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The Fernhurst Society

Fernhurst 1881 census transcription (2)

Please note that this data is presented as work in progress.

Fernhurst enumeration district 2:
"Part of the civil parish of Fernhurst. Comprising all that part lying to the East of the Turnpike Road leading from Midhurst to Haslemere including Bexley Hill, Hurstfold, Bridgeland, Courts Denyers Old Henly Hill Brickyard & Cottages Fernhurst Green, & Cottages at Kingsley Marsh."

Data transcribed from Public Record Office sheets RG11-1132-02-01 to RG11-1132-02-21 by Richard Ranft

Original data Crown Copyright
All information on this page copyright of The Fernhurst Society

1. Relation to Head: A Aunt, BIL Brother-in-Law, BOArder, BROther, COUsin, Daughter, DIL Daughter-in-Law, EMPloyer, FATher, FIL Father-in-Law, GD Granddaughter, GM Grandmother, GS Grandson, Head, LODger, MI Mother-in-Law, MOTher, NEPhew, NIEce, NURsing, SD Stepdaughter, SS Stepson, Son, SIL Sister-in-Law, SISter, SOIL Son-in-Law , SVT Servant, VISitor, Wife.
2. Condition: M Married, UM unmarried (single), WID Widow, WIDR Widower
3. Gender: M Male, F Female
4. Year of birth: is estimated from age given in census
5. Where Born: Sx = Sussex, Sy= Surrey, Fhst= F'hst

No. of Schedule Road, Street, &c. and No. or Name of House Houses Uninhabited (U.) or Building (B.) SURNAME Forename(s) Relation to head of family Condition as to Marriage Age last birthday Gender Year of birth Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born If (1) Deaf and Dumb, (2) Blind, (3) Imbecile or Idiot (4) Lunatic
1Fernhurst Cross HILLSElizabeth HWID72F1809GrocerSx F'hst 
   HILLSJane DUM37F1844 Sx F'hst 
   HILLSJames SWIDR35M1846Builder employing 4Sx F'hst 
   HILLSAnnie Elizabeth GD 10F1871ScholarSx F'hst 
2  LUFFWilliam HWIDR32M1849SawyerSx F'hst 
3Tiple's House CHASEWilliam HM32M1849BricklayerSx F'hst 
   CHASEDorcas WM39F1842 Sx F'hst 
   CHASEElizabeth Anne D 7F1874 Sx F'hst 
   CHASESamuel LODUM43M1838Labourer AgSx F'hst 
4Tiple's Cottage BRIDGEREli HM39M1842Labourer AgHants Bramshott 
   BRIDGERFrancis WM32F1849 Hants Headley 
   BRIDGERWilliam S 9M1872 Hants Headley 
   BRIDGERGeorge Edward S 7M1874 Hants Headley 
   BRIDGERHenry James S 5M1876 Hants Bramshott 
   BRIDGERMinnie D 3F1878 Sx Anction 
   BRIDGERJim S 10 moM1880 Sx Chitest 
5Cook Bridge Hill House CHILDSJohn HM34M1847Farrier & MillerSx Plaistow 
   CHILDSSarah Ann WM27F1854 Sx F'hst 
   COOPERJames SVTUM20M1861Labourer AgSx Plaistow 
   BOXALLSarah Jane SVTUM13F1868Domestic ServantSx Lurgashall 
6Dawes farm House ANSFORDF HM59M1822Farmer of 60 acres employing 2 labourersWest Marden Sx 
   ANSFORDMary WM68F1813 Liphook Hants 
   ANSFORDF G SM32M1849BricklayerFlintshire Nanarch Wales 
   ANSFORDMary WM26F1855 Flitching Sx 
   ANSFORDLouise D 2F1879 Bolney Sx 
   ANSFORDJohn S 7M1874 Bolney Sx 
   ANSFORDRobert S 1M1880 Sx F'hst 
   ANSFORDEllen D 3 moF1881 Sx F'hst 
   LORDThomas SVTUM27M1854CarterFroxfield Hants 
7Brickyard House THAYERWilliam HM28M1853Hoop ShaverSx F'hst 
 Henly Common THAYERRosa WM27F1854 Sx F'hst 
   THAYERThomas NEP 14M1867Hoop ShaverSx Woolbeding 
8Brickyard House THAYERJohn HM35M1846Brickmolder & GrocerSx F'hst 
 Henly Common THAYERMary WM39F1842 Gloucestershire Berkley 
   THAYERAmelia Elizabeth D 8F1873ScholarSx Stedham 
   THAYERWalter Thomas S 5M1876ScholarSx Iping 
   THAYERErnest Ernest S 4M1877ScholarSx Rogate 
   THAYERSydney Samuel S 1M1880 Sx F'hst 
   THAYERElizabeth NIE 15F1866Domestic ServantSx F'hst 
9Henly Common MOSLEYJames HM56M1825BlacksmithSx Stedham 
   MOSLEYAnn WM32F1849 Sx F'hst 
   MOSLEYFlora D 8F1873 Sx F'hst 
   MOSLEYJim S 4M1877 Sx F'hst 
   MOSLEYDick S 1M1880 Sx F'hst 
   ELCOMEEdward NEP 23M1858Apprentice SmithSx Brighton 
10Henly Common GLAZIERElijah HM74M1807Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   GLAZIERRebecha WM71F1810 North Ambersham 
   GLAZIERArthur SUM21M1860Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
11Henly Hill SMITHERSJohn HM37M1844Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   SMITHERSHarriett WM35F1846 Sx Easebourne 
   SMITHERSAnn D 7F1874ScholarSx F'hst 
   GASSONHarry LODUM24M1857Sawyer and HewerSx Nuthurst 
12Henly Hill ANKEREdward HM68M1813Parish Labourer RoadHants Bramshott 
   ANKERRose WM71F1810 Sx F'hst 
13Henly Hill VENESDavid HM53M1828SawyerSx Easebourne 
   VENESJane WM53F1828 Sx F'hst 
   VENESWilliam S 13M1868ScholarSx F'hst 
   VENESCharles GS 6M1875ScholarSx F'hst 
14Henly Hill PENFOLDWilliam HM48M1833Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   PENFOLDMary WM41F1840 Sx F'hst 
15Henly Hill VENESDaniel HM28M1853SawyerSx F'hst 
   VENESMary Ann WM31F1850 Kent Dover 
   VENESAlice D 7F1874ScholarSx F'hst 
   VENESGoene John S 2M1879 Sx F'hst 
   VENESKate Annie D 11moF1880 Sx F'hst 
16Henly Hill KITCHELLTimothy HWIDR53M1828Ag LabourerSx Lurgashall 
   KITCHELLArthur SUM21M1860Ag LabourerNorth Ambersham 
   KITCHELLWilliam SUM16M1865Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   KITCHELLAnnah DUM13F1868 Sx South Ambersham 
17Henley Hill BACONPeter HM24M1857Labourer AgLondon (parish unknown) 
   BACONAlice WM17F1864 Sx Midhurst 
18Yew Tree House (Henley Hill) COLEJames HM66M1815Labourer AgSx Easebourne 
   COLEMary Ann WM63F1818 Sx Easebourne 
   COLEJames SUM33M1848CowmanSx F'hst 
   COLEMary Ann DUM22F1859 Sx F'hst 
   RALPHElizabeth BOAUM66F1815 Sx Easebourne 
   ASHBYFrank LODUM17M1864Labourer AgSx Uckfield 
   HILLSJohn LODUM20M1861Labourer AgSx Roffey 
19Yew Tree House (Henley Hill) GLAZIEREphraim HM38M1843Labourer AgSx F'hst 
   GLAZIEREliza WM37F1844 Sx Easebourne 
   GLAZIERGeorge SUM17M1864Labourer AgSx Easebourne 
   GLAZIERJohn SUM13M1868Labourer AgSx Easebourne 
   GLAZIERLydia D 11F1870ScholarSx Easebourne 
   GLAZIERMary Ann D 3F1878 Sx Easebourne 
20Bexley Hill BOXALLHenry HM48M1833Labourer AgSx F'hst 
   BOXALLEmma WM58F1823 Sx Midhurst 
   BOXALLRobert SUM21M1860Labourer AgSx Lodsworth 
   BOXALLHenry SUM19M1862Labourer AgSx Lodsworth 
   BOXALLWilliam SUM17M1864Labourer AgSx Lodsworth 
21Bexley Hill DUDMANJames HM26M1855Coppice LabourerF'hst Sx 
   DUDMANFanny WM27F1854 F'hst Sx 
   DUDMANAlice D 5F1876 F'hst Sx 
   DUDMANMadeleine D 4F1877 F'hst Sx 
   DUDMANThomas S 2M1879 F'hst Sx 
   DUDMANMercy D 1F1880 F'hst Sx 
22Bexley Hill GILBERTWilliam HM57M1824Grocer & Licensed VictuallerF'hst Sx 
   GILBERTEmma WM47F1834 Halnaker Sx 
   GILBERTFrank S 10M1871 F'hst Sx 
   GILBERTWilliam S 9M1872 F'hst Sx 
   GILBERTAlice D 7F1874 F'hst Sx 
23Denyers House LAMBERTJohn HM30M1851Labourer AgF'hst Sx 
   LAMBERTSarah Mary WM29F1852 Brixton Sy 
   LAMBERTAnnie D 1F1880 F'hst Sx 
24Courts Farm MONKWilliam HM27M1854Farming 88 acres of landCharlwood Sy 
   MONKCharlotte WM28F1853 Westfield Sx 
   MONKEdith Rebecca D 4F1877 Leigh Sy 
   MONKGeorge S 3M1878 Charlwood Sy 
   MONKNellie D 1F1880 F'hst Sx 
   MONKJack S 4 moM1881 F'hst Sx 
   MONKHenry BROM33M1848FarmingCharlwood Sy 
   MONKJane WM31F1850 Handcross Sx 
25Bridgeland House LUFFEdward HM28M1853Farmer of 190 acres of land, employing 3 men and 2 boysSx F'hst 
   LUFFElizabeth WM21F1860 Sx Kirdford 
   LUFFLilian D 2F1879 Sx F'hst 
   LUFFHorace Edward S 1M1880 Sx F'hst 
   REMNENTMary SVTUM15F1866Domestic ServantSy Frensham 
26Hurstfold House COURTENAGEWilliam HM60M1821Farm Labourer AgSx F'hst 
   COURTENAGESarah WM59F1822 Sy Haselemere 
   COURTENAGEJames SUM35M1846Farm Labourer AgSx F'hst 
   COURTENAGEEdward SUM16M1865Farm Labourer AgSx F'hst 
   COURTENAGEThomas SUM13M1868Farm Labourer AgSx F'hst 
27Oebourne House WILLNUTEdward HM32M1849Head GardenerDevon Ilfracombe 
   WILLNUTFrances WM37F1844 Berks Swallowfield 
   WILLNUTFrances Cotterell D 3F1878 Glostershire Berkley 
   WILLNUTEvelyn Mary D 2F1879 Sy Wansworth 
   WILLNUTSarah Elizabeth D 3 moF1881 Sx F'hst 
   EADEElizabeth SVTUM15F1866General servantSy Farnham 
28Oebourne House PAGEFrederick Henry SVTUM20M1861Under gardenerBerkshire Welford 
   REATONGeorge SVTUM20M1861Under gardenerBerkshire Shrivenham 
29Oebourne Laundry COLBETAnnie Annette SVTUM27F1854Head Laundry MaidItaly Sicily British subject 
   WAKEHAMHannah SVTUM21F1860Second Laundry MaidDevon Staverton 
   SMITHERSAlice Jane SVTUM19F1862Third Laundry MaidSx F'hst 
30Oebourne Mansion HUNTCaroline SVTUM53F1828HousemaidWorcestershire Worcester 
   ELLACOTTLily SVTUM21F1860HousemaidDevonshire Bow 
   HOLDERSarah Anne SVTUM19F1862HousemaidSx F'hst 
31Oebourne Farm House FREEMANFrederick HM34M1847CowmanBedfordshire ?Bovery 
   FREEMANMartha WM40F1841 Surrrey Chobham 
   SHORTERLaura Edith NIEUM14F1867 Surrrey Chobham 
   CHANDLERJesie LODUM20M1861CarterSx Lickfold 
32Fernhurst village BICKNELLThomas HWIDR47M1834Wood cutterSx Linchmere 
   BICKNELLLouis DUM17F1864 Sx F'hst 
   BICKNELLEvea DUM10F1871 Sx F'hst 
33Fernhurst village VARNSRubin HM45M1836Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   VARNSAmmah WM39F1842 Sx Lodsworth 
   VARNSLeonard SUM17M1864Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   VARNSF A SUM16M1865Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   VARNSCharles SUM12M1869Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   VARNSJohn SUM12M1869ScholarSx F'hst 
   VARNSCornelius SUM9M1872ScholarSx F'hst 
   VARNSMartha DUM8F1873ScholarSx F'hst 
   VARNSAlice Emmah DUM5F1876ScholarSx F'hst 
   VARNSIsabell DUM3F1878 Sx F'hst 
   VARNSHenry SUM2M1879 Sx F'hst 
   VARNSAlfred SUM2 moM1881 Sx F'hst 
34Fernhurst village LAMBERTJohn HM56M1825Farm labourerSx F'hst 
   LAMBERTJane WM55F1826 Sx F'hst 
   LAMBERTReubens SUM27M1854CarterSx F'hst 
   LAMBERTGeorge SUM17M1864Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   LAMBERTErnest GSUM7M1874ScholarSx F'hst 
35Fernhurst village GALEJane HWID79F1802CharwomanSx F'hst 
   GALEHannah DUM36F1845CharwomanSx F'hst 
   GALEWilliam GSUM18M1863Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   NAME][no GSUM13M1868Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
36Oakhurst FarmH[ouse] CURTISAlfred HM62M1819Farmer of 58 acresSx F'hst 
   CURTISJane WM57F1824 Sx F'hst 
   CURTISGeorge SUM24M1857Farmers sonSx F'hst 
   CURTISOlive DUM22F1859 Sx F'hst 
   CHANDLERJames GSUM12M1869ScholarSy Milford 
37Fernhurst MORLEYLevi HM37M1844BricklayerSx F'hst 
   MORLEYMary WM38F1843 Sx Northchapel 
   MORLEYJames SUM16M1865Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   MORLEYJohn SUM14M1867Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   MORLEYJesse SUM12M1869ScholarSx F'hst 
   MORLEYAlice DUM10F1871ScholarSx F'hst 
   MORLEYMary DUM7F1874ScholarSx F'hst 
   MORLEYThomas SUM5M1876ScholarSx F'hst 
38Fernhurst JAMESWilliam HM64M1817FarmerSx Stedham 
   JAMESJane WM64F1817 Sx F'hst 
   JAMESSarah DUM23F1858 Northambersham 
   JAMESFredrick NEPUM29M1852Farmers sonSx Lurgashall 
39Baldens Farm House HARDINGJohn HM43M1838Ag LabourerSy Frensham 
   HARDINGMartha WM39F1842 Hampshire Grantham 
   HARDINGJohn S 13M1868Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   HARDINGWilliam S 11M1870ScholarSx F'hst 
   HARDINGGeorge S 8M1873ScholarSx F'hst 
   HARDINGEmily D 6F1875ScholarSx F'hst 
   HARDINGFlorence D 4F1877ScholarSx F'hst 
   HARDINGJames S 1M1880 Sx F'hst 
   HARDINGHenry S 2 moM1881 Sx F'hst 
40Baldens Farm House COMBESEli HM31M1850Ag LabourerSx Lurgashall 
   COMBESMary WM28F1853 North Ambersham 
   COMBESElizabeth D 7F1874ScholarSx F'hst 
   COMBESMary D 2F1879 Sx F'hst 
41Jackets Cottage BURSEJohn HM42M1839Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   BURSEMary Ann WM44F1837 Sx Iping 
   BURSEJoseph SUM17M1864 Sx F'hstImbecile from birth
   BURSEJohn S 12M1869Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   BURSEFanny D 9F1872ScholarSx Easebourne 
   BURSEWilliam S 8M1873ScholarSx F'hst 
42Fernhurst Village WESTGeorge HM43M1838Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   WESTMary Ann WM39F1842   
   WESTEadith Ann D 13F1868 Sx F'hst 
   WESTMark George S 12M1869Scholar  
   WESTAlfred William S 10M1871ScholarSx F'hst 
   WESTWalter S 7M1874ScholarSx F'hst 
   WESTThomas S 4M1877ScholarSx F'hst 
   WESTPercy S 2M1879 Sx F'hst 
   WESTBenjamin S 5 moM1880 Sx F'hst 
43Fernhurst Village LEGGATTJames HWIDR56M1825Ag LabourerSy Godalming 
   LEGGATTAnnie DUM18F1863 Sx F'hst 
   LEGGATTJohn S 14M1867Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   LEGGATTFlorence D 12F1869 Sx F'hst 
   LEGGATTMary D 10F1871 Sx F'hst 
   LEGGATTKate D 8F1873 Sx F'hst 
44Fernhurst Village CURTISWilliam HM80M1801Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   CURTISKate WM75F1806 Sx F'hst 
45Fernhurst Village WESTThomas HM79M1802Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   WESTMary WM58F1823 Hants Petersfield 
46Fernhurst Village LUFFEdward HM58M1823WoodmanSx F'hst 
   LUFFMary WM58F1823 Sx F'hst 
   MORLEYHannah LODUM45F1836 Sx F'hst 
   RUSSELLFrederick LODUM23M1858CarpenterHampshire Finchdean 
47Chases Farm TAYLORRobert HM31M1850Game keeperDorset Gillingham 
   TAYLORMagre? WM24F1857 Wiltshire West Grinstead 
   TAYLORGeorge S 4M1877ScholarWiltshire West Grinstead 
   TAYLORAnnie D 3F1878ScholarWiltshire West Grinstead 
   TAYLORAlbert S 1 moM1881 Sx F'hst 
48Fernhurst village RALPHHarriet HWID57F1824 Sx Tillington 
   RALPHJames SUM28M1853Ag LabourerSy Frensham 
   RALPHGeorge SUM25M1856Ag LabourerSy Frensham 
   RALPHArthur S 14M1867Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
49Fernhurst village GALEJames HM50M1831GardenerSx F'hst 
   GALEJane WM45F1836 Sx Midhurst 
   GALEMercy D 14F1867Nursery maidSx F'hst 
   GALERose D 11F1870ScholarSx F'hst 
   GALEJohn S 4M1877ScholarSx F'hst 
   GALEHerbert S 6M1875ScholarSx F'hst 
   GALEPhillips S 3 moM1881 Sx F'hst 
50Fernhurst village FRANCESJames HM40M1841General LabourerSx Didling 
   FRANCESHarriet WM49F1832 Sx F'hst 
   FRANCESAlfred SUM16M1865Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   FRANCESEdward S 13M1868Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
51Fernhurst village MILLSGeorge HM45M1836ThatcherSx F'hst 
   MILLSEmily WM43F1838 Sx F'hst 
   MILLSGeorge S 17M1864ThatcherSx F'hst 
   MILLSAlice D 14F1867DressmakerSx F'hst 
   JENNERGeorge LODUM23M1858Bricklayer's labourerSx F'hst 
52Fernhurst Village ETHERINGTONElizabeth HWID67F1814 F'hst Sx 
   ETHERINGTONSarah DUM24F1857Housemaid Dom servantF'hst Sx 
   HILLSCharles Edward GSUM12M1869ScholarF'hst Sx 
   DOWNLewis Walter VISUM22M1859BricklayerCuckfold Sx 
   PULLENGeorge Henry BOAUM25M1856BlacksmithLurgashall Sx 
   BOX-??Charles VISUM34M1847WoodmanChiddingfold Sx 
53Fernhurst Village BERRYGeorge HM39M1842Ag LabourerRedford W Sx in Parish Woolbeding 
   BERRYEllen WM24F1857 Cork Ireland 
   BERRYAlice D 14F1867Nurse MaidF'hst Sx 
   BERRYFrederick S 12M1869Hoop makerF'hst Sx 
   BERRYEliza D 11F1870ScholarF'hst Sx 
   BERRYCephas S 9M1872ScholarF'hst Sx 
54Fernhurst Village VENESGoen HM50M1831Underwood dealerEasebourne Sx 
   VENESMary WM47F1834 F'hst Sx 
   VENESAlexander Goen SUM20M1861CarpenterF'hst Sx 
   VENESAnnie Elizabeth NIE 7F1874ScholarF'hst Sx 
   BERRYWilliam BILUM52M1829 F'hst Sx 
55Fernhurst Village BERRYLouisa HWID77F1804 F'hst Sx 
   VENESCharles Edward GSUM18M1863CarpenterF'hst Sx 
56Fernhurst Village LEGGEbernezer Henry HM39M1842Underwood dealerSingleton Sx 
   LEGGAnn Henry WM61F1820 F'hst Sx 
   PENFOLDCharlotte NIEUM17F1864DressmakerF'hst Sx 
57Fernhurst Village BERRYDavis HM69M1812Ag LabourerLinchmere Sx 
   BERRYMary WM67F1814 Haslemere Sy 
   LEEWilliam LODUM40M1841Ag LabourerNorth Ambersham 
   SAUNDERSJames LODWIDR66M1815BricklayerSx Lurgashall 
58Fernhurst Village MORLEYEdward HM23M1858Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   MORLEYAnnie WM26F1855 Hants Froxfield 
59Fernhurst Cross SMITHGeorge HM57M1824WheelwrightSx Easebourne 
   SMITHSarah WM62F1819 Sx F'hst 
   SMITHMary Ann DUM31F1850 Sx F'hst 
   SMITHWilliam Luke SUM19M1862WheelwrightSx F'hst 
60Fernhurst Cross MARRINERBenjamin HM39M1842Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   MARRINERMatilda WM37F1844 Sy Chiddingfold 
   MARRINERPercy S 11M1870ScholarSx F'hst 
   MARRINERBenjamin S 9M1872ScholarSx F'hst 
   MARRINERGeorge S 5M1876ScholarSx F'hst 
   MARRINERFrederick S 3M1878 Sx F'hst 
   MARRINERMabell D 1F1880 Sx F'hst 
61Post office Fernhurst Cross SMITHGeorge Andrew HM27M1854Wheelwright & postmasterSx F'hst 
   SMITHMary Elizabeth WM39F1842 Berks Stamford Dingly 
   THOMAS SMITHGeorge Walter S 3M1878 Sx F'hst 
   SMITHMarion Constance D 2F1879 Sx F'hst 
 Fernhurst Upper CrossU          
62Sopers Farm House HUNTINGFORDHenry HWIDR74M1807FarmerChiddingfold Sy 
   HUPFOLDJane Housekeeper 40F1841HousekeeperLurgashall Sx 
   BARNSHarry BOA 6M1875ScholarGuildford Sy 
   PETSGeorge GS 5M1876ScholarGuildford Sy 
   CANESEliza SVT 12F1869Domestic servantWarlbourn Middlesex 
   BRAZFlorence Ada BOA 1F1880 Croydon Sy 
63Copyhold House HAMMONDThomas HM43M1838GamekeeperChiddingfold Sy 
   HAMMONDEmma WM39F1842 F'hst Sx 
   HAMMONDJohn SUM19M1862CarpenterLurgashall Sx 
   HAMMONDWilliam S 17M1864HoopshaverLurgashall Sx 
   HAMMONDMary Florence D 14F1867 F'hst Sx 
   HAMMONDPercy Alfred S 6M1875 F'hst Sx 
64Copyhold House GALEWilliam HM51M1830PainterF'hst Sx 
   GALEEliza WM45F1836 F'hst Sx 
   GALEJohn SUM19M1862PainterF'hst Sx 
   COOPERAlice VISUM18F1863 Elstead Sy 
65Homewood House BURFIELDGeorge Thomas HM32M1849ButlerKent Bexley Heath 
   BURFIELDCatherine WM23F1858 Essex Hatfield Broad Oak 
   BURFIELDHerbert George S 3 moM1881 F'hst Sx 
66Turnpike Gate SMITHERSWilliam HM55M1826Ag LabourerF'hst Sx 
   SMITHERSEllen WM47F1834 F'hst Sx 
67Turnpike Gate MILTONEdward HWIDR56M1825Ag LabourerF'hst Sx 
   MILTONEdward George SUM18M1863Ag LabourerFrimley Sy 
68Hatch Cottage (Turnpike Gate) SPIRESElijah HM53M1828Farm labourerF'hst Sx 
   SPIRESAnn WM51F1830 Iping Sx 
69Hatch Cottage (Turnpike Gate) SMITHERSEphraim HM33M1848Boot makerHaslemere Sy 
   SMITHERSHarriet WM43F1838 F'hst Sx 
   SMITHERSElizabeth D 11F1870 F'hst Sx 
   SMITHERSEmily D 10F1871 F'hst Sx 
   SMITHERSEphraim S 8M1873 F'hst Sx 
   SMITHERSRuth D 6F1875 F'hst Sx 
   SMITHERSAnnie D 5F1876 F'hst Sx 
   SMITHERSJohn S 3M1878 F'hst Sx 
   SMITHERSGeorge S 1M1880 F'hst Sx 
70Turnpike Gate House EARWRECKERWilliam HUM61M1820Post MessengerHants Kilinistone 
71Hatch Farm House RAGGETTJames HM52M1829CarterHaslemere Sy 
   RAGGETTHannnah WM49F1832 F'hst Sx 
   RAGGETTThomas SUM17M1864GardenerF'hst Sx 
   RAGGETTElizabeth D 12F1869ScholarF'hst Sx 
   RAGGETTHarriet D 9F1872ScholarF'hst Sx 
72Fridays Hill House PUTTICKThomas HM41M1840Farmer of 60 acres empl 2 labourersSx F'hst 
   PUTTICKEdna WM34F1847 Sx F'hst 
   PUTTICKThomas S 11M1870ScholarSx Hove 
   PUTTICKCharlotte Edna D 10F1871ScholarSx Hove 
   PUTTICKElizabeth D 8F1873ScholarSx Hove 
   PUTTICKJames William S 7M1874ScholarSx Hove 
   PUTTICKEdith Kate D 6F1875ScholarSx Hove 
   MORLEYJames VISM67M1814 Sx F'hstImbecile
   MORLEYCharlotte VISM63F1818 Sx F'hst 
73Hogs Hill House SLADEBenjamin HM56M1825BuilderSx F'hst 
   SLADEHarriet Field WM45F1836 Sx F'hst 
   SLADESarah D 10F1871ScholarSx Chichester 
   SLADEMary D 8F1873ScholarSx F'hst 
   SLADEJohn S 7M1874ScholarSx F'hst 
   SLADEWilliam BRO 65M1816LabourerSx F'hst 
74Hogs Hill House GRAYSMARKAlfred HWIDR50M1831MillerSx F'hst 
   GRAYSMARKAlfred SUM16M1865Plough BoySx F'hst 
   GRAYSMARKKate D 12F1869 Sx F'hst 
   GRAYSMARKWilliam S 7M1874ScholarSx F'hst 
75Tanyard House DUDMANDaniel HWIDR58M1823Game KeeperSx F'hst 
   BICKNELLWilliam SOILM31M1850Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   BICKNELLCharlotte WM29F1852 Sx Lurgashall 
   BICKNELLFlorence Kate D 3F1878 Sx F'hst 
   BICKNELLLaura Jane D 2F1879 Sx F'hst 
   BICKNELLAda Ellen D 1F1880 Sx F'hst 
   BICKNELLDora D 3 moF1881 Sx F'hst 
76Tanyard House HUMPHRYStephen HM39M1842Ag LabourerSx Lurgashall 
   HUMPHRYMary WM32F1849 Sx Lurgashall 
   HUMPHRYMary Ann D 11F1870ScholarSx F'hst 
   HUMPHRYAlice D 8F1873ScholarSy Witley 
   HUMPHRYWilliam S 7M1874ScholarSy Thursley 
   HUMPHRYEdith D 4F1877ScholarSy Witley 
   HUMPHRYStephen S 3M1878 Sx F'hst 
   HUMPHRYClara D 1F1880 Sx F'hst 
77Tanyard House COOMBESNoah HM42M1839Ag LabourerSx Lurgashall 
   COOMBESCaroline WM39F1842 Sx Lurgashall 
   COOMBESFrederick S 13M1868Ag LabourerNorth Ambersham 
   COOMBESLoeton S 11M1870ScholarNorth Ambersham 
   COOMBESFanny D 7F1874ScholarNorth Ambersham 
 Tanyard FernhurstU          
78Village Green Fernhurst WESTRichard HM47M1834Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   WESTCaroline WM38F1843 Sx F'hst 
   WESTKate DUM18F1863Servant unemployedSx F'hst 
   WESTAlice Ellen D 15F1866Servant unemployedSx F'hst 
   WESTFrederick S 12M1869Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   WESTLois D 10F1871ScholarSx F'hst 
   WESTFlora D 7F1874ScholarSx F'hst 
   WESTPercy S 4M1877ScholarSx F'hst 
   WESTEdward S 2M1879 Sx F'hst 
   WESTArchibald S 6 moM1880 Sx F'hst 
79Village Green Fernhurst JACQUESHenry HM67M1814Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   JACQUESMary WM61F1820 Sx F'hst 
   JACQUESWilliam SUM26M1855Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   JACQUESKate D 14F1867ServantSx F'hst 
   JACQUESJohn VISWIDR69M1812Ag LabourerSx Selbourne 
80Village Green Fernhurst GALEElizabeth HWID73F1808 Sx F'hst 
   THEAIRJane DM42F1839CharwomanSx F'hst 
   THEAIRJohn GS 11M1870ScholarSx Easebourne 
   THEAIRWilliam GS 9M1872ScholarSy Ewell 
   THEAIREdith GD 4F1877ScholarEffingham 
81Village Green Fernhurst AYLWINGeorge LODUM31M1850BricklayerSx F'hst 
   AYLWINWilliam LODUM19M1862Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
82Village Green Fernhurst KINGSHOTTCharles HM59M1822Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   KINGSHOTTJane WM48F1833 Sx Heyshott 
   KINGSHOTTEdmund SUM21M1860Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   KINGSHOTTThomas S 17M1864Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   KINGSHOTTAlfred S 11M1870Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   KINGSHOTTJames S 8M1873ScholarSx F'hst 
   KINGSHOTTAlice D 4F1877ScholarSx F'hst 
83Village Green Fernhurst LAWRENCEGeorge HUM47M1834Ag LabourerSx Lodsworth 
   LAWRENCEMary Ann MOTWID77F1804 Sx F'hst 
84Red Lion Inn Fernhurst MADGWICKGeorge James HM40M1841Licensed VictuallerSx F'hst 
   MADGWICKCatherine WM42F1839 Sx Chichester 
   MADGWICKFlorence DUM13F1868 Sx F'hst 
   MADGWICKJames S 10M1871ScholarSx F'hst 
   MADGWICKAnne D 7F1874ScholarSx F'hst 
   MADGWICKBessie D 2F1879 Sx F'hst 
   KINGElizabeth VISUM35F1846 Sx Chichester 
   KINGSHOTTCharles BOAUM26M1855Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
85Registrar Office Fernhurst Green THORNESWilliam Henry HM29M1852Relieving OfficerSx Shipley 
   THORNESElizabeth WM33F1848 Sy Croydon 
   GRAZEMARSHAlice SVTUM14F1867General servant DomesticSx F'hst 
86Village Green Fernhurst BOXALLThomas HM75M1806BricklayerSx F'hst 
   BOXALLSarah WM55F1826 Hants Froxfield 
   BOXALLDora Rudd D 13F1868ScholarSx F'hst 
   BOXALLEdmund John S 9M1872ScholarSx F'hst 
   MORLEYWilliam LODUM68M1813Woodman UnemployedSx F'hst 
87Village Green Fernhurst DENYERJames HM65M1816Ag Farm LabourerSx F'hst 
   DENYERElizabeth WM58F1823 Sx Iping 
   DUDMANWilliam LODUM44M1837Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   GLAZIERWilliam LODUM31M1850Ag Farm Labourer  
88Village Green Fernhurst BURTWilliam HM72M1809Retired LabourerSx F'hst 
   BURTAnn WM71F1810 Sx F'hst 
89Village Green Fernhurst CHASEJohn HM40M1841GrocerSx F'hst 
   CHASEAnnie WM35F1846 Sx F'hst 
   CHASEWilliam S 13M1868ScholarSx F'hst 
   CHASEEdward S 9M1872ScholarSx F'hst 
   CHASEFrederick S 4M1877 Sx F'hst 
90School House Fernhurst Green JOYCEGeorge HM36M1845Public Elementary TeacherWilts Chilton Foliatt 
   JOYCEEliza WM33F1848 Wilts Hacclestone 
   JOYCEEva Amelia D 11F1870 Middlesex Hackney 
   JOYCEFrederick George S 10M1871 Middlesex Hackney 
   JOYCEPercy Augustus S 5M1876 Sx F'hst 
   JOYCEMinnie Eliza D 3F1878 Sx F'hst 
   JOYCEAgnes Julia D 1F1880 Sx F'hst 
   JOYCEAda Mary D 1 moF1881 Sx F'hst 
91Village Green Fernhurst SLADEJohn HWIDR72M1809CarpenterSx F'hst 
92Village Green Fernhurst DUDMANJames HM31M1850Ag LabourerNorth Ambersham 
   DUDMANCharlotte WM33F1848 Sx Midhurst 
93Village Green Fernhurst VOLLERGeorge HM71M1810Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
   VOLLERSusan WM76F1805 Kent Boxley 
   VOLLERRichard BROWIDR87M1794Ag LabourerSx F'hst 
94Village Green Fernhurst COLWELLAlfred HM31M1850CarterHants Weston 
   COLWELLEllen WM32F1849 Sx F'hst 
   COLWELLEdith D 5F1876ScholarSx F'hst 
   COLWELLRose D 1F1880 Sx F'hst 
 Fernhurst Cross1U          



Fernhurst History