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The Fernhurst Society

Memories of Fernhurst: research 1958

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The WI members who have been especially busy collecting the material and compiling this ‘Book of Living Memory’:

Mrs Saunders – President
Miss Collingwood
Mrs Jack Dudman
Mrs George Ford
Mrs Hare
Mrs Hale
Miss Edmond Smith
Miss Sutcliffe
Miss Tudor
Miss Thompson

In the cause of village research many interesting contacts have been made and ‘do you remember?’ conversations at the WI meeting, on the bus, in the road, whilst shopping or over a cup of tea in members’ homes. In some cases there has been much searching of old papers. It has been fun, living in Fernhurst revisited.

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The Fernhurst Oral History Project was supported by the Local Heritage Initiative. The Local Heritage Initiative was developed by the Countryside Agency and was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Nationwide Building Society.