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The Fernhurst Society

Memories of Fernhurst: children’s outing

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A very specially remembered children’s outing took place on 20 July 1909. It was a perfect summer day and a happy feature was the response made by the parents and children when appealed to for help. Sixty voluntary subscriptions were made amounting to £1 5s 4d from parents and children. It was wonderful how the farmers, in spite of pressure of work, lent their wagons. Captain Lambert, Alfred West, P Bridger, H Voller, Sir Felix Schuster and Miss Coats all helped in this way. One must not forget the horses and men would do the journey four times to and from Haslemere station. What a difference it would have made to the trip if the 60 adults and 113 children had had to walk to the station from Fernhurst. Southsea looked its best on that day and everybody had a memorable outing. One must add that subscriptions from Fernhurst people and the proceeds of a concert brought the total to £11 19s 8d, which in those days was a very good amount.

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