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The Fernhurst Society

Memories of Fernhurst: the library

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Fernhurst people were provided with books for their leisure hours, at one period by the church library, which was organised by Miss Tudor in the weaving shed at Heart’s Delight. Anyone living in the village could borrow from this library, which was small but comprehensive. The Workingmen’s Club also had a library, known to have been in use in 1926, and non-members were allowed to borrow. Then the Carnegie Library, which had a room in the Village Hall, and now for the last 20 years the County Library has provided reading matter for every section of the village. Twice a week the library is open for members who wish to renew their reading matter, a room in the Village Hall being a very central position, not too far away for most people. Children and elderly residents have their tastes gratified especially.

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The Fernhurst Oral History Project was supported by the Local Heritage Initiative. The Local Heritage Initiative was developed by the Countryside Agency and was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Nationwide Building Society.