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The Fernhurst Society

Fernhurst 1881 census transcription (1)

Please note that this data is presented as work in progress.

Fernhurst enumeration district 1:
"Comprising all that part lying to the West of the Turnpike Road leading from Midhurst to Haslemere including Henley Common, Scotland farm, Stanley Hill, Camels Dale, Marly Moses Hill, Kingsly Marsh, Blue Bell, Popmoor, Reeks, Club Corner, Can Common, Van Lane, Cylinder House & Cottages."

Data transcribed from Public Record Office sheets RG11-1132-01-01 to RG11-1132-01-28 by Richard Ranft

Original data Crown Copyright
All information on this page copyright of The Fernhurst Society

1. Relation to Head: A Aunt, BIL Brother-in-Law, BOArder, BROther, COUsin, Daughter, DIL Daughter-in-Law, EMPloyer, FATher, FIL Father-in-Law, GD Granddaughter, GM Grandmother, GS Grandson, Head, LODger, MI Mother-in-Law, MOTher, NEPhew, NIEce, NURsing, SD Stepdaughter, SS Stepson, Son, SIL Sister-in-Law, SISter, SOIL Son-in-Law , SVT Servant, VISitor, Wife.
2. Condition: M Married, UM unmarried (single), WID Widow, WIDR Widower
3. Gender: M Male, F Female
4. Year of birth: is estimated from age given in census
5. Where Born: Sx = Sussex, Sy= Surrey, Fhst= F'hst

No. of Schedule Road, Street, &c. and No. or Name of House Houses Uninhabited (U.) or Building (B.) SURNAME Forename(s) Relation to head of family Condition as to Marriage Age last birthday Gender Year of birth Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born If (1) Deaf and Dumb, (2) Blind, (3) Imbecile or Idiot (4) Lunatic
1Kings Arms MADGWICKRichard HM37M1844Farmer of 40 acres employing (2 labourers) & PublicanSx F'hst 
   MADGWICKJane WM36F1845 Sx F'hst 
   MADGWICKAmelia M D 3F1878 Sx F'hst 
   MADGWICKEllen M D 11 moF1880 Sx F'hst 
   JACKSONRhoda E SVTUM13F1868General Serv domesticSx Linchmere 
2  BAULLERWilliam LODM43M1838Steam sawyerHampshire Titchfield 
3Henley Common SHERLOCKJames HM63M1818General LaborerSx Easebourne 
   SHERLOCKElizabeth WM57F1824 Sx F'hst 
4Henley Common EDWARDSJames LODUM49M1832Laths RenderSy Ewhurst 
5Crab Corner TRUSSLERJames HM81M1800Formerly agr labourerHants Liphook 
   TRUSSLERSarah WM91F1790 Sx F'hst 
   SMITHERSHannah SILWID74F1807Formerly agr labourerSx F'hst 
   SMITHERSDaniel NEPUM35M1846General LaborerSx F'hst 
6Henley Common PENFOLDJohn HM63M1818Brick BurnerSx F'hst 
   PENFOLDMary A WM64F1817 Sx Easebourne 
   PUTTICKSarah DM27F1854DressmakerSx F'hst 
7Henley Common STACEYJohn HM40M1841General LaborerSx F'hst 
   STACEYMary D WM38F1843 Sx Henley 
   STACEYJohn SUM17M1864General LaborerSx Henley 
   STACEYWilliam S 15M1866General LaborerSx Henley 
   STACEYFrederick S 13M1868ScholarSx Henley 
   STACEYMary D 10F1871ScholarSx Henley 
8Henley Common WESTIsaac HM49M1832General LaborerSx Henley 
   WESTHannah WM57F1824 Sx F'hst 
   WESTEli NEPUM27M1854General LaborerSx Henley 
9Henley Common MORLEYHenry HM43M1838General laborerSx Linchmere 
   MORLEYMary WM46F1835 Sx Easebourne 
10Henley Common PENFOLDThomas HM58M1823General laborerSx F'hst 
   PENFOLDHarriet WM52F1829 Sx F'hst 
   PENFOLDJames SUM19M1862 Sx F'hst 
   PENFOLDThomas S 14M1867Hoop makerSx F'hst 
   PENFOLDHenry G S 12M1869ScholarSx F'hst 
11Henley Common LEVETTCharles HM79M1802General laborerSy Elstead 
   LEVETTMartha WM59F1822 Sx Easebourne 
12Henley Common SMITHERSGeorge HWIDR48M1833General laborerSx F'hst 
13Henley Common LAMBERTCharles HM40M1841General laborerSx F'hst 
   LAMBERTJane WM41F1840 Sx Easebourne 
14Henley Common SMITHERSJoseph HM51M1830Formerly General Lab.Sx F'hstAsthma
   SMITHERSHannah WM46F1835 Sx Easebourne 
   SMITHERSArthur SUM23M1858General laborerSx F'hst 
   SMITHERSJoseph SUM21M1860General laborerSx F'hst 
   SMITHERSFred S 12M1869ScholarSx F'hst 
15Henley Common BOOKERReuben HM23M1858General laborerSx woolbeding 
   BOOKERMary WM20F1861 Sx Lodsworth 
16Henley Common CHASEJohn HWIDR65M1816BricklayerSx F'hst 
   CHASESarah DUM28F1853 Sx F'hst 
17Reekes WESTLuke HM41M1840Wood reeveSx F'hst 
   WESTMary A WM37F1844 Berkshire 
   WESTKate D 11F1870ScholarSx F'hst 
   WESTWilliam J S 9M1872ScholarSx F'hst 
   WESTGeorge H S 8M1873ScholarSx F'hst 
   WESTThomas H S 6M1875ScholarSx F'hst 
   WESTJohn R S 4M1877 Sx F'hst 
   E WESTMay A D 2F1879 Sx F'hst 
   WESTRichard BROUM43M1838Coppice DealerSx Easebourne 
   WESTRuth SISUM39F1842 Sx F'hst 
18Upper Lodge WESTRobert HM52M1829General laborerSx F'hst 
   WESTSarah WM41F1840 Sx Iping 
   WESTHenry H SUM19M1862General laborerSx F'hst 
   WESTGeorge SUM17M1864 Sx F'hst 
   WESTJames S 12M1869General laborerSx F'hst 
   WESTAlice D 9F1872ScholarSx F'hst 
   WESTAlfred S 6M1875ScholarSx F'hst 
   WESTWalter S 3M1878 Sx F'hst 
19Upper Lodge ENTICKNAPEllen HWID47F1834CharwomanSx Easebourne 
   ENTICKNAPEmma D 12F1869ScholarSx F'hst 
   ENTICKNAPGeorge S 10M1871ScholarSx F'hst 
   ENTICKNAPEdmund S 8M1873ScholarSx F'hst 
   ENTICKNAPMark S 6M1875ScholarSx F'hst 
   ENTICKNAPJohn S 3M1878 Sx F'hst 
21Upper Lodge HOLDERStephen HM55M1826Ag LabSx Easebourne 
   HOLDERCaroline WM52F1829 Sx Easebourne 
   HOLDERWilliam SUM21M1860Hoop makerSx F'hst 
   HOLDERAlbert SUM16M1865Ag LabSx F'hst 
   HOLDERFred S 14M1867Hoop MakerSx F'hst 
   HOLDERJames S 12M1869Ag LabSx F'hst 
21Scotland Farm STANDINGHenry HM81M1800Farmer of 174 acres (employing 4 laborers)Sx Lurgashall 
   STANDINGMary WM72F1809 Sx Woolbeding 
   STANDINGWilliam SUM54M1827Farmer's sonSx Lurgshall 
22Telegraph House JACKSONJames HM41M1840Game KeeperSx Woolbeding 
   JACKSONMary WM41F1840 Sx Easebourne 
   JACKSONJames SUM20M1861Game KeeperSx Woolbeding 
23North Park Farm WITHALLJohn HM42M1839Farmer (of 215 acres, employing 2 lab & 2 boys)Sy Chiddingfold 
   WITHALLAnne WM41F1840 Middlesex Chiswick 
   WITHALLLilly D 10F1871ScholarSy Lambeth 
   WITHALLAnnie D 8F1873ScholarSy Lambeth 
   WITHALLClara D 6F1875ScholarMiddlesex Chiswick 
   WITHALLHarriet D 4F1877 Middlesex Chiswick 
   WITHALLJohn S 3M1878 Middlesex Chiswick 
   WITHALLFrances D 1F1880 Sx F'hst 
   MADGWICKMary SVTUM13F1868General servant domesticSx Wisborough Green 
24North Park Farm BERRYMoses HM30M1851General laborerSx Linchmere 
   BERRYFrances WM26F1855 Sx Linchmere 
   BERRYAlice A D 9F1872ScholarSx Linchmere 
   BERRYSamuel S 6M1875ScholarSx Linchmere 
   BERRYFlora H D 4F1877 Sx F'hst 
   BERRYAlbert S 2M1879 Sx F'hst 
25North Park MADGWICKJesse HM46M1835Ag. lab.Sx Fiddleworth 
   MADGWICKElizabeth WM40F1841 Sx Billingshurst 
   MADGWICKJohn S 15M1866Ag. lab.Sx Wisborough Green 
   MADGWICKGeorge S 8M1873ScholarSx Redford 
   MADGWICKClement S 5M1876 Sx Redford 
   MADGWICKEllen D 10F1871ScholarSx Redford 
   MADGWICKKatharine D 5 moF1880 Sx F'hst 
26North Park WALKEREdward LODUM34M1847Engine driverHants Lympne 
   SAWYERWilliam LODUM18M1863General lab.Sx West Hoathly 
27Lower Lodge GOBLECaroline SVTUM24F1857Cook Domestic servSx Easebourne 
   SAVAGEEmma SVTUM16F1865Housemaid dom servMiddx London 
   GAUNTLETTEli SVTUM26M1855Groom dom servHants Bramshott 
28Lower Lodge FARMINERRichard HM42M1839Ag. lab.Sx Linchmere 
   FARMINERAnnie WM32F1849 Sx F'hst 
   FARMINERAmelia D 10F1871ScholarSx F'hst 
   FARMINERSarah Ann D 9F1872ScholarSx Linchmere 
   FARMINERKate D 7F1874ScholarSx Linchmere 
   FARMINEREdward S 5M1876ScholarSx Linchmere 
   FARMINERConstance D 3F1878 Sx Linchmere 
   FARMINEREmma D 1F1880 Sx Linchmere 
29Lower Lodge HUNTINGFORDWalter HM45M1836Ag. lab.Sy Haslemere 
   HUNTINGFORDMatilda WM39F1842 Sy Witley 
   HUNTINGFORDWilliam S 12M1869Ag. lab.Sy Chiddingfold 
   HUNTINGFORDEliza D 10F1871 Sy Chiddingfold 
   HUNTINGFORDHenry S 7M1874ScholarSx F'hst 
   HUNTINGFORDPercy S 5M1876ScholarSx F'hst 
   HUNTINGFORDLucy D 3F1878 Sx F'hst 
   HUNTINGFORDPhoebe D 11 moF1880 Sx F'hst 
30Lower Lodge Cottage FLETCHERWilliam H HM27M1854Ag. Lab.Warwickshire Berkswell 
   FLETCHERAnnie WM24F1857LaundressWarwickshire Berkswell 
   FLETCHERWilliam H S 2M1879 Cheshire Bowden 
   FLETCHERAnnie D 1F1880 Sx F'hst 
   GRAYSMARKEarnest BOAUM17M1864Ag. Lab.Sx F'hst 
31Lower Lodge Cottage ROYLEJohn HM49M1832Ag. Lab.Cheshire Stockport 
   ROYLESarah E WM43F1838 Derbyshire Wickworth 
   ROYLEThomas S 10M1871ScholarCheshire Runcorn 
   ROYLEAnnie D 8F1873ScholarCheshire Hale 
   ROYLEJohn S 5M1876ScholarCheshire Hale 
   ROYLEElizabeth D 4F1877 Cheshire Hale 
   ROYLEJames S 1M1880 Cheshire Hale 
   ROYLEJames BROM70M1811General LabCheshire Northington 
   ROYLEHannah SILM76F1805 Cheshire Bollington 
32Stanley Hill MOSSJames HM56M1825Game keeperHants Headley 
   MOSSHarriet WM50F1831 Hants Bramshott 
   MOSSEdith D 12F1869ScholarSx F'hst 
   MOSSHannah D 9F1872ScholarSx F'hst 
   MOSSJohn C HVIS 4M1877ScholarSx F'hst 
   MOSSGeorge VISM28M1853Railway SignalmanHants Bramshott 
   MOSSRosina VISM32F1849 Somerset Wiverliscomb 
33Green Hill STEELJames HM50M1831Ag. Lab.Sx Easebourne 
   STEELEmma WM50F1831 Sx Easebourne 
   EDWARDSWilliam NEPUM14M1867Ag. Lab.Sx Easebourne 
34Yew Tree Cottage NEWMANHenry HM55M1826Farm Serv. ShepherdHants Bramshott 
   NEWMANCharlotte WM46F1835 Hants Bramshott 
   NEWMANAlfred SUM18M1863Ag. Lab.Sx Stopham 
   NEWMANKate D 11F1870 Sx Stopham 
   NEWMANMary D 8F1873 Sx Stopham 
   HACKArthur NEPUM17M1864Farm Serv CowmanHants Bramshott 
35Yew Tree Cottage WESTRichard HM71M1810General lab.Sx Lickfold 
   WESTElizabeth WM66F1815 Sx Hemley 
36Hawksfold Farm FORDWilliam HM33M1848Ag. Lab.Sy Chiddingfold 
   FORDSarah WM44F1837 Middx Poplar 
   CLARKJoseph SS 12M1869ScholarKent Bromley 
   VARNSSamuel BOAUM16M1865General lab.Sx F'hst 
37Hawksfold Farm HAMILTONJohn HM44M1837Ag. Lab.Sx Tillington 
   HAMILTONCharlotte WM44F1837 Sx Stedham 
   HAMILTONMaurice S 14M1867Ag. Lab.Sx F'hst 
   HAMILTONEphraim S 11M1870ScholarSx F'hst 
   HAMILTONEdith D 8F1873ScholarSx F'hst 
   HAMILTONCharlotte D 4F1877 Sx F'hst 
38Lower Hawksfold Farm PENFOLDJane HWID64F1817 Sx F'hst 
   PENFOLDRobert SUM44M1837General lab.Sx F'hst 
   PENFOLDGeorge SWIDR39M1842General lab.Sx F'hst 
   PENFOLDFrederick GS 13M1868General lab.Sx Easebourne 
   PENFOLDEllen GD 11F1870ScholarSx Easebourne 
   PENFOLDHarry GS 8M1873ScholarSx Easebourne 
39Lower Hawksfold SMITHERSThomas HM32M1849General lab.Sx F'hst 
   SMITHERSJane WM32F1849 Sx Easebourne 
40Highbridge FRANCISGeorge HM28M1853Charcoal burnerEssex Billericay 
   FRANCISJane WM32F1849 Essex Louhghton 
   PEARCEThomas NEPUM18M1863Charcoal burnerEssex Louhghton 
   PEARCEMargaret NIEUM15F1866 Essex Louhghton 
41Henley Common GLAZIERElizabeth HWID38F1843Char womanSx Woolbeding 
   GLAZIERArthur SUM17M1864General lab.Sx F'hst 
   GLAZIERRebecca D 12F1869ScholarSx F'hst 
   GLAZIERSarah D 11F1870ScholarSx F'hst 
   GLAZIERMay D 9F1872ScholarSx F'hst 
   GLAZIERCharles S 8M1873ScholarSx F'hst 
   GLAZIERDick S 6M1875 Sx F'hst 
   GLAZIERJane D 4F1877 Sx F'hst 
42Van Lane HEDGESWilliam HM76M1805General lab.Sx Trotton 
   HEDGESSophia WM68F1813 Sx F'hst 
43Van Lane STACYJames HM52M1829General lab.Hants Headley 
   STACYSarah WM49F1832 Sx F'hst 
   STACYCharles SUM22M1859General lab.Sx F'hst 
   STACYThomas SUM16M1865General lab.Sx F'hstSx F'hst 
   STACYWilliam S 14M1867General lab.Sx F'hst 
   STACYAnnie D 8F1873ScholarSx F'hst 
   MORLEYHarriet MIWID74F1807 Sx Appledram 
44Van Lane WELLENHenry HM53M1828Charcoal burnerSx Northchapel 
   WELLENMary WM42F1839 Sx F'hst 
   WELLENReuben SUM17M1864Hoop makerHants Crondall 
   WELLENMark S 15M1866Hoop makerHants Crondall 
   WELLENJames W S 12M1869Ag. Lab.Hants Crondall 
   WELLENAlfred E S 7M1874ScholarSy Haslemere 
   WELLENAmelia D 5F1876ScholarSx F'hst 
   WELLENAlbert E S 1M1880 Sx F'hst 
45Van Lane KINGSHOTTMary A HUM57F1824CharwomanSx Lodsworth 
   KINGSHOTTJoseph A SUM21M1860Ag. Lab.Essex Chigwell 
   KINGSHOTTWilliam H S 14M1867Ag. LabEssex Chigwell 
   KINGSHOTTJames R S 6M1875ScholarSy Chiddingfold 
   KINGSHOTTCharles E S 1M1880 Sx Easebourne 
   KINGSHOTTElizabeth A DUM19F1862Serv Domestic unemployedSx Horsham 
46Van Lane CHASEEdward HM25M1856BricklayerSx F'hst 
   CHASEMary Ann WM22F1859Glass makerKent Paddock 
   CHASERuth E D 2 moF1881 Sx F'hst 
47Van Lane JAMESThomas L HUM28M1853GrocerSx Lurgashall 
   JAMESMary J SISUM18F1863HousekeeperSx Lurgashall 
   JAMESHenry F BRO 18M1863ScholarSx Lurgashall 
48Van Lane BAILYGeorge HM31M1850SawyerSx Hartfield 
   BAILYSarah WM45F1836 Sx F'hst 
   WESTAlice SDUM16F1865Serv Domestic unemployedSx Easebourne 
   WESTJohn P SS 9M1872ScholarSx Easebourne 
 Van Lane1U          
49Van Lane MADGWICKJames HM40M1841CarpenterSx F'hst 
   MADGWICKRhoda WM43F1838 Hampshire 
   MADGWICKWilliam S 12M1869ScholarSx F'hst 
   MADGWICKGeorge S 10M1871ScholarSx F'hst 
   MADGWICKThomas S 7M1874ScholarSx F'hst 
   MADGWICKAlbert S 5M1876ScholarSx F'hst 
   MADGWICKChristopher S 1M1880 Sx F'hst 
50Van Lane CLUEJames HM25M1856Gen. Lab.Sx Rogate 
   CLUEAnne WM24F1857 Sx Linchmere 
   CLUEElizabeth D 3F1878 Sx F'hst 
   CLUEGeorge W S 1M1880 Sx Lodsworth 
51Van Lane STACYEdward HM33M1848Gen. Lab.Sx F'hst 
   STACYSarah WM32F1849 Sx F'hst 
   STACYAlfred E S 12M1869ScholarSx F'hst 
   STACYSarah Ann D 10F1871ScholarSx Linch 
   STACYDaniel L S 9M1872ScholarSx Linch 
   STACYAlbert S 2M1879 Sx Linchmere 
   STACYFrank S 7 moM1880 Sx F'hst 
52Van Lane BERRYSamuel HM29M1852Gen. Lab.Sx Linchmere 
   BERRYEllen WM25F1856 Sx Linchmere 
   BERRYEllen G D 4F1877 Sx Linchmere 
   BERRYEdwin S 2M1879 Sx F'hst 
   BERRYLillian B D 11 moF1880 Sx Linchmere 
53Van Common BURTJohn HM42M1839WoodreeveSx F'hst 
   BURTMary Ann WM39F1842 Sx F'hst 
   BURTMary Ann D 14F1867Assistant HousekeeperSx Lurgashall 
   BURTWilliam S 10M1871ScholarSx F'hst 
   BURTSarah D 8F1873ScholarSx F'hst 
   BURTLois D 4F1877 Sx F'hst 
   BURTRachel D 2F1879 Sx F'hst 
   BURTEsther D 2F1879 Sx F'hst 
54Barracks WESTJames HM49M1832General Lab.Sx F'hst 
   WESTJane WM45F1836 Sy Haslemere 
   WESTAlfred S 13M1868General Lab.Sx F'hst 
   WESTFannie D 8F1873ScholarSx F'hst 
55Barracks FORDGeorge HM25M1856General Lab.Sy Thursley 
   FORDAnn WM26F1855 Sx F'hst 
   FORDGeorge S 2M1879 Sx F'hst 
   FORDAnnie D 1F1880 Sx F'hst 
56Barracks RALPHHenry HM22M1859General Lab.Sx Easebourne 
   RALPHKate WM21F1860 Sx F'hst 
57Barracks BURTRobert HM67M1814General Lab.Sx F'hst 
   BURTMartha WM66F1815 Sy Frensham 
58Barracks STACEYAnn HWID75F1806 Sy Haslemere 
59Barracks SANDERSEphraim S HM34M1847BricklayerSx Lurgshall 
   SANDERSEliza S WM31F1850Bricklayer's WifeSx Stedham 
   SANDERSJames S 10M1871ScholarSx F'hst 
   SANDERSEphraim S 8M1873ScholarSx F'hst 
   SANDERSEmma D 5F1876ScholarSx F'hst 
   SANDERSWilliam S 3M1878 Sx F'hst 
   SANDERSMary E D 1F1880 Sx F'hst 
60Van Lane COOPERGeorge HM39M1842General labSx F'hst 
   COOPEREmily WM39F1842 Sx F'hst 
   LANDERAnnie NIE 5F1876ScholarSy Haslemere 
61  SUMMERFIELDJune LODWID73F1808 Hants Linchmere 
62Van Lane GREENWAYDaniel HUM49M1832Farmer of 10 acresSx F'hst 
   GREENWAYJabey BROUM56M1825Farmer of 15 acres employing 1 laborerSx F'hst 
   GREENWAYWilliam C NEPUM21M1860Farmer labSx F'hst 
   GREENWAYElizabeth NIEUM23F1858HousekeeperSx F'hst 
63Vinegar Housr SNELLINGGeorge HM29M1852Police ConstableSy Chertsey 
   SNELLINGSusan WM25F1856 Sy Frensham 
   SNELLINGArthur G S 7M1874ScholarSy Frensham 
   SNELLINGEliza C D 6F1875ScholarSy Frensham 
   SNELLINGAda J D 4F1877 Sy Frensham 
   SNELLINGFrederick W S 2M1879 Sx West Marsden 
   SNELLINGCharles E S 4 moM1881 Sx F'hst 
64Hawksfold Cottages ABLEGeorge HM40M1841Gardener Domestic ServScotland 
   ABLEAmelia A WM42F1839 Kent Dover 
   ABLEGeorge S 12M1869ScholarSx F'hst 
   ABLEWilliam S 10M1871ScholarSx F'hst 
   ABLEAnnie D 8F1873ScholarSx F'hst 
   ABLEAnthony S 6M1875ScholarSx F'hst 
   ABLERosa D 4F1877ScholarSx F'hst 
   ABLELena D 2F1879 Sx F'hst 
65Hawksfold Lodge BOXALLJames HM46M1835Coachman Dom ServSy Bramley 
   BOXALLHannaah WM46F1835Coachman WifeSy Bramley 
   BOXALLFrank S 14M1867Wheelwright's ApprenticeSx F'hst 
   BOXALLGeorge S 11M1870ScholarSx F'hst 
   BOXALLAnnie D 7F1874ScholarSx F'hst 
   BOXALLCharles S 4M1877ScholarSx F'hst 
   BOXALLAlbert E S 3M1878 Sx F'hst 
66Van Lane FORDHenry HM28M1853Gardener Dom ServSy Thursley 
   FORDEmma WM27F1854 Sx F'hst 
   FORDThomas H S 5M1876 Sx F'hst 
   FORDEmma E D 2F1879 Sx F'hst 
   FORDJane D 6 moF1880 Sx F'hst 
67Vinegar House FRANCISJane HWID74F1807 Sx Northchapel 
68Cylinder Cottage WESTWilliam HM47M1834General LabSx F'hst 
   WESTAnne WM37F1844 Sx F'hst 
   WESTMercy A D 9F1872ScholarSx F'hst 
   WESTAlbert A S 6M1875ScholarSx F'hst 
69Cylinder Cottage BURTThomas HM49M1832Ag. LabSx Linchmere 
   BURTJane WM42F1839 Sx Headley 
   BURTHenry SUM20M1861Bricklayer's LabSx Headley 
   BURTMary DUM17F1864Domestic Servant UnemployedSx F'hst 
   BURTRosa D 5F1876ScholarSx Linchmere 
70Cylinders Cottage GINNERThomas HWIDR61M1820General LabSx Lurgashall 
   GINNERWalter SM26M1855General LabSx F'hst 
   GINNERAlice DILM23F1858 Hants Bramshott 
   GINNERCharles GS 3M1878 Sx F'hst 
71Cylinders Cottage CHALWINWilliam HM28M1853Boot maker & Lathe ?Sx F'hst 
   CHALWINEllen WM25F1856DressmakerSx Midhurst 
   CHALWINMary MOTWID61F1820AssistantSx Northchapel 
   CHALWINBarbara SISUM31F1850NurseSx Lurgashall 
   CHALWINCaroline SISUM26F1855NurseSx F'hst 
   CHALWINEliza SISUM21F1860NurseSx F'hst 
72Cylinders Cottage CHALWINHenry HM37M1844BricklayerSx Northchapel 
   CHALWINEsther WM30F1851 Sx Easebourne 
   CHALWINEmma D 6F1875 Sx Chithurst 
   CHALWINMable D 1F1880 Sx F'hst 
73Cylinders Cottage VARNSThomas HM53M1828General LabSx Woolavington 
   VARNSSusannah WM50F1831 Hants Liss 
   VARNSReuben SUM19M1862General LabSx F'hst 
   VARNSThomas S 16M1865General LabSx F'hst 
   VARNSJohn S 12M1869ScholarSx F'hst 
   VARNSLydia D 10F1871ScholarSx F'hst 
   VARNSJoseph S 8M1873ScholarSx F'hst 
   VARNSBenjamin S 6M1875ScholarSx F'hst 
74Cylinders Cottage RALPHWilliam HM31M1850Ag Lab.Sy Frensham 
   RALPHPriscilla WM30F1851 Sx F'hst 
   RALPHCharles S 9M1872ScholarSx F'hst 
   RALPHAlfred S 4M1877ScholarSx F'hst 
   RALPHHarriet D 7 moF1880 Sx F'hst 
75Cylinders Cottage GALEEdmund HM45M1836BricklayerSx F'hst 
   GALEEmily WM43F1838 Sx F'hst 
   GALESarah DUM19F1862Dom ServSx F'hst 
   GALEFrederick S 15M1866Bricklayer's LabSx F'hst 
   GALEEliza D 12F1869Serv NurseSx F'hst 
   GALEHenrietta D 10F1871ScholarSx F'hst 
   GALEMargaret D 8F1873ScholarSx F'hst 
   GALETina M D 5F1876ScholarSx F'hst 
   GALEFlorence J D 3F1878 Sx F'hst 
   GALEEdmund C S 6 moM1880 Sx F'hst 
76Cylinders Cottage FORDHenry HM53M1828Ag Lab.Sy Haslemere 
   FORDHarriet WM54F1827 Sy Chiddingfold 
   FORDCharles SUM20M1861Mason's Lab.Sx F'hst 
77Cylinders Cottage WESTCharles HM46M1835Gen LabSx F'hst 
   WESTElizabeth WM31F1850 Sx F'hst 
   WESTWilliam S 8M1873ScholarSx F'hst 
   WESTSara D 5F1876ScholarSx F'hst 
   WESTEarnest S 3M1878 Sx F'hst 
   WESTFred S 7 moM1880 Sx F'hst 
   WESTThomas BROUM37M1844CarpenterSx F'hst 
78Cylinders Cottage VARNSPeter HM49M1832General LabSx Linchmere 
   VARNSMartha WM39F1842 Sx Linchmere 
   VARNSMatthew SUM19M1862General LabSx F'hst 
   VARNSJoseph S 14M1867General LabSx F'hst 
   VARNSLevi S 11M1870General LabSx F'hst 
   VARNSBenjamin S 9M1872ScholarSx F'hst 
   VARNSJames S 6M1875ScholarSx F'hst 
   VARNSEzra S 4M1877 Sx F'hst 
   VARNSJudah S 1M1880 Sx F'hst 
79Van Common VARNSMoses HWIDR52M1829Ag LabSx F'hst 
   VARNSElizabeth DUM19F1862 Sx F'hst 
80Van Common BERRYStephen HM56M1825General LabSx Linchmere 
   BERRYElizabeth WM56F1825 Sx Linchmere 
   BERRYWilliam D S 13M1868General LabSx Linchmere 
   DAWESClara NIEUM15F1866Gen assistantSy Cobham 
81Van Common BERRYMoses HM59M1822General LabSx Linchmere 
   BERRYAnne WM60F1821 Sy Haslemere 
82Van Common STACEYAlfred HM30M1851General LabSx Linchmere 
   STACEYMary Anne WM22F1859 Sx Linchmere 
   STACEYWilliam S 2M1879 Sx F'hst 
   STACEYPercy F S 3 moM1881 Sx Linchmere 
83Van Common DUDMANDaniel HM47M1834Wood reeveSx Easebourne 
   DUDMANEllen WM37F1844 Sx North Ambersham 
   DUDMANWilliam S 10M1871ScholarSx F'hst 
   DUDMANJames S 6M1875ScholarSx F'hst 
   DUDMANEmma D 11F1870ScholarSx F'hst 
   DUDMANEliza D 9F1872ScholarSx F'hst 
   DUDMANEllen D 7F1874ScholarSx F'hst 
   DUDMANEdith D 3F1878 Sx F'hst 
   DUDMANMinnie D 1F1880 Sx F'hst 
84Van Common VARNSJohn HWIDR81M1800AssistantSx Linchmere 
   VARNSStephen SM55M1826General LabSx Linchmere 
   VARNSMary DILM46F1835 Sx Easebourne 
   SAUNDERSWilliam GS 12M1869General LabSx Easebourne 
   SAUNDERSElllen GDUM21F1860 Sx Easebourne 
85Moses Hill MILLSStephen HM52M1829Ag LabSx F'hst 
   MILLSHannah WM55F1826 Sx F'hst 
86  FREEMANTLELot A LODUM19M1862Game keeperHants Upham 
87Marley House BURTWilliam R HM27M1854Farmer's sonSx Linchmere 
   BURTJane WM29F1852 Berkshire Englefield 
88Marley Farm KNIGHTIsaac HM45M1836Farm bailiffBerkshire Englefield 
   KNIGHTEliza WM51F1830 Berkshire Bradfield 
89Camels Dale MARINERSamuel HM34M1847General LabSx F'hst 
   MARINERMary Ann WM32F1849 Sy Frensham 
90Camels Dale ENTICKNAPWilliam HUM44M1837General LabSx F'hst 
   MARINERHarriet MOTWID67F1814 Hants Headley 
91Camels Dale KINGALEGeorge HM32M1849General LabHants Bramshott 
   KINGALEEmma WM35F1846 Sx F'hst 
   KINGALEHenry S 8M1873 Hants Bramshott 
   KINGALEGeorge S 4M1877 Sx Lynchmere 
   KINGALERichard S 1M1880 Sx F'hst 
   KINGALEEmma D 3F1878 Sx Linchmere 
92Camels Dale ROEGeorge W HM32M1849bricklayerSx Linchmere 
   ROEEmily WM30F1851 Sx Linchmere 
   ROEWilliam G S 9M1872ScholarSx Linchmere 
   ROEEllen T D 6F1875ScholarSx Linchmere 
   ROEAlice J D 4F1877 Sx Linchmere 
93Camels Dale WHITEHenry HM44M1837BricklayerSy Haslemere 
   WHITEMary WM46F1835 Sx Northchapel 
   WHITEHenry SUM18M1863Bricklayer's lab.Sy Haslemere 
   WHITEBenjamin S 9M1872 Sy HaslemereImbecile
94Camels Dale WHITEGeorge HM29M1852Ag. LabSy Frensham 
   WHITEJane WM29F1852 Middx Hackney 
   WHITEThomas S 6M1875ScholarHants Bramshott 
   WHITESamuel S 2M1879 Hants Bramshott 
   WHITEJames W S 3 moM1881 Sx F'hst 
   WHITEMinnie D 8F1873ScholarHants Bramshott 
   DAVISThomas BILUM27M1854Brick makerMiddx Hackney 
   WHITEHenry VISUM30M1851Gen. Lab.Sx F'hst 
95Camels Dale GATESHenry HM36M1845PlastererSy Frensham 
   GATESElizabeth WM32F1849 Sy Haslemere 
   GATESHenry S 15M1866Bricklayer's lab.Sy Haslemere 
   GATESEliza D 13F1868 Sy Haslemere 
   GATESThomas S 12M1869ScholarSy Haslemere 
   GATESElizabeth A D 6F1875ScholarSy Haslemere 
   GATESEmily J D 2F1879 Sy Haslemere 
   GIBBSEliza MIWID59F1822 Sy Haslemere 
96Camels Dale VOLLERPeter HM59M1822Ag LabourerSy Witley 
   VOLLERJane WM61F1820 Sy Haslemere 
   FARLEYPhoebe NIEUM16F1865 Sx Ashurst Wood 
97Camels Dale VOLLERHannah HUM61F1820Keeper of poultrySy Witley 
98Camels Dale FROGLEYJohn HM28M1853Ag LabourerSx EastbourneDeaf
   FROGLEYEllen WM30F1851 Sx Truewick? 
99Blue Bell TICKNERJames HM33M1848Ag LabourerHants Northambersham 
   TICKNERJane WM30F1851 Hants Liphook 
   TICKNERFanny J D 8F1873ScholarSx F'hst 
   TICKNERLucy D 9 moF1880 Sx F'hst 
100Camels Dale STACEYWilliam HM37M1844Shoemaker empl 1 boySx F'hst 
   STACEYEllen WM27F1854 Sx F'hst 
   STACEYWilliam J S 7M1874ScholarSy Haslemere 
   STACEYStephen J S 5M1876ScholarSy Haslemere 
   STACEYFrederick S 3M1878 Sy Haslemere 
   STACEYAlice D 10 moF1880 Sx F'hst 
101Camels Dale PUTTICKPeter HM31M1850Cleaver WoodmanSx F'hst 
   PUTTICKEllen WM34F1847 Hants Bramshott 
   PUTTICKAnnie D 9F1872ScholarSx F'hst 
   PUTTICKArchibald J. S 7M1874ScholarHants Bramshott 
   PUTTICKKate D 6F1875ScholarSx F'hst 
   PUTTICKRosetta D 3F1878ScholarSx F'hst 
   PUTTICKBenjamin S 1M1880 Sx F'hst 
102Camels Dale HARDINGHenry HM44M1837CarpenterSx Linchmere 
   HARDINGMary WM39F1842 Hants Bramshott 
   HARDINGWalter H S 13M1868ScholarSx Linchmere 
   HARDINGEdith E D 10F1871ScholarSx Linchmere 
   HARDINGWilliam T S 7M1874ScholarSx Linchmere 
   HARDINGArthur E S 4M1877ScholarSx Linchmere 
   HARDINGFrances H D 1F1880 Sx Linchmere 
103Blue Bell ROEArthur HM28M1853General Lab.Sx Linchmere 
   ROEMary Ann WM27F1854 Sy Frensham 
   ROEArthur S 8M1873ScholarSy Frensham 
   ROEHarry S 7M1874ScholarSy Frensham 
   ROEThersa A D 5F1876ScholarSy Frensham 
   ROEWilliam J S 2M1879 Sx F'hst 
   ROEKate E D 3 moF1881 Sx F'hst 
   ROEEdwin BOAUM17M1864General Lab.Sx Linchmere 
104Camels Dale ROEEdmund HM69M1812Retired farmerSx Linchmere 
   ROEElizabeth WM67F1814 Sx Lurgashall 
   PARROTTMartha BOAWID72F1809AssistantSx Woolbeding 
105  WINDEBANKLouisa LODUM24F1857Factory workerSy Thursley 
106Camels Dale VARNDELRuth HUM56F1825AssistantSx LurgashallDeaf
107Camels Dale ROEHenry HM43M1838SawyerSy Thursley 
   ROEEllen WM40F1841 Sy Frensham 
   ROEWilliam SUM19M1862SawyerSy Haslemere 
   ROEHenry SUM17M1864Ag. LabSy Thursley 
   ROEKate D 10F1871ScholarSx F'hst 
   ROELucy D 9F1872ScholarSx F'hst 
108Camels Dale BOOKEREdwin HM22M1859Gen Lab.Sx Iping 
   BOOKERSarah WM25F1856 Sy Haslemere 
   BOOKERAlfred S 8 moM1880 Sx F'hst 
109Camels Dale BOOKERWilliam HM55M1826Gen Lab.Sx Iping 
   BOOKEREllen WM54F1827 Hants Alton 
   BOOKERAlfred SUM21M1860Gen Lab.Sx Linch 
110Camels Dale PUTTICKStephen HM20M1861CleaverSx F'hst 
   PUTTICKAlice Jane WM18F1863 Sy Elstead 
111Blue Bell LAMBERTIsaac HM52M1829Gen Lab.Sx F'hst 
   LAMBERTElizabeth WM42F1839 Berks Newbury 
112Blue Bell BARNETTMary HUM20F1861LaundressSx Steadham 
   BARNETTEmily SISUM16F1865General Servant DomesticSx Woolbeding 
113Blue Bell TICKNERFrederick HM27M1854Gardener Dom ServantHants Northambersham 
   TICKNEREllen WM30F1851 Hants South Hayling 
   TICKNERFrederick S 4M1877 Sx F'hst 
   TICKNEREllen D 1F1880 Sx F'hst 
114Blue Bell GALERichard HM44M1837Ag LabSx Lurgashall 
   GALEMary WM31F1850 Sy Thursley 
   GALEWilliam S 10M1871ScholarSx F'hst 
   GALEAlbert S 8M1873ScholarSx F'hst 
   GALEAlfred S 4M1877 Sx F'hst 
115Blue Bell WARRENAlfred LODUM25M1856Brewer's LabourerSy Ascombe 
116Blue Bell HOWARDWilliam HM30M1851Brewer's JourneymanSy Haslemere 
   HOWARDCaroline WM28F1853 Sy Frensham 
   HOWARDWilliam S 8M1873ScholarSx F'hst 
   HOWARDKate D 7F1874ScholarSx F'hst 
   HOWARDCaroline D 5F1876ScholarSx F'hst 
   HOWARDGeorge E S 3M1878 Sx F'hst 
   ROECaroline VISM66F1815Monthly nurseSx Lurgashall 
117Blue Bell SNELLINGCharles HM59M1822Ag labHants Bramshott 
   SNELLINGHannah WM48F1833 Berks Sutton Courtney 
118Blue Bell ENTICKNAPGeorge HM38M1843Gen LabSx F'hst 
   ENTICKNAPMary WM37F1844 Sx F'hst 
   ENTICKNAPLouisa D 11F1870ScholarSx F'hst 
   ENTICKNAPEbernezer S 7M1874ScholarSx F'hst 
   ENTICKNAPFrederick S 4M1877ScholarSx F'hst 
119Blue Bell BARNETSarah HWID47F1834 Sx F'hst 
   HUMPHREYEliza VISUM41F1840NurseSx Lurgashall 
120Blue Bell ETHERINGTONLeonard HUM18M1863Gen LabSx Lurgashall 
121Blue Bell HEATHERWilliam HM56M1825CordwainerSx F'hst 
   HEATHERAnne WM44F1837 Sy Witley 
   HEATHERWilliam S 14M1867CordwainerSx F'hst 
   HEATHERHenry S 12M1869ScholarSx F'hst 
   HEATHEREdith A D 10F1871ScholarSx F'hst 
   HEATHERElizabeth D 6F1875ScholarSx F'hst 
   HEATHEROlive D 5F1876ScholarSx F'hst 
   HEATHERLillian D 4F1877 Sx F'hst 
   CAPLINEmma SVTUM15F1866Gen Serv DomesticHants Northambersham 
122Blue Bell GALEAlexander HUM40M1841MDCM University of Aberdeen Gen PractitionerScotland 
   DUDMANAmelia SVTUM25F1856Serv DomesticSx Lodsworth 
123Kingsley Marsh HAMMONDWilliam HWIDR69M1812Farm BailiffSy Chiddingfold 
   HAMMONDJane DUM36F1845 Sy Chiddingfold 
   BURDOCKElizabeth DM45F1836 Sy Chiddingfold 
124Kingsley Marsh FORDStephen HM51M1830Ag LabSy Haslemere 
   FORDHannah WM46F1835 Sx Linchmere 
   FORDStephen S 11M1870ScholarSx F'hst 
   FORDEmma R D 5F1876ScholarSx F'hst 
125  COLESWilliam HM37M1844Ag LabSx Easebourne 
   COLESJane WM35F1846 Sx F'hst 
   COLESWilliam J S 12M1869Gen LabSx Easebourne 
   COLESRose E D 10F1871ScholarSx Easebourne 
   COLESMary K D 7F1874ScholarSx Easebourne 
   COLESEdmund J S 4M1877ScholarSx West Lavington 
   COLESGeorge H S 1M1880 Sx F'hst 
126  HILLEdward HM31M1850Ag LabSx Northchapel 
   HILLClara WM25F1856 Sx Lurgashall 
   HILLCharles S 6M1875ScholarSx Lurgashall 
   HILLWilliam S 5M1876ScholarSx Lurgashall 
   HILLThomas J S 2M1879 Sx Northchapel 
   HILLGeorge S 7 moM1880 Sx F'hst 
   SHERLOCKCharles BOAUM21M1860Ag LabSx Lurgashall 
127Kingsley Marsh MILLSRichard HM55M1826Farmer of 6 acres. BakerSx F'hst 
   MILLSPhoebe WM52F1829 Suffolk Wangford 
   MILLSHenry SUM18M1863Farmer's sonSx F'hst 
   MILLSJohn S 15M1866Farmer's sonSx F'hst 
   MILLSPhoebe D 12F1869ScholarSx F'hst 
   MILLSFrank S 10M1871ScholarSx F'hst 
128Kingsley Marsh WESTWilliam HM29M1852Bricklayer's labourerSx F'hst 
   WESTEmily WM25F1856 Sx Woolbeding 
129Kingsley Marsh HERSYNicholas HM57M1824Ag labSx Lurgashall 
   HERSYClara WM53F1828 Sx F'hst 
   HERSYHannah D 14F1867Domestic ServSy Haslemere 
   HERSYMartha D 10F1871ScholarSx Lurgashall 
130Kingsley Marsh MILLSGeorge HM46M1835Farmer of 100 acres emp 3 labourers Baker & GrocerSx F'hst 
   MILLSKate WM43F1838 Sy Frensham 
   MILLSSarah A DUM16F1865 Sx F'hst 
   MILLSEbenezer S 9M1872ScholarSx F'hst 
   MILLSCharles S 8M1873ScholarSx F'hst 
   MILLSElizabeth D 6F1875ScholarSx F'hst 
   MILLSGeorge S 3M1878 Sx F'hst 
   HUNTINGFORDAlice VISUM22F1859Below-maid Dom ServSy Haslemere 
131Kingsley Marsh WELLSGeorge HM75M1806Retired PublicanSx Easebourne 
   WELLSJane WM77F1804 Sx Easebourne 
   WELLSWilliam GSUM28M1853WheelwrightSx Easebourne 
132Popsmoor HOLMESMary HWID65F1816Cow keeper MilksellerSx Singleton 
   HOLMESHarriett DILM31F1850Carpenter's wifeSx F'hst 
   HOLMESKate GD 8F1873ScholarSx Linchmere 
   HOLMESAlice GD 4F1877 Sx Linchmere 
   HOLMESThomas GS 7 moM1880 Sx Linchmere 
133Popsmoor GRAVETTFrederick LODUM53M1828PensionerSx F'hst 
134Popsmoor BUDDJames LODUM55M1826CordwainerSx Easebourne 
 Friday's HillU          
135Reeks MANNJames HM30M1851Gen labSx Northchapel 
   MANNAnnie WM26F1855 Sx Northchapel 
   MANNFlorence B D 3F1878 Sx F'hst 
   MANNAmy G D 1F1880 Sx F'hst 
136Reeks BICKNELLEdward HM54M1827Gen labSx F'hst 
   BICKNELLSarah WM53F1828 Sx Lodsworth 
   BICKNELLBenjamin S 14M1867Gen labSx F'hst 
   BICKNELLHarry F S 10M1871ScholarSx F'hst 
   BICKNELLEthel S GD 7 moF1880 Sx F'hst 
137Upper Cross DILLOWAYGeorge HM60M1821CarpenterSx F'hst 
   DILLOWAYElizabeth A WM64F1817 Kent Woolwich 
138  MILLARMaggie LODUM20F1861SchoolmistressScotland 
139Upper Cross VOLLARHenry HM31M1850Gen labSx F'hst 
   VOLLARHarriett WM33F1848 Sx F'hst 
   VOLLARMercy D 6F1875ScholarSx F'hst 
   VOLLARHarriett D 4F1877ScholarSx F'hst 
   VOLLARKate D 2F1879 Sx F'hst 
   VOLLEREdmund S 7 mosM1880 Sx F'hst 
140Spread Eagle SLADEWilliam HWIDR29M1852Carpenter joiner & licensed victuallerSx F'hst 
   SLADEAmelia D 4F1877 Sx Easebourne 
   SLADEBenjamin S 2M1879 Sx Brighton 
   SLADEWilliam F S 1M1880 Sx F'hst 
   ADDFIELDMary Ann SVTUM30F1851HousekeeperSx Fittleworth 
   PUTTICKHorace BIL 14M1867Apprentice carpenterSx Easebourne 
141The Cross WOODMANEdward HM38M1843Grocer & bakerHants Alton 
   WOODMANMary Ann WM40F1841 Plivett 
   WOODMANCarrie E D 13F1868ScholarPlivett 
   WOODMANEdward J S 9M1872ScholarPlivett 
   WOODMANFrederick G S 6M1875ScholarPlivett 
   WOODMANAlbert A S 4M1877 Sx F'hst 
142Hawksfold House SALVINAnthony HWIDR81M1800Land, Houses, DividendsSx Worthing 
   SALVINEmmaline DUM47F1834 Middx London 
   SALVINEliza Anne DUM44F1837 Middx London 
   JOHNSONAbigail SVTUM40F1841Parlour Maid Dom ServSy Garrett 
   JOHNSONSarah A SVTUM21F1860House Maid Don ServSy Merton 
   WHITMOREFrances SVTUM55F1826Ladies Maid Dom ServMiddx London 
   MIDDLEDITCHEmma SVTUM36F1845Cook Dom ServSuffolk Melford 
   PHILPOTMary A SVTUM21F1860Kitchen Maid Dom ServSy Stockwell 
   BOXALLWilliam J SVTUM16M1865Page Dom ServSx Linchmere 
   WATSONChristopher S VISM40M1841Vicar of Fernhurst SussexMiddx London 
143Cylinders House LAWRENCERobert HM37M1844Captain A. Pay 9th Regt.Ireland 
   LAWRENCEAgatha WM38F1843 Essex R? 
   LAWRENCEW E FSDUM15F1866 Essex R? 
   BENHAMSarah SVTUM36F1845Cook Dom ServSy Haslemere 
   PENFOLDMary SVTUM26F1855House Maid Dom ServSx Horsham 
   PENFOLDSusan SVTUM22F1859Parlour Maid Dom ServSx Horsham 
   BROWNFanny GovernessUM23F1858Governess DomEssex Altringham 
   LEWESCharles SVTUM20M1861Coachman Dom ServNorthampton 
144Colliers Farm BRIDGERThomas HWIDR60M1821Farmer of 150 acres (employing 5 lab & 2 boys)Sx Chithurst 
   BRIDGERSarah A. DUM27F1854 Sx F'hst 
   BRIDGERThomas P SUM26M1855 Sx F'hst 
   BRIDGERWilliam F SUM23M1858 Sx F'hst 
   BRIDGERElizabeth DUM21F1860 Sx F'hst 
   BRIDGERPercy S 14M1867ScholarSx F'hst 
   BRIDGERAnnie E D 11F1870ScholarSx F'hst 
   MOSLEYMary A SVTUM16F1865Gen Serv DomesticSx Iping 



Fernhurst History