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The Fernhurst Society

Memories of Fernhurst: early flower show

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In June 1912 one of the earliest flower shows was organised in Fernhurst. The gardeners joined the Recreation Committee in forming a large committee to make arrangements for the affair to take place on 28 August. It was decided to have three classes of exhibitors: Artisans, Labourers and Children. The gardeners were to exhibit, but not enter for the prizes. A subscription list was started to provide the prizes for the Flower Show and Sports, the expenses to be paid out of the entrance fees and takings at the gate. Sports took place in the afternoon and a promenade concert in the evening. It was a stipulation that all exhibitors and competitors must have been living in the parish (including North Ambersham) or within a two mile radius of the Cross. This Flower Show and Fete was a successful early effort and the forerunner of many more. The year of 1912 was remembered for the very fine quality of the flowers shown and the large number of entrants, which was very encouraging for the organisers.

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