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The Fernhurst Society

Memories of Fernhurst: Scouts

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With what special interest we remember the Scouts who came to see us each year, ‘Bob-a-Job, please’ and what thought to give the right job to the right scout. Truly scouting is a wonderful inspiration. The Fernhurst Scout Group was formed in 1909. They were given an exhibition by the Camelsdale Group who had only been formed at the Easter of 1909. The keenness and good results produced fired the imagination of the Fernhurst lads and what boy of scouting age can resist its fascination. After the exhibition Captain Lambert gave an explanation of the Scouting rules and had no difficulty in forming his first patrol of 12 Fernhurst lads. What a thrill for them and how they would enjoy wearing their uniform. In 1910 Capt Lambert left the district and the vicar, the Rev Barton, took command for a period with Mr Rickhaver giving his service as drill master. It is very creditable that after six months training eight l ads passed the tests and qualified as second class scouts. The course of instruction included scouting, tracking, path finding, drill, swimming and camping, if possible. The Scouts did proceed for in April 1911 a concert was given under the auspices of the Recreation Committee to enable Mr Puttick to buy necessary instruments for a Scouts Band. What a real joy for the lads.

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