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The Fernhurst Society

Fernhurst 1871 census transcription (1)

Please note that this data is presented as work in progress.

Fernhurst enumeration district 1:
"Part of the parish of Fernhurst Number One. Comprising All that part of the parish lying to the west of the turnpike Road leading from Midhurst to Haslemere. Including Scotland's Farm, North Park Furnace, Standly Hill, Camelsdale, Marly, Moses Hill, Kingsley marsh the Blue Bell House and Cottages, Van lane and the cottages on both sides including the house at the bottom of Van Common. The whole containing by estimate 60 Houses and 100 Families."

Data transcribed from Public Record Office sheets RG10-1121-01-01 to RG10-1121-01-19 by Richard Ranft

Original data Crown Copyright
All information on this page copyright of The Fernhurst Society

1. Relation to Head: A Aunt, BIL Brother-in-Law, BOArder, BROther, COUsin, Daughter, DIL Daughter-in-Law, EMPloyer, FATher, FIL Father-in-Law, GD Granddaughter, GM Grandmother, GS Grandson, Head, LODger, MI Mother-in-Law, MOTher, NEPhew, NIEce, NURsing, SD Stepdaughter, SS Stepson, Son, SIL Sister-in-Law, SISter, SOIL Son-in-Law , SVT Servant, VISitor, Wife.
2. Condition: M Married, UM unmarried (single), WID Widow, WIDR Widower
3. Gender: M Male, F Female
4. Year of birth: is estimated from age given in census
5. Where Born: Sx = Sussex, Sy= Surrey, Fhst= F'hst

No. of Schedule Road, Street, &c. and No. or Name of House Houses Uninhabited (U.) or Building (B.) SURNAME Forenames Relation to head of family Condition Age Gender Year of birth Rank, Profession or Occupation Where born
1Henley Common (King's Arms) MADGWICKGeorge HM30M1841Licensed VictuallerSx F'hst
   MADGWICKCatherine WM31F1840 Sx Chichester
   MADGWICKMary R D 2F1869 Sx F'hst
   MADGWICKJames S S 7 moM1870 Sx F'hst
2  BICKNELLEdward HM44M1827Agricultural labourerSx Linchmere
   BICKNELLSarah WM44F1827 Sx Lodsworth
   BICKNELLAmelia D 12F1859ScholarSx F'hst
   BICKNELLAlexander S 9M1862ScholarSx F'hst
   BICKNELLEllen D 7F1864ScholarSx F'hst
   BICKNELLBenjamin S 5M1866ScholarSx F'hst
   BICKNELLHarry S 4 moM1871 Sx F'hst
3Henley Common SHIRLOCKJames HM56M1815Agricultural labourerSx Easebourne
   SHIRLOCKElizabeth WM47F1824 Sx F'hst
4  EDWARDSJames LODUM40M1831Lath renderSy Crawley
5  SMITHERSJohn HM29M1842Agricultural labourerSx F'hst
   SMITHERSHarriet WM25F1846 Sx Easebourne
6  FROGLEYRobert LODUM26M1845Agricultural labourerSx Linchmere
7  TRUSSLERJames HM67M1804Agricultural labourerSx F'hst
   TRUSSLERSarah WM81F1790 Sx Stedham
8  PENFOLDJohn HM53M1818Tile makerSx F'hst
   PENFOLDMary Ann WM54F1817 Sx Easebourne
   PENFOLDCharles SUM23M1848Lath renderSx F'hst
   PENFOLDSarah DUM17F1854Assistant -DomesticSx F'hst
9  MORLEYHenry HM33M1838Agricultural labourerSx Linchmere
   MORLEYMary WM36F1835 Sx F'hst
10Henley Common STACEYJohn HM30M1841BrickmakerSx F'hst
   STACEYMary WM20F1851 Sx Easebourne
   STACEYJohn S S 7M1864ScholarSx F'hst
   STACEYWilliam G S 5M1866ScholarSx F'hst
   STACEYFrederick J S 2M1869 Sx F'hst
   STACEYMary E D 2 moF1871 Sx F'hst
11Henley Common WESTIsaac HM39M1832Agricultural laborerSx F'hst
   WESTHannah WM46F1825 Sx Lurgashall
   WESTEli NEPUM17M1854Agricultural laborerSx F'hst
12Henley Common PENFOLDThomas HM48M1823Agricultural laborerSx F'hst
   PENFOLDHarriet WM42F1829 Sx Easebourne
   PENFOLDJames S 9M1862ScholarSx F'hst
   PENFOLDHarriet AD 5F1866ScholarSx F'hst
   PENFOLDThomas S 4M1867 Sx F'hst
   PENFOLDHenry G S 2M1869 Sx F'hst
13Henley Common SMITHERSWilliam HM67M1804Agricultural laborerSx Easebourne
   SMITHERSHannah WM64F1807 Sx F'hst
   SMITHERSDaniel SUM26M1845Agricultural laborerSx F'hst
   SMITHERSThomas SUM22M1849Agricultural laborerSx F'hst
   SMITHERSArthur GS 13M1858ScholarSx F'hst
   SMITHERSJoseph GS 11M1860ScholarSx F'hst
14Henley Common GLAYSHERCharles HM28M1843Agricultural laborerSx F'hst
   GLAYSHERElizabeth WM27F1844 Sx Linchmere
   GLAYSHERArthur S 7M1864ScholarSx F'hst
   GLAYSHERMartha D 3F1868 Sx F'hst
   GLAYSHERRebecca D 2F1869 Sx F'hst
   GLAYSHERSarah D 1F1870 Sx F'hst
   GLAYSHERMary E D 3F1868 Sx F'hst
15Henley Common SMITHERSGeorge HM38M1833Ag. LaborerSx F'hst
   SMITHERSEllen WM36F1835 Sx F'hst
   SMITHERSSarah D 13F1858ScholarSx F'hst
   SMITHERSGeorge S 7M1864ScholarSx F'hst
16Henley Common SMITHERSJoseph HM40M1831Ag. LaborerSx F'hst
   SMITHERSHannah WM36F1835 Sx Easebourne
   SMITHERSAlice J D 9F1862ScholarSx F'hst
   SMITHERSFred S 2M1869 Sx F'hst
   SENNET?Mary AWID76F1795Formerly HousekeeperMiddlesex North
17Henley Common CHASEJohn HM55M1816BricklayerSx F'hst
   CHASEMary WM55F1816 Sx F'hst
   CHASEWilliam SUM22M1849BricklayerSx F'hst
   CHASESarah DUM18F1853DomesticSx F'hst
   CHASEEdward SUM15M1856Bricklayer's laborerSx F'hst
   THOMASElisabeth DM27F1844Painter's wifeSx F'hst
   BURTMary Ann GD 4F1867 Sx Lurgsahall
18Henley Common WESTElizabeth HWID65F1806Farmer of 50 acres (employing 2 lab.)Sx Losworth
   WESTRichard SUM32M1839Lath CleaverSx F'hst
   WESTRuth DUM29F1842DomesticSx F'hst
19Henley Common WESTLuke HM31M1840WoodreeveSx F'hst
   WESTMary Ann WM25F1846 Berkshire Basildon
   WESTKate D 1F1870 Sx F'hst
20Scotland Farm STANDINGHenry HM70M1801Farmer of 219 acres (employing 3 lab)Sx Lurgashall
   STANDINGMary WM63F1808Farmer's wifeSx Woolbeding
   STANDINGWilliam SUM43M1828Farmer's SonSx Lurgashall
   STANDINGCharles SUM37M1834Farmer's SonSx Lurgashall
21Old Telegraph JACKSONJohn HM31M1840Game KeeperSx Woolbeding
   JACKSONMary WM31F1840 Sx Easebourne
   JACKSONJames S 9M1862 Sx Woolbeding
   JACKSONWilliam BROUM22M1849Agricultural laborerSx Woolbeding
22Upper Lodge WESTRobert HM41M1830Agricultural laborerSx F'hst
   WESTSarah WM31F1840 Sx Iping
   WESTJane D 11F1860ScholarSx F'hst
   WESTHenry AS 9M1862ScholarSx F'hst
   WESTGeorge S 7M1864ScholarSx F'hst
   WESTJames S 2M1869 Sx F'hst
23  ENTICKNAPEdmund HM41M1830Agricultural laborerHants North Amersham
   ENTICKNAPEllen WM35F1836 Sx F'hst
   ENTICKNAPEmma D 2F1869 Sx F'hst
   ENTICKNAPGeorge S 1 moM1871 Sx F'hst
   MORLEYFanny DIL 11F1860ScholarSx Woolbeding
   MORLEYEllen DIL 9F1862ScholarHants North Amersham
   MORLEYHannah DIL 7F1864ScholarSx F'hst
24  HOLDERStephen HM48M1823Agricultural laborerSx Easebourne
   HOLDERCaroline WM43F1828 Sx F'hst
   HOLDERWilliam S 11M1860ScholarSx F'hst
   HOLDERSarah D 9F1862ScholarSx F'hst
   HOLDENAlbert S 6M1865 Sx F'hst
   HOLDENFred S 3M1868 Sx F'hst
   HOLDENJames S 1M1870 Sx F'hst
25North Park Farm PRONGER?James HM46M1825Farmer of 200 acres employing 3 LabSx Midhurst
   PRONGER?Mary WM44F1827Farmer's wifeSx Slinfold
   PRONGER?Ethel C. D 16F1855ScholarSx Rudgwick
   PRONGER?James S 14M1857ScholarSx Lower Beding
   PRONGER?Emily D 12F1859ScholarSx Lower Beding
   PRONGER?Edwin S 6M1865 Sx Midhurst
   EDWARDSSusan SVTUM22F1849General servSx Shipley
   WHITEMary SVTUM16F1855General servHants Alton
26Lower Lodge MADGWICKGeorge HM43M1828Farmer of 320 acres employing lab. and 2 boysSx F'hst
   MADGWICKMary WM49F1822Farmer's wifeSx Easebourne
   MADGWICKGeorge SUM22M1849Farmer's sonSx F'hst
   MADGWICKWilliam SUM16M1855Apprentice carpenterSx F'hst
   MADGWICKJames S 12M1859ScholarSx F'hst
   MADGWICKRebecca D 7F1864ScholarSx F'hst
   CROUCHERJohn SVTUM21M1850Farm servHants Froxfield
   SENNER?James SVTUM42M1829Farm servSx Easebourne
   OLDERJames SVTUM19M1852Farm servSx Linch
   LEEGeorge SVTUM18M1853Farm servSx Easebourne
   MISSINGHAMGeorge SVTUM15M1856Farm servHants Liphook
   WAKELINGMatilda SVTUM14F1857DairymaidHants Headley
27Green Hill WESTRichard HM61M1810Ag Lab.Sx Lodsworth
   WESTElizabeth WM56F1815 Sx F'hst
28Green Hill CARPENTERGeorge HM44M1827Ag. Lab.Hants Liss
   CARPENTERMaria WM59F1812 Hants North Marsham
29Moses Hill MAYHEWJames HM70M1801Farmer of 82 acres (employing 3 Lab & 1 boy)Sy Frensham
   MAYHEWRhoda WM64F1807Farmer's wifeHants Fareham
   MAYHEWJoseph SUM24M1847Farm Serv.Sy Frensham
   BASSETJohn SUM18M1853Farm Serv.Hants Liss
   WOOLFORDThomas SUM21M1850Farm Serv.Sx Easebourne
   FIELDEdward SUM12M1859ShepherdSy Woking
30Marley KNIGHTIsaac HM36M1835Farm BailiffBerkshire Englefield
   KNIGHTEliza WM41F1830 Berkshire Beaufield
   LUYJune NIEUM18F1853ServantBerkshire Englefield
31Camelsdale VOLLERRichard HWIDR91M1780Formerly Ag. Lab.Sy Frensham
   VOLLERHannah DUM51F1820HousekeeperSy Witley
   VOLLERIsaac SUM46M1825Ag. Lab.Sy Witley
32  LUNDEREdward HM45M1826Ag. Lab.Sx Lurgashall
   LUNDERJane WM25F1846 Sx Easebourne
33Sheet? SIVYER?John HM43M1828BricklayerSx Stedham
   SIVYER?Mary WM38F1833 Sx Easebourne
   SIVYER?Alice D 7F1864ScholarSx Stedham
   SIVYER?Thomas M S 2M1869 Sx F'hst
34  ROEHenry HM33M1838SawyerSy Thursley
   ROEEllen WM36F1835Sawyer's WifeSy Frensham
   ROEWilliam S 9M1862ScholarSy Haslemere
   ROEHenry S 7M1864ScholarSy Thursley
   ROEEllen D 3F1868 Sx F'hst
   ROEKate D 11 moF1870 Sx F'hst
35Blue Bell Cottage BRIDGERJames HM60M1811Ag. Lab.Sy Haslemere
   BRIDGERMary WM43F1828 Sx Easebourne
36  VOLLERRichard LODUM63M1808Chelsea pensionerSy Haslemere
37  GREGORYThomas LODUM21M1850Ag. Lab.Sy Frensham
38  COOMBESStephen HM29M1842Ag. Lab.Sx Lurgashall
   COOMBESMatilda WM28F1843 Hants North Ambersham
   COOMBESCharles S 3M1868 Sx F'hst
   COOMBESGeorge F S 1M1870 Sx F'hst
39  COLESWilliam HM42M1829SchoolmasterDevonshire Upottery
   COLESMary E WM35F1836SchoolmistressDevonshire Exeter
   COLESAlice M D 13F1858ScholarDevonshire Bideford
   COLESFlorence D 9F1862ScholarDevonshire Parkham
40Blue Bell YULE?Alexander HUM30M1841Practising as a general practitioner MSCM University AberdeenScotland
   GARLANDSarah SVTWID51F1820General servant domesticIreland
   HASLINGJohn SVTUM15M1856ServantHants Liss
41Bell Lane HEATHERWilliam HM46M1825Boot & shoe makerSx F'hst
   HEATHERAnne WM34F1837 Sy Witley
   HEATHERWilliam S 4M1867 Sx F'hst
   HEATHERHenry S 2M1869 Sx F'hst
   HEATHEREdith AD 7 moF1870 Sx F'hst
   CHALCRAGHJane E SVTUM15F1856General servantSx Thurseley
42  KETCHELLStephen HM55M1816Ag. Lab.Sx Lurgashall
   KETCHELLMaria WM48F1823Ag. Lab.Sx Lurgashall
   KETCHELLElizabeth D 13F1858ScholarSx F'hst
   KETCHELLFlora D 4F1867 Sx F'hst
   KETCHELLFrederick S 1M1870 Sx F'hst
43  GALERichard HM37M1834Ag. Lab.Sx Lurgashall
   GALEMary WM21F1850 Sx Thursley
   GALEWilliam G S 2 moM1871 Sx F'hst
44  PUTTICKPeter HM21M1850Ag. Lab.Sx Easebourne
   PUTTICKEllen WM20F1851 Sx Easebourne
45Kingsley Marsh HAMMONDWilliam HWIDR60M1811Farm BailiffSx Chidddingfold
   HAMMONDJane DUM26F1845HousekeeperSx Chidddingfold
46  FORDStephen HM41M1830ShepherdSy Haslemere
   FORDHannah WM36F1835 Sx Linchmere
   FORDRuth D 10F1861ScholarSx Woolavington
   FORDArthur S 8M1863ScholarSx Woolavington
   FORDStephen W S 1M1870 Sx F'hst
   FORDSamuel NEPUM17M1854Ag. Lab.Sx F'hst
47  ENTICKNAPGeorge HM27M1844Ag. Lab.Sx Woolavington
   ENTICKNAPMary WM26F1845 Sx Easebourne
   ENTICKNAPLouisa D 1F1870 Sy Haslemere
48  BARNETTHenry HM30M1841Ag. Lab.Sx Woolbeding
   BARNETTSarah WM38F1833 Sx F'hst
   BARNETTMary D 10F1861ScholarSx Steadham
   BARNETTEmily D 6F1865ScholarSx Woolbeding
   BARNETTRosa NIE 5F1866 Sx Woolbeding
49  HERDEYRichard LODUM28M1843Ag. Lab.Sx Lurgashall
50Kingsley Marsh MILLSRichard HM44M1827Farmer of 6 acresSx F'hst
   MILLSPhoebe WM42F1829Farmer's wifeSuffolk Wangford
   MILLSGeorge J S 15M1856Farmer's sonSx F'hst
   MILLSHorace S S 10M1861ScholarSx F'hst
   MILLSHenry S 8M1863ScholarSx F'hst
   MILLSJohn S 5M1866ScholarSx F'hst
   MILLSPhoebe L D 2F1869 Sx F'hst
   MILLSFrank S 2 moM1871 Sx F'hst
51Kingsley Marsh COBBSamuel HM27M1844Ag. LabSx Linchmere
   COBBMarion WM21F1850 Sy Frentsham
   COBBEllen S 6 moF1870 Sy Frentsham
   COBBMarie AWID82F1789 Sx West Dean
52  BRIDGERJohn HWIDR90M1781Relieving Officer and Registrar of Births & DeathsSx Iping
   BRIDGERJohn SUM27M1844Rate Collectors AssistantSx F'hst
   BRIDGERMary Anne DUM25F1846General Serv DomSx F'hst
53  COOPERGeorge HM29M1842Ag. LabSx F'hst
   COOPEREmily WM29F1842 Sx Lavington
54  MILLSGeorge HM37M1834GrocerSx F'hst
   MILLSKate WM33F1838Grocer's wifeSy Frentsham
   MILLSSarah Ann D 6F1865ScholarSx F'hst
   MILLSMinnie M D 2F1869 Sx F'hst
   COOPERHarriet NIEUM23F1848DomesticSx F'hst
   HARDINGElizabeth VIS 6F1865ScholarSy Haslemere
55Upper Cross DILLOWAYWilliam S HM77M1794Formerly Lath renderSx F'hst
   SILLOWAYMary Ann WM76F1795 Middlesex London
56  SILLOWAYGeorge HM50M1821CarpenterSx F'hst
   SILLOWAYElizabeth DUM13F1858Domestic ServKent Tunbridge
   SILLOWAYEllen D 11F1860ScholarSy Godalming
57  COOPEREdmund WM58M1813Ag. LabSx F'hst
   COOPERHarriet HM53F1818 Sx F'hst
   COOPERKate D 11F1860ScholarSx F'hst
58Spread Eagle WELLSGeorge HM65M1806Licensed victuallerSx Easebourne
   WELLSJane WM67F1804 Sx Easebourne
   WELLSWilliam GSUM18M1853WheelwrightSx Easebourne
   BUCKALL?John VISUM30M1841Stone MasonWarwickshire Rugby
59Fernhurst Cross COOPERAbraham HM52M1819GrocerSx F'hst
 Van Lane North Side1B         
60Van Lane North Side HEDGERWilliam HM66M1805Ag. Lab.Sx Trotton
   HEDGERSophie WM59F1812 Sx F'hst
   HEDGERThomas SUM29M1842Ag. Lab.Sx Stedham
61  HILLJames HM25M1846CarpenterSx F'hst
   HILLSarah J WM26F1845 Hants Medstead
   HILLAnnie E D 5 moF1870 Sx F'hst
62  WYETHDavid HM48M1823GrocerHants Medstead
   WYETHAnne WM46F1825Grocer's WifeHants Medstead
   WYETHLouisa? D 12F1859ScholarHants Medstead
63  MADGWICKJames HM30M1841CarpenterSx F'hst
   MADGWICKRhoda WM33F1838 Hants
   MADGWICKWilliam S 2M1869 Sx F'hst
   MADGWICKGeorge S 1 moM1871 Sx F'hst
64Van Lane North Side STILWELLRobert HM70M1801Ag Lab.Sx F'hst
   STILWELLMary WM71F1800 Sx Chiddingfold
65  MARRINERJames HWIDR62M1809Ag Lab.Sx Northchapel
   MARRINERRebecca DUM17F1854HousekeeperSx F'hst
66  GALEEdmund HM37M1834Bricklayers LabSx F'hst
   GALEEmily WM33F1838 Sx Linchmere
   GALEEllen D 12F1859ScholarSx Woolavington
   GALESarah D 9F1862ScholarSx Woolavington
   GALEFrederick S 5M1866ScholarSx Woolavington
   GALEEliza D 2F1869 Sx Woolavington
67Van Common STACEYGeorge HM40M1831Ag Lab.Hants Headley
   STACEYCatherine WM40F1831 Sx F'hst
   STACEYAlfred SUM20M1851Ag Lab.Sx F'hst
   STACEYThomas SUM16M1855Ag Lab.Sx F'hst
   STACEYHannah DUM13F1858Domestic servantSx F'hst
   STACEYEdward S 8M1863ScholarSx F'hst
   STACEYAnne D 7F1864ScholarSx F'hst
   STACEYMary D 4F1867ScholarSx F'hst
   STACEYSarah D 4 moF1871 Sx F'hst
   BERRYJames FILWIDR80M1791Ag lab.Sx F'hst
68  DUDMANDaniel HM37M1834Wood reeveSx F'hst
   DUDMANEllen WM26F1845 Sx F'hst
   DUDMANEmma D 2F1869 Sx F'hst
   DUDMANWilliam S 11 moM1870 Sx F'hst
   DUDMANShadrach BROUM30M1841Ag. Lab.Sx Easebourne
   DUDMANReuben BROUM27M1844Ag. Lab.Sx F'hst
69  BURTJohn HM32M1839Ag. Lab.Sx F'hst
   BURTMary AWM29F1842 Sx F'hst
   BURTWilliam S 10 moM1870 Sx F'hst
70  BURTThomas HM40M1831Ag. Lab.Sx Linchmere
   BURTJane WM32F1839 Sx F'hst
   BURTHenry S 10M1861ScholarSx F'hst
   BURTMary J D 7F1864ScholarSx F'hst
71Barracks STACEYThomas HM68M1803Ag. Lab.Sx F'hst
   STACEYAnne WM65F1806 Sy Haslemere
   WESTElizabeth DM21F1850 Sx F'hst
   WESTCharles SOILM37M1834Ag. Lab.Sx F'hst
   WEST[infant] GD 5 daysF1871 Sx F'hst
72  WESTJames HM40M1831Ag. Lab.Sx F'hst
   WESTJane WM36F1835 Sx Haslemere
   WESTAlfred S 3M1868 Sx Linchmere
   BICKNELLArchibald SS 13M1858Ag. Lab.Sx F'hst
   BICKNELLYork SS 11M1860Ag. Lab.Sx F'hst
73  BUSSGeorge HM46M1825Ag. Lab.Hants North Ambersham
   BUSSCaroline WM44F1827 Sx Appledram
   BUSSSarah Ann D 12F1859ScholarSx F'hst
   BUSSWilliam S 8M1863ScholarSx F'hst
   BUSSHarriet D 6F1865ScholarSx F'hst
   BUSSJames S 1M1870 Sx F'hst
74Barracks WESTWilliam HM36M1835Ag. LabSx Woolavington
   WESTCaroline WM27F1844 Sx F'hst
   WESTKate D 8F1863ScholarSx F'hst
   WESTAlice D 5F1866ScholarSx F'hst
   WESTFrederick S 2M1869 Sx F'hst
75  MORLYRobert HM68M1803Ag. LabSx F'hst
   MORLYHarriet WM64F1807 Sx Appledram
   MORLYEbenezer SUM26M1845Ag. LabSx Linchmere
76  LAMBERTAnne HWID78F1793Formerley Lab wifeSx Lurgashall
77  COOPERThomas HM27M1844Police Constable Sussex WestSx Kirdford
   COOPEREmily WM27F1844 Sx Yapton
   COOPEREmily R D 3F1868ScholarSx Preston
   COOPERGeorge T CS 1M1870 Sx F'hst
78Van Lane (South side) SUMMERFIELDHenry HM57M1814Ag. LabSx F'hst
   SUMMERFIELDJane WM63F1808 Sx Linchmere
79  GREENWAYDaniel HUM38M1833Farmer 10 acresSx F'hst
   GREENWAYJabey BROUM48M1823Farmer 17 acresSx F'hst
   GREENWAYEllen SISUM30F1841HousekeeperSx F'hst
   GREENWAYWilliam NEP 11M1860Ag. LabSx F'hst
80  MILLSStephen HM41M1830GamekeeperSx F'hst
   MILLSHannah WM44F1827 Sx F'hst
   HOLDERCharles S VIS 14M1857PageSx Aldingbourne
81Hawksfold House SALVINAnthony HWIDR71M1800Architect LandownerSx Worthing
   LISTERAmanda SISWID82F1789-?- RailwaysLancashire Manchester
   SALVINEmmalina DUM37F1834 Middlesex Bayswater
   SALVINEliza ADUM34F1837 Middlesex Finchley
   WHITMOREFrances SVTUM47F1824House LadysmaidSy Blackfriars
   CRAWLEYCatherine SVTUM57F1814Assistant LadysmaidMiddlesex N.K.
   RUM?Ann SVTUM32F1839CookLeicestershire N.K.
   JOHNSONAbigail SVTUM30F1841ParlourmaidSy Garratt
   SIMS?Catherine SVTUM24F1847HousemaidBerkshire Basildon
   UDYMary SVTUM21F1850KitchenmaidCornwall
82Hawksfold ABLEGeorge HM30M1841Gardener Domestic ServScotland
 (Gardener's House) ABLEAmelia AWM33F1838 Kent Dover
   ABLEGeorge S 2M1869 Sx F'hst
   ABLEWilliam S 3 moM1871 Sx F'hst
   HOGBENHarriet E SILUM27F1844Housemaid DomesticKent Dover
83Hawksfold Lodge BOXALLJames HM34M1837CoachmanSy Bramley
   BOXALLHannah WM37F1834 Sy Bramley
   BOXALLFanny D 12F1859ScholarSy Bramley
   BOXALLHarry S 9M1862ScholarSy Bramley
   BOXALLWilliam J S 6M1865ScholarSx Linchmere
   BOXALLFrank S 4M1867 Sx Linchmere
   BOXALLGeorge S 1M1870 Sx F'hst
84Hawksfold Farm HAMILTONJohn HM35M1836Ag LabSx Tillington
   HAMILTONCharlotte WM35F1836 Sx Stedham
   HAMILTONMorice? J S 4M1867ScholarSx Linchmere
   HAMILTONEphraim S 1M1870 Sx Linchmere
   HEDGERLouise F SD 11F1860ScholarSx Linchmere
85  SAUNDERSEphraim H 24M1847Bricklayers labSx Lurgashall
   SAUNDERSEliza S WM21F1850 Sx Iping
   SAUNDERSJames S 3 moM1871 Sx F'hst
86Lower Hawksfold HUMPHREYStephen HM29M1842Ag. LabSx Lurgashall
   HUMPHREYMary WM22F1849 Sx Lurgashall
   HUMPHREYMary Ann D 1F1870 Sx F'hst
87  PENFOLDRobert HM61M1810Ag. LabSx F'hst
   PENFOLDJane WM55F1816 Sx F'hst
   PENFOLDRobert SUM34M1837Ag. LabSx F'hst
   PENFOLDFrederick J SUM13M1858Ag. LabSx F'hst
88Cylinder Cottage FRANCESJane HWID66F1805LaundressSx Northchapel
89  WESTJames HWID69F1802LaundressSx Eastdean
   WESTGeorge SM36M1835Ag. LabSx F'hst
   WESTThomas SUM27M1844Carpenters LabSx F'hst
90  FORDHenry HM44M1827Ag. LabSy Haslemere
   FORDHarriet WM44F1827 Sx Chiddingfold
   FORDWilliam SUM23M1848Ag. LabSx Chiddingfold
   FORDHenry SUM18M1853Ag. LabSy Thursley
   FORDCharles S 10M1861ScholarSx F'hst
   FORDLilly D 8F1863ScholarSx F'hst
   FORDSamuel S 5M1866ScholarSx Woolavington
91  VARNSMoses HM42M1829Ag. LabSx Linchmere
   VARNSHannah WM40F1831DressmakerLondon Rotherhithe
   VARNSSamuel S 6M1865ScholarSx F'hst
   VARNSElizabeth D 9F1862ScholarSx F'hst
   CLARKSarah SILWID33F1838Dressmaker 
   CHARLESJoseph NEP 2M1869 London Poplar
   CHARLESSarah NIE 4F1867ScholarLondon Poplar
92  VARNSThomas HM45M1826Ag LabSx Linchmere
   VARNSSusanne WM39F1832 Hants Liss
   VARNSMary DUM18F1853Domestic ServantSx F'hst
   VARNSHenry SUM12M1859Ag LabSx Woolavington
   VARNSReubens SUM9M1862ScholarSx Woolavington
   VARNSThomas SUM6M1865ScholarSx Woolavington
   VARNSSarah Ann D 4F1867ScholarSx Woolavington
   VARNSJohn S 2M1869 Sx Woolavington
   VARNSLydia D 2 moF1871 Sx F'hst
   VARNSJames GS 4 moM1871 Sx F'hst
93  WESTWilliam HM37M1834Ag LabSx F'hst
   WESTAnne WM27F1844 Sx ?Credsing
94  FORDWilliam LODWIDR79M1792Formerly Ag LabSx F'hst
95  CHALWINMary HWID52F1819 Sx Northchapel
   CHALWINHenry SUM27M1844BricklayerSx Northchapel
   CHALWINWilliam SUM18M1853ShoemakerSx F'hst
   CHALWINMarianne D 14F1857ScholarSx F'hst
   CHALWINEliza D 11F1860ScholarSx F'hst
96  AYLWINCharles HM47M1824Ag LabSx F'hst
   AYLWINCharlotte WM45F1826 Sx F'hst
   AYLWINGeorge SUM21M1850Ag Lab.Sx F'hst
   AYLWINAllen SUM19M1852BricklayerSx Lodsworth
   AYLWINJane D 14F1857ScholarSx F'hst
   AYLWINWilliam S 9M1862ScholarSx F'hst
97  BURTJohn HM39M1832BricklayerSx F'hst
   BURTPhoebe WM26F1845 Sx F'hst
   BURTJohn S 3M1868 Sx F'hst
   BURTFlorence D 1F1870 Sx F'hst
98  CURTISWilliam HM57M1814CordwainerSx F'hst
   CURTISSarah WM76F1795 Sx Woolbeding
99  GARLANDPeter LODM64M1807Navy PensionerDevonshire Plymouth
   GARLANDSarah WM52F1819 Sx F'hst
100  BUDD/BUSSDavid HM42M1829Ag LabSx F'hst
   BUDD/BUSSEliza AWM46F1825 Sx Easebourne
101  VARNSPeter HM37M1834Ag LabSx Linchmere
   VARNSMartha WM28F1843 Sx Linchmere
   VARNSMatthew S 9M1862ScholarSx F'hst
   VARNSPeter S 7M1864 Sx F'hst
   VARNSJoseph S 4M1867ScholarSx F'hst
   VARNSLevi S 1M1870 Sx F'hst
102  HOLMESWilliam HM56M1815Coachman Dom ServScotland
   HOLMESMary Ann WM56F1815 Devonshire Exmouth
103Cylinders House (Lavington Lodge) MELLERSHArthur HM58M1813Captain Royal Navy (Retired)Sx F'hst
   MELLERSHHenrietta Frances WM57F1814Captain's WifeHants Bramdean
   MELLERSHHenrietta ADUM19F1852 Sx Midhurst
   MELLERSHMarc ASUM20F1851HousemaidSy Lower Norwood
   BROWNAnne SVTUM39F1832CookScotland
104Collier's Farm BRIDGERThomas HM50M1821Farmer of 150 acres (employing 4 lab & 2 boys)Sx Chithurst
   BRIDGEREllen WM43F1828Farmer's wifeSx Easebourne
   BRIDGERSarah Anne DUM17F1854 Sx F'hst
   BRIDGERThomas P SUM16M1855 Sx F'hst
   BRIDGEREmily G D 14F1857ScholarSx F'hst
   BRIDGERWilliam F S 13M1858 Sx F'hst
   BRIDGERElizabeth D 11F1860ScholarSx F'hst
   BRIDGERHester B D 9F1862ScholarSx F'hst
   BRIDGERAlice B D 7F1864 Sx F'hst
   BRIDGERJohn H S 5M1866 Sx F'hst
   BRIDGERPercy J S 3M1868 Sx F'hst
   BRIDGERAnnie E D 1F1870 Sx F'hst
   PUTTICKThomas FILWIDR76M1795Retired bootmakerSx Easebourne
   HALLFanny SVTUM17F1854General servantSx Lodsworth
105Stanley Hills MOSSJames HM45M1826gamekeeperHants Headley
   MOSSHarriet WM39F1832 Hants Bramshott
   MOSSGeorge SUM18M1853Ag LabHants Bramshott
   MOSSAnne D 12F1859ScholarSx F'hst
   MOSSHarriet D 11F1860ScholarSx F'hst
   MOSSHenry S 8M1863ScholarSx F'hst
   MOSSEmily D 6F1865ScholarSx F'hst
   MOSSMary D 4F1867 Sx F'hst
   MOSSEdith D 2F1869 Sx F'hst
   PAGEGeorge VISWIDR77M1794Ag LabHants ??
106  DENYERThomas LODUM30M1841Ag LabSx F'hst
107Stanley GLAZIERWilliam HWIDR81M1790GamekeeperSx Midhurst
   MILLSCharlotte M SVTWID55F1816HousekeeperSx Kirdford
108  EDWARDSFrank HM50M1821Game KeeperSx Easebourne
   EDWARDSEliza WM24F1847 Hants Bramshott
   EDWARDSFrank S 11 moM1870 Sx F'hst



Fernhurst History