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The Fernhurst Society

Fernhurst Tithe Apportionment transcription part 1

Please note that the data presented here are unchecked transcriptions in progress.


TD/W55 - Apportionment of the Rent-Charge in lieu of Tithes in the Parish of Fernhurst, West Sussex
13th April 1846

Transcribed by and © David Coward




Page No. Landowner Occupier Nos. ref. to the Plan Name & Description of Lands & Premises State of Cultivation Quantities in Statute Measures Payable to the Vicar Payable to the Earl of Egremont Remarks added by the transcriber
            A R P £ s d £ s d  
1PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl of EgmontPERCIVAL, the Rt Hon'ble George James, Earl of Egmont68Millands HangerCopse3135      Lord Egmont of Cowdray Estate
   69Millands fieldCopse9112       
   71Moor CopseCopse2228       
   72Open CoombeCopse17013       
   74Part of Little CoombeCopse27311       
   76Fir PlantationPlantation1132       
   78White Field CopseCopse6010       
   79White field hangerCopse217       
   80White field roughCopse6116       
   211Pt of HangerCopse736       
   220Road to CombeCopse0027       
   221Pt of Conger FieldCopse224       
   228Moses hill CopseCopse2138       
   229Vile Hill doCopse530       
   317Oak ReedsCopse2115       
   325Oak ReedsCopse2?20       
   326Part of hovel fdCopse3220       
   327Park Gate 8 acresCopse900       
   328Park gate CopseCopse9130       
   329Newlands CopseCopse14032       
   330Lower CopseCopse220       
   331Upper CopesCopse4024       
   379Five PlantationCopse3031       
   380Park Gate HangarCopse29025       
   381Long CopseCopse3330       
   382Road in WoodCopse1111       
   383Two acre CopseCopse2111       
   392Upper NewlandsCopse3136       
   407Birch FieldCopse15012       
   412Irod hill fieldCopse7138       
   413Park gate RoughCopse22215       
   466Ragged field rowCopse336       
   476Warrn CopseCopse6123       
2PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontPERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl Egmont477Furnace PondCopse5113       
   478Part of mine pitCopse82315       
   479North park roughCopse82110       
   481Heath field roughCopse9120       
   482Island CopseCopse26022       
   483Planted fieldCopse1213       
   495Pt of ball & keen fieldCopse4034       
   495 I/2Pt of ball & keen fieldCopse320       
   504Whites lane rowCopse13010       
   527Young copseCopse0225       
   533Mine pit CopseCopse1018       
   535Young CopseCopse212       
   536Wellands CopseCopse1315       
   960Old LaneCopse1019       
   966Young CopseCopse1333       
   969Turners CopseCopse21336       
   970Turners CopseCopse210       
   981Amon CopseCopse4032       
   991Upper lodge rowCopse0331       
   994Upper lodge rowCopse302       
   998Birch hillCopse21124       
   998 1/2Part of Birch HillCopse3130       
   1009Caveleys quartersCopse35030       
   1010East CopseCopse2012       
   1011West CopseCopse4836       
   1012Holder hill CopseCopse27222       
   1014Semaphore CopseCopse1227       
   1020Planted pieceCopse4316       
   1021Manor ditchCommon0316       
   1022Pt of Planted pieceCopse1039       
   1037Pt of little warren CopseCopse037       
   1040Park copseCopse161213       
3PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontPERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl Egmont1044ShawCopse010       
   1127Pt of Henley CopseCopse1934       
   1169Ash reedsCopse8338       
   1211Duck field woodCopse709       
   1247Guildford CopseCopse10324       
   1251Little Guildford CopseCopse1223       
   1275Verdley WoodCopse31620       
       1280 1 21       
3PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontHOLDEN, John77Part of Marley Common-12020       
   208Readings fieldArable1400       
   209Pt of lime Kiln fieldArable235       
   212Part of lime Kiln fieldArable5219       
   214Kiln platPasture101       
   215North fieldArable12027       
   216Rick yardPasture0113       
   217Moses hill farm yard-0133       
   218Moses hill house & gardensGarden0019       
   219Moses hill gardenGarden013       
   222West fieldArable8032       
   224Broomy fieldArable310       
   225South fieldArable7325       
   226South field copseCopse018       
   227South field copseCopse0330       
   231Pt of crab fieldRough004       
       70 1 4       
3PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontOLDER, John234Orchard-0211       
   235House and garden-010       
       0 3 11       
3PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontVANS, John233Garden-0024       
3PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontMADGWICK, George296Furnace fieldArable9118       
   297Furnace lanePasture2229       
   298Great hog fieldArable4138       
3PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontMADGWICK, George299ShawCopse0115       
   300Barn MeadMead1311       
   301Lower lodge farm yard-0033       
   302House and Yard-0031       
   304Rick yard-0225       
   305Lower lodge farm house-024       
   307Little MeadMeadow124       
   309Oak reedsArable315       
   311Oak reedsMead1120       
   314Oak ReedsArable3324       
   318Part of Pond MeadMead3120       
   320Part of hovel fieldArable7024       
   322Lower park GateArable7135       
   384Park gate Orchard-0331       
   387Little MeadMeadow3125       
   399Little Clay fieldMead3127       
   402Clay fieldPasture6226       
   404Bank reedsPasture331       
   406Bank reedsPasture211       
   408New barn roughPasture3239       
   409Park gate barn and yard-0034       
   410Bank reedsPasture6010       
   411Sand pit fieldArable734       
   414Upper MarshMead20        
   414 1/2Upper MarshArable2322       
   415Lower MarshPasture3030       
5PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontMADGWICK, George416Park gate nap fieldPasture3232       
   419Park gate nap fieldPasture4215       
   321Rough CopseWood0026       
   422Rough piecePasture2024       
   425Pond fieldPasture828       
   426Long CopseWood2211       
   427Stone fieldPasture1622       
   42818 AcresPasture1806       
   42916 AcresPasture173"       
   430Tribes barn fdPasture1230       
   431Upper 11 AcresPasture111        
   432Tribes barn and yardPasture0026       
   433Lower 11 AcresArable10030       
   4347 AcresArable628       
   4359 AcresPasture9113       
   437Further 12 AcresArable11215       
   438Rough piecePasture2223       
   4395 AcresArable509       
   4412 AcresArable11215       
   442Stewards fieldArable417       
   443Stewards copseCopse1218       
   444Stewards copseCopse2011       
   445Hovel by Stewards CopseYard007       
   446Three corner'd fieldArable338       
   448Park pond fdArable409       
   450Linchmere meadMead3020       
   45812 AcresPasture1308       
   4598 AcresArable736       
6PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontMADGWICK, George461CopseCopse0032       
   462Lime Kiln fieldArable9315       
   464Ragged fieldArable7316       
   468Moss fieldArable9215       
   469Great MeadMeadow10128       
   471Little hog fieldOrchard2020       
   474Warren fieldArable8318       
6PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontJAMES, Edward332Part of Bayard MeadMeadow0116      Forename should be Edmund
   333Shulered Farm-0012       
6PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontGLAZIER, William393MeadMeadow0317       
6PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontLUFF, John484Croft MeadPasture230       
   486Calves fieldArable6217       
   487Broad fieldArable10016       
   490Lower dencherArable6214       
   492Upper dencherPasture334       
   494Pt of ball fieldPasture421       
   496Winter oatersArable1016       
   498Keen fieldPasture10118       
   499Lower doPasture1224       
   502Lawn fieldArable13215       
7PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontLUFF, John503ShawCopse0318       
   505White hownArable739       
   509Rother CroftMead235       
   510Crab fieldArable5033       
   511North parkOrchard1115       
   512Barn fieldArable5212       
   5138 AcresPasture815       
   514North park house and garden-032       
   515Old Kiln roughRough820       
   516Mine pit copseCopse1010       
   517Mine pit copseCopse1335       
   518Mine pit copseCopse0131       
   519Mine pit copseCopse0310       
   520Mine pit copseCopse017       
   521Pt of OrchardOrchard023       
   523Little Kiln fieldArable318       
   525High ReedsArable7027       
   528Young copse platArable901       
   530Barn and yard-019       
   531Great barn meadMead9020       
   534Lower high reedsArable3123       
   53720 AcresPasture18221       
   539Willards CroftPlat334       
   542Flat fieldArable8124       
7PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontLUFF, William629Cottage and Garden-0038       
7PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontMACKRELL, Luke610Old road-0038       
   616Old road-0017       
8PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontMACKRELL, Luke (continued)618FieldPasture0220       
   972Hither high bridgeArable5120       
   974Further ShawArable33        
   1050Lower ReadingsArable405       
   1052Upper ShawArable31        
   1119Barn and Yard-007       
8PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontWEST, James1115Lower fieldPasture220       
   1116Middle fieldPasture1139       
   1117Barn fieldPasture2132       
   1119aPart of yard-006       
   1120Cottage and Garden-011       
   1121House MeadMead1025       
8PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontGRAYSMARK, James933-Pasture1223       
   9404 AcresArable3129       
   1075Wool fieldArable302       
   1086Old Kings Arms Inn & yard-011       
9PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontGRAYSMARK, James 1087Farm Yard-0017       
   1089Pond fieldPasture407       
   1096Long meadPasture032       
   1141Spire meadPasture204       
9PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontWILLIAM, Henry1129Cottage and Garden-0011       
   1130Brick yard-1233       
9PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontSTANDING, Wm979Amons fieldPasture4036       
   982Denyers fieldPasture433       
   9855 AcresPasture4137       
   9884 AcresPasture4017       
   9927 AcresPasture7014       
   9953 AcresPasture304       
   99616 AcresPasture12316       
   999Hilly fieldPasture432       
   1000Caveleys quartersMeadow413       
   1001Upper lodge farm yard-0035       
   1002Upper lodge farm house-0125       
   1006Upper roughPasture3132       
   1007Slip garden-0025       
   1008Upper lodge farm yard-0035       
   1015Semaphore fieldArable14127       
   101610 AcresArable1012       
   10189 AcresArable8326       
   1024Scotland farm house-0321       
10PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontSTANDING, Wm1025Scotland farm yard-0028       
   1026Rick yardPasture016       
   1028Little CommonPasture29034       
   1030Barn fieldArable20330       
   10338 AcresArable8212       
   1035Pt of Kiln fieldArable0117       
   1041Upper 9 acresArable913       
   1045Henley bridge fdPasture9125       
10PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontJAMES, David1229Verdley MeadPasture2020     .Part of Verdley Farm located in the parish of Easebourne
   1230Inner MeadPasture2036       
   1231Middle MeadPasture2020       
   1232The outer meadPasture2116       
   1234Alder PlatPasture216       
   1235House fieldPasture4028       
   1237Denyers farm house-0019       
   1238Denyers farm yard-0019       
   1173Outer & further 7 acresArable401       
   1252Little GuildfordCopse3338       
   1254Little Copse fdPasture2112       
11PERCIVAL, the Right Hon'ble George James, Earl EgmontJAMES, David1267Long fieldPasture2013       
   1260Upper fieldPasture034       
11TAYLOR, Sir CharlesTAYLOR, Sir Charles370Sheep Gate fdArable607       
   372Stone fieldArable7133       
   375Stone fieldArable1026       
   377Heath fieldArable3139       
11TAYLOR, Sir CharlesGLAZIER, William395Cottage and grden-0212       
11TAYLOR, Sir CharlesJACQUES, John1012 1/2Part of Cottage-001       
12ADMIRALTY, Lords of theHILLS, Lieut't Tho's1013The Semaphore & garden-1030       
12BAKER, The Rev'd Richard HenryBURT, Rob't1Sturts meadowMeadow5224110    
   2Shaw in meadowWood006000    
   3Moor fieldMeadow61120159    
   4Little fieldMeadow032020    
   5Four acresMeadow33110120    
   6Part of turts MeadMeadow1111039    
12BAKER, Richard Henry, The Rev'd BAKER, Richard Henry, The Rev'd 236Ricks copseWood5237       
   241Green hill copseWood4129       
   242Great CongersArable304090    
   243Little CongersArable2225070    
   244Green hill copseWood17016       
   245Green hill copseFive Plantations5113       
   246Flat fieldArable3315093    
   247Shaw by Flat fieldWood0027       
   248Barn fieldPasture402066    
   250Green hill farm yard-0014       
   253Pasture piecePasture326074    
   254Green hill house-0017       
   257The RoughWood0114       
   259Great MeadowMead33120148    
   260Kiln fieldMead4114080    
   262Banks fieldMead2326040    
   264Common fieldMeadow326070    
   265Wood- ?0132       
   266Little MeadowMead1127036    
   267Shaw in Little MeadowWood0017       
13BAKER, Richard Henry, The Rev'd BAKER, Richard Henry, The Rev'd 334-Mead401601310    
   335Shaw in Little MeadowWood0129       
13BATES, JasperBATES, Jasper27FieldArable136   045 
   28Hedge in FieldWood0020       
   32Public house & garden-025   040 
   33MeadowMead0222   017 
   34Shaw in MeadowWood0016       
   35Shaw in MeadowWood0020       
   668Lewes fieldMead503   141 
   669Shaw in MeadowWood0028       
   671Lewes meadArable1238   067 
   672Shaw in MeadowWood0010       
      1018   2011 
13BATES, JasperCOOPER & others6702 Cottages-0124       
13BRIDGER, WilliamBATES, Jasper36Bell MeadowMead3310   0195 
13BAKER, GeorgeMILLS, Michael679Cottage and Garden-0114       
13BURT, JohnBURT, John733Red Lion Public House-0022       
13BOXALL, W'mBOXALL, W'm808Cottage & Gaden-0138       
13BAYTON, W'm Stephen, Rev'd HOWICK, William842Stewards MeadMead2320   0102 
   1132Davis farm house-0039       
   1133Davis farm yard-019       
   1134House MeadMead4326   132 
   1135David fieldArable3328   0119 
   11373 AcresArable4312   0197 
   11394 AcresPas' & Arable337   0154 
   11657 Cornered fieldArable6326   1511 
   1242FieldArable6037   148 
   1243FieldArable410   01711 
   1245Upper Slab?1316   067 
      41135   7151 
14BAYTON, W'm Stephen, Rev'd BAYTON, W'm Stephen, Rev'd 846Sewards WoodWood15038       
   1128Davis CopseWood3200       
   1167Davis High Brough f'dsWood2104       
   1168Rush fieldWood1320       
14BENNETT, Edw'dPUTTICK, Tho's1269Cottage & Garden-0038       
14SLADE, George, now ?? 1270Garden-021       
14BERRY, WmBERRY, Wm1273Gardens-0013       
14BERRY, MaryBERRY, Mary843Gardens-015       
   845Cottage and Garden-0035       
14CARY, John Henry Sperring, Rev'd BURT, George761Cottage & Garden-0211       
   742Cottage & Garden-001       
   743Cottage & Garden-002       
      001 1/2       
14CARY, John Henry Sperring, Rev'd SLADE George750Road-008       
   751PasturePasture2313   0134 
   752ArableArable2236   0135 
   753PasturePasture2110   01010 
   754Sandy fieldArable2019   0811 
   759Jacks fieldArable1030   045 
      11036   21011 
14CHUTER, ThomasHULL, Morley & FARR758Three tenements and gardens-0226       
14CHALCRAFT, Tho'sCHALCRAFT, Tho's798Two tenements & gardens-011       
15CHALCRAFT, Tho'sCHALCRAFT, Tho's799PasturePasture0330   042 
   800PasturePasture1018   051 
      208   093 
15CHALCRAFT, Tho'sCURTIS, Wm810Kingshott MeadMeadow3031   0611 
      020   0611 
15CHALCRAFT, WmCURTIS, Wm812Orchard-0024       
   813Farm yard-0115       
   814House -024       
   815ArableArable3320   0159 
   835Pasture fieldPasture1116   0411 
   836FieldArable4036   0195 
   837FieldArable3037   0161 
   838FieldArable3235   0182 
   906FieldArable4238   122 
      26013   4196 
15COVER, StephenCOVER, Stephen1308Orchard-129   080 
   1309Barn and yard-006       
   1310Cottage & Garden-0020       
   1313Orchard-0121   036 
   1314Orchard-0037   0010 
      2110   0127 
15COVER, StephenDENYER, Tho's1311Cottage & Garden-0012       
15COVER, StephenGILBERT, John1312Cottage & Garden-0022       
16DOVE, Mrs RachelHARDHAM, Henry187House and Garden-0010       
   189House shop and garden-0014       
   190Bat & Ball Public House-002       
16DENNETT, MullensLUFF, Edw'd & RICHARDS855HomelandCopse8019       
   856Homeland fieldArable527   122 
   857Old lanePasture0022       
   8606 AcresArable621   113 
   862Strood fieldArable4314   01611 
   8639 AcresArable9112   1177 
   870Kitchen fieldArable7320   138 
   1181Bridge fieldArable239   0115 
   1182Kitchen fieldArable420   01910 
   1184Bridge lane farm house-024       
   1185Farm yard-0037       
   1186Orchard-0313   056 
   11885 AcresArable4336   101 
   1190Orchard-0039   018 
   1191MeadowMead035   033 
   11938 AcresArable8130   265 
   11944 AcresArable416   136 
   1197Stone fieldArable415   0161 
   1198Hurstfold fieldArable7228   207 
   1200Hurstfold farm house-0024       
   12014 AcresArable3324   0191 
   12026 AcresArable6133   1146 
   12045 AcresArable5128   176 
17DENNETT, Mullens LUFF, Edw'd & RICHARDS 1206MeadMead236   0102 
   1207MeaedMead0212   017 
   1208MeadMead1010   038 
   12092 AcresArable2127   089 
   1213MeadMead1110   047 
   1215MeadMead234   0110 
   1218FieldArable3218   01711 
   1219Kiln meadMead2321   0144 
      121228   2330 
17DAMER, MaryAYLWIN, Will'm619The CoppiceWood1018       
   621MeadMead319   01510 
   937-Mead0227   017 
   942CollyersArable3135   0178 
   943-Arable231   01311 
   944Garden fieldArable3229   0174 
   945Colyers farm house-018       
   946Collyers yard-0137       
   947-Pasture122   036 
   948Long fieldArable5130   0111 
   949-Arable4213   0161 
   950-Mead1027   044 
   952-Mead0225   027 
   953-Mead1038   055 
   954-Arable6313   1100 
   955-Arable3120   0123 
   956-Arable4036   0161 
   957CopseWood0225   000 
      45213   8136 
17FIELDING, JamesFIELDING, James37Bell HangarWood11029       
17FIELDING, JamesFRANKS, Wm40Marley fieldArable836   0168 
   41ShawWood0229   000 
18FIELDING, JamesFRANKS, Wm42Warren fieldArable531   0168 
   43Shaw in Warren fieldWood0119       
   44Shaw in Warren fieldWood0022       
   45FieldArable8323   110 
   46FieldArable6229    185 
   48Copse fieldArable5315   0174 
   49Shaw in Copse fieldWood0023       
   50Shaw in Copse fieldWood0017       
   51Marley farm yard-0034       
   52Marley farm house-0015       
   53House feldArable3138   01010 
   56Heath fieldArable4237   0124 
   57Shaw in Heath fieldWood0029       
   586 AcresArable607   0169 
   61Copse fieldArable2311   093 
   633 AcresArable2310   040 
   65FieldArable3120   0124 
   66Shaw in fieldWood0023       
      66030   7157 



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