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The Fernhurst Society

Fernhurst Tithe Apportionment transcription part 2

Please note that the data presented here are unchecked transcriptions in progress.


TD/W55 - Apportionment of the Rent-Charge in lieu of Tithes in the Parish of Fernhurst, West Sussex
13th April 1846

Transcribed by and © David Coward




Page No. Landowner Occupier Nos. ref. to the Plan Name & Description of Lands & Premises State of Cultivation Quantities in Statute Measures Payable to the Vicar Payable to the Earl of Egremont Remarks added by the transcriber
            A R P £ s d £ s d  
18FORD, Frederick, Rev'd FORD, Frederick, Rev'd 339Great Stanley CopseWood82027       
   369Fir CopseWood230       
   386 1/2Stanley MoorWood12229       
18FORD, Frederick, Rev'd CHALCRAFT, Will'm337Stanley MeadMead2326   085 
   344ArableArable429   0163 
   347FieldArable8117   1183 
   348FieldArable6328   11211 
19FORD, Frederick, Rev'd CHALCRAFT, Will'm349ShawWood0139       
   350ArableArable6222   1117 
   352ArableArable6221   1139 
   353Shaw in ArableWood0015       
   354ArableArable5127   0184 
   355ArableArable5213   127 
   57Stanley farm house-0135       
   358Stanley yard-0027       
   359Stanley garden-0033       
   360Stanley yard-016       
   361Road 10 Stanley farm-0226       
   364Shaw fieldArable6226   1411 
   364Shaw 10 fieldWood0023       
   365Shaw 10 fieldWood0015       
   366Stanley fieldArable5032   163 
   368FieldArable6339   1105 
   385Farm MeadMead117   032 
   388Stanley fieldArable4314   0182 
   389Stanley fieldArable5116   0184 
   396MeadowMead4317   0166 
      8612   1701 
19FORD, JamesFORD, James755Garden-0024       
   756Cottage & Garden-0013       
19JARRETT, Tho's, now BRIDGER, JohnJARRETT, Tho's, now BRIDGER, John185American garden-005       
   186House and garden 0030       
19GREENWAY, SamuelGREENWAY, Samuel631House and Garden-005       
20GREENWAY, Samuel (continued)BUDD, Mrs632Garden-004       
20GREENAWAY, Rich'd MARINER, John & GREENAWAY, Rich'd637Tenements and Garden-0022       
20GREENAWAY, Rich'd SMITH, Will'm635Wheelwrights Shop-0024       
20GLAZIER, MaryGLAZIER, Mary1112Cottage and Garden-0122       
20HEATHER, HenryHEATHER, Henry853 ?Tenements and yard-0133       
20HOLLIST, HaslarHOLLIST, Haslar237Beech CopseWood31014       
   239Young PlantationWood102       
   240Young PlantationWood14116       
   545PasturePasture2222   0115 
      90015   0115 
21HOLLIST, HaslerBURT, Rob't270Well fieldArable4125   0139 
   272Bottom fieldArable234   0106 
   274Kiln fieldArable5110   163 
   276Wellgrove meadMead309   066 
   278FieldArable2125   092 
   282FieldArable3327   0134 
   284PasturePasture1023   007 
   289MeadMead7310   1100 
   291BignelsArable1337   078 
   294MeadMead1129   046 
   546ArableArable329   0139 
   548ArableArable2013   098 
   550PasturePasture108   035 
   551PasturePasture420   01910 
   552ArableArable2314   0121 
   554ArableArable236   0108 
   556ArableArable308   0106 
   557Cottage & Garden-0031       
   560ArableArable6324   171 
   563ArableArable7110   1511 
   602BoudonPasture2230   0110 
   603BoudonPasture123   075 
      7712   1407 
21HOLLIST, HaslerROW, Will'285Cottage & Garden 0121       
21HOLLIST, HaslerWEST, Rob't286Cottage & Garden 0131       
21HETHERINGTON, Tho'sBERRY, James645Cottage & Garden 0017       
22HETHERINGTON, Tho'sMILLS, Stephen646Cottage & Garden-0013       
22HOLDER, Henry now ROKER, JohnHOLLIST, Haslar757Cottage & Garden 024       
22HENRY, JamesHENRY, James712Bridge reedCopse33010       
   840Bridge landCopse8120       
22HENRY, JamesAYLWIN, Thomas9038 AcresArable636   1011 
   909FieldArable2220   081 
   9204 AcresArable311   01310 
   922Hog fieldArable519   0198 
   924Moss fieldArable5336   178 
   9253 AcresArable2234   0118 
   927PasturePasture131   0310 
   928PasturePasture104   023 
   931Old barn fieldArable339   0150 
   951PasturePasture6036   0154 
   958Long fieldArable2328   0131 
   961Long fieldArable3119   0138 
   962Long fieldArable5033   01610 
   964South landWood10026       
   1054Litle landWood2016       
   1078Mill MeadMead1026   023 
   1080Cooks bridge farm yard-0013       
   1081Corn Mill-002       
23HENRY, JamesAYLWIN, Thomas1082Garden-0126   011 
   1142FieldArable130   0711 
   1143Sandy fdArable633   1145 
   1144Rush fdPasture329   0102 
   1149GardenMead2228   082 
   1150Cooks bridge farm house-0135       
   1151Cooks bridge farm house-0027       
   1152Cooks bridge meadMeadow2217   0128 
   1162Ash reedsPasture4019   071 
   1163Ash reedsPasture3230   071 
   1164Slab meadPasture0318   023 
      103224   131411 
23HOUNSOME, John, now CHALCRAFT, ThomasHOUNSOME,John1101PasturePasture110       
   11022 Tenements & Garden-0025       
23HENRY, George, Esq (late Hector)HENRY, George, Esq (late Hector)1276Gate houseWood15122       
   12785 AcresArable4314   1110 
   12793 AcresPasture3235   078 
   1283PasturePasture137   055 
   1284Well MeadPasture322   0155 
   1285Well CopseWood1222       
   1286FieldArable4125   101 
   1290MeadMead2232   083 
   1294Croked fieldPasture2139   056 
24HENRY, George, Esq (late Hector)HENRY, George, Esq (late Hector)1299FieldPasture0220   012 
   1300Orchard-0025   012 
   1301PasturePasture110   038 
   1302Gate house farm yard-0018       
   1304Orchard farm house-0036       
   1305Garden-0029   008 
      61223   4191 
24LUCAS, JohnHULL, Geo9Cottage & Garden-0111       
24LUCAS, JohnTREAGUS, Wm10Cottage & Garden-0037       
24LUCAS, JohnSHOTTER, Ja's29Cottage & Garden 0039       
24LUCAS, JohnVOLLER, John30Cottage & Garden-0039       
24LUCAS, JohnLUCAS, John145Cottage & Garden-0027       
24LUCAS, JohnPANNELL, John194Cottage & Garden-0113       
   193Cottage & Garden-0038       
   195Barn and Yard-007       
   196House MeadMead1225   067 
   198Barn fieldMead100   0311 
   199Orchard MeadMead1010   039 
   200Long fieldArable1216   079 
      6025   1311 
24LUCAS, JohnLUCAS, John8Barn and Yard-0016       
   11House fieldArable0016   079 
   12House fieldArable205   068 
   14FieldArable410   110 
   17FieldArable3133   0174 
   18Hedge in fieldWood0026       
25LUCAS, John LUCAS, John19Camels denWood12030?      
   20Kent fieldArable7036   156 
   21Kent fieldArable104   039 
   22Camels denWood16230       
   23FieldArable2235   0113 
   24Sturt fieldMead5238   116 
   264 AcresArable4020   106 
   123Old PondWood0125       
      11937   6166 
25LUCAS, JamesLUCAS, James567Road-0120       
   568Orchard-0116   028 
   569PastureMead0227   010 
   570Orchard-0030   010 
   571MeadMead024   014 
   572MeadMead4210   01211 
   573MeadMead1039   046 
   574Upper hawks farm house-1029       
   575Upper hawks farm houseOrchard0114   022 
   576Upper hawks fieldArable2330   01211 
   577Upper hawks copseCopse0015       
   578Percy fieldArable6036   141 
   580Percy copseWood9224       
   585Percy copseWood3312       
   586Horseley fieldPasture714   1311 
   588Pitt fieldArable327   0109 
   590BartonPasture5132   137 
   591FieldArable5335   1511 
   592FieldArable536   112 
   593FieldArable4122   0181 
   594FieldArable5324   125 
26LUCAS, JamesLUCAS, James5988 AcreArable7315   1085 
   5999 AcreArable8025   11111 
   600BartonPasture1020   021 
   601BartonPasture0218   011 
   612Copse fieldPasture122   0511 
   613Moor CopseWood4317       
   614Moor fieldArable614   1511 
   6158 AcreArable7236   182 
   971Turners CopseWood0223       
   976Poke reedsArable13014   258 
      139119   1936 
26LUCAS, JamesMILTON, Daniel584Cottage & Garden-0036       
26LUCAS, JamesMILLS, Rich'd596Cottage & Garden-0221       
26LUFF, Edw'd, now HOLLAND, Wm ElphsJAMES, Henry634Spread Eagle Inn-006       
26LEACH, John, Esq, now BAKER, H J, the Rev'd LEACH, John, Esq, now BAKER, H J, the Rev'd722Mill HangerWood2700       
   732MeadMeadow115   0411 
   765Drakes MeadMeadow2225   089 
      31022   0138 
26LEACH, John, Esq, now SMART, John BennettLEACH, John, Esq, now SMART, John Bennett689Sopers CopseWood3506       
   710Deal CopseWood7326       
   675Middle MisersArable2137)  1122 
   676Little MisersArable2323)      
   696High fieldArable4034   0144 
   697Shaw CopseWood012       
27LEACH, John, Esq, now SMART, John Bennett LEACH, John, Esq, now Smart, John Bennett698Shaw CopseWood024       
   699Hole fieldArable2318   0108 
   701Apple Garden fieldArable3215   0118 
   703Cart house fieldArable3215   0124 
   704Kiln fieldArable332   0142 
   706ArableArable1219   073 
   707Sopers farm house-0229       
   708Barn MeadMeadow1217   060 
   709Lately GrubbedWaste024       
   711Lane to farm-0020       
      7524   587 
27LEACH, John, Esq, now SMART, John BennettMILLS, John674Cottage and Garden-0039       
27MITFORD, Wm T, EsqCLARK, John176Chalcroft WoodWood3134       
   177Chalcroft MeadPasture203   061 
   178Chalcroft FieldArable307   0114 
   179Chalcroft FieldArable1227   0611 
   180Chalcroft FieldArable1035   0411 
   182MeadPasture2324   0103 
   183Barn fieldArable4213   0185 
   184Barn in Barn field-007       
      1901   21711 
27MILLS, JamesMILLS, James581Garden-0017       
   5826 Tenements & Gardens-0131       
   583 1/2Orchard-007       
27MILLS, RichardPUTTICK, Wm, etc11132 Tenements & Garden-0221       
27MACKRELL, LukeMACKRELL, Luke1263Cottage & Garden-0137       
27PUTTICK, Tho'sSTACEY, James647Cottage & Garden-0014       
27PUTTICK, Tho'sFARR, James648Cottage & Garden-0015       
28PUTTICK, Tho'sCHASE, John650Cottage & Garden-008       
28PUTTICK, Tho'sPUTTICK, William649Cottage & Garden-004       
   651Garden 0015       
28PUTTICK, Tho'sIn hand652CopseWood004       
   1265Cottage& Garden-0021       
   1267  1016   056 
      117   056 
28PUTTICK, Tho'sGLAZIER, John etc12682 Tenements & Garden-0036       
28PUTTICK, Tho'sWEST, Rob't1105Cotage & Garden-0311       
28PUTTICK, Tho'sHETHERINGTON, Tho's825Orchard-103       
   826Cottage and Garden-0026       
28PUTTICK, HenryPUTTICK, Henry1114Cottage and Garden-0220       
28PENFOLD, JamesPENFOLD, James1106MeadMead1025   060 
   1107Orchard-0136   040 
   1108Orchard-016   012 
   1109Cotage and Garden-016       
      2033   0124 
28PENFOLD, Rich'dMACKRELL, John1262Cottage and Garden-0217       
28QUANTOCK, John MathewAYLWIN, Tho's8585 AcresArable501   01911 
   8684 AcresArable3338   0161 
   8733 AcresCopse2335       
   874RoadPasture ruff0024       
29QUANTOCK, JohnAYLWIN, Tho's876ShawCopse0021       
   8772 AcresArable217   0610 
   878Hole FieldArable422   0182 
   880Osborn CopseCopse7112       
   881MeadMead1023   053 
   882Osborne farm house etc-0120       
   883Pasture fdPasture0219       
   884Garden-0137   018 
   885Osborne farm yard-012   029 
   886Garden fieldArable4334   0197 
   889Osborn MeadMead2114   0114 
   891Osborn MeadMead2310   0116 
   893Pasture fieldPasture414   01210 
   895Pasture fieldPasture1014   022 
   8964 AcresArable3324   072 
   8975 AcresArable522   129 
   899FieldArable515   1111 
   900Pond CopseCopse007       
   901Slip and Orchard-0032   0010 
      6312   932 
29ROE, EdwardROW, Anna ?734Cottage and Garden-002       
29ROE, EdwardROE, Edward735Cottage and Garden-0014       
29SMART, J BSMART, J B81Bell hangerCopse17324       
   82Bell hanger fieldArable3027   0157 
   83Shaw in Bell hanger fieldCopse007       
   84Road FieldArable2236   01310 
   86Lower MeadMead2319   078 
   88Shaw in Lower meadCopse0027       
   895 Acres fieldMead4126   0129 
30SMART, J BSMART, J B90ShawCopse0020       
   92Arable fieldArable4030   140 
   934 AcresArable3218   1110 
   943 AcresArable2310   0165 
   96FieldArable1034   071 
   97Garden-014   017 
   98Garden-016   017 
   99Garden-014   017 
   1003 Tenements-0010       
   101Cottage and Garden-0027       
   102Cottage and Garden-0014       
   103Farm Yard-0022       
   104Orchard-0110   017 
   105Park MeadMead4329   0195 
   107Parl CopseCopse1326       
   109Garden-0027   011 
   110Cottage and Garden-0035       
   122Gardning WoodCopse1427       
   154Farm yard-0122       
   156Fir PlantationCopse3328       
   157Fir PlantationCopse3219       
   158Fir PlantationCopse1329       
   159Fir PlantationCopse0019       
   1606 AcresCopse5317       
31SMART, J B SMART, J B 161ShawCopse019       
   1622 AcresArable132   0511 
   165FieldArable3136   01311 
   166FieldArable510   0179 
   169FieldArable229   0118 
   171FieldArable2114   0109 
   683MeadowMead4223   0158 
   684MeadowMead0331   029 
   685Garden fieldArable3024   0130 
   687Old farm house & Garden-011       
   688Old farm house farm yard-0020       
   690PasturePasture1121   045 
   691Upper Church fdArable205   0610 
   693Lower Church fdPasture3121   0140 
   115Moor MeadMeadow1312   068 
   118Cottage and Garden;-0117   024 
   119Farm yard-0122       
   120Barn MeadMeadow3117   0142 
   121Shaw in Barn MeadCopse0010       
   127Long FieldArable2120   0102 
   128Shaw in Long FieldCopse0114       
   1293 AcresArable3037   01611 
   1314 AcresArable4023   1110 
   134FieldArable322   0147 
   136FieldArable5122   103 
32SMART, J B SMART, J B138MeadowMead2024   089 
   149FieldArable6114   1510 
   150FieldArable4037   0130 
   192Bank by fieldRough0011       
      202123   20172 
32SMART, J B MILTON, Tho's116Cottage and Garden-0037       
32SMART, J BGRAVATT, Tho's117Cottage and Garden-0038       
32SLADE, GeorgeCARTER, John655Cottage and Garden-0027       
32SLADE, GeorgeCHASE, John658Cottage and Garden-009       
32SLADE, GeorgePUTTICK, Tho's656Cottage and Garden-008       
32SLADE, GeorgeSLADE, George654Shop-001       
32SLADE, EdwardSLADE, Edward731Cottage and Garden-009       
32SANDERS, William, Trustees of the lateSLADE, John723High HillCopse6228       
   724Triangle Cornered fieldArable1225   057 
   725Further fieldArable1310   055 
   725 1/2ShawCopse0013       
   726Long fieldArable1336   0810 
   728Gate meadMeadow2127   0111 
   729Cottage and Garden-0024       
      15010   11011 
32STILLWELL, JamesCHALCRAFT, Tho's715Upper tan yardMeadow2225   022 
   717ArableArable410   0136 
   719ArableArable2036   069 
   720PastureR Pasture0120       
   721Hovell Yard-004       
   769Tanyard MeadMeadow4128   0146 
   771Lockham GoveArable415   01510 
33STILLWELL, JamesCHALCRAFT, Tho's772CopseCopse0030       
   773Footway fieldArable231   0114 
   7757 AcresArable6231   1121 
   778Long fieldArable3119   01411 
   779PasturePasture3030   069 
   781Caplins fieldArable2335   0149 
   790Old Mead, part ofPasture0010       
   791WoodlandsArable9119   241 
   793Wood landsArable8013   1187 
   850Wood landsArable805   1133 
   853Hook MeadMeadow300   083 
      68019   12169 
33STILLWELL, JamesSTILLWELL, James852WoodlandCopse322       
   716Lockharn GroveCopse3133       
   718Tan Yard CopseCopse11137       
33STILLWELL, JamesCURTIS, W'm766Garden-008       
33STILLWELL, JamesLAMBERT, James767Cottage and Garden-0125       
33STILLWELL, JamesDEDMAN, Rob't768Cottage and Garden-0018       
33SHOTTER, JamesBATES, Jasper978Peckhams CopseCopse3836       
   1049Pond fieldCopse815       
   1146FieldArable3130   0116 
   1154PasturePasture1127   067 
   1156ArableArable205   083 
   1158ArableArable2117   082 
     carried forward57136   1146 
34SHOTTER, JamesBATES, Jasper1159ShawWood2123       
   1160ArablArable409   0125 
   1170ArableArable4016   01810 
   1171Barn fieldArable3235   01310 
   11724 AcresArable408   0162 
   1175-Arable439   0144 
   1177PasturePasture2318   086 
   1178Court farm yard-0112       
   1179Court farm house-0134       
   1180House MeadMead3026   01511 
   1212Verdley MeadMead306   0124 
   1221-Pasture3323   094 
   1222-Arable923   11810 
   1226-Arable4032   0170 
   1228-Arable4332   0198 
      12722   11118 
34SMITHERS, GeorgeSMITHERS, George1110Cottage and Garden-0216       
34TERRY, Anth'yBOSWELL, Edw'd1271Cottage and Garden-008       
34WOODS, Catherine, MissLUFF, Richard622Hop Garden fieldPasture1134   025 
   623Double Gate fdArable5129   132 
   625Hungrey fieldArable310   0112 
   678Great MisersArable7016   121 
   8168 AcresPasture800   114 
   817Chase farm yard-0110       
   818Rick yard-0217       
   819Chase farm house-0125       
   820Part of Green fieldMead1014   040 
   821Part of Green fieldArable1311   088 
35WOODS, Catherine, MissLUFF, Richard824Church MeadArable6110   1101 
   827Bennetts fieldArable205   085 
   832Bull fieldArable421   01611 
   833Copse fieldArable4038   01810 
   8342 AcresArable2022   0111 
   912Long fieldPasture138   028 
   913Brick kiln fieldArable426   0157 
   916Tybold fieldArable6226   1710 
   917Tenement & Garden-0033       
   918Tenement & Garden-0017       
      62316   1153 
35WOODS, Catherine, MissWOODS, Catherine, Miss831CopseCopse11315       
35WHITTER, WilliamMACKRELL, Luke1055FieldArable2110   0710 
   1058FieldArable2024   0153 
   1061FieldArable225   096 
   1064MalthouseMeadow1127   047 
   1065Malthouse, Part ofMeadow0129   010 
   1093MeadowMeadow4221   125 
   1094Cottage and Garden-014       
      16229   307 
35WHITTER, William, now JAMES, HenryMACKRELL, Luke783Well CroftPasture1226   055 
   7842 Tenements & gardens-017       
   785Farm yard-0123       
   786Barn fieldArable4315   130 
   788LegPasture027   015 
   7894 AcresArable3314   0156 
   7944 AcresArable3312   0184 
36WHITTER, William, now JAMES, HenryMACKRELL, Luke795Pond MeadMeadow104   032 
   796Pond in Pond Mead-008       
   797Arable fieldArable1115   053 
      17311   3121 
36WHITTER, William, now JAMES, HenryWHITTER, William. Now JAMES, Henry782CopseCopse0027       
   787Planted pieceCopse433       
   965South landCopse13024       
36WHITE, WilliamWHITE, William1123Cottage and Garden-014   019 
   1125PasturePasture1031   079 
      138   096 
36WEST, JamesWICKER, John, & others1066Tenement & Garden-0228       
   1126Part of OrchardOrchard0121       
   822Cottage and Garden-0024       
36WEST, JamesWEST, William1272Cottage and Garden-010       
36WEST, WilliamBOXALL, Tho's823Cottage and Garden-0033       
36WEST, WilliamMACKRELL, Luke1274MeadowMeadow0018       
36CARY, John Henry Spellman, Rev'd (Glebe)LUFF, Rich'd626PasturePasture1032       
   642Parsons meadMead625       
   760Lower Parsons meadArable2215       
   762Roapes MeadMead2227       
   763Middle MeadArable324       
   764Upper RoapesArable4116       
   803Roapes copseCopse238       
36CARY, John Henry Spellman, Rev'd (Glebe)CARY, John Henry Spellman, Rev'd643Vicaage House & Garden-1310       
   644Chuch and Yard-026       
   659Pasture fieldPasture0321       
   660Pasture fieldPasture0135       
37CARY, John Henry Spellman, Rev'd (Glebe)CARY, John Henry Spellman, Rev'd661Garden-1011       
   662Parsons WoodWood5238       
   663Parsons fieldPasture3237       
   828Glebe fieldArable2320       
37CARY, John Henry Spellman, Rev'd (Glebe)ROW, Edmund738Shop-002       
37CARY, John Henry Spellman, Rev'd (Glebe)KETCHELL, Rich'd739House, etc-001       
37CARY, John Henry Spellman, Rev'd (Glebe)SLADE, John740House-001       
37CARY, John Henry Spellman, Rev'd (Glebe)JACKS, Tho's741House-001       
      4610      Tithe Free
37The Lords of the ManorMORLEY, John802Cottage and Garden-0038       
37The Lords of the ManorHULL, George803 1/12Garden-003       
   805Garden-004 1/2       
37The Lords of the ManorPARR, Daniel804Yard and Shed-007       
37The Lords of the ManorBOXALL, William807Garden-0025       
   808 1/2Rickyard-0011       
37The Lords of the ManorBERRY, Mrs809Garden-016       
37The Lords of the ManorBERRY, James841Garden-0010       
37The Lords of the ManorHOUNSOME, I1103Yard-0023       
38The Lords of the ManorTenants of the Manors31Waste-0216       
   39Marley Common-64017       
   203Kingley Marsh-0111       
   204Kingley Marsh-1017       
   205Kingley Marsh-5126       
   342Part of Stanley Common-1311       
   343Part of Stanley Common-8521       
   480Hartley Lane-317       
   730Farnhurst GreenPasture2132       
   730aFarnhurst GreenPasture805       
   977Peckham LanePasture8233       
   1097Part of Henley CommonPasture11312       
   1099Part of Henley CommonPasture2313       
   1100Part of Henley CommonPasture836       
38The ParishThe Parish7Road-0329       
   191Turnpike & House-004       
   206Parish Roads-425       
   207Parish Roads-212       
39The ParishThe Parish230Parish Roads-8035       
   258Parish Roads-1321       
   306Parish Roads-0029       
   313Parish Roads-0031       
   454Parish Roads-1122       
   455Parish Roads-0333       
   456Parish Roads-0315       
   861Parish Roads-0321       
   888Parish Roads-0316       
   902Parish Roads-9035       
   1098Parish Roads-9335       
   1111Parish Roads-029       
   1196Parish Roads-1329       
   1248Parish Roads-6128       



Fernhurst History