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The Fernhurst Society

Fernhurst 1891 census transcription (1)

Please note that this data is presented as work in progress.

Fernhurst enumeration district 1:
"Comprising all that part lying to the East of the Turnpike Road leading from Midhurst to Haslemere. Including part of Bexley Hill, Hurstfold, Bridgeland, Courts, Denyers, Old Henley Hill, Brickyard and Cottages, Fernhurst Green, Copyhold, Shalford, and Cottages at Kingsley marsh (part of). The whole in the Parliamentary Division of the North Western or Horsham Division of the County of Sussex."

Data transcribed from Public Record Office sheets RG12-848-01-01 to RG13-848-01-16 by Richard Ranft

Original data Crown Copyright
All information on this page copyright of The Fernhurst Society

1. Relation to Head: A Aunt BIL Brother-in-Law, BOArder, BROther, COUsin, Daughter, DIL Daughter-in-Law, EMPloyer, FATher, FIL Father-in-Law, GD Granddaughter, GM Grandmother, GS Grandson, Husband, LODger, MI Mother-in-Law, MOTher, NEPhew, NIEce, NURsing, SD Stepdaughter, SS Stepson, Son, SIL Sister-in-Law, SISter, SOIL Son-in-Law , SVT Servant, VISitor, Wife.
2. Condition as to Marriage: M Married, UM unmarried (single), WID Widow, WIDR Widower
3. Note: 'Year of birth' is estimated from age given in census

No. of Schedule
Road, Street,. and No. or Name of House SURNAME Forenames Relation to head of family Condition as to Marriage Age last Birthday Gender Year of birth Profession or Occupation Employer (E), Worker (W) or Own Account (OA) Where Born If (1) Deaf and Dumb, (2) Blind, (3) Lunatic, Imbecile or Idiot
1Post OfficeSMITHGeorge A HM37M1854 Postmaster & Wheelwright ESussex, Fernhurst 
  SMITHMary E WM45F1846Postmaster assistantWBerks Standford Dingley 
  SMITHGeorge W JS 13M1878TelegraphistWSussex, Fernhurst 
  SMITHMarion C JD 12F1879Scholar Sussex, Fernhurst 
  SMITHEleanor M D 9F1882Scholar Sussex, Fernhurst 
  SMITHZoe C. D 7F1884Scholar Sussex, Fernhurst 
2Church RoadMARINERBenjamin HM51M1840Dealer in UnderwoodsESussex, Fernhurst 
  MARINERMatilda WM49F1842  Surrey Chiddingfold 
  MARINERPercy SUM21M1870General LaborerWSussex, Fernhurst 
  MARINERGeorge SUM15M1876General LaborerWSussex, Fernhurst 
  MARINERFrederick S 15M1876Scholar Sussex, Fernhurst 
  MARINERMabel D 11F1880Scholar Sussex, Fernhurst 
  MARINERIda M D 9F1882Scholar Sussex, Fernhurst 
  MARINERWalter S S 7M1884  Sussex, Fernhurst 
3Church RoadSMITHGeorge HM67M1824WheelwrightOASussex, Easebourne 
  SMITHSarah WM73M1818  Sussex, Fernhurst 
4Church RoadMORLEYEdward HM28M1863Rural postmanWSussex, Fernhurst 
  MORLEYAnnie W 36F1855  Hants Froxfield 
5Church RoadLAMBERTGeorge HM24M1867Bricklayer's LabourWSussex, Fernhurst 
  LAMBERTAmelia WM25F1866  Hants, Holybourne 
  ARNOLDMary E SD 5F1886  Hants, Holybourne 
6Church RoadLANCASTEREllen HWID41F1850SchoolmistressWMiddlesex London 
  LANCASTEREmily J D 16F1875Scholar Berks, Clewer 
7Church RoadMANNAnnie HUM26F1865SchoolmistressWHuntingdonshire, Harford 
  MANNElla E SIS 16F1875Pupil TeacherWCambridgeshire, Rampton 
8Church RoadHENSTOCKJohn L HUM27M1864Surgeon (Parish)WLancashire, Liverpool 
  MORRISErnest NEP 3M1888  Sussex, Fernhurst 
  MORRISEdward H NEP 1M1890  Sussex, Fernhurst 
  PARNELFanny AUM59F1832Living on own means Lancashire, Manchester 
  VARNSCaroline A SVTUM17F1874General serv.WSussex, Fernhurst 
  HOWARDKate SVTUM17F1874NurseWSurrey, Haslemere 
9The VicarageWATSONChristopher S HWIDR50M1841Vicar of FernhurstELondon Clerkenwell 
  WATSONGeoffrey L S 11M1880  Hants East Farleigh 
  WOODGATEAdelaide SVTUM37F1854CookWSussex Lewes 
  HOOKERFrances E SVTUM19F1872Parlour MaidWKent Boughton Malherbe 
  FAULKNERAnnie M VISUM55F1836Living on own means Surrey Brinton 
10The GreenTHORNSWilliam H HM37M1854Registrar of births & deathsWSussex Shipley 
  THORNSCharlotte WM27F1864  Sussex Fernhurst 
11The GreenGALEJames HM60M1831Gardener (Domestic Serv) Sussex Fernhurst 
  GALEJane WM54F1837  Sussex Fernhurst 
  GALERose DUM20F1871No occupation Sussex Midhurst 
  GALEHerbert J S 16M1875General LaborerWSussex Midhurst 
  GALEJohn S 14M1877General LaborerWSussex Midhurst 
  GALEPhillip S 9M1882Scholar Sussex Midhurst 
12The GreenBERRYGeorge HM49M1842LawyerWSussex Midhurst 
  BERRYEllen WM35F1856  Ireland Cork 
  BERRYCephas SUM19M1872Agricultural LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  BERRYArnold S 9M1882Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  BERRYEdith L D 6F1885  Sussex Fernhurst 
  BERRYLouisa D 4F1887  Sussex Fernhurst 
  BERRYHellen D 2F1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
  BERRYThomas G S 1M1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
  BERRYDavid FATWIDR80M1811Living on own means Sussex Fernhurst 
13The GreenSLADEBenjamin HM65M1826BuilderESussex Fernhurst 
  SLADEHarriett WM56F1835    
  SLADEJohn S 17M1874Carpenter (apprentice) Sussex Fernhurst 
14The GreenBOXALLSarah HWID65F1826    
  MORLEYWilliam LODUM78M1813Pauper Sussex Fernhurst 
  BOXALLIona DUM23F1868  Sussex Fernhurst 
  HEMENTSFred BOA 7M1884Scholar London Middlesex 
  FRECKENFred BOA 8M1883Scholar London Middlesex 
  MANSELLArthur BOA 7M1884Scholar London Middlesex 
15The GreenCOLWELLAlfred HM42M1849Agricultural LaborerWHants Weston 
  COLWELLEllen WM43F1848  Sussex Fernhurst 
  COLWELLRose D 11F1880  Sussex Fernhurst 
  COLWELLLouisa M D 7F1884  Sussex Fernhurst 
  THAYERAllan LODUM20M1871Agricultural LaborerWSussex Wisborough Green 
16The Green (Red Lion)KNIGHTEliza HWID47F1844Licensed VictuallerOASussex Westbourne 
  KNIGHTAlbert S 19M1872General LaborerWSussex Rowlands Castle 
  KNIGHTEmily D 12M1879Scholar Sussex Rowlands Castle 
  KNIGHTEllen D 10M1881Scholar   
  KNIGHTHerbert S 5M1886    
  SMITHERSDaniel LOD 45M1846Agricultural LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  AYLWINWilliam LOD 29M1862General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  KINGSHOTTThomas LOD 26M1865Blacksmith's AssistantWSussex Fernhurst 
  LEGGATTJohn LOD 24M1867General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
17The GreenKINGSHOTTJane HWID60M1831  Sussex Heyshott 
  KINGSHOTTAlfred SUM20M1871General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  KINGSHOTTJames SUM18M1873General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  KINGSHOTTAlice D 14M1877  Sussex Fernhurst 
  KINGSHOTTWinifred GD 8M1883  Sussex Fernhurst 
18The GreenLAWRENCEGeorge HUM51M1840LabourerWSussex Selham 
19The GreenWALKERGeorge HM46M1845Coachman (Domestic serv)WSussex Rogate 
  WALKERMary A WM42M1849  Ireland Kildare 
  WALKERGeorge H S 15M1876Groom (Domestic serv)WIreland on the Colons.? 
  WALKERWilliam S 9M1882Scholar Surrey Batchurch 
  WALKERGraham S 5M1886Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  WALKERArthur S 4M1887Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  WALKERChristopher W S 4 moM1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
  WALKERLouisa D 13M1878Nurse (Domestic serv)WSurrey Epsom 
  WALKERMary A D 11M1880  Surrey Epsom 
  WALKERAde D 2M1889  Surrey Epsom 
20The Green (Board Schools)BOWMANGeorge HUM42M1849SchoolmasterWWingham Kent 
  BOWMANEmma SISUM32F1859SchoolmistressWWingham Kent 
21The GreenCHASEJohn HM51M1840GrocerESussex Fernhurst 
  CHASEAnnie WM46F1845  Sussex Fernhurst 
  CHASEWilliam SUM23M1868Grocers AssistantWSussex Fernhurst 
  CHASEEdward SUM19M1872Grocers AssistantWSussex Fernhurst 
  CHASEFrederick J S 13M1878Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  CHASEAgnes E D 4M1887  Sussex Fernhurst 
22The GreenBURTWilliam HM81M1810Living on own means Sussex Fernhurst 
  BURTAnnie W 80F1811  Sussex Fernhurst 
23The GreenBICKNELLEdmund HM66M1825Agricultural LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  BICKNELLSarah E WM65F1826  Sussex Fernhurst 
  BICKNELLE S NIE 10F1881  Sussex Fernhurst 
  VOLLERRichard BOAUM98M1793Pauper Sussex Fernhurst 
  CANNONCaleb LODUM20M1871BakerWSussex Fernhurst 
  FAITHFULF J LODUM23M1868CarpenterWSurrey Haslemere 
  NORMANJ LODM64M1827Stone CutterWHants Blackwater 
24The GreenLAMBERTJohn HM66M1825Pauper Sussex Fernhurst 
  LAMBERTJane WM65F1826Pauper Sussex Fernhurst 
  LAMBERTRuben SUM38M1853Agricultural LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  LAMBERTErnest GSUM17M1874Agricultural LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
25The GreenETHERINGTONElizabeth HWID75F1816Living on own means Sussex Fernhurst 
26 MILLSGeorge HM55M1836Rick and House ThatcherOASussex Fernhurst 
  MILLSEmily WM53F1838  Sussex Fernhurst 
27The GreenFRANCISJames HM50M1841Copse Laborer Didling Sussex 
  FRANCISHarriet WM59F1832  Sussex Fernhurst 
  FRANCISAlfred SUM26M1865Bricklayer's LabourWSussex Fernhurst 
  FRANCISEdward SUM23M1868Bricklayer's LabourWSussex Fernhurst 
  BICKNELLJulia BOA 7F1884  Middlesex 
28The GreenWELLINMark HM25M1866General LaborerWHampshire Crondall 
  WELLINKate WM24F1867  Sussex Fernhurst 
  WELLINKate D 3F1888  Sussex Fernhurst 
  WELLINEleanor D 8 MoF1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
  JACQUESMary MOWID71F1820Pauper Surrey Haslemere 
  COWDRAYWillie BOAUM20M1871Slaters LabourerWLondon 
29The GreenPUTTICKThomas HM57M1834Sign writerESussex Fernhurst 
  PUTTICKEdna WM42F1849  Sussex Fernhurst 
  PUTTICKThomas SUM21M1870Sign writerWSussex Hove 
  PUTTICKJames S 17M1874DecoratorWSussex Hove 
  PUTTICKKate D 16F1875  Sussex Hove 
  PUTTICKMiriam D 9F1882Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  PUTTICKFrederick S 1M1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
30Chase FarmVENESGoen HWIDR60M1831FarmerESussex Fernhurst 
  VENESCharles G SUM28M1863CarpenterWSussex Fernhurst 
  VENESAmise C NIEUM18F1873Housekeeper Sussex Fernhurst 
  BERRYWilliam BILUM62M1829Labour General Sussex Fernhurst 
31AshurstBRIDGESWilliam HM33M1858Farmer Sussex Fernhurst 
  BRIDGESSelina WM25F1866 WDevon Challacombe 
32The HoleJACQUESGeorge HM40M1851Farm Laborer Sussex Fernhurst 
  JACQUESMary WM43F1848  Hants 
  JACQUESWilliam S 11M1880  Hants 
  JACQUESWalter S 8M1883  Surrey 
  JACQUESGeorge S 6M1885  Surrey 
  JACQUESHarry S 4M1887  Surrey 
  JACQUESMinnie D 1F1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
  ROOKJohn BOAUM19M1872Labourer GeneralWHants 
33The HoleGLAZIERWilliam HM43M1848Farm LaborerWSussex 
  GLAZIERAlice WM23F1868  Sussex Fernhurst 
  GLAZIERRose D 5F1886  Sussex Fernhurst 
  GLAZIERWilliam S 2M1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
  BICKNELLMabel SD 8F1883  Sussex Fernhurst 
34Verdley FarmDUDMANJames HM42M1849Farm BailiffWSussex Fernhurst 
  DUDMANCharlotte WM44F1847Dairy womanWSussex Cocking 
  DUDMANGeorge BOAUM49M1842Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  GRAYSMARKAlfred BOAUM26M1865Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
35Verdley PlaceKUTSir Horace DaveyHM57M1834Barrister L.C.M.PESurrey Camberwell 
  KUTLouisa H DaveyWM52F1839  Surrey Camberwell 
  DAVEYMildred C DUM23F1868  Middlesex Paddington 
  DAVEYBeatrice W DUM22F1869  Middlesex Paddington 
  DAVEYMargaret B DUM22F1869  Middlesex Paddington 
  DAVEYArthur SUM21M1870Engine makerEMiddlesex Paddington 
  RENDALLGerard H VISM40M1851Professor of Greek Middlesex Harrow 
  RENDALLEllen F VISM34F1857  Middlesex Notting Hill 
  FARWELLGeorge VISM45M1846Barrister L.CEStaffordshire Bucklewey 
  FARWELLMary E VISM41F1850  Gloucestershire Cowley 
  PEMBERFrances W VISUM28M1863Barrister Hertfordshire Hatfield 
  PIKEJohn SVTUM27M1864Butler (Domestic Serv)WSomerset Whitestanton 
  NEWMANFrederick A SVTUM19M1872Footman (Domestic Serv)WEssex Hopley 
  JANTENMary SVTUM39F1852Cook (Domestic Serv)WDevon Torquay 
  POWELLCatherine SVTUM30F1861Housemaid (Domestic Serv)WBrecon Crockenhowell 
  LATCHFORDAnnie SVTUM28F1863Housemaid (Domestic Serv)WHerts Laverstoke 
  MILLARMaria SVTUM23F1868Kitchen maid (Domestic Serv)WSurrey Vauxhall 
  SPARKSBertha SVTUM32F1859Lady's Maid (Domestic Serv)WSomerset Frome 
  BEAVESGertrude SVTUM20F1871Housemaid (Domestic Serv)WMiddlesex Chelsea 
  COZIERAlfred SVTUM27M1864Groom (Domestic Serv)WGloucestershire Daggworth? 
  DUKEFrederick SVTUM30M1861Stableman (Domestic Serv)WSurrey London 
36Verdley FarmPERRINRobert HM31M1860Gardener (Domestic Serv)WCheshire Slyrel 
  PERRINSarah W 28F1863  Sussex Fernhurst 
  PERRINRobert S 2M1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
  PERRINFrederick S 1M1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
37Verdley PlaceWILLIAMSWilliam HUM22M1869Gardener (second). Domestic Serv.WBerkshire Hurst 
38Verdley PlacePINKElizabeth HUM35F1856Head Laundry MaidWLondon Paddington 
  NELSONHarriet LODUM21F1870Second Laundry MaidWMiddlesex Stoke Newington 
39Courts FarmMONKEmery HM42M1849FarmerESurrey Charlwood 
  MONKSarah J WM41F1850  Sussex Hangham 
  MONKEmery S 8M1883  Sussex Fernhurst 
  MONKGeorge W S 3M1888  Sussex Fernhurst 
  COOMBESGeorge SVTUM39M1852Agricultural LaborerWSurrey Witley 
  LOWNJohn W SVTUM54M1837Agricultural LaborerWSussex Fittleworth 
40BridgelandsMADGWICKJesse HM59M1832Carter (Horse labourer)WSussex Fittleworth 
  MADGWICKElizabeth WM50F1841  Sussex Billingshurst 
  MADGWICKClement S 15M1876Under Carter (Horse laborer)WSussex Plaistow 
  MADGWICKRosina DUM10F1881  Sussex Fernhurst 
41BridgelandsBURROWSJohn W HM30M1861Electric EngineerWSurrey Haslemere 
  BURROWSEllen M WM27F1864  Sussex Iping 
  BURROWSLily R D 8F1883  Sussex Iping 
  BURROWSWilliam J D S 5M1886  Surrey Haslemere 
  BURROWSSydney F S 1M1890  Surrey Haslemere 
42HurstfoldHERRINGTONWilliam HM44M1847Laborer (Cowman)WSussex Kirdford 
  HERRINGTONEllen WM42F1849  Sussex Kirdford 
  HERRINGTONAlfred SUM19M1872Laborer (general)WSussex Kirdford 
  HERRINGTONEllen DUM17F1874Domestic Serv Sussex Kirdford 
  HERRINGTONCaroline DUM15F1876Domestic Serv Sussex Kirdford 
  HERRINGTONSarah D 12F1879Scholar Sussex Kirdford 
  HERRINGTONMartha D 10F1881Scholar Sussex Kirdford 
  HERRINGTONEmily D 6F1885Scholar Sussex Kirdford 
  HERRINGTONGeorge S 4M1887  Sussex Kirdford 
  HERRINGTONArney D 8 moF1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
43Surney CottagesBOXALLWilliam HM27M1864Agricultural LaborerWSussex Northchapel 
  BOXALLAmelia K WM30F1861  Sussex Northchapel 
  BOXALLFrederick C S 6M1885Scholar Sussex Northchapel 
  BOXALLWilliam S 4M1887  Sussex Northchapel 
  BOXALLFlorence N D 2F1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
46Bexley HillHALLJames HM38M1853Laborer (woodcutter)WSussex Fernhurst 
  HALLMary A WM31F1860  Sussex Petworth 
  HALLRosa A D 11F1880Scholar Sussex Easebourne 
  HALLEdith D 8F1883Scholar Sussex Easebourne 
  HALLFrank S 4M1887  Sussex Easebourne 
  HALLJohn S 1M1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
47Bexley HillDRUMMERArthur HM30M1861Agricultural LaborerWSussex Easebourne 
  DRUMMERMary WM31F1860  Sussex Northambersham 
  DRUMMEREmily D 11F1880Scholar Sussex Easebourne 
  DRUMMERTilly D 8F1883Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  DRUMMERHarriet D 6F1885Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  DRUMMERAlice D 5F1886  Sussex Fernhurst 
  DRUMMERBlanch D 1F1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
48Henley HillMADGWICKJames HM28M1863Copse LaborerWSussex Billingshurst 
  MADGWICKAngelia WM36F1855  Sussex Easebourne 
  ANSTORWilliam SSUM18M1873Copse LaborerWSussex Easebourne 
49Henley HillCOLESJames HUM49M1842Agricultural LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSJoseph LODM31M1860Agricultural LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSAnne LODM27F1864  Sussex Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSAriel LOD 3F1888  Sussex Cocking 
  SMITHERSClara LOD 7 moF1890  Sussex Easebourne 
50Henley HillGALERobert HM62M1829Charcoal burnerWSurrey Abinger 
  GALEMary WM46F1845  Surrey Abinger 
  GALEThomas BROUM42M1849Charcoal burnerWSurrey Ewhurst 
  WESTMark LODUM20M1871Laborer generalWSussex Fernhurst 
  GLAZIERArthur LODUM37M1854Laborer generalWSussex Fernhurst 
51Henley HillVENESDaniel HM37M1854GamekeeperWSussex Fernhurst 
  VENESMary A WM39F1852  Kent Dover 
  VENESCharles S 14M1877Laborer generalWSussex Fernhurst 
  VENESGoen S 12M1879  Sussex Fernhurst 
  VENESKate D 10F1881Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  VENESMary D 6F1885Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  VENESSusan D 4F1887  Sussex Fernhurst 
  VENESFrank S 2M1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
  VENESAdia D 1F1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
52Henley HillPENFOLDWilliam HM58M1833Carman? GeneralWSussex Fernhurst 
  PENFOLDMary WM52F1839  Sussex Fernhurst 
53Henley HillVENESDaniel HM64M1827SawyerWSussex Fernhurst 
  VENESJane WM64F1827  Sussex Fernhurst 
  VENESWilliam SM23M1868SawyerWSussex Fernhurst 
54Henley HillSMITHERSJohn HM40M1851Laborer in WoodsWSussex Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSHarriet WM46F1845  Sussex Easebourne 
  GALEElizabeth LODUM23F1868No occupation K N 
55Henley CommonMOSELEYJames HM66M1825BlacksmithESussex Blackford 
  MOSELEYAnne WM43F1848  Sussex Fernhurst 
  MOSELEYDick S 11M1880Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  MOSELEYAnnie D 8F1883Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
56Henley CommonMORLEYHenry HM58M1833Agricultural LaborerWSussex Lynchmere 
  MORLEYMary WM56F1835  Sussex Fernhurst 
57Henley CommonTHAYERJohn HM46M1845GrocerOASussex Cocking 
  THAYERMary WM49F1842  Gloucestershire Berkley 
  THAYERAmelia E DUM18F1873  Sussex Stedham 
  THAYERWalter J S 15M1876Scholar Sussex Iping 
  THAYERErnest E S 14M1877Scholar Sussex Rogate 
  THAYERSydney S S 11M1880Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  THAYERLillian W D 7F1884Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
58Henley CommonTHAYERWilliam HM38M1853Tile maker & Hoop shaverWSussex Fernhurst 
  THAYERMary A WM29F1862  Sussex Easebourne 
  THAYERHerbert J S 2M1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
  THAYERHilda M D 2 moF1891  Sussex Fernhurst 
59Dawes FarmHANSFORDCharles M HM37M1854FarmerESussex Storrington 
  HANSFORDMary WM39F1852  Surrey Ockley 
  HANSFORDCharlotte D 11F1880Scholar Hants Horndean 
  HANSFORDCharles L S 7M1884Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  HANSFORDFrancis J S 5M1886Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  HANSFORDSarah A D 4F1887  Sussex Fernhurst 
  HANSFORDEthel M D 2F1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
  HANSFORDMorris G S 10 moM1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
  ENTICKNAPGeorge BOAUM20M1871Farm Serv.WSussex Fernhurst 
60DenyersEDWARDSFrank HWIDR50M1841General LaborerWSussex Elsted 
  EDWARDSWilliam SUM19M1872General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  BULBECKWilliam LODUM22M1869General LaborerWSussex Lurgashall 
61Cooksbridge FarmCHILDSJohn HM33M1858Miller & FarmerE,WSussex Fernhurst 
  CHILDSSarah A WM36F1855  Sussex Plaistow 
  CHILDSMabel D 9F1882Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  CHILDSBlanche D 8F1883Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  CHILDSMaud D 7F1884Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  CHILDSAlgernon J S 5M1886Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  CHILDSMiriam D 2F1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
  BOOKERFanny SVTUM24F1867General Serv. (Domestic) Sussex Fernhurst 
  SAUNDERSEllen SVTUM28F1863Nurse (Domestic Serv) Sussex Fernhurst 
  [infant] D Under 1 moF1891  Sussex Fernhurst 
62TheobaldsFORDCharles HM30M1861BricklayerWSussex Fernhurst 
  FORDSarah WM29F1862  Sussex Fernhurst 
  FORDCharles H S 6M1885  Sussex Fernhurst 
  FORDWhyndam S 4M1887  Sussex Fernhurst 
  FORDPercy F S 2M1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
  FORDErnest J S 6 moM1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
63TheobaldsSMITHERSEdwin HM44M1847BootmakerOASurrey Haslemere 
  SMITHERSJane WM45F1846  Sussex Walderton 
  SMITHERSAlice D 12F1879Scholar Sussex Lodsworth 
  SMITHERSRowland S 11M1880Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSAllan S 9M1882Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSDaisy D 5F1886  Sussex Fernhurst 
64TheobaldsWESTRichard HM52M1839Timber cleanerOASussex Fernhurst 
  WESTRuth WM44F1847  Sussex Fernhurst 
65TheobaldsCHASEJohn HWIDR75M1816Retired bricklayer Sussex Fernhurst 
  ROBINSONGeorge VISM43M1848Coach SmithWSussex Heyshott 
  ROBINSONSarah VISM35F1856  Sussex Fernhurst 
66TheobaldsCHASEWilliam HM42M1849BuilderESussex Fernhurst 
  CHASEDorcas WM49F1842  Sussex Fernhurst 
  CHASEElizabeth A D 17F1874  Sussex Fernhurst 
  SLADESamuel BOAUM52M1839Farm LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
67TheobaldsFARMIANRichard HM52M1839General LaborerWSussex Lynchmere 
  FARMIANAnnie WM48F1843  Sussex Fernhurst 
  FARMIANKate D 17F1874  Sussex Fernhurst 
  FARMIANEdward S 15M1876General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  FARMIANEmma D 11F1880  Sussex Fernhurst 
  FARMIANAnnie D 8F1883  Sussex Fernhurst 
  FARMIANWilfred S 4M1887  Sussex Fernhurst 
  FARMIANRichard V S 1M1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
68TheobaldsGALEWilliam HM62M1829PainterOASussex Fernhurst 
  GALEEmma S WM64F1827  Middlesex Poplar 
69Cypress CottagesSTACEYEdward HM43M1848General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  STACEYSarah WM42F1849  Sussex Fernhurst 
  STACEYAlfred E SUM22M1869General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  STACEYSarah A D 20F1871Domestic servant Sussex Fernhurst 
  STACEYAlbert S 12M1879Assistant HerdmanWSussex Fernhurst 
  STACEYFrank S 10M1881Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  STACEYAndrew S 8M1883Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  STACEYHorace P S 7M1884Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  STACEYIsabel R D 5F1886Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  STACEYConstance E D 2F1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
  STACEYPhillip S 5 moM1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
70Cypress CottagesGRAYSMACKAlfred HWIDR60M1831General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  GRAYSMACKKate WUM22F1869Housekeeper Sussex Fernhurst 
  GRAYSMACKWilliam SUM17M1874General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
71Cypress CottagesGALEFrederick D HM25M1866BricklayerESussex Fernhurst 
  GALEEllen WM21F1870  Surrey Haslemere 
72Cypress CottagesBAILEYGeorge HM41M1850Steam sawyerWSussex Hartfield 
  BAILEYSarah WM56F1835  Sussex Fernhurst 
  WESTJohn S SSUM19M1872General LaborerWSussex Easebourne 
73Cypress CottagesWELLENHenry HM63M1828Charcoal burnerWSussex Northchapel 
  WELLENMary WM59F1832  Sussex Fernhurst 
  WELLENReuben SUM27M1864General LaborerWHants Crondall 
  WELLENWalter SUM22M1869Bricklayer's LabourWHants Crondall 
  WELLENAlfred SUM17M1874Bricklayer's LabourWHants Steep 
  WELLENAlbert S 16M1875Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  ENTICKNAPWilliam BOAUM54M1837General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
74Cypress CottagesHELLYERArthur W HM33M1858General MillerWSussex Westbourne 
  HELLYERAnnie WM24F1867  Sussex Fernhurst 
  HELLYERAnnie D 3 moF1891  Sussex Fernhurst 
75Rose CottageEDWARDSAlfred HM31M1860BlacksmithESurrey Longham 
  EDWARDSRosa WM34F1857  Hants Bentley 
  EDWARDSArthur N S 4M1887  Sussex Fernhurst 
  ANKERHenry LODUM53M1838General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
76The CrossHILLJames HWIDR45M1846BuilderESussex Fernhurst 
  HILLJane SISUM49F1842  Sussex Fernhurst 
  HILLAnnie E DUM20F1871  Sussex Fernhurst 
77The BottomLUFFMary HWID68F1823Living on own means Sussex Fernhurst 
  MORLEYHannah NIEUM53F1838Pauper Sussex Fernhurst 
78Box CottageWESTThomas HM90M1801No occupation Sussex Fernhurst 
  WESTMary WM86F1805LaundressEHants Froxfield 
  KNIGHTJane NIEUM40F1851LaundressWHants Liss 
79The BottomWESTWilliam HM57M1834Agricultural LaborerWSussex Lodsworth 
  WESTAnn WM48F1843  Sussex Lodsworth 
  WESTMercy DUM19F1872  Sussex Fernhurst 
  WESTAlbert SUM16M1875Agricultural LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  LEGATTJames LODWIDR66M1825Agricultural LaborerWSussex Easebourne 
80The BottomPINKThomas HM56M1835Agricultural LaborerWHants Hambledon 
  PINKCharlotte WM60F1831  Hants Froxfield 
81The BottomVARNSCharles HM23M1868Smith & FarrierWSussex Fernhurst 
  VARNSSarah J WM23F1868  Sussex Lurgashall 
  BOXALLErnest SS 5M1886  Sussex Lurgashall 
  VARNSFrederick BROUM26M1865General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
82OakhurstMORLEYLevi HM46M1845BricklayerWSussex Fernhurst 
  MORLEYMary WM47F1844  Sussex Northchapel 
  MORLEYJesse SUM22M1869Bricklayer Sussex Fernhurst 
  MORLEYAlice DUM19F1872  Sussex Fernhurst 
  MORLEYThomas S 14M1877Bricklayer's Apprentice Sussex Fernhurst 
  REWELLCharles B LODM34M1857MasonWDevon Appledore 
83OakhurstBERRYFrederick HM22M1869Bricklayer's LabourWSussex Fernhurst 
  BERRYSarah WM26F1865  Hants Froxfield 
  LEGGATTDaisy BOA 7F1884  Sussex Fernhurst 
84OakhurstJAMESWilliam HWIDR74M1817FarmerOASussex Fernhurst 
  JAMESMary J NIEUM28F1863  Sussex Lurgashall 
  CURTISEmma VISUM28F1863  Sussex Fernhurst 
85BaldwinsLICKNERLucy HWID69F1822Living on own means Sussex Lynchmere 
  LICKNERHenry GSUM27M1864GroomWSussex Fernhurst 
  LICKNERFrederick GS 15M1876    
  EDWARDSJames LODUM61M1830Wood ClearerWSurrey Hambledon 
  KNIGHTCharles LODUM35M1856MasonWSussex Redford 
86BaldwinsGUMMERGeorge E. HM24M1867Agricultural LaborerWSurrey Worplesdon 
  GUMMERAgnes J. WM29F1862  Sussex East Grinstead 
87TanyardDUDMANDaniel HWIDR69M1822Laboring GardenerWSussex Fernhurst 
  RICKMANWilliam SOILM42M1849Builder's LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  RICKMANCharlotte GDM39F1852  Sussex Fernhurst 
  RICKMANFlorence GD 13F1878  Sussex Fernhurst 
  RICKMANLaura GD 12F1879  Sussex Fernhurst 
  RICKMANAda GD 11F1880  Sussex Fernhurst 
  RICKMANDora GD 10F1881  Sussex Fernhurst 
  RICKMANSarah GD 9F1882  Sussex Fernhurst 
  RICKMANFrank GS 8F1883  Sussex Fernhurst 
  RICKMANCamilia GD 3F1888  Sussex Fernhurst 
88TanyardCOMBESNoah HM52M1839Agricultural LaborerWSussex Lurgashall 
  COMBESCaroline WM50F1841  Sussex Lurgashall 
  COMBESSacton SUM20M1871Agricultural Laborer Sussex Northambersham 
  COMBESHarryS 9M1882  Sussex Fernhurst 
  COMBESCarry D 8F1883  Sussex Fernhurst 
  COMBESEllen D 7F1884  Sussex Fernhurst 
  HUMPHREYWilliam LOD 17M1874Agricultural LaborerWSussex Lurgashall 
89TanyardVENESCharles HM65M1826Gardener (domestic)WSussex Fernhurst 
  VENESMartha WM69F1822  Sussex Fernhurst 
90CopyholdHAMMONDThomas HM52M1839Farm BailiffWSurrey Chiddingfold 
  HAMMONDEmma WM49F1842  Sussex Fernhurst 
  HAMMONDJohn SUM27M1864CarpenterOASussex Lurgashall 
  HAMMONDPercy S 16M1875CarpenterOASussex Fernhurst 
  ?TURNERGilbert BOA 9M1882  Essex 
  WINGATEEdward BOA 8M1883  Surrey 
91ShalfordRAFFATTJames HM63M1828Retired Carter Surrey Haslemere 
  RAFFATTHannah WM59F1832  Sussex Fernhurst 
  STANDINGWilliam GS 12M1879  Middlesex Notting Hill 
92ShalfordTICKNERJuna HM42M1849Agricultural LaborerWHants North Ambersham 
  TICKNERJane WM40F1851  Hants Bramshott 
  TICKNERLucy D 10F1881  Sussex Fernhurst 
  TICKNERHenry S 9M1882  Sussex Fernhurst 
  TICKNERLydia M D 2F1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
93TurnpikeSMITHERSEphraim HM43M1848BootmakerWSurrey Haslemere 
  SMITHERSHarriet WM53F1838  Sussex Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSEphraim A SUM18M1873Walkingstick makerWSussex Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSRuth D 16F1875No occupation Sussex Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSAnnie D 15F1876Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSJohn S 13M1878Under GardenerWSussex Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSGeorge S 10M1881Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSWilliam S 8M1883Scholar Sussex Fernhurst 
  PATTERSONFrank BOA 7M1884Scholar K N 
94TurnpikeMILTONEdward HWIDR66M1825General LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
95TurnpikeSMITHERSEllen HWID57F1834DressmakerOASussex Fernhurst 
96TurnpikeJUDGEGeorge J HM34M1857Butler (Domestic Servant) London St George's 
  JUDGELucy WM32F1859  Jersey St Hilliers 
  JUDGEEleanor L D 4F1887  London Battersea 
  JUDGEAubrey M D 2F1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
  JUDGEAlice B D 2F1889  Sussex Fernhurst 
  JUDGEConrad C S 1M1890  Sussex Fernhurst 
  BRIDGERCharlotte SVT 15F1876General Servant (domestic) Surrey Haslemere 
97TurnpikeEARLWATER?William HUM71M1820Rural postmanWHants Kilverstone 
  HILLWilliam HM31M1860Agricultural LaborerWSussex Northchapel 
98Hatch FarmHILLKate J WM30F1861  Sussex Kirdford 
  HILLDora F D 9F1882  Sussex Northchapel 
  HILLMary D 7F1884  Sussex Northchapel 
  HILLWilliam S 5M1886  Sussex Northchapel 
  HILLEmma D 3F1888  Sussex Northchapel 
99Friday's HillCOSTELLOEBenjamin F CHM36M1855Barrister at lawESidam?, Waterford, East Passage 
  COSTELLOEMary W WM27F1864  USA Philadelphia 
  COSTELLOERachel P D 3F1888  London 
  COSTELLOEKarin D 2F1889  London 
  BURTJane SVTM55F1836Cook (domestic serv) Sussex Fernhurst 
  AYLEYWinifred SVTUM24F1867Rural domestic serv London 
  BURTRosa C SVTUM15F1876General domestic serv Sussex Lynchmere 
100Sopers CottageSTACEYJames HM61M1830Agricultural LaborerWHants Headley 
  STACEYSarah WM59F1832  Sussex Fernhurst 
  LUFFEllen DWID36F1855  Sussex Fernhurst 
  STACEYWilliam SUM24M1867Agricultural LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  STACEYEdward SUM22M1869Builder's LaborerWSussex Fernhurst 
  LUFFEleanor GD 8F1883  Sussex Lurgashall 
  LUFFKate GD 5F1886  Sussex Lurgashall 
  LUFFAlbert E. GS 2M1889  Sussex Lurgashall 



Fernhurst History