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Fernhurst's iron industry

Fernhurst's 'iron age' and the Fernhurst Furnace Trust

The remains of Fernhurst Furnace are some of the best preserved in the Sussex Weald. The iron industry flourished here in the 17th and 18th centuries using local ore, charcoal and water power. The untouched nature of the site and the rural surrounding belie the production of cast iron, tools and cannon which was effectively the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Even though there are many ‘hammer/furnace’ ponds throughout East and West Sussex, many people know little about the great historical and social importance of this bygone industry. For more information, see the Fernhurst Furnace site:

Fernhurst Furnace: artist's impression (16k)
artist's impression of Fernhurst Furnace

The Fernhurst Furnace Preservation Group (UK registered charity no. 1119894) aims to preserve, enhance, conserve, restore and promote the site of the Wealden Blast Furnace at North Park, Fernhurst. The Group seeks to work with all interested parties and take responsibility for the future care of this historic feature by seeking to secure a long-term lease of the entire site. The Friends of the Fernhurst Furnace Trust looks to a growing body of Friends for financial, practical and moral support.

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Fernhurst History