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The Fernhurst Society

Fernhurst 1891 census transcription (2)

Please note that this data is presented as work in progress.

Fernhurst enumeration district 2:
"Comprising all that part lying to the west of the road from Midhurst to Haslemere: Scotland Farm, Telegraph Hill, North Park and Lower Lodge Farms. Stanley Hill. Marley and Moses Hill, Camals Dale [Camesdale], Kingsley Marsh, Blue Bell, & Green Hill Beeches, Upper Lodge, & Henley Common, Also a formerly detached part of the parish of Linchmere. Comprising Fridays Hill, Reekes and part of Van Common. The whole in the Parliamentary Division of the North Western or Horsham Division of Sussex"

Data transcribed from Public Record Office sheets RG13-848-02-01 to RG13-848-02-23 by Richard Ranft

Original data Crown Copyright
All information on this page copyright of The Fernhurst Society

1. Relation to Head: A Aunt BIL Brother-in-Law, BOArder, BROther, COUsin, Daughter, DIL Daughter-in-Law, EMPloyer, FATher, FIL Father-in-Law, GD Granddaughter, GM Grandmother, GS Grandson, Husband, LODger, MI Mother-in-Law, MOTher, NEPhew, NIEce, NURsing, SD Stepdaughter, SS Stepson, Son, SIL Sister-in-Law, SISter, SOIL Son-in-Law , SVT Servant, VISitor, Wife.
2. Condition as to Marriage: M Married, UM unmarried (single), WID Widow, WIDR Widower
3. Note: 'Year of birth' is estimated from age given in census

No. of Schedule
Road, Street, and No. or Name of House SURNAME Forenames Relation to head of family Condition as to Marriage Age last Birthday Gender Year of birth Profession or Occupation Employer (E), Worker (W) or Own Account (OA) Where Born If (1) Deaf and Dumb, (2) Blind, (3) Lunatic, Imbecile or Idiot
1Henley CommonWESTThomas HM58M1833FarmerESussex Easebourne 
  WESTFanny WM47F1844  Sussex Woolbeding 
  WESTEbenezer SUM21M1870Farm LaborerWSussex Easebourne 
  WESTFrances E D 6F1885Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
2Henley CommonWHALLEYDavid HUM69M1822Living on his means Cheshire Stockport 
  FARRIDAYEmma SVTWID40F1851HousekeeperWSussex Fernhurst 
  FARRIDAYAnnie BOA 9F1882Scholar London St Lukes 
3Henley CommonPENFOLDMary A HWID74F1817Living on her means Sussex Easebourne 
  PUTTICKSarah DM37F1854DressmakerOASussex Fernhurst 
4Henley CommonPENFOLDMargaret WM38F1853  Sussex Rogate 
  PENFOLDSarah A D 5F1886Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  PENFOLDAlfred J S 9F1882Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  PENFOLDNorman S 4 moF1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
5Henley CommonSTACEYJohn HM50M1841BrickmakerWSussex Fernhurst 
  STACEYMary WM49F1842  Sussex Easebourne 
  STACEYWilliam SUM25M1866SawyerWSussex Fernhurst 
  CHAMBERSValentine BOA 2F1889  Middlesex 
6Henley CommonWESTIsaac HWIDR59M1832Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  WESTEli NEPUM37M1854Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  WESTJane NIEUM31F1860HousekeeperWSussex Fernhurst 
7Henley CommonPENFOLDHarriet HWID62F1829Living on her means Sussex Fernhurst 
  PENFOLDThomas SUM26M1865HoopshaverWSussex Fernhurst 
  PENFOLDHenry G SUM22M1869Copse cutterWSussex Fernhurst 
8Henley CommonHOLDERAlbert HM26M1865Under gamekeeperWSussex Fernhurst 
  HOLDERAlice WM25F1866  Sussex Iping 
  HOLDERLillie D 3F1888  Sussex Fernhurst 
  HOLDERAlice D 2F1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
  WELCHCaroline M VISWID35F1856Prof. nurse Sussex Rye 
9Henley CommonGLAZIERElizabeth HWID49F1842CharwomanWSussex Woolbeding 
  GLAZIERArthur SUM27M1864Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  GLAZIERCharles SUM17M1874Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  GLAZIERDick SUM16M1875Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  GLAZIERJane D 14F1877  Sussex Fernhurst 
10Henley CommonLAMBERTCharles HM50M1841Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  LAMBERTJane WM51F1840  Sussex Easebourne 
  DUDMANEli FILWIDR76M1815Farm LaborerWSussex Easebourne 
11Henley CommonSMITHERSJoseph HM61M1830Laborer & dealerOASussex Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSHannah WM56F1835  Sussex Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSFred SUM22M1869General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSIda GD 5F1886  Sussex Cocking 
  BURTWilliam BILWIDR67M1824Farm LaborerWSussex Lynchmere 
12Henley CommonWESTRichard HM42M1849Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  WESTClara WM33F1858  Hants Canford 
13Henley CommonBACONPeter HM34M1857General LaborerWLondon Camberwell 
  BACONAlice WM26F1865  Sussex Torington 
  BACONJones H S 9M1882Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  BACONAlice E. D 8F1883  Sussex Fernhurst 
  BACONPeter E S 5M1886  Sussex Fernhurst 
  BACONWilliam C S 2M1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
14Henley CommonWILLCOCKCharles HWIDR56M1835Scripture reader Church EnglandWLondon St Marylebone 
15Henley CommonBULBECKAlfred HM47M1844[Woodsman] WoodreeveWSussex Lurgashall 
  BULBECKEllen WM43F1848  Sussex Lurgashall 
  BULBECKCharles SUM18M1873PainterWSussex Lurgashall 
  BULBECKFrances DUM16F1875Serv domestic Sussex Lurgashall 
  BULBECKAnnie D 13F1878  Sussex Lurgashall 
  BULBECKRose D 11F1880Scholar Sussex Lurgashall 
  BULBECKHarriet D 3F1888  Sussex Fernhurst 
  BULBECKEllen D 1F1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
16Upper LodgeHOLDERStephen HM70M1821Farm LaborerWSussex Easebourne 
  HOLDERCaroline WM64F1827  Sussex Easebourne 
  HOLDERFred SUM23M1868Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
17Upper LodgeWESTRobert HWIDR62M1829Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  WESTGeorge SUM27M1864  Sussex FernhurstImbecile
  WESTJames SUM22M1869Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  WESTAlice DUM19F1872  Sussex Fernhurst 
  WESTAlfred SUM16M1875Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  WESTWalter SUM13M1878Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
18Scotland FarmSTANDINGCharles HM57M1834FarmerESussex Lurgashall 
  STANDINGEmily WM43F1848  Sussex Woolbeding 
  STANDINGAnnie DUM18F1873  Sussex Woolbeding 
  STANDINGHenry SUM15M1876  Sussex Woolbeding 
  STANDINGWilliam SUM14M1877  Sussex Woolbeding 
  STANDINGWilliam BROUM63M1828FarmerOASussex Lurgashall 
19Telegraph HillJACKSONJames HM52M1839GamekeeperWSussex Woolbeding 
  JACKSONMary WM52F1839  Sussex Fernhurst 
20Telegraph HillJACKSONCharles J HM29M1862GamekeeperWSussex Woolbeding 
  JACKSONMary J WM27F1864  Sussex Woolbeding 
  JACKSONLucy E D 5F1886  Sussex Fernhurst 
  JACKSONMary A D 3F1888  Sussex Fernhurst 
  JACKSONAndrew J S 2M1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
21North Park FarmWITHALLJohn HM52M1839FarmerESurrey Chiddingfold 
  WITHALLAnn WM51F1840  Middlesex Chiswick 
  WITHALLClara DUM16F1875  Middlesex Chiswick 
  WITHALLHarriet D 14F1877  Middlesex Chiswick 
  WITHALLFrances D 11F1880Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  WITHALLJohn S 13M1878Scholar Middlesex Chiswick 
  OVEREllen NIE 13F1878Scholar Surrey Elstead 
  SOLEThomas SVTWIDR60M1831Farm servantWSussex Lurgashall 
22North ParkBULBECKJohn HM29M1862Farm LaborerWHants Liphook 
  BULBECKKate WM28F1863  Surrey Farnham 
  BULBECKAlbert E S 6M1885  Sussex Rogate 
  BULBECKPercy S 2M1889  Sussex Rogate 
23North ParkSMITHERSJames HM43M1848CarterWSussex Milland 
  SMITHERSLouisa WM40F1851  Bradford Yorks 
  SMITHERSHarry S 12M1879Under carterWSussex Woolbeding 
  SMITHERSWilliam S 10M1881Scholar Sussex Woolbeding 
  SMITHERSKate L D 8F1883Scholar Sussex Woolbeding 
  SMITHERSFrank S 5M1886Scholar Sussex Woolbeding 
  SMITHERSAnn D 3F1888  Sussex Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSCharles A S 1M1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
24Lower Lodge FarmSMITHERSLucy E DUM19F1872  Buenos Aires Argentine Republic (British Subject) 
  SMITHERSConstance ML DUM16F1875Scholar Lancashire Manchester 
  SMITHERSEthelinda G DUM15F1876Scholar Lancashire Manchester 
  SMITHERSJames H S 8M1883  Sussex Fernhurst 
  KNOLLElise SVTUM26F1865CookWRussia Tholey-Reg. Trier 
  MOSLEYFlora SVTUM17F1874ParlourmaidWSussex Fernhurst 
  BAKERMary J SVTUM14F1877HousemaidWSussex Lodsworth 
25Lower LodgeHACKArthur HM26M1865Agricultural LaborerWHants Bramshott 
  HACKNellie WM27F1864  Kent Ashford 
  HACKGeorge S 1M1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
  HACKJohn S 5 moM1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
  MOSLEYHenry LODUM21M1870Farm LaborerWHants Elstead 
26Lower LodgeEAMESWilliam HM38M1853CarterWSussex Woolbeding 
  EAMESCatherine WM37F1854  Yorkshire Doncaster 
  EAMESEmma K DUM13F1878General ServantWSussex Woolbeding 
  EAMESWilliam A S 12M1879Scholar Sussex Woolbeding 
  EAMESEthel A D 8F1883Scholar Sussex Woolbeding 
  EAMESHerbert J S 2M1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
  EAMESMary A SISUM36F1855  Sussex Woolbeding 
27Lower LodgeFLETCHERWilliam HM37M1854CoachmanWWarwick Berkswell 
  FLETCHERAnnie WM33F1858LaundressOAWarwick Berkswell 
  FLETCHERWilliam S 13M1878Scholar Cheshire Bowden 
  FLETCHERAnnie D 11F1880Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  FLETCHERLucy D 7F1884Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  FLETCHERRosamund D 5F1886Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  FLETCHERNellie D 1F1890Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
28Lower LodgeHORLOCKThomas HM40M1851Farm LaborerWSussex Woolbeding 
  HORLOCKCharlotte WM35F1856  Sussex Iping 
  HORLOCKEmily D 13F1878Scholar Sussex Stedham 
  HORLOCKEva D 11F1880Scholar Sussex Stedham 
  HORLOCKAlfred S 9M1882Scholar Sussex Woolbeding 
  HORLOCKWilliam S 7M1884Scholar Sussex Woolbeding 
  HORLOCKKate D 5F1886Scholar Sussex Woolbeding 
  HORLOCKCharles S 3M1888  Sussex Fernhurst 
  HORLOCKJames S 2 moM1891  Sussex Fernhurst 
29 MILLSWilliam LODUM25M1866Farm LaborerWCheshire Hole 
  MORRISJohn LODM40M1851Colt breakerWEssex Brentwood 
30NewlandsWESTRichard HM56M1835GardenerWSussex Fernhurst 
  WESTCaroline WM48F1843LaundressOASussex Fernhurst 
  WESTKate D 28F1863General Servant Sussex Fernhurst 
  WESTPercy S 14M1877GardenerWSussex Fernhurst 
  WESTEdward S 13M1878Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  WESTArchibald S 10M1881Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  WESTRichard FATWIDR80M1811Farm Laborer Sussex Lodsworth 
31Standly FarmSMITHGeorge HM30M1861CarterWSussex Rogate 
  SMITHEmma WM29F1862  Sussex Iping 
  SMITHGeorge S 9M1882  Hants Petersfield 
  SMITHPercy A. S 3M1888  Sussex Rogate 
  SMITHEdith M. D 9 moF1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
32Standly FarmMOSSJames HWIDR66M1825GamekeeperWHants Headley 
  MOSSHannah DUM19F1872Housekeeper Sussex Fernhurst 
33Marley FarmKNIGHTIsiac HM52M1839FarmerEBerks Inglefield 
  KNIGHTEliza WM51F1840  Berks Bradfield 
34Marley FarmLARBYWilliam HM33M1858GardenerWSurrey Shotter Mill 
  LARBYSarah WM29F1862LaundressWSurrey Haslemere 
  LARBYFrederick G S 4M1887  Surrey Shotter Mill 
  LARBYHenry S 2M1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
35Marley HousePRATTCharles HM63M1828Living on his own means London St James 
  PRATTAmy J WM52F1839  London Islington 
  HILLCharlotte A Wife's NieceUM20F1871  London St Pancras 
  CHISHOLMGrace E VISUM23F1868Scholar of Gerton College London Marylebone 
  DARVILLFrances SVTWID55F1836CookWSussex Midhurst 
  HORNERNaomi SVTUM22F1869General ServantWHants West Meon 
  BARBERClara E SVTUM31F1860HousemaidWHants Southsed 
  HALERichard M SVTUM27M1864CoachmanWHants Selbourne 
  LARBYThomas J SVTUM15M1876Employed in gardenWSurrey Red Hill 
36Camals DaleCLAPSHAWWalter HM36M1855BricklayerWSussex Linchmere 
  CLAPSHAWElizabeth WM32F1859  Suffolk Blaxhall 
37Camals DaleCOBBWilliam HM35M1856General LaborerWSurrey Shotter Mill 
  COBBMary Ann WM40F1851  Surrey Shotter Mill 
38Camals DaleROEArthur HM39M1852General LaborerWSussex Linchmere 
  ROEMary WM38F1853  Surrey Frensham 
  ROEArthur G SUM18M1873General LaborerWSurrey Frensham 
  ROEHarry SUM17M1874General Laborer Surrey Frensham 
  ROEWilliam S 12M1879Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  ROEKate D 10F1881Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  ROEEmily D 7F1884Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  ROEEdmund S 4M1887  Sussex Fernhurst 
  ROEAlbert S 2M1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
39Camals DaleWHITEGeorge HM39M1852Farm LaborerWSurrey Shotter Mill 
  WHITEJane WM39F1852  London 
  WHITEThomas SUM16M1875Farm Laborer Hants Hammer 
  WHITESamuel S 12M1879Scholar Hants Hammer 
  WHITEJames S 10M1881Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  WHITEWilliam S 9M1882Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  WHITEMary D 3F1888  Sussex Fernhurst 
40Camals DaleGATESHenry HM46M1845PlastererESussex Midhurst 
  GATESElizabeth WM42F1849  Surrey Haslemere 
  GATESThomas SUM22M1869PlastererWSurrey Haslemere 
  GATESAvery DUM16F1875  Surrey Haslemere 
  GATESFrederick S 9M1882Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  GATESAlbert S 2M1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
41Camals DaleROEGeorge HM42M1849BricklayerWSussex Linchmere 
  ROEEmily WM40F1851  Sussex Linchmere 
  ROEWilliam SUM19M1872Bricklayer's ApprenticeWSussex Linchmere 
  ROEEllen DUM16F1875General Servant Sussex Linchmere 
  ROEAlice DUM14F1877  Sussex Linchmere 
  ROEJoyce D 9F1882Scholar Sussex Linchmere 
  ROEThirza D 3F1888  Sussex Linchmere 
  ROEJohn FATWIDR65M1826HoopmakerWSussex Linchmere 
  ROEEdwin BROUM27M1864BrickmakerWSussex Linchmere 
42Camals DaleHARDINGHenry HM53M1838CarpenterOASussex Linchmere 
  HARDINGMary WM49F1842  Sussex Linchmere 
  HARDINGWalter SM23M1868CarpenterWSussex Linchmere 
  HARDINGKate DUM25F1866  Sussex Linchmere 
  HARDINGArthur SUM14M1877Carpenter's ApprenticeWSussex Linchmere 
  HARDINGFrances D 11F1880Scholar Sussex Linchmere 
43Camals DaleVOLLARHannah HUM71F1820FoultererOASurrey Witley 
  VOLLARHarriet SISUM73F1818(late) Cook Surrey Witley 
  VARNDELLRuth LODUM65F1826Pauper Sussex Lurgashall 
44Camals DaleALSETTGeorge HM48M1843Farm LaborerWSurrey Haslemere 
  ALSETTMatilda WM40F1851  Surrey Thursley 
  ALSETTSarah DUM18F1873General Servant Surrey Haslemere 
  ALSETTEllen D 10F1881Scholar Sussex Linchmere 
  ALSETTEdith D 1F1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
45Camals DaleCROFTWilliam HM28M1863Plasterer's LaborerWSurrey Hambledon 
  CROFTKate WM22F1869  Surrey Thursley 
  SNELLINGAlice VISUM25F1866  Surrey Thursley 
46Camals DaleCARPENTERHenry HM28M1863Carpenter & JoinerWSurrey Frensham 
  CARPENTERAnnie WM37F1854  Norfolk Wymondham 
  CARPENTERHenry W. S 6M1885Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  COOKLucy G VISUM21F1870Servant (cook) Middlesex West Wickham 
47Camals DaleWHITEHenry HM55M1836BricklayerWSurrey Frensham 
  WHITEMary WM58F1833  Sussex 
  WHITEHenry SUM18M1873General LaborerWSurrey Frensham 
  WHITEBenjamin S 19M1872  Surrey FrenshamImbecile from birth
48Camals DaleBOXALLJohn HM38M1853PlatelayerWHants Chalton 
  BOXALLRuth WM34F1857  Sussex Fernhurst 
  BOXALLFrederick S 10M1881Scholar Surrey Walton on Thames 
  BOXALLKate D 8F1883Scholar Surrey Walton on Thames 
  GOODFELLOWElizabeth VISWID62F1829General Servant Wilts Codford St Mary 
  BOXALLRuth D 7F1884Scholar Surrey Chertsey 
49Camals DaleLUFFHenry HM44M1847PlatelayerWSurrey Haslemere 
  LUFFEllen WM36F1855  Surrey Haslemere 
  LUFFHarriet D 9F1882Scholar Surrey Haslemere 
  LUFFGeorge S 7M1884Scholar Surrey Haslemere 
  LUFFHarry S 4M1887Scholar Surrey Haslemere 
50Camals DaleKINGSHOTTThomas HM27M1864BrickmakerESussex Fernhurst 
  KINGSHOTTMary J WM22F1869    
  KINGSHOTTAcquilla LODUM27M1864Farm LaborerW  
51CamelsdaleROEEdmund HM72M1819BrickmakerOASussex Fernhurst 
  ROEHannah WM65F1826  Hants Headley 
  GAUNTLETTEva DUM24F1867DressmakerOAHants Headley 
  FARLEYPhoebe BOAUM26F1865DressmakerOASussex Forest Row 
52CamelsdaleYOUNGHenry HWIDR40M1851GardenerWSurrey Frensham 
  YOUNGEllen DUM12F1879Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  YOUNGEdith D 10F1881Scholar Surrey Frensham 
  YOUNGLucy D 9F1882Scholar Surrey Frensham 
  YOUNGLucy SISUM51F1840Housekeeper Surrey Frensham 
53CamelsdaleROEHenry HM53M1838SawyerWSurrey Thursley 
  ROEEllen WM56F1835  Surrey Frensham 
  HOWARDWilliam BOAUM18M1873GardenerWSussex Fernhurst 
54Bell LaneMAXWELLLavinia E HUM54F1837Visiting GovernessWMiddlesex London 
55Bell LaneROBINSONJames HM41M1850CarterWHants Headley 
  ROBINSONHannah A WM38F1853  London Lambeth 
  ROBINSONFlorence E D 3 moF1891  Sussex Fernhurst 
  ROBINSONSarah MOWID71F1820  Sussex Linchmere 
56Bell LaneCOOMBESStephen HM50M1841Agricultural LaborerWSussex Lurgashall 
  COOMBESMatilda W 46F1845  Sussex Fernhurst 
  COOMBESFrederick SUM21M1870Agricultural LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  COOMBESEdith DUM16F1875General ServantWSussex Fernhurst 
  COOMBESEdward S 7M1884Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  COOMBESRobert BROUM43M1848General Farm LaborerWSussex Lurgashall 
57Bell LaneROEWilliam HM29M1862SawyerWSurrey Haslemere 
  ROEHarriet WM29F1862  Surrey Wonersh 
  ROEEllen D 3F1888  Sussex Fernhurst 
  ROEHenry S 1M1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
58Bell LaneBOOKEREdwin HM32M1859Brewers DraymanWHants Highpen 
  BOOKERSarah WM34F1857  Surrey Haslemere 
  BOOKERAlfred E. S 10M1881  Sussex Fernhurst 
  BOOKERWilliam S 8M1883Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  BOOKERRosie D 6F1885Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  BOOKERSarah D 5F1886Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  BOOKERFred S 3M1888  Sussex Fernhurst 
  BOOKERRobert S 2M1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
  BOOKERLillie D 5 moF1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
59Bell LaneREADGeorge HM29M1862MaltsterWHants Portsmouth 
  READRosa WM22F1869  Hants Froxfield 
  READMercy D 3F1888  Hants West Meon 
  READDonald D. S 11 moM1890  Hants Havant 
60Bell LanePACEYThomas H HM33M1858BrewerWSussex Bognor 
  PACEYElizabeth WM34F1857  Sussex Chichester 
  PACEYFrederick H S 3M1888  Surrey Horley 
  PACEYEliza Jane D 1F1890  Surrey Horley 
  KNOLLElizabeth MIWID65F1826  Hants Havant 
61Bell LaneHALLJames HM75M1816GardenerWSussex Lavington 
  HALLSarah WM67F1824  Sussex Easebourne 
  HALLJames SUM21M1870Factory handWSussex Selham 
62Bell LaneETHERINGTONJohn HM31M1860Agricultural LaborerWHants Bramshott 
  ETHERINGTONEllen WM29F1862  Sussex Selham 
  ETHERINGTONElizabeth D 2F1889  Sussex Linchmere 
  ETHERINGTONAnnie D 3 moF1891  Sussex Fernhurst 
63Bell LaneSPIERSElijah HM66M1825Agricultural LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  SPIERSAnne WM60F1831  Sussex Iping 
64 KIRBYJohn LODWIDR65M1826Living on his means Surrey Croydon 
65Bell LaneHARDINGThomas HM35M1856JoinerWSurrey Haslemere 
  HARDINGAlice WM33F1858  Surrey Shere 
  HARDINGJohn S 11M1880Scholar Surrey Haslemere 
  HARDINGAnnie D 10F1881Scholar Surrey Haslemere 
  HARDINGAlice D 7F1884Scholar Surrey Haslemere 
  HARDINGCharles S 4M1887  Surrey Haslemere 
  HARDINGRosina D 3F1888  Surrey Chiddingfold 
66Bell LaneHEATHERWilliam HM66M1825Retired shoemaker Sussex Fernhurst 
  HEATHERAnn WM54F1837  Surrey Witley 
  HEATHERWilliam SUM24M1867Boot + shoemakerESussex Fernhurst 
  HEATHEREdith DUM20F1871  Sussex Fernhurst 
  HEATHEROlive DUM18F1873Apprentice (dressmaker)WSussex Fernhurst 
  HEATHERElizabeth D 16F1875Learner (Post Office)WSussex Fernhurst 
  HEATHERLillian D 14F1877Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
67Kingsley MarshGALEEdward J HM28M1863DealerOASussex Stedham 
  GALEBeatrice J WM24F1867  Hants Headley 
  GALEEdward T S 4M1887  Sussex Fernhurst 
  GALEDorothy B B D 3F1888  Sussex Fernhurst 
  GALEFrederick S BROUM24M1867DealerOASussex Stedham 
  FALKNERBessie SILUM15F1876  Hants Headley 
68Kingsley MarshHAMMONDWilliam HWIDR79M1812Farm BailiffWSurrey Chiddingfold 
  BURDOCKElizabeth DWID55F1836Housekeeper Surrey Chiddingfold 
  BURDOCKLucia GDUM25F1866  Surrey Godalming 
  BURDOCKGeorge GSUM23M1868CarpenterWSurrey Godalming 
69Kingsley MarshBROOKERJames HM26M1865Farm LaborerWSussex Lurgashall 
  BROOKERHarriet WM24F1867  Sussex Northchapel 
  BROOKEREllen D 3F1888  Sussex Fernhurst 
  BROOKERAlice D 1F1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
  BROOKERAlfred S 7 moM1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
  BODMANEarnest J BOA 5M1886(orphan) N.K. 
70Kingsley MarshFORDStephen HM61M1830Agricultural LaborerWSurrey Haslemere 
  FORDHannah WM56F1835  Sussex Linchmere 
  FORDStephen W SUM21M1870General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  FORDEmma R DUM15F1876Factory HandWSussex Fernhurst 
  MURRELLCharles A GS 5M1886Scholar Surrey Battersea 
71Moses HillMILLSStephen HM62M1829Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  MILLSHannah WM66F1825  Sussex Fernhurst 
72Moses HillCARPENTERRichard HM39M1852GamekeeperWHants Stroud Wood 
  CARPENTERSarah WM46F1845  Hants Deane 
  CARPENTERFlorence D 14F1877Scholar Hants Deane 
  CARPENTERCaroline D 12F1879Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  CARPENTERCharles F S 8M1883Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  FIDLERArthur BOAUM20M1871Assistant gamekeeperWHants Basset 
73Kingsley MarshMILLSRichard HM66M1825Farmer & bakerESussex Fernhurst 
  MILLSPhoebe WM63F1828 WSuffolk Warningford 
  MILLSHorace S SUM30M1861BricklayerOASussex Fernhurst 
  MILLSPhoebe L DUM22F1869Mothers HelpWSussex Fernhurst 
  MILLSFrank SUM20M1871BakerWSussex Fernhurst 
74Kingsley MarshWESTWilliam HM38M1853Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  WESTEmily WM35F1856  Sussex Woolbeding 
  WESTWilliam S 8M1883Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  WESTEllen M D 5F1886  Sussex Fernhurst 
75Kingsley MarshMILLSGeorge HM56M1835Grocer & farmerESussex Fernhurst 
  MILLSKate WM53F1838  Surrey Frensham 
  MILLSMinnie M DUM22F1869Shop assistantWSussex Fernhurst 
  MILLSEbenezer SUM19M1872BakerWSussex Fernhurst 
  MILLSCharles SUM18M1873Butchers assistantWSussex Fernhurst 
  MILLSGeorge S 13M1878  Sussex Fernhurst 
  MILLSElizabeth DUM16F1875  Sussex Fernhurst 
76Kingsley MarshCOLESWilliam HM47M1844Farm LaborerWSussex Easebourne 
  COLESJane WM45F1846  Sussex Fernhurst 
  COLESWilliam SUM22M1869Farm LaborerWSussex Easebourne 
  COLESKatie DUM17F1874General ServantWSussex Easebourne 
  COLESEleanor S DUM20F1871General ServantWKent Gravesend 
  COLESEdmund SUM14M1877Farm LaborerWSussex Midhurst 
  COLESGeorge S 11M1880Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  COLESMabel D 9F1882Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  COLESElizabeth D 5F1886Scholar Hants Steep 
77Crab CornerDUDMANDaniel HM56M1835WoodreeveWSussex Easebourne 
  DUDMANEllen WM47F1844  Sussex Fernhurst 
  DUDMANWilliam SUM20M1871General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  DUDMANEliza DUM19F1872Mothers help Sussex Fernhurst 
  DUDMANJames SUM16M1875Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  DUDMANEdith D 13F1878Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  DUDMANMinnie D 11F1880Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  DUDMANLily D 10F1881Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  DUDMANFred S 6M1885Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  DUDMANBertha D 4F1887  Sussex Fernhurst 
  FRANCISRaymond VIS 1M1890  Hants Basingstoke 
  DUDMANShadrach LODUM50M1841Farm LaborerWSussex Easebourne 
78Chapel StreetMORLEYWilliam HM61M1830Pauper Sussex Fernhurst 
  MORLEYJane WM52F1839  Sussex Easebourne 
  MORLEYStephen SUM22M1869Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  MORLEYMary D 13F1878Scholar Sussex Linchmere 
  MORLEYAlice D 10F1881Scholar Sussex Linchmere 
  MORLEYJesse S 7M1884Scholar Sussex Linchmere 
  MORLEYJames S 5M1886Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
79Chapel StreetWYETHAnne HWID66F1825Living on own means Hants Midstead 
80BarracksCHALWINHenry HM46M1845BricklayerWSussex Northchapel 
  CHALWINEsther WM39F1852LaundressOASussex Bignor 
  CHALWINEmma DUM16F1875LaundressWSussex Iping 
  CHALWINMabel D 11F1880Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
81Hawksfold HouseSALVINOsbert HM56M1835Living on his meansEMiddlesex Finchley 
  MIDDLEDITCHEmma SVTUM46F1845CookWSuffolk Long Melford 
  WESTLois SVTUM19F1872Ladies MaidWSussex Fernhurst 
  MADGWICKMary J SVTUM15F1876Kitchen MaidWSussex Linchmere 
82BarracksWESTJames HM60M1831Wood DealerESussex Fernhurst 
  WESTJane WM57F1834  Surrey Haslemere 
  WESTAlfred SUM23M1868Wood Dealers ForemanWSussex Fernhurst 
83BarracksSANDERSEphraim HM44M1847BricklayerWSussex Lurgashall 
  SANDERSEliza S WM41F1850  Sussex Stedham 
  SANDERSEphraim C SUM18M1873PostmanWSussex Fernhurst 
  SANDERSWilliam SUM13M1878Agricultural LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  SANDERSMary E D 11F1880Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  SANDERSFrank J S 8M1883Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  SANDERSAda D 6F1885Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  SANDERSMercy D 3F1888  Sussex Fernhurst 
  SANDERSFrederick S 1M1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
84BarracksMANNAnnie HWID36F1855Charwoman Sussex Lurgashall 
  MANNBlanche D 12F1879Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  MANNGeorgina D 11F1880Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  MANNChristopher S 9M1882Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  MANNMary D 8F1883Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
85Hawksfold GardenSEWARDJames HM45M1846Gardener & Land StewardWBucks Colnbrook 
  SEWARDEliza WM38F1853  Kent Deptford 
  SEWARDJames B S 8M1883Scholar Surrey Lingfield 
  SEWARDGeorge G S 6M1885Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  SEWARDEliza M D 4F1887  Sussex Fernhurst 
86Chapel StCOOPERGeorge HM49M1842Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  COOPEREmily WM49F1842  Sussex Fernhurst 
  LANDERAnnie NIEUM15F1876  Surrey Haslemere 
  BARNETTTeddy NEP 2M1889  Surrey Merton Abby 
87Chapel StGREENWAYDaniel HUM60M1831DealerOASussex Fernhurst 
88Chapel StMADGWICKJames HM50M1841CarpenterWSussex Fernhurst 
  MADGWICKRhoda WM53F1838  Hants (N.K.) 
  MADGWICKGeorge SUM20M1871CarpenterWSussex Fernhurst 
  MADGWICKThomas SUM17M1874DairymanWSussex Fernhurst 
  MADGWICKChristopher S 11M1880Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  MADGWICKErnest S 6M1885Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
89Chapel StSMITHGeorge HM53M1838Prudential AgentWSussex Midhurst 
  SMITHHarriet WM39F1852  Hants Emsworth 
  SMITHJesse S SUM19M1872Grocers AssistantWSussex Chichester 
  SMITHCharles E S 6M1885Scholar Sussex Chichester 
  SMITHHarry Thomas GS 1M1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
90Chapel StSMITHWilliam L HM29M1862Grocer & WheelwrightOASussex Fernhurst 
  SMITHRuth M WM30F1861  Surrey Battersea 
  SMITHWilliam E S 4M1887  Sussex Fernhurst 
  SMITHMarguerite R D 1F1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
91Chapel StBALLCharles F HM25M1866Police Constable Norfolk St Peters Thetford 
  BALLJane WM25F1866  Sussex Steyning 
  BALLNora K D 1F1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
92Hawksfold LodgeBARNESThomas W HM27M1864    
  BARNESJane WM25F1866  Sussex Easebourne 
  BARNESRosa F D 6 moF1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
93Hawksfold FarmSTACEYThomas HM28M1863CarterWSussex Fernhurst 
  STACEYAlice WM24F1867  Sussex Lurgashall 
  STACEYSydney A S 2M1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
  STACEYEthel M D 8 moF1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
  COOMBESFrederick LODUM22M1869ShepherdWHants Steep 
  GALEOlive VIS 8F1883  Sussex Lurgashall 
94Van CommonBURTJohn HM52M1839WoodreeveWSussex Fernhurst 
  BURTMary WM49F1842  Sussex Fernhurst 
  BURTWilliam S 20M1871Bricklayer's LabourWSussex Fernhurst 
  BURTLois D 14F1877Mothers Help Sussex Fernhurst 
  BURTRachel D 12F1879Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  BURTEsther D 10F1881Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
95Green HillBAKERStephen HM36M1855Shepherd Devon Challacombe 
  BAKERAlida WM28F1863  Devon Countisbury 
96Lower HawksfoldPENFOLDGeorge H HWIDR45M1846Agricultural LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  PENFOLDHarry SUM17M1874Agricultural LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
97Lower HawksfoldKINGSHOTTJohn HM31M1860Agricultural LaborerWSussex Linchmere 
  KINGSHOTTAmelia A WM30F1861  Hants Selbourne 
  KINGSHOTTChristopher J S 11M1880Scholar Hants Bramshott 
  KINGSHOTTSally D 9F1882Scholar Hants Headley 
  KINGSHOTTWilliam AH S 7M1884Scholar Hants Headley 
  KINGSHOTTAmelia A D 6F1885Scholar Hants Headley 
  KINGSHOTTWilfred D S 4M1887  Hants Bramshott 
  KINGSHOTTBessie D 2F1889  Hants Liphook 
  KINGSHOTTFrank S 3 moM1891  Sussex Fernhurst 
98Chapel StRALPHHenry HM32M1859General LaborerWSussex Easebourne 
  RALPHKate WM31F1860  Sussex Fernhurst 
  RALPHJames Henry S 8M1883Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  RALPHJohn S 6M1885Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  RALPHKate L D 4F1887  Sussex Fernhurst 
  RALPHWilliam J S 2 moM1891  Sussex Fernhurst 
99Chapel StGREENWAYEllen HUM50F1841Living on her means Sussex Fernhurst 
100Chapel StBURSEJob HM51M1840General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  BURSEMary A WM54F1837  Sussex Iping 
  BURSEFanny Eade D 19F1872Worsted SpinnerWSussex Easebourne 
101Chapel StDENYERElizabeth HWID68F1823DressmakerOASussex Iping 
102Chapel StHEDGERWilliam HM86M1805Pauper Sussex Trotton 
  HEDGERSophia WM77F1814  Sussex Fernhurst 
103Chapel StHERSEYMary HWID78F1813Living on her means Sussex Fernhurst 
  SLADEMary NIEUM18F1873Serv (companion)WSussex Fernhurst 
  SLADEJohn BROWIDR82M1809Living on his means Sussex Fernhurst 
104The CrossWOODMANEdward J HM48M1843GrocerEWilts Exton 
  WOODMANMary A WM50F1841  Hants Privett 
  WOODMANCarrie E DUM22F1869Shop Assistant (grocer)WHants Privett 
  WOODMANEdward J SUM19M1872Shop Assistant (grocer)WHants Privett 
  WOODMANAlbert H S 14M1877  Sussex Fernhurst 
  WOODMANLouie E D 9F1882Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
105Spread Eagle InnHANSFORDFrank G HM44M1847Bricklayer & licensed victuallerENorth Wales 
  HANSFORDMary WM35F1856 WSussex Fletching 
  HANSFORDMary L D 12F1879Scholar Sussex Bolney 
  HANSFORDRobert G S 11M1880Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  HANSFORDEllen E D 10F1881Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  HANSFORDAlice R D 7F1884Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  LEEWilliam LODUM52M1839General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  ELDRIDGEGeorge LODUM36M1855BricklayerWSussex Easebourne 
106Simses?VOLLARHenry HM41M1850General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  VOLLARHarriet WM43F1848  Sussex Fernhurst 
  VOLLARHarriet D 14F1877  Sussex Fernhurst 
  VOLLARKate E D 12F1879Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  VOLLAREdmund S 10M1881Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  HUMPHREYSClara BOA 11F1880Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
107Simses?BURTWilliam J HM30M1861WheelwrightWSussex Linchmere 
  BURTHellen WM31F1860  Surrey Godalming 
  BURTHelen E D 1F1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
  BURTLouise D 1 moF1891  Sussex Fernhurst 
108The InstituteHOLDERWilliam HM31M1860Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  HOLDERMartha WM26F1865Caretaker of InstituteWSussex Fernhurst 
  VARNESJoseph BILM24M1867HoopshaverWSussex Fernhurst 
  VARNESRibikiah SILM22F1869  Sussex Fernhurst 
109Vinegar GardenLAMBERTIsaac HM63M1828Pauper Sussex Fernhurst 
  LAMBERTElizabeth WM49F1842  Berks Greenham 
  ROOKHenry LODUM65M1826Farm LaborerWSussex Iping 
110Vinegar GardenAYLWINGeorge HM41M1850BricklayerWSussex Lurgashall 
  AYLWINEllen WM33F1858  Sussex Southwater 
  AYLWINWilliam S 7M1884Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  AYLWINNellie D 3F1888  Sussex Fernhurst 
  AYLWINSarah K D 11 moF1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
111Cylinder YardVARNESMartha HWID48F1843Charwoman Sussex Linchmere 
  VARNESMathew SUM29M1862Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  VARNESBenjamin SUM19M1872Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  VARNESJames SUM16M1875Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  VARNESEyra S 14M1877Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  VARNESJudah S 11M1880Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  VARNESRachel D 9F1882Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
112Cylinder YardFORDHenry HM63M1828Agricultural LaborerWSurrey Haslemere 
  FORDHarriet WM64F1827  Surrey Chiddingfold 
113Cylinder YardGALEEmily HWID55F1836  Sussex Fernhurst 
  GALEHenrietta DUM20F1871General Servant Sussex Fernhurst 
  GALEMargaret DUM18F1873General Servant Sussex Fernhurst 
  GALEFlora D 13F1878Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  GALECharles S 10M1881Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
114Cylinder YardCHALWINWilliam HM38M1853ShoemakerOASussex Fernhurst 
  CHALWINEllen WM35F1856  Sussex Midhurst 
115Cylinder YardRALPHGeorge HM35M1856Farm LaborerWSurrey Frensham 
  RALPHMary WM36F1855  Sussex Southwater 
  RALPHMary D 9F1882Scholar Sussex Southwater 
  RALPHEthel E D 2F1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
  HILLGeorge LODUM21M1870Groom Sussex Northchapel 
116Cylinder YardBARNESThomas HWIDR64M1827General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  BARNESJohn SUM28M1863General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  BARNESJoseph SUM18M1873GardenerWSussex Fernhurst 
  BARNESBenjamin SUM16M1875General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  RALPHArthur SOILM24M1867General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  BARNESSarah A DM25F1866Housekeeper Sussex Fernhurst 
  BARNESHarry GS 4M1887Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  BARNESLydia GD 3F1888  Sussex Fernhurst 
  BARNESBessie GD 1F1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
117Cylinder YardWESTCharles HM55M1836General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  WESTElizabeth WM41F1850  Sussex Fernhurst 
  WESTWilliam SUM18M1873General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  WESTEarnest S 13M1878General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  WESTFred S 10M1881Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  WESTAlbert S 8M1883Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  WESTPercival S 4M1887  Sussex Fernhurst 
118Cylinder YardRALPHWilliam HM41M1850Agricultural LaborerWSurrey Frensham 
  RALPHPriscilla WM40F1851  Sussex Fernhurst 
  RALPHAlfred S 14M1877Agricultural LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  RALPHHarriet D 11F1880Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  RALPHRalph S 9M1882Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  RALPHClement S 6M1885Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
119Cylinder YardRALPHHarriet HWID68F1823Pauper Sussex Tillington 
  RALPHJames SUM38M1853Agricultural LaborerWSurrey Frensham 
120Cylinder YardJENNERThomas HWIDR75M1816General Laborer Sussex Lurgashall 
  JENNERWalter SM35M1856General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  JENNERAlice DILM30F1861Housekeeper Hants Bramshott 
  JENNERLilian GD 9F1882Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  JENNEREdith GD 7F1884Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  JENNERCharles GS 13M1878General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
131Cylinder YardBURTThomas HM60M1831General LaborerWSussex Linchmere 
122CylindersFORDHenry HM38M1853GardenerWSurrey Thursley 
  FORDEmma WM37F1854  Sussex Fernhurst 
  FORDThomas H SUM15M1876Assistant GardenerWSussex Fernhurst 
  FORDEmma E D 12F1879Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  FORDJane D 10F1881Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
123Stone HouseSALVINEmmelina HUM57F1834Living on her own means Middlesex Bayswater 
  SALVINEliza A SISUM54F1837Living on her own means Middlesex Finchley N 
  JOHNSONAbigail SVTUM49F1842Lady's MaidWSurrey Garrett 
  BEASENTSarah SVTUM22F1869CookWWilts Manton 
  COXElizabeth A SVTUM23F1868House parlormaidWDorest Shillingstone 
124Colliers FarmBRIDGERThomas HWIDR70M1821FarmerESussex Chithurst 
  BRIDGERThomas P SUM36M1855Farmer's sonWSussex Fernhurst 
  BRIDGERElizabeth DUM30F1861Housekeeper Sussex Fernhurst 
  BRIDGERAlice B DUM27F1864HousekeeperWSussex Fernhurst 
  BRIDGERJames P SUM24M1867Farm BailiffWSussex Fernhurst 
  BRIDGERAnnie E DUM21F1870Dealer's assistantWSussex Fernhurst 
125Midhurst RoadPEARCEWilliam HM35M1856CarterWHants East Meon 
  PEARCEEliza WM28F1863  Sussex Bepton 
  PEARCEWilliam L S 8M1883Scholar Sussex Cocking 
  PEARCEAlice D D 5F1886Scholar Sussex Cocking 
  PEARCEEdith M D 3F1888  Sussex Cocking 
  PEARCEEthel M D 4 moF1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
126Midhurst RoadCOURTNEDGEWilliam HM71M1820CowmanWSussex Fernhurst 
  COURTNEDGESarah WM69F1822  Surrey Haslemere 
  VOLLARJames LODWIDR70M1821General LaborerWSurrey Haslemere 
  HEBERDGeorge LODUM30M1861ShepherdWHants Alton 
127Kings Arms InnMADGWICKRichard HM47M1844Farmer & InnkeeperESussex Fernhurst 
  MADGWICKJane WM46F1845  Sussex Fernhurst 
  MADGWICKAmelia M D 12F1879Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  MADGWICKEllen M D 10F1881Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  MADGWICKEdith J D 8F1883Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  MADGWICKWilliam R S 7M1884  Sussex Fernhurst 
  MADGWICKHerbert S S 6M1885  Sussex Fernhurst 
  PENFOLDRobert LODUM54M1837Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
128Van CommonVARNESMoses HWIDR63M1828Farm Laborer   
  WESTHenry SOILM29M1862Farm Laborer Sussex Fernhurst 
  WESTElizabeth DM29F1862  Sussex Fernhurst 
  WESTSarah GD 2F1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
119(travelling on the) Midhurst RoadTHAYRESSamuel HM60M1831Chairmender TravellerOASurrey Godalming 
1PodsnoseHOLMESJames HM40M1851CarpenterWSussex Lurgashall 
  HOLMESHarriet WM41F1850  Sussex Fernhurst 
  HOLMESWilliam H SUM16M1875General LaborerWSussex Linchmere 
  HOLMESThomas G S 10M1881Scholar Sussex Linchmere 
  HOLMESJames E S 8M1883Scholar Sussex Linchmere 
  HOLMESHorace A S 3M1888  Sussex Linchmere 
  HOLMESSydney C S 10 moM1890  Sussex Linchmere 
  HOLMESMary MOWID76F1815  Sussex Singleton 
2PodsnoseBUDDJames HUM65M1826ShoemakerOASussex Easebourne 
3Crab CornerVARNESStephen HM66M1825General LaborerWSussex Linchmere 
  VARNESMary WM55F1836  Sussex Easebourne 
  VARNESWilliam SUM22M1869General Laborer Sussex Easebourne 
4Van CommonBERRYMoses HM69M1822General Laborer Sussex Linchmere 
  BERRYAnn WM69F1822  Surrey Haslemere 
  BERRYWilliam E GS 7M1884Scholar Sussex Linchmere 
5Van CommonSTACEYAlfred HM40M1851General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  STACEYMary A WM34F1857  Sussex Fernhurst 
  STACEYMinnie DUM14F1877  Sussex Fernhurst 
  STACEYWilliam S 12M1879Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  STACEYFrank S 10M1881Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  STACEYFrederick S 6M1885Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  STACEYLaura D 4F1887Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  STACEYGeorge S 2M1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
  STACEYFlorry D 1F1890    
6Van CommonBERRYStephen HM67M1824General LaborerWSussex Linchmere 
  BERRYElizabeth WM67F1824  Sussex Linchmere 
  BERRYWilliam D SUM28M1863General LaborerWSussex Linchmere 
  STACEYDavid J LODUM18M1873General LaborerWSussex Linch 
7Van CommonBERRYSamuel HM39M1852General LaborerWSussex Linchmere 
  BERRYEllen WM35F1856  Sussex Linchmere 
  BERRYEdwin S 12M1879Scholar Sussex Linchmere 
  BERRYLilian V D 10F1881Scholar Sussex Linchmere 
  BERRYSydney A S 8M1883Scholar Sussex Linchmere 
  BERRYChristopher S 5M1886Scholar Sussex Linchmere 
  BERRYWinifred D 2F1889  Sussex Linchmere 
  GREEBWAYJabey LODUM68M1823Farmer & dealerOASussex Fernhurst 
8Friday's Hill HouseSMITHRobert P HM64M1827Living on his own meansEPhiladelphia Penn[sylvania] USA 
  SMITHHannah W WM59F1832  Philadelphia Penn[sylvania] USA 
  SMITHLogan P SUM25M1866Literature Millville, New Jersey, USA 
  MORTIMERLouisa SVTUM23F1868ParlormaidWTorquay 
  DAVEYJesse SVTUM21F1870HousemaidWTorquay 
  VENESAlexander G SVTM32M1859CarpenterWSussex Fernhurst 
  VENESHannah SVTM34F1857CookWEssex Great Walton 
  VENESClement P A VIS 5M1886Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  RUSSELLHon Bertrand A WVISUM18M1873Living on his own means student England (NK) 
9ReekesROLLINGSSamuel HM51M1840CoachmanWHerefordshire Aymsbury 
  ROLLINGSAnnie E WM49F1842  London Paddington 
  ROLLINGSRuth DUM15F1876  London South Kensington 
  ROLLINGSSamuel W S 13M1878Scholar Surrey Streatham 
10ReekesBANGSAlfred HM28M1863GardenerWHertfordshire St Albans 
  BANGSEmma WM27F1864  Hertfordshire Harpenden 
  BANGSEthel F D 5F1886Scholar Middlesex Highgate 
  BANGSAlfred C S 2M1889  Surrey Haslemere 
  BANGSHylda G D 8 moF1890  Sussex Fernhurst



Fernhurst History