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The Fernhurst Society



Here is a small selection of recent scenes of Fernhurst from the Archives collection. Click on any image to see a larger version. For a selection of historical photographs, see the Fernhurst Archives and old photographs pages.

Fernhurst winter sunrise (7KB); click for larger version (60KB)

winter sunrise near Fernhurst village green
(J Hudson © 2001)

Fernhurst village waysign (8KB); click for larger version (88KB)

Fernhurst village waysign
(A McLoughlin © 2001)


Duke of Cumberland pub, Henley (8kB); click for larger version (91KB)

Duke of Cumberland pub
(A McLoughlin © 2001)

Fernhurst: St Margaret's church (12KB); click for larger version (132KB)

St Margaret's church, Fernhurst
(A McLoughlin © 2001)

Fernhurst Crossroads (7KB); click for larger version (65KB)

Fernhurst Crossroads
(A McLoughlin © 2001)

Do you have a photo taken in Fernhurst or the surrounding parish? Would you like to add it to this website, or add it to the collection in the Fernhurst Archives? Simply send it as an email attachment - see the Contacts email on our homepage.