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The Fernhurst Society

Fernhurst 1871 census transcription (2)

Please note that this data is presented as work in progress.

Fernhurst enumeration district 2:
"Part of the parish of Fernhurst. District No. 2. Comprising all that part of the parish lying to the East of the Turnpike Road leading from Midhurst to Haslemere. Including Bexley Hill, Hurstfold and Bridgeland Farms. Courts and Denyers Farm, Old Henly Hill, Brick Yard and Cottages at Kingsly Marsh. The Whole contains by Estimate 58 Houses and 98 Families."

Data transcribed from Public Record Office sheets RG10-1121-02-01 to RG10-1121-02-18 by Richard Ranft

Original data Crown Copyright
All information on this page copyright of The Fernhurst Society

1. Relation to Head: A Aunt, BIL Brother-in-Law, BOArder, BROther, COUsin, Daughter, DIL Daughter-in-Law, EMPloyer, FATher, FIL Father-in-Law, GD Granddaughter, GM Grandmother, GS Grandson, Head, LODger, MI Mother-in-Law, MOTher, NEPhew, NIEce, NURsing, SD Stepdaughter, SS Stepson, Son, SIL Sister-in-Law, SISter, SOIL Son-in-Law , SVT Servant, VISitor, Wife.
2. Condition: M Married, UM unmarried (single), WID Widow, WIDR Widower
3. Gender: M Male, F Female
4. Year of birth: is estimated from age given in census
5. Where Born: Sx = Sussex, Sy= Surrey, Fhst= F'hst

No. of Schedule Road, Street, &c. and No. or Name of House Houses Uninhabited (U.) or Building (B.) SURNAME Forenames Relation to head of family Condition Age Gender Year of birth Rank, Profession or Occupation Where born
1Green House BERRYGeorge HM27M1844LabourerSx Woolbeding
   BERRYEmily WM27F1844 Sx F'hst
   BERRYMary Anne DUM7F1864ScholarSx F'hst
   BERRYKate D 5F1866ScholarSx F'hst
   BERRYAlice DUM4F1867 Sx F'hst
   BERRYFrederick S 2M1869 Sx F'hst
   BERRYEliza D 1F1870 Sx F'hst
2Fernhurst Green STRACEYJames HM41M1830LabourerHants Headley
   STRACEYSarah WM37F1834 Sx F'hst
   STRACEYEllen DUM16F1855 Sx F'hst
   STRACEYMartha DUM15F1856 Sx F'hst
   STRACEYCharles DUM12M1859Farmers BoySx F'hst
   STRACEYThomas SUM6M1865 Sx F'hst
   STRACEYWilliam S 4M1867 Sx F'hst
   STRACEYEdward S 2M1869 Sx F'hst
3Fernhurst Green VOLLERGeorge HM61M1810LabourerSx F'hst
   VOLLERSusanna WM64F1807 Hants
   VOLLERRichard VISWIDR74M1797LabourerSx F'hst
4Fernhurst Green HEATHEdward HM62M1809LabourerSx Woodmans Green
   HEATHElizabeth WM40F1831 Steep Hants
   HEATHGeorge SUM16M1855LabourerSx F'hst
   HEATHAnn DUM13F1858 Hants Liss
   HEATHHori? SUM10M1861ScholarSx Rogate
   HEATHAlfred Harry S 6M1865ScholarSx F'hst
   HEATHMark? S 4M1867ScholarSx F'hst
   HEATHAlice Emily D 1F1870 Sx F'hst
5Fernhurst Green MORELYHenry HWIDR74M1797LabourerSx F'hst
   MORELYEdward GSUM18M1853LabourerSx F'hst
6Fernhurst Green LUFFWilliam Henry HM24M1847BricklayerSx F'hst
   LUFFFanny WM21F1850 Sx F'hst
   LUFFCharles William S 5 moM1870 Sx F'hst
7Fernhurst Green LEGGATTJames HM46M1825LabourerSy Godalming
   LEGGATTCharlotte WM41F1830 Sx F'hst
   LEGGATTAnne DUM8F1863 Sx F'hst
   LEGGATTAlice DUM6F1865 Sx F'hst
   LEGGATTJohn S 4M1867 Sx F'hst
   LEGGATTFlorence D 2F1869 Sx F'hst
   LEGGATTMary D 11 moF1870 Sx F'hst
   DUDMANWilliam BILUM36M1835LabourerSx F'hst
8  BOXALLThomas HM65M1806BricklayerSx F'hst
   BOXALLSarah WM45F1826 Froxfield Hants
   BOXALLAda Sarah DUM7F1864 Sx F'hst
   BOXALLDora Budd DUM3F1868 Sx F'hst
   BUDDJohn FILWIDR70M1801LabourerNewton, Hants
9  DENYERJames HM55M1816LabourerSx F'hst
   DENYERElizabeth WM48F1823 Sx Iping
   DENYERHenry SUM22M1849LabourerSx F'hst
   DENYERCharles SUM15M1856LabourerSx F'hst
   DENYERSarah D 13F1858ScholarSx F'hst
   DENYERAlice Jane D 9F1862ScholarSx F'hst
10Fernhurst Green BIGNELLWilliam LODUM19M1852LabourerSx F'hst
11Fernhurst Green CHASEJohn HM31M1840Boot Maker & grocerSx F'hst
   CHASEAnne WM26F1845 Sx Lurgashall
   CHASEWilliam SUM3M1868 Sx F'hst
   CHASEJames ApprenticeUM19M1852Boot MakerSx Lurgashall
12Fernhurst Green LEGGEbenezer Henry HM30M1841Publick HouseSx Singleton
   LEGGAnn WM50F1821 Sx F'hst
   PENFOLDCharlotte NIEUM7F1864 Sx F'hst
   LEEWilliam BOAUM55M1816LabourerSx F'hst
13Fernhurst Green SLADEBenjamin HM46M1825CarpenterSx F'hst
   SLADEHenrietta WM25F1846 Fittleworth, Sx
   SLADESarah D 1 moF1871 Sx F'hst
   SLADEWilliam SUM17M1854CarpenterSx F'hst
   SLADEWilliam BROUM55M1816 Sx F'hst
   ELLIOTTGeorge BILUM17M1854LabourerFittleworth, Sx
   PHILPOTTJames NEPUM13M1858 South Lambeth London
   WESTWilliam Edward ApprenticeUM18M1853CarpenterSx F'hst
14Fernhurst Green KINGSHOTTCharles HM42M1829LabourerSx F'hst
   KINGSHOTTJane WM38F1833 Sx F'hst
   KINGSHOTTCharles SUM17M1854LabourerSx F'hst
   KINGSHOTTEdmund SUM11M1860 Sx F'hst
   KINGSHOTTThomas S 7M1864 Sx F'hst
   KINGSHOTTAlfred S 11 moM1870 Sx F'hst
15Fernhurst Green FROGLEYDaniel HWIDR65M1806LabourerSx F'hst
16Fernhurst Green JACQUESHenry HM57M1814LabourerSx F'hst
   JACQUESMary Anne WM50F1821 Sy Haslemere
   JACQUESGeorge SUM20M1851LabourerSx F'hst
   JACQUESWilliam SUM17M1854Farmer's BoySx F'hst
   JACQUESJames SUM15M1856Farmer's BoySx F'hst
   JACQUESHenry SUM12M1859ScholarSx F'hst
   JACQUESEdward SUM9M1862ScholarSx F'hst
   JACQUESKate DUM5F1866ScholarSx F'hst
17Fernhurst Green ROEEdmund HM77M1794Ag LabourerSx F'hst
   ROEMary WM65F1806 Sx Midhurst
   ROEJames SUM25M1846CarpenterSx F'hst
18Fernhurst Green VOLLERGeorge HM40M1831LabourerSx Woolbeding
   VOLLERMary WM34F1837 Sx Bepton
   VOLLERMary Jane DUM10F1861 Sx F'hst
   VOLLERFrancis Harriet D 8F1863 Sx F'hst
   VOLLERCharlotte Emma D 6F1865 Sx F'hst
   VOLLERWilliam S 4M1867 Sx F'hst
   VOLLERHerbert James S 2M1869 Sx F'hst
   HOUNSOMESamuel BOA 10M1861Farmers BoySx Bepton
19Fernhurst Green MILLSGeorge HM35M1836ThatcherSx F'hst
   MILLSEmily WM33F1838 Sx F'hst
   MILLSGeorge Stephen S 7M1864 Sx F'hst
   MILLSAlice Emily D 5F1866 Sx F'hst
20Fernhurst Green FRANCISJames HM30M1841Ag LabourerSx Diddling?
   FRANCISHarriett WM40F1831 Sx F'hst
   FRANCISAlfred James SUM7M1864 Sx F'hst
   FRANCISEdward SUM4M1867 Sx F'hst
   MILTONEdward BROUM74M1797 Sx F'hst
21Fernhurst Green GALEJames HM39M1832GardenerSx F'hst
   GALEJane WM36F1835 Sx Midhurst
   GALEJane DUM11F1860 Sx F'hst
   GALECatherine DUM5F1866 Sx F'hst
   GALEMercy DUM4F1867 Sx F'hst
   GALERose DUM1F1870 Sx F'hst
22Fernhurst Green RALPHJames HM54M1817Ag LabourerSx Easebourne
   RALPHHarriet WM47F1824 Sx Tillington
   RALPHJohn SUM23M1848Ag LabourerSy Frensham
   RALPHJames SUM18M1853Ag LabourerSy Frensham
   RALPHGeorge SUM15M1856Ag LabourerSy Frensham
   RALPHHenry SUM12M1859Ag LabourerSx Easebourne
   RALPHAnrilema? DUM8F1863 Sx F'hst
   RALPHArthur SUM4M1867 Sx F'hst
23Fernhurst Green PULMAN?James Pannel HM37M1834Farmer of 67 acres employing 2 menSy Chiddingfold
   PULMAN?Emily WM36F1835 Sx Iping
   BURNSAlice Elizabeth COUUM6F1865 Sx F'hst
   HOLDENElizabeth Ann SVTUM22F1849Domestic servantSx Iping
24Fernhurst Green LUFFEdward HM48M1823Wood?marshSx Midhurst
   LUFFMary WM48F1823 Sx F'hst
25Fernhurst MORLEYElizabeth HWID64F1807 Sx F'hst
   MORLEYHannah DUM36F1835 Sx F'hst
26Fernhurst WESTThomas HM67M1804LabourerSx F'hst
   WESTMary WM44F1827 Froxfield Hants
   WESTLouise DUM13F1858 Sx F'hst
   WESTLaurie? SUM8M1863 Sx F'hst
27Fernhurst JENNERThomas HM55M1816Ag LabourerSx F'hst
   JENNERLucy WM47F1824 Sx F'hst
   JENNERFrederick SUM18M1853Ag LabourerSx F'hst
   JENNERWalter SUM16M1855Ag LabourerSx F'hst
   JENNERGeorge SUM13M1858Ag LabourerSx F'hst
28Fernhurst GALEElizabeth HWID63F1808 Sx Stedham
29?Wademarsh JAMESWilliam HM54M181710 acres of landSx Stedham
   JAMESJane WM54F1817 Sx F'hst
   JAMESSarah DUM13F1858ScholarSx F'hst
30?Jackets BUSS?Job HM31M1840Ag LabourerSx F'hst
   BUSS?Caroline WM30F1841 Sy Bramley
   BUSS?Mary DUM10F1861 Sx F'hst
   BUSS?Joseph SUM7M1864 Sx F'hst
   BUSS?Job SUM3M1868 Sx F'hst
   BUSS?George FATWIDR81M1790 Sx Lurgashall
31Baldwins MACKRELLJohn HM67M1804FarmerSx F'hst
   MACKRELLHannah WM66F1805 Sx F'hst
   MACKRELLLuke SM30M1841Farmers sonSx F'hst
   MACKRELLEllen DILM31F1840 Sy Frensham
   MACKRELLJohn GS 6M1865 Sx F'hst
   MACKRELLEmily Sarah GD 3F1868 Sx F'hst
   MACKRELLWilliam Hill GS 1 moM1871 Sx F'hst
32Balwins MACKRELLWilliam HM28M1843BlacksmithSx F'hst
   MACKRELLElizabeth WM28F1843 Bramshott Hants
   MACKRELLMary Edith D 4F1867 Clerkenwell London
   MACKRELLJames Luke S 1M1870 Sx F'hst
   MACKRELLAlice D 16 daysF1871 Sx F'hst
33Ashurst CURTISAlfred HM52M1819Farmer of 37 acresSx F'hst
   CURTISJane WM50F1821 Sx Selham
   CURTISGeorge S 14M1857 Sx F'hst
   CURTISAlice D 12F1859 Sx F'hst
   CURTISEmma D 8F1863 Sx F'hst
   CURTISAlice D 5F1866 Sx F'hst
   CURTISAlfred SM24M1847Farmers boySx F'hst
   CURTISAlice DILM24F1847 Sx F'hst
   CURTISAmelia Jane GD 4F1867 Sx F'hst
   CURTISAlfred GS 3M1868 Sx F'hst
   CURTISWilliam John GS 2M1869 Sx F'hst
   CURTISEllen Elizabeth GD 9 moF1870 Sx F'hst
34  VARNSReuben HM35M1836Ag LabSx F'hst
   VARNSEmma WM29F1842 Sx F'hst
   VARNSLeonard S 7M1864 Sx F'hst
   VARNSFrederick J S 6M1865 Sx F'hst
   VARNSCharles S 3M1868 Sx F'hst
   VARNSJohn S 2M1869 Sx F'hst
35  MORLEYLani HM28M1843BricklayerSx F'hst
   MORLEYMary WM28F1843 Sx Northchapel
   MORLEYJames Timothy S 5M1866 Sx Northchapel
   MORLEYJohn S 4M1867 Sx F'hst
   MORLEYJesse S 1M1870 Sx F'hst
36  LAMBERTJohn HM46M1825Ag LabSelham Hants
   LAMBERTJane WM45F1826 Sx F'hst
   LAMBERTJohn SUM20M1851Ag LabSx F'hst
   LAMBERTReubens S 17M1854Ag LabSx F'hst
   LAMBERTElizabeth D 14F1857ScholarSx F'hst
   LAMBERTJohn S 11M1860ScholarSx F'hst
   LAMBERTGeorge S 4M1867 Sx F'hst
37  BOXALLRose HWID88F1783 Sx Easebourne
   BOXALLJane G DWID69F1802 Sx F'hst
   GALEHannah GDUM26F1845 Sx F'hst
   GALEWilliam GS 8M1863ScholarSx F'hst
   GALEAlbion GS 3M1868 Sx F'hst
38Oebourne AYLWINJames HM54M1817Farmer of 63 acres employing 2 boysSx F'hst
   AYLWINEsther Catherine WM49F1822 Sx Lurgashall
   AYLWINAlice Jane DUM24F1847 Sx Linch
   AYLWINEsther Budd GD 10F1861ScholarSx F'hst
39Oebourne AYLWINAlbert Alexander HM26M1845ScholarSx Linch
   AYLWINHenrietta WM29F1842 Sx Stedham
   AYLWINAnne Eliza D 4 mosF1871 Sx F'hst
40Hoebourne Common MORLEYWilliam HM41M1830Ag LabSx F'hst
   MORLEYRuth WM30F1841 Sx Linchmere
   MORLEYJohn S 4M1867ScholarSx Bury
   MORLEYStephen S 2M1869 Sx F'hst
41Courts Farm STEELJames HM40M1831Farmers BailiffSx Easebourne
   STEELEmma WM40F1831 Sx Bignor
   EDWARDSWilliam NEP 4M1867 Sx Easebourne
42Courts Farm BOOKERGeorge HM27M1844Ag LabSx Bignor
   BOOKERJane WM27F1844 Sx Woolavington
   BOOKERHenry S 3M1868 Sx F'hst
   BOOKERGeorge S 1M1870 Sx F'hst
43Bridgelands Farm LUFFEdward H 57M1814Farmer of 320 acres emp 7 Labourers 4 boysSx F'hst
   EDWARDSMary NIEUM40F1831HousekeeperSx F'hst
   LUFFEdmund NEPUM18M1853 Sx F'hst
   JENNEREmily SVTUM15F1856ServantSx Lurgashall
44New Marsh BIGNELLThomas HM38M1833Ag LabSx F'hst
   BIGNELLJane WM36F1835 Sx F'hst
   BIGNELLMargareth DUM17F1854 Sx F'hst
   BIGNELLLevi S 13M1858Farmers BoySx F'hst
   BIGNELLAnnie D 11F1860 Sx F'hst
   BIGNELLLouise D 7F1864ScholarSx F'hst
   BIGNELLAlice D 4F1867 Sx F'hst
   BIGNELLEvalina D 5 moF1870 Sx F'hst
45New Marsh LAWRENCEGeorge HM70M1801Ag LabSx Selham
   LAWRENCEMary WM67F1804 Sx F'hst
   LAWRENCEGeorge SUM34M1837Ag LabSx Selham
46Hurstfold COURTNEDGEWilliam HM52M1819Ag LabSx F'hst
   COURTNEDGESarah WM49F1822 Sx F'hst
   COURTNEDGEWilliam SUM26M1845Ag LabSx F'hst
   COURTNEDGEGeorge SUM18M1853Ag LabSx F'hst
   COURTNEDGEEdward S 6M1865 Sx F'hst
   COURTNEDGEThomas S 3M1868 Sx F'hst
47Overnoon? Farm MARSHALLGeorge HM38M1833Ag LabSx Bepton
   MARSHALLElizabeth WM36F1835 Sx Bepton
   MARSHALLRobert SUM17M1854Ag LabSx Bepton
   MARSHALLLewis S 15M1856Ag LabSx Bepton
   MARSHALLPercival? S 10M1861ScholarSx Bepton
   MARSHALLGeorge William S 8M1863ScholarSx Hoyle
   MARSHALLRosa Kate D 6F1865ScholarSx Hoyle
   EDWICKERDavid VISUM76M1795PensionerSx Tillington
48Bexley Hill GILBERTWilliam HM47M1824Underwood dealerSx Lodsworth
   GILBERTEmma WM37F1834 Sx Holnaker
   GILBERTFrank S 7 moM1870 Sx Holnaker
49Bexley Hill GILBERTJohn HWIDR74M1797Ag LabSx F'hst
50Bexley Hill CAPLINJohn HM36M1835Ag LabSx Lurgashall
   CAPLINCaroline WM32F1839 Sx Lodsworth
   CAPLINAgness D 10F1861ScholarSx Lodsworth
   CAPLINThomas S 8M1863ScholarNorth Ambersham
   CAPELINEmma D 5F1866 Sx Northambersham
   CAPELINWilliam S 2M1869 Sx F'hst
51Denyers COLESJames HM56M1815Ag LabSx Easebourne
   COLESMary WM50F1821 Sx Easebourne
   COLESJames SUM23M1848Labourer & CowmanSx F'hst
   COLESRichard SUM20M1851Ag LabSx F'hst
   COLESRhonda? DUM16F1855ScholarSx F'hst
   COLESMary Ann DUM12F1859ScholarSx F'hst
   COLESKate D 9F1862ScholarSx F'hst
52Denyers RALPHJohn HM78M1793Ag LabSx Easebourne
   RALPHElizabeth WM78F1793 Sx Easebourne
   RALPHElizabeth DUM51F1820 Sx Easebourne
53Henley Hill WESTJames HM50M1821Ag LabSx F'hst
   WESTCharlotte WM46F1825 Sx Easebourne
   WESTCaleb SUM24M1847BricklayerSx Easebourne
   WESTNorth Wyndham GS 4M1867 Sx F'hst
54Henley Hill COOPERGeorge HM57M1814Ag LabSx Grapham
   COOPERJoseph S 12M1859Ag LabSx Grapham
55Henley Hill CHALLENCharles HM76M1795Ag LabSx Trotton
   CHALLENSarah WM74F1797 Sx Easebourne
   CHALLENCharles GSUM24M1847Ag LabSx Easebourne
56Henley Hill VENESDaniel HM44M1827SawyerSx Easebourne
   VENESJane WM44F1827 Sx F'hst
   VENESDaniel SUM17M1854SawyerSx F'hst
   VENESElizabeth D 14F1857 Sx Easebourne
   VENESJane D 6F1865ScholarSx Easebourne
   VENESWilliam S 3M1868 Sx Easebourne
57  GLAZIERJohn HM81M1790Ag LabourerSx F'hst
   GLAZIEREsther WM77F1794 Sx Tillington
   CAGLEYGeorge Frederick GSUM17M1854ApprenticeLondon Islington
58? Cottage PENFOLDWilliam HM30M1841Ag LabourerSx F'hst
   PENFOLDMary WM31F1840 Sx F'hst
59  ANKEREdward HM57M1814Ag LabourerBramshott Hants
   ANKERRose WM61F1810 Sx F'hst
   ANKERGeorge SUM21M1850Ag LabourerSx F'hst
   ANKEREdward SUM18M1853Ag LabourerSx F'hst
   ANKERAnna D 16F1855 Sx F'hst
60Henley Common MOSELEYJames HM50M1821BlacksmithSx Trotton
   MOSELEYFrances WM60F1811 Sy Guildford
61  GLAZIERElijah HM64M1807Ag LabourerSx F'hst
   GLAZIERRebecca WM61F1810 North Ambersham
   GLAZIERArthur S 11M1860 Sx F'hst
62  HARBERRichard HM47M1824Charcoal burnerSx Billlingshurst
63Brickyard MADGWICKJames HM65M1806Farmer of 57 acres emp 3 men 1 boySx F'hst
   MADGWICKSarah WM68F1803 Sx F'hst
   MADGWICKRichard SUM27M1844BoatmakerSx F'hst
64  PARSONArthur HM38M1833 Sx Easebourne
   PARSONSarah WM36F1835 Sx F'hst
   PARSONAmelia Emily D 7F1864ScholarSx F'hst
   PARSONAlfred Thomas S 3M1868ScholarSx F'hst
65Dawes Farm PUTTICKGeorge HWIDR70M1801Farmer 37 acres emp 2 menSx Easebourne
   PUTTICKJohn William NEPUM23M1848Assistant farmerSx Easebourne
   BRIDGERMary Jane NIEUM22F1849HousekeeperSx Easebourne
   LUNNELL?Mary Ann SVTUM25F1846General servantSx Easebourne
66Cooksbridge GRAYSMARSHAlfred HM40M1831Ag LabourerSx F'hst
   GRAYSMARSHDiane WM38F1833 Sx Iping
   GRAYSMARSHArthur SUM15M1856Ag LabourerSx F'hst
   GRAYSMARSHRhoda DUM11F1860 Sx Easebourne
   GRAYSMARSHErnest S 10M1861 Sx Easebourne
   GRAYSMARSHThomas S 7M1864 Sx Easebourne
   GRAYSMARSHAlfred S 6M1865 Sx F'hst
   GRAYSMARSHAlice D 4F1867 Sx F'hst
   GRAYSMARSHKate D 2F1869 Sx F'hst
67Tipples Cottage HARDINGJohn HM32M1839Ag LabourerFrensham Sy
   HARDINGMartha WM28F1843 Grantham Hampshire
   HARDINGCharlotte M DUM4F1867 Frensham Sy
   HARDINGJohn S 3M1868 Frensham Sy
   HARDINGWilliam S 8 moM1870 Sx F'hst
68Tipples Cottage VENESCharles HM45M1826Ag LabourerSx F'hst
   VENESElizabeth WM36F1835 Sx F'hst
   VENESEzra S 9 moM1870 Sx F'hst
69Fernhurst Cross LUFFWilliam HM72M1799sawyerSx F'hst
   LUFFRachele WM70F1801 Sx F'hst
   KINGSHOTTHenry GSUM20M1851WheelwrightSy Lambeth
70Fernhurst Cross HILLJane HUM28F1843Grocer ShopSx F'hst
   HILLCharles Thomas BROUM24M1847CarpenterSx F'hst
   HILLNoah BROUM22M1849CarpenterSx F'hst
71  GREENWAYRichard HM72M1799 Sx F'hst
   GREENWAYAnn WM78F1793 Sx F'hst
   GREENWAYMartha DUM49F1822 Sx F'hst
   GREENWAYEphraim GSUM14M1857Farmers BoySx F'hst
72  MARINERBenjamin HM30M1841Ag LabourerSx F'hst
   MARINERMatilda WM28F1843 Sy Chiddingfold
   MARINERPercy SUM1M1870 Sx F'hst
   MARINERSamuel BROUM24M1847Ag LabourerSx F'hst
73  SMITHGeorge HM47M1824Wheelwright emp. 2Sx Easebourne
   SMITHMary Ann WM44F1827 Sx F'hst
   SMITHMary Ann DUM21F1850ServantSx F'hst
   SMITHGeorge Andrew SUM17M1854WheelwrightSx F'hst
   SMITHCephas John SUM14M1857WheelwrightSx F'hst
   SMITHWilliam Luke SUM9M1862ScholarSx F'hst
   SMITHSarah Jane DUM5F1866ScholarSx F'hst
74  BERRYDaniel HM60M1811Ag LabourerSx Linchmere
   BERRYMary WM58F1813 Sy Haslemere
   SAUNDERSJames VISWIDR37M1834BricklayerSx Lurgashall
   VARNSPeter VISUM25M1846Ag LabourerSx F'hst
75  RALPHWilliam HM21M1850Ag LabourerFrensham Sy
   RALPHPriscilla WM20F1851 Sx F'hst
76The Parsonage MARRIOTTEdmund HarwickHM59M1812Vicar of FernhurstNeedham Suffolk
   MARRIOTTHenrietta WM59F1812 Sx F'hst
   MARRIOTTArthur Haeth SUM20M1851OrganistSx F'hst
   ALDERTONAnn SVTUM23F1848Domestic servantSx Petworth
   COMBESEllen Elizabeth SVTUM15F1856Domestic servantSx Midhurst
77Hogs Hill SLADEJohn HM62M1809CarpenterSx F'hst
   SLADEJane WM60F1811 Sx Grantham
   SLADECaleb SUM31M1840CarpenterSx F'hst
   MARINERJames SOILM35M1836CarpenterSx F'hst
   MARINERFanny DM23F1848 Sx F'hst
   MARINERSarah Ann GDUM4F1867 Sx F'hst
   LEGGATELois VISUM10F1861 Sx F'hst
78  BERRYLouise HWID64F1807 Sx F'hst
   BERRYWilliam SUM42M1829GrocerSx F'hst
   VENESGoen SOILM40M1831Underwood beaterSx Easebourne
   VENESMaria DM37F1834 Sx F'hst
   VENESAlexander Goen GSUM10M1861ScholarSx F'hst
   VENESCharles Edmund GSUM8M1863ScholarSx F'hst
79Sopers Farm HUNTINGFORDHenry HM65M1806Farmer of 45 acresSy Chiddingfold
   HUNTINGFORDHenrietta WM65F1806 Headley Hants
   HUNTINGFORDWalter SM36M1835Ag LabourerSy Haslemere
   HUNTINGFORDAlatilda? DILM27F1844 Sy Whitley
   HUNTINGFORDKathleen GDUM4F1867 Sy Chiddingfold
   HUNTINGFORDWilliam James GSUM2M1869 Sy Chiddingfold
   HUNTINGFORDM Eliza GDUM11 moF1870 Sy Chiddingfold
80Fridays Hill MILLSMichael HWIDR74M1797Ag LabourerSx F'hst
   BERLEEliza HousekeeperUM40F1831HousekeeperBristol
81Copy Hold GALEWilliam HM42M1829PainterSx F'hst
   GALEEliza WM36F1835 Sx F'hst
   GALEKate DUM13F1858ScholarSx F'hst
   GALEJohn SUM9M1862ScholarSx F'hst
82Copy Hold HAMMONDThomas HM33M1838Game keeperSy Chiddingfold
   HAMMONDEmma WM28F1843 Sx F'hst
   HAMMONDJohn SUM8M1863ScholarSx Lurgashall
   HAMMONDWilliam SUM6M1865ScholarSx Lurgashall
   HAMMONDMercy DUM4F1867 Sx F'hst
83? Cottages MILTONDaniel HWIDR35M1836Ag LabourerSx F'hst
   MILTONDaniel SUM12M1859ScholarSy Chiddingfold
   MANAS?Jane SDUM14F1857HousekeeperSy Chiddingfold
   MILTONDaniel FATM74M1797Ag LabourerSx F'hst
   MILTONJane WM67F1804 Hants Bramshott
84Kingsley Marsh MILTONThomas HM78M1793Ag LabourerSx F'hst
   MILTONJane WM77F1794 Sx Northchapel
   MILTONEdward SWIDR47M1824Ag LabourerSx F'hst
   MILTONMary Ann GDUM10F1861ScholarBerkshire Reading
   MILTONGeorge GSUM8M1863ScholarSy Frimley
85  STILWELLWilliam HM35M1836CarpenterSy Frensham
   STILWELLMary WM35F1836 Hants Bramshott
86Turnpike EARSUNKER?William HUM51M1820LabourerHants Kilmistone
   EARSUNKER?Lydia MOTWID73F1798 Hants Kilmistone
87Hatch Cottage SMITHERSEphraim HM23M1848 Sy Haslemere
   SMITHERSHarriett WM32F1839 Sx F'hst
   SMITHERSElizabeth Harriet DUM1F1870 Sx F'hst
   SMITHERSEmily Alice DUM3 moF1871 Sx F'hst
   VOLLERHenry VISUM20M1851Ag. LabourerSx F'hst
88Hatch Cottage SLEMMENSJames HM64M1807Ag. LabourerSx Waltham
   SLEMMENSElizabeth WM60F1811 Sx Lurgashall
89Hatch Cottage SPIERSEliza HM43M1828Ag. LabourerSx F'hst
   SPIERSAnn WM41F1830 Sx Iping
90Hatch Cottage REIGATEJames HM43M1828Ag. LabourerSy Haslemere
   REIGATEHannah WM39F1832 Sx F'hst
   REIGATERobert SUM17M1854MechanicSx F'hst
   REIGATEMary DUM15F1856 Sy Haslemere
   REIGATEJames SUM12M1859Ag. LabourerSx F'hst
   REIGATEGeorge SUM9M1862ScholarSx F'hst
   REIGATEThomas SUM7M1864ScholarSx F'hst
   REIGATEAnnie DUM4F1867 Sx F'hst
   REIGATEMarie DUM2F1869 Sx F'hst
91Tanyard Cottages DUDMANDaniel HWIDR44M1827Ag. LabourerSx Lurgashall
   DUDMANCharlotte DUM18F1853 Sx Lurgashall
   DUDMANAnnie DUM16F1855 Sx Lurgashall
   DUDMANSarah VISWID71F1800 Sx F'hst
92  STACEYCharlotte HWID66F1805 Sx Easebourne
   STACEYAlbert SUM28M1843CarpenterSx F'hst
   STACEYEmma DUM25F1846 Sx F'hst
93Tanyard Cottage PANNELLHenry HM27M1844Ag. LabourerSx Petworth
   PANNELLSarah WM26F1845 Sx Lodsworth
94Tanyard Cottage CURTISWilliam HM67M1804Ag. LabourerSy Cranley
   CURTISKate? WM65F1806 Sx Linchmere
95Green House ETHERINGTONEdmund HM53M1818Smith & FarrierSx F'hst
   ETHERINGTONElizabeth WM57F1814 Sx F'hst
   ETHERINGTONSally DUM14F1857ScholarSx F'hst
   HILLSMary Ann DM27F1844 Sx F'hst
   HILLSCharles Edward GSUM2M1869 Sx F'hst
   ETHERINGTONThomas FATWIDR84M1787 Sx F'hst
   MOSECharles ApprenticeUM17M1854SmithLiphook Hants



Fernhurst History