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The Fernhurst Society

Memories of Fernhurst: coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

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June 2nd 1953, the coronation Day of our Queen, Queen Elizabeth II, is a happy, living memory for us all, never have so many of her subjects been able to take a visual part in their sovereign’s coronation. Fernhurst invited elderly and infirm people to view the Coronation on the Village Hall and transport was provided from their homes. This was a very memorable day for them.

In the afternoon the celebrations were on the recreation ground, the vicar, Rev G F Dow, opened the proceedings with prayer and after the national anthem a very successful children’s fancy dress parade made a charming picture, followed by a parade of gaily decorated perambulators and cycles. The children were given coronation souvenirs and the lucky people who were invited had tea at 4.15.

Later there were the children’s sports and a tableau representing the previous Queens of England and the Commonwealth. This tableau, produced by Miss Boyd, was a great achievement and with supporting choir won all hearts and was enthusiastically entered into by the village. There was a very well chosen cast and the costumes and scenery very true to the various periods represented. The principal parts were taken by Mrs Pitts as Queen Mary, Mrs Burnet as Elizabeth I, Mr Orchard and Mrs Vaschous as William and Mary, Mrs Lucas as Queen Anne and Mrs Duke as Queen Victoria. The theme of the tableau was building the Empire. Elizabeth and Drake reminded us of his journeys round the world. William and Mary encouraged the traders of the world and commencing Empire. Queen Anne, who righted ancient wrongs and so to Queen Victoria and the Empire complete with India. So the Commonwealth which binds our nations in the union of the free, not in subjection but equality.

Represented were the nations of the Commonwealth we know so well, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Pakistan and the smaller colonies. Walford Davis’ Solemn Melody was played and the singing of the choir gave grace, tone and atmosphere to the actors. Community singing was enjoyed later and all listed to Her Majesty as she spoke to her people at 8.55 on this very memorable day, June 2nd 1953.

At 10 o’clock a marvellous bonfire threw its sparks and flames to the sky, thus linking the custom of the first Elizabeth, when joy was flashed across the country.

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