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The Fernhurst Society

Memories of Fernhurst: nonconformist Churches

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The three nonconformist churches in Fernhurst are all to be found in one street, Chapel Street, which is certainly a unique coincidence. It is remembered that the Ebenezer Chapel was built in 1852 by Mr Manfield. The first place of worship was in the cottage in Henley of Mr Puttick until the new building in Chapel Street was opened. To this day the reading desk from the room in Henley is in use at every service that is held. Twice the chapel was closed through lack of funds and removals of supporters. It was reopened in 1891 by the Pastor of Midhurst and later reopened again in 1914 by the late Mr A W Light, who is remembered as the author of ‘Bunhill Fields’. Services have been continued up to the present time.

The services of the Exclusive Brethren take place in a building that was once a wheelwright’s shop and later a butcher’s shop, until it was finally converted into a meeting room for divine worship.

The Methodists worship in a building that was erected in 1845 by a body of enthusiastic workers, whose descendants remain in the village and keep the tradition.

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