine)

May 1983 The rain came down so heavily that Vic Hansford got stuck in his Landrover at Bridgelands Pond. ‘The water actually covered the seats and I had to climb on the roof’ he said. (Plantector Magazine)

July 1983 The Stoolball Club raised £200 at the Stoolball Tournament towards the upkeep of the Recreation Ground. (Parish Magazine)

Oct 1983 Simon Weston made his entrance in ‘Fernhurst Follies’ in fine style – riding the entire length of the Village Hall on an antique bicycle wearing a Gallic beret, Breton jersey and a string of onions round his neck shouting ‘Mon Dieu! Mon Dieu!’. (Midhurst Observer)

Oct 1983 The oldest shop at Fernhurst Cross, which has been a grocery for over 100 years, (currently J G Cole & Son) is to be converted into four shops under a colonnaded walkway. (Haslemere Herald)

Nov 1983 Edgar Baxter recounted the story of Jane West who, while returning from a visit to Ireland in 1647, was captured by pirates and held in captivity for seven years before eventually making her way back to the village. (Parish Magazine)

Mar 1984 Thanks to an enthusiastic response, the Citizens Advice Bureau have now started regular sessions in the Village Hall.

May 1984 The WI held a Gilbert & Sullivan themed party with members coming in costume and a splendid G&S entertainment from The Haslemere Players. (Haslemere Herald)

June 1984 The Brownies raised £75 to sponsor ‘their’ policeman David Schofield to run in the London Marathon. (Parish News)

July 1984 A mobile van offering groceries, etc has started up in the car park.(Parish News)

Sept 1984  The building that housed Cole’s grocery was demolished last week. It is believed that it was erected in the early 1800s (Haslemere Herald)

August 1985 Fernhurst Shooting School in Fernden Lane has been allowed to go ahead, but only on a temporary and under strict safety conditions. (The club closed in December the following year) (Midhurst Observer)

October 1985 Two Canadian families contacted the Parish Magazine to try and trace their Fernhurst roots.

May 1986 Mrs Reynolds, a teacher at Fernhurst School, ran the London Marathon in 4 ¼ hours in aid of St Bridget’s Cheshire Home. Class I are also fundraising for the Home. (Parish News)

Oct 1986 Prime Minister Mrs Margaret Thatcher performed the opening ceremony of the ICI Fernhurst Conference Centre, informally known as The Pagoda.  (Plantector)

Oct 1986 Dr Clive Cartwright, Fernhurst’s popular and well-respected GP for many years, officially retired and a party and presentation was organised in the Village Hall. Dr Denis Hanly has taken over the practice. (Parish Magazine)

November 1986 Mrs Margaret Thatcher opened the new ICI Conference Centre. (Parish Magazine)

Dec 1986 New kneelers have started appearing in the church – the first 30 of a projected 150. Mrs Audrey Hayes and Mrs Pru Nichol are among the leaders encouraging notice and experienced needlewomen alike. (Parish Magazine)

December 1986 Fernhurst WI held their 3rd Annual Games Evening with members from other Institutes in the group invited to take part in a wide variety of games including Scrabble, whist and darts. (Haslemere Herald)

Jan 1987 At the request of the Fernhurst Community Policeman, ICI’s Catering Manager provided food to families whose stocks were running low, due to the big freeze. (Plantector)

Feb 1987  Four-wheel drive vehicles were the only way to ferry essential Telex and switchboard operators to Plant Protection when bitter winter weather hit Fernhurst, in order to keep lines of communication open.  (Plantector)

Mar 1987  United Moulders closed their Nappers Wood factory to consolidate their business on their Alton site. Amongst many other lines, they also made components for Concorde.  (Parish Magazine)

April 1987 Beverley Glue won the Ladies’ Pancake Race for the 3rd year running. (Haslemere Herald)

May 1987 Various plans for creating extra space in the church were unveiled, including the provision of kitchen and toilet facilities at the base of the bell tower.  (Parish Magazine)

May 1987 The retirement presentation and party for Arthur Cocker, Fernhurst’s popular head teacher, was very emotional and, of course, full of music as well. (Haslemere Herald)

April 1988 Chris and Val Ede succeeded Ron Cole as Fernhurst’s Newsagents.

Nov 1988 Fernhurst won the Sussex Country awards for Best Kept Village (New Entry) and Best Kept Village Churchyard, for which the Parochial Church Council was awarded £75. (Haslemere Herald)

Nov 1989 Fernhurst’s Scanner Appeal raised £1,200, partly due to an impromptu performance of the can-can by a mother and daughter newly come to the village. It was greeted with much delight. (Parish News)

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April 1991 You may have heard a lot of silly gossip that ICI is planning to leave Fernhurst, well, just remember that Agrochemicals is one of the flagships of ICI. (Parish News)

April 1991 The WI had a demonstration of chairobics, a novel way of keeping fit while sitting down. (Parish News)

March 1993 Fernhurst has been selected as a pilot area to try out the use of wormeries as a way of converting household waste into compost. (Midhurst Observer)

April 1993 Oil spilling from Fernhurst Fuels through drains and into the car park caused fears of a massive pollution threat, although Fernhurst Fuels’ General Manager denied that there was any danger. (Midhurst Observer)

May 1993 Fernhurst Club has re-opened with new managers, John and Anna Mitchell, who have some exciting ideas to promote the club and attract new members. (Haslemere Herald)

June 1993 The newly-formed Zeneca Agrochemicals was launched in style with a cocktail created in the house colour, teal green. Celebrations also included go-karting, a Velcro wall, a song specially written for the occasion and the release of hundreds of balloons to raise money for charity. (Midhurst Observer)

July 1993 Owls, squirrels, a stoat and a weasel visited the Fernhurst Youth Club as part of a presentation by Graham Cornish from Hydestyle Wildlife Hospital. For many children it was the first time they had seen many of these animals. (Midhurst Observer)

August 1993 Fernhurst won the Best Kept (Large) Village in West Sussex, having been runners up last year and previously winners in 1990. Carla Barnes has been co-ordinator for Fernhurst’s entry for the last three years. (Midhurst Observer)

Sept 1993 The Fernhurst Telecottage, based in the Village Hall, was formally opened, although manager Alec Fry has already been helping customers with their computers queries for some time. (Haslemere Herald)

Sept 1993 The entertainment season at Fernhurst Club promises to be an exhausting one with the biggest bubblegum bubble competition, arm-wresting and speed drinking through a straw on the programme. (Midhurst Observer)

Nov 1993 Verdley Recreation Club hosted the annual firework and bonfire party at Zeneca and supplied a supper of hot dogs, burgers and soft drinks. (Midhurst Observer)

Dec 1993 A Trust Fund of £10, set up in 1916 by the then vicar Rev William Rankin to help pay for dental treatment for the poor and needy, is to be wound up as no-one has come forward to claim assistance for the last 25 years. Currently funds stand at £19.88. (Midhurst Observer)

Dec 1993 Fernhurst was one of the eight West Sussex to take part in the ‘Changes in the 20th Century’ Exhibition in Chichester. Helen Ouin gathered an eclectic mix of items including the school punishment book, May Queen memorabilia, photos and documents. (Haslemere Herald)

Dec 1993 Fernhurst Telecottage is offering tele-shopping, a relatively new concept in which a local centre is connected, through its own computer, to the stockroom of a large distributing company. A specially trained operator will access this service for customers. (Haslemere Herald)

Feb 1994 While many villages have tried in vain to keep their traditional red phone boxes, Fernhurst has been fighting to have the new. (Midhurst Observer)

Mar 1994 Two thirds of Fernhurst’s low cost shared-ownership houses could remain empty unless more applicants from within the village or have strong local links come forward. (Midhurst Observer)

Mar 1994 Nearly 90 enthusiasts attended a barn dance in the Village Hall, with the inimitable caller John Chatfield in charge, which raised over £350 for NSPCC. (Midhurst Observer)

Apr 1994 When the girls of the Senior Youth Club had a make-up demo and try-out session, the boys weren’t left out, they had a competition to design a poster advertising the event. (Midhurst Observer)

May 1994 The girls at Fernhurst Youth Club had a treat when Valerie Dudman from ‘The Cat’s Whiskers’ Beauty Salon by the crossroads came and demonstrated make-up techniques and handed out free samples. (Midhurst Observer)

May 1994 Ann Tonkin, flower arranger extraordinaire, worked on two arrangements, each a towering 18 ft high, for an Elizabethan tableau at Loseley House. (Midhurst Observer)

Jun 1994 John Nicholson Auctioneers threw a party in aid of Cancer Research to mark the opening of their new showrooms opposite the Kings Arms. Instead of raffle tickets, punters wrote their names on £10 notes. (Midhurst Observer)

Jul 1994 Maggot racing was a particular attraction at the Fun Day at the Old Rectory with Jeffrey Parkhouse, Mark Hubbard and Neil Bulbeck showing off their entrants. (Midhurst Observer)

Aug 1994 Re-Engineering Dept at Zeneca Agrochemicals completed their time-challenge of building a play area at Fernhurst School from scratch and completed it with one minute to spare. (Midhurst Observer)

Sept 1994 Mikki Gould’s vibrant display of hanging baskets, wooden tubs and wall container outside the Post Office won a special award in the Best Kept Village Competition. (Midhurst Observer)

Sept 1994 The green light has finally been given to turn Verdley Place, a listed building, into a luxury development of 17 flats. (Midhurst Observer)

Oct 1994 Fernhurst scooped two first prizes of £100 each for community ventures, one for care in the community and the other for youth initiatives. (Midhurst Observer)

Oct 1994 ICI: After a joint total of 50 years’ service between them, Betty Blacklaws and Anne Singleton have retired. The orchard manager reckoned that they must have picked at least 2,500 tons of fruit between them. Phew! (Midhurst Observer)

Nov 1994 300-400 ICI and non-ICI people enjoyed the annual bonfire and fireworks at Home Farm, which was started by the company in the 1950s. Star attraction was the guy, built by Ronnie Main, which sat tied to a chair on a 24 ft pole in the centre of the fire. (Midhurst Observer)

Dec 1994 John Cooper’s go-karting team of architects and builders covered some 4,219 laps and helped raise over £7,000 for the BBC Children in Need Appeal. (Midhurst Observer)

Jan 1995 A thief, who gained access to Fernhurst School during lesson time then hid in a cupboard until after the cleaners had gone home, ransacked cupboards and escaped with £100 dinner money and various other items. (Midhurst Observer)

July 1995 A total of 75 schools entered a competition to design road safety posters and Fernhurst won the 5-8 age group and came 4th in the 8-11 age group. (Midhurst Observer)

August 1995 Furnace Pond and North Park Ironworks have now been declared of National Importance by English Heritage. (Midhurst Observer)

Sept 1995 Zeneca hosted a hilarious ‘It’s a Knockout’ challenge in which they and teams from five other large companies battled giant inflated plastic sausages, ‘mountains’ and ‘rescued damsels in distress’ to raise money for Macmillan. (Haslemere Herald)

Oct 1995 Oscars, the Fernhurst Out of School Club, was officially opened. The redundant school kitchen has been transformed into a spacious and homely room especially for the purpose. (Midhurst Observer)

Nov 1995 The 49th PP/ICI/Zeneca Bonfire Night had a huge bonfire, BBQ, many stalls and a £1,000 firework display which culminated in a magnificent set-piece with a sci-fi theme. (Haslemere Herald)

Dec 1995 The 40-strong Verdley Carollers celebrated their Golden Jubilee in fine style to a capacity audience of villagers and employees in the staff dining room at Zeneca, amid much delight and reminiscences. (Haslemere Herald)

Dec 1995 Mrs Helen Ouin gave a talk to St Margaret’s Guild on the history of Fernhurst, vividly explaining many of the house, road and place names came about. (Haslemere Herald)

May 1996 Although Graffham took the overall trophy at the six-sided charity stoolball event, Rose Berry of the Fernhurst team scored an unbeatable 117 runs.  (Midhurst Observer)

Sept 1996 Fernhurst won the Floral Pride Competition run by Chichester District Council for the second year running, thanks to the residents of Russett Court.
 (Midhurst Observer)

Sept 1996 Protesters wearing face masks to protect themselves against the flies, dust and smell, demonstrated against the rearing of turkeys in the former glasshouses at Hurstfold. (Midhurst Observer)

Nov 1996 Sue Cousins raised around £2,500 for the British Heart Foundation by taking part in a gruelling 5-day cycle ride in Israel in temperatures up to 30 degrees. (Midhurst Observer)

Nov 1996 On behalf of Fernhurst Parochial Church Council, Mrs Mavis Welland and others are looking into the possibility of setting up a Lunch Club for the elderly in the village. (Midhurst Observer)

Dec 1996 There were three recipients of the Jim West Award, which is presented annually to villagers who have made outstanding contributions to the life of the village: Elsie Waitt (Youth Club), Edie Lucas (Concessionary Fares Scheme) and Margaret Jenkins (Secretary to Parish Council). (Midhurst Observer)

Dec 1996 Over 70 new trees were planted in the grounds of Fernhurst School to mark the 25th anniversary of the school moving from The Green to its present site on the main road. (Midhurst Observer)

Jan 1997  Leeks close road at Cooksbridge – a trailer shed its load of eight tons, worth about £5,000. The leeks had to be tipped out before the trailer could be righted.  (Midhurst Observer)

Feb 1998 Salvation, education, recreation and damnation – all were to be found round the Village Green in the form of the church, school recreation ground and pub, said Sheila Jones. (Midhurst Observer)

April 1998 The Fernhurst Archive has been presented with a cheque for £250 by Zeneca Agrochemicals, which will help buy conservation materials to preserve the rapidly expanding collection. (Midhurst Observer)

May 1998 The Fernhurst Society held its inaugural meeting in the village hall with a capacity crowd. Guest speaker Martin Muncaster enthralled the audience with his limitless fund of Sussex songs and stories told in a rich Sussex accent. (Haslemere Herald)

May 1998 Saturday mornings in Fernhurst will never be the same with the closure of the Fernhurst Furniture Centre run by Colin Lambert and Steve Brown in the old wheelwrights’ workshop and various outbuildings . It was a treasure trove of furniture, bric-a-brac and collectables. (Haslemere Herald)

Sept 1998 The Fernhurst Lunch Club celebrated its first anniversary by announcing that membership had doubled from 30 to 60 members. (Haslemere Herald)

Oct 1998 Goodbye to the turkey farm. Residents in the Hurstfold area were relieved that they were now no longer having to endure the smell and other nuisances. (Midhurst Observer)

Dec 1998 Firefighters battled for five hours to hoist a large oil tanker carrying flammable kerosene and diesel out of a ditch in White’s Lane. (Haslemere Herald)

Sept 1999 Fernhurst teenager Claire Hemming won the ballet solo class for her age group at the All England Dance Competition, and also scooped three other prices for ballet and tap groups. (Midhurst Observer)

Oct 1999 Thanks to a grant from the Help the Aged Millennium Awards Scheme, the Fernhurst Society millennium map project was brought a step closer. (Midhurst Observer)

Nov 1999 Fernhurst Lunch Club was treated to a talk and demo by Graham Cornish from Hydestile Wildlife Hospital. A large eagle owl flew round the hall and rather unnervingly perched on tables. Parish News

Nov 1999 One of the first jobs for two new members of the Village Hall Trustees Committee, John Bounds and Peter Hudson, was to clamber over a flat roof and help reduce a 20 ft elder tree. (Midhurst Observer)

Dec 1999 Fernhurst – Pictures and People by Brian Silver, which recalled a century of Fernhurst life, was published and hailed as a delight by residents past and present. (Midhurst Observer)


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June 2000 All the children at the Primary School were given mugs depicting pictures of the original school on the Green to celebrate the Millennium. (Parish Magazine)

July 2000 Fernhurst unveiled its splendid village map to celebrate the Millennium at an exhibition which also included biodiversity and a very well supported photographic competition. (Midhurst Observer)

Oct 2001 Good weather attracted more runners to this year’s Blackdown Race than last, but unfortunately one of the participants took a wrong turning and came in more than an hour late! (Fernhurst News)

Nov 2001 WI speaker Mrs Peggy Weekes brought a weird and wonderful collection of musical instruments with her to illustrate her talk ‘I got rhythm’. Each of the 24-strong audience was given one to play and the result was actually quite musical! (Fernhurst News)

April 2003 The Fernhurst Society is planning a series of walks to ‘beat the bounds’ of the parish by retracing, as far as possible, the 1837 Perambulation. (Midhurst Observer)

May 2003 The Fernhurst Internet Café and Centre was officially opened by local resident Mike Nicholson, an ITN News Reporter. The centre has six computers, café facilities and a regular programme of Adult Education classes. (Fernhurst News)

August 2003 Fernhurst Club unveiled some of its special events for the autumn with a Caribbean-themed fancy dress competition, a visit by a hypnotist and a 70s/80s disco night, as well as its regular activities. (Parish Magazine)

Oct 2003 The Fernhurst Society held a Wildlife Exhibition to celebrate four years of gathering information about our local wildlife, landscape and history. Local arts and crafts were also on show. (Fernhurst News)

Jan 2004 The Fernhurst Society has started a new Saturday morning club for youngsters aged 7-15, which is to have its own plot of land along the Lickfold road. (Midhurst Observer)

Apr 2004 Fernhurst residents felt a glow of pride when Julia Tanner, Curator of Haslemere Museum, revealed in her lecture to the Fernhurst Society that Arthur, the Museum’s mascot, had been donated by Mr Sissons of Fernhurst. (Midhurst Observer)

May 2004 The ‘Paint an Egg’ competition certainly brought out the creative side of Lunch Club members – Peggy Bulbeck’s entry was a ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’ sporting a sombrero. (Midhurst Observer)

Jul 2004 8 yr old Matya Morey gave an impromptu lecture on bats’ radar at a Fernhurst Society evening ramble. (Midhurst Observer)

Aug 2004 The Fernhurst Oral History Project received nearly £22,000 from the Local Heritage Initiative to fund the recording of reminiscences and ultimately produce a book. (Midhurst Observer)

Oct 2004 The Junior Fernhurst Society set ten (humane) traps one evening to spot signs of mammal life near the Rec Ground and the following morning there were mice or voles in eight out of the ten. (Parish Magazine)

Jan-Feb 2005 A petition was got up to protest at Surrey County Council’s decision to stop subsidies for the no 70 bus. Fortunately the council relented and the service has been saved. (Parish Magazine)

March 2005 Work on the refurbishment of the Village Hall began with the installation of automatic doors and a complete refurbishment of the foyer. (Parish Magazine)

June 2005 Nine Fernhurst residents were interviewed/videoed for Channel 5’s VE Day Poem programme. Jean Stavely was chosen to appear on the show. (Parish Magazine)

July 2005 Carla Barnes, Chairman of Fernhurst Parish Council, officially opened the second stage of the Village Hall refurbishment, which included the foyer and toilets, with a suitably witty speech about how the Village Hall Trustees must be flushed with success. (Fernhurst News)

Oct 2006 The Fernhurst Centre offered free screening of the recent ITV programme ‘Village Voices’. It featured many aspects and activities of Fernhurst life, including an extremely rain-sodden Revels. (Fernhurst News)

Dec 2006 ‘Voices of Fernhurst’, a lavishly illustrated collection of reminiscences compiled over several years by the Fernhurst Society Oral History Group, was launched with an exhibition in the Community Room of the Village Hall. (Fernhurst News)

Oct 2008 The Fernhurst Art Group held a ‘Small and Affordable’ sale of pictures submitted by more than a dozen members, which resulted in the sale of 27 paintings. (Midhurst Observer)


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