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The Fernhurst Society

Memories of Fernhurst: ghost stories

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Yes! We have a ghost story in Fernhurst, told by Miss Tudor and Mrs Holes, who have lived in Fernhurst all their lives.

Friday’s Hill House is haunted by a main who appears (always on Fridays) with a tray of drinks. She has been seen in the dining room and going across the road in front of the house. Residents really accept her, but do not find a reason for her appearance, although Friday’s Hill House has twice been on fire.

Whether the ghost who returns your stone from the hedge, if you throw one, is in harmony with the maid once can only surmise. Anyhow, both are in the vicinity of Friday’s Hill House and the story has gone on within living memory.

A very romantic story is told of Cook’s Bridge, a very pretty spot with the river tinkling underneath the bridge. One can well imagine when only horses and horse drawn conveyances were the order of the day and a quietness was over the countryside, that the story of an elopement could be very realistic. The resident who told the story was walking quietly over Cook’s Bridge, in the middle of the road, when she heard horses’ hoofs. So she moved to one side to let them pass, but to her astonishment, the horses did not pass her visibly, only in sound. Then she heard faster and faster galloping horses and a pistol shot. This must have been the ghost of the runaway couple and their pursuers. What a long way for them if they had intended Gretna Green.

There is a belief that Friday’s Hill House is cursed because it was built on glebe land without payment.

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