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The Fernhurst Society

Woolavington Tithe Apportionment transcription

Please note that the data presented here are unchecked transcriptions in progress.


TD/W15 - Apportionment of the Rent-Charge in lieu of Tithes in the Parish of Woolavington
14 September 1841.

Transcribed by and © David Coward



Page No. Landowner Occupier Nos. ref. to the Plan Name & Description of Lands & Premises State of Cultivation
Quantities in Statute Measures
Payable to the Rector
            A R P £ s d  
1ALLEN, AnnTURNER, Charles153Yard and Buildings 0030    
   154House and Garden 0132    
   155The OrchardPasture0128    
   156Home FieldPasture617    
   160Arable 315    
   164Arable 2023    
   165Furze and Wood in ArableWood uc1111    
   166Cottage and Garden 0111    
1BAKER, George, EsqWOODS, George William333House, Buildings and Shrubbery 1331    
   335Bottom PiecePasture16023    
   338Cottages an Gardens 0222    
   344Further and Bottom FieldArable4019    
   345Row in Further and Bottom FieldWood020    
   346Hilly FieldArable1314    
   348Long MeadPasture2038    
   349Meadow FieldArable2323    
   350Row in Meadow FieldWood0111    
   351Upper FieldArable4030    
   352Cottage Yard & Garden 0026    
   353Buildings Yard & Lane 0017    
   356Common PiecePasture1338    
1BAKER, George, EsqCARVER, James358Cottage and Garden 0012    
1BAKER, George, EsqCHALCRAFT, James384Cottage and Garden 0039    
1BERRY, JohnCOOPER, William492Cottage and Garden 010    
 BERRY, JohnWEST, Richard491Cottage and Garden 0024    
2BERRY, JohnBERRY, John Jun and another90Cottage and Garden 011    
2BISSHOPP, JamesBISSHOPPO ?, James149PlantationWood213    
2BISSHOPP, JamesREAVES, John98Meadow FieldPasture108    
   157Eastlands Farm Huse & Garden 014    
   158Buildings & Yard 0013    
   161Upper East LandsArable1037    
   162Middle East LandsArable2010    
   163Lower East LandsArable3020    
2BROADHURST, Rev'd ThomasBROADHURST, Rev'd Thomas493Upper NappersWood36232    
2COLEBROOK, ThomasCOLEBROOK, Thomas133MeadowPasture106    
   138Row in Meadow FieldWood0223    
2COLEBROOK, ThomasHILTON, Thomas and another136Cottage and Garden 0113    
 COLEBROOK, ThomasHILLS, Richard139Cottage and Garden 0127    
2DENNETT, Pruett, EsquireDENNETT, Pruett, Esquire293Long MeadowPasture3238    
   296The Long FieldArable13018    
   297Hilly FieldArable1203    
   299The Middle FieldArable12139    
   299aRow in Middle FieldWood0032    
   301Barn FieldArable1202    
   303Barn and Yard 0124    
   304Part of Barn FieldPasture1229    
   306Buildings and Yard 0029    
   307Orchard and Garden 0320    
   331Cricket GroundPasture4212    
   418Cottage and Garden 0026    
   419Site of Old Garden 0032    
      61237   Tithes Merged
3DENNETT, Pruett, EsquireDENNETT, Pruett, Esquire290PlantationWood1215    
   300The MoorWood1002    
   302Part of Bn FieldWood108    
   332Woolavington ComonHeath3123    
3DENNETT, Pruett, EsquireHOUGHTON, Timothy and another291Cottages and Gardens 0116    
3DENNETT, Pruett, EsquireRobinson, James and another305Cottages and Gardens 0023    
3DAMER, MaryAYLWIN, William460ArableArable137    
3EWEN, JohnEWEN, John190ClosePasture0320    
   192Pottery Buildngs & Yard 0320    
3EWEN, JohnTODMAN, Joseph196AllotmentArable021015 
3EWEN, JohnTODMAN, Joseph and another191Cottage and GardenOrchard uc0218 29 
3FISHER, WilliamFISHER, William315High FieldArable4225100 
   310Close WalkArable5136    
   312Hilly FieldArable205    
   313Row in Hilly FieldWood0136    
   314North FieldPasture6111    
   316Beggars Barn FieldArable4312    
   317Middle FieldArable6034    
   318Row in Middle FieldWood0114    
4FISHER, WilliamFISHER, William319WoodWood0236    
   320Appletree Home FieldArable7139    
   321Stable FieldArable2219    
   322Hilltop Homestead 1210    
   324Farm House & Buildings 127    
   325Gardeners Cottage & Garden 0018    
   326Turf House FieldPasture422    
   327Barn FieldArable232    
   328Upper FieldArable530    
   329New FieldArable3220    
      60232   Tithes Merged
4GREENAWAY, SamuelGREENAWAY, Samuel463Part of Lower NappersWood2228    
   464Part of Lower NappersArable0118    
   465Part of Lower NappersArable115    
   466Part of Lower NappersArable316    
   467Part of Lower NappersWood uc3319    
   468Part of Lower NappersArable 036    
   479Cowpens 008    
   487Piece from CommonPasture106    
   489Piece from CommonPasture4030    
4GRACEMARK, John as Clerk of WoolavingtonGRACEMARK, John as Clerk of Woolavington64The MeadowPasture226   Tithe Free
5HOOKER, WilliamHOOKER, William373OrchardOrchard022    
   375Tan Yard & Building 0039    
   377Homestead 0034    
   378Home MeadowPasture2331    
   382Lower MountainArable1037    
   383Upper MountainArable0319    
   420aLittle Under AcrePasture0123    
5HOOKER, WilliamCARTER, Henry374Cottage and Garden 0023    
5HOOKER, WilliamNEWMAN, James376Cottage and Garden 0018    
5HOOKER, WilliamHICKS, Joseph415Long MeadowPasture0322057 
5KNIGHT, SarahCOVER, John270Cottage and Garden 0020    
   271Common FieldArable1136    
   272Row in Common FieldWood0024    
   294Pitsham Mead 0333    
   363Costas Mill FieldArable2121    
   364Row in Costars Mill FieldWood019    
   368Barn FieldPasture2117    
   370Buildings and Yard 0020    
   371Farm House & Garden 0221    
   379Three Cornered FieldArable2312    
   380Row in Three Cornered FieldWood0118    
   388Square FieldArable3029    
   389Long FiedArable3039    
   390High Standing FieldArable2215    
   391Row in High Standing FieldWood0112    
5LYON, Capt'n JamesLYON, Capt'n James436Beech House Lawn & Stables 2030    
   437Garden 102    
   438Kiln Beech tree fieldWood1526    
   441Barn GroveWood1326    
   443Dangston Homestead 0236    
   445The LawnPasture7031    
   446The Five Acres & Homeward LawnPasture7139    
   447The Twelve AcresPasture1205    
   448Part of The Twelve AcresArable0119    
   449Lower BottomArable4218    
   450The WoodWood6023    
   451Plantation in Lower BottomWood1023    
6LYON, Capt'n JamesLYON, Capt'n James452WoodWood138    
   453Row in WoodWood0127    
   456Plantation in Upper BottomWood616    
   457Great Stone FieldWood7310    
   458Little Stone FieldArable3125    
   459Plantation in Little Stone FieldWood2012    
6LUFF, JohnLUFF, John148AllotmentArable020    
   173Limekin PieceArable2338    
   225Homestead 0110    
   226Garden 0110    
   227Pasture 022    
   228House FieldArable7219    
   232The Lower MoorPasture1031    
   234Row in LandcroftWood0129    
   235The Upper MoorPasture2336    
   236Row in the Upper MoorWood029    
   237The Seven AcresArable6333    
   238Common LandArable4132    
   239The Five AresArable5121    
   240Beech FieldArable428    
   241Pasture in Beech FieldPasture0231    
   242Wood in Beech FieldWood019    
   243Broom HillArable4239    
   244Side Hill in Broom HillPasture215    
   245Common LandPasture527    
6LUFF, JohnOSBORN, James nd another246Cottages and Gardens 0238    
6MITORD, William Townsley, EsquireMITORD, William Townsley, Esquire201PlantationWood222    
   208Part of Barnetts Mill PondWater0315    
7MITORD, William Townsley, EsquirePRATT, John199AllotmentArable207    
   204Rough PiecePasture908    
   206Calves FieldArable505    
   207The Six AcresArable626    
   209Flags North of the MeadowFlags0235    
   210Part of New MeadowPasture3127    
   211Home FieldArable6213    
   212Garden and OrcherdOrchard0116    
   213Homestead 0114    
7MITORD, William Townsley, EsquireAYLWARD, Jammmmes202Cottage and Garden 0125    
7POYNTZ, William Stephen, EsquirePOYNTZ, William Stephen, Esquire288AllotmentHeath4021    
   339Fir PlantationWood36132    
   361Tathers Land CopseWood3015    
   402Close WalksWood13236    
   405Road and PastureRoad0117    
   425King John's WalkWood426    
7POYNTZ, William Stephen, EsquireCOVER, John247Lower MeadowPasture1034    
   248Lower Hill FieldArable803    
   249Row in Lower Hill FieldWood0131    
   250The Seven AcresArable618    
   251Row in The Seven AcresWood0131    
   252The Eight AcresArable8017    
   253The Four AcresPasture4230    
   254Part of Sandy FieldArable1216    
   255Hawkers Homestead 0127    
8POYNTZ, William Stephen, EsquireCOVER, John259The Four AcresArable5316    
   256Sandy FieldArable10120    
   261Alder MoorWood1224    
8POYNTZ, William Stephen, EsquireDENNETT, Pruett, Esqre355Further FieldArable1229    
   359Common PiecePasture5326    
   360Further FieldArable3138    
   399Cottage and Garden 0124    
   409Close Walk FieldArable9219    
   410Upper Cow LandsArable837    
   411Buildings and Yard 0024    
   412Upper Ox PastureArable15033    
   414Costars Mill FildArable9326    
   421Lane & PasturePasture100    
   422Upper Barn FieldArable14021    
   423Lower Ox PastureArable15033    
   424Lower Cow LandsArable730    
   427Long MeadowPasture5020    
   429Lower Barn FieldPasture10015    
   430Balls Barn Buildings 0238    
   431Sycamore FieldArable11026    
   432Oat Rick FieldArable10139payable to Mudlens DENNETT, Esq   
   433Part of Long MeadowPasture1133    
   434Part of Long MeadowPasture4335    
   435Part of Long MeadowPasture538    
         payable to the Rector   
8POYNTZ, William Stephen, EsquireLUNN, Martha257Upper Six AcresArable6014    
   258Row in Upper Six AcresWood016    
   260The Eleven AcresArable814    
   262Alder MoorWood326    
   263Long Footway FieldArable708    
   264Row in Long Footway FieldWood0033    
   265Barn FieldArable4030    
   266Barn and Yard 017    
   267The Three AcresArable230    
   268The Four AcresArable3328    
9POYNTZ, William Stephen, EsquireLUNN, Martha269The Six AcresArable6111    
   273Lane & WasteRoad0230    
   274Footway FieldArable635    
   275Row in Footway FieldWood026    
   276Arable FieldArable335    
   277Row in Arable FieldWood023    
   278Alder MoorWood5327    
   279The Seven AcresArable6116    
   280The Two Acres Furzy FieldFurze217    
   282Buildings and Yard 0132    
   283Farm House & Garden 0137    
   284Furze FieldPasture118    
   285The Two & half AcresPasture204    
   286The Seven AcresArable7021    
   340Pond FieldArable6135    
   341Row in Pond FieldWood0130    
   342The Four AcresArable407    
   343Row in The Four AcresWood0025    
9POYNTZ, William Stephen, EsquireMONK, William362Part of Costars Mill MeadowPasture0238    
   365Pasture and Buildings 025    
   367Costars Mill House & Garden 0117    
   372Wity Bed by the MillWood0017    
9POYNTZ, William Stephen, EsquireHALE, John387Allotment FieldArable1232    
   393Lower FieldArable2138    
   394Upper FieldArable2015    
   395Upper FieldArable2011    
   396Lower FieldArable2122    
   397Buildings and YardsArable0013    
9POYNTZ, William Stephen, EsquireSHIRLEY, Charles, Esqre308Flags and WaterWter0138    
   309Pond MeadPasture117    
   309aPart of South PondWater0125    
10POYNTZ, William Stephen, EsquirePALMER, John403House and Garden 0026    
10POYNTZ, William Stephen, EsquireHOOKER, William420Little Under AcrePasture036043 
10POYNTZ, William Stephen, EsquireELDRIDGE, Elizabeth108Wharf Cottage & Garden 015    
10POLLARD, AnthonyPRATT, Charles188Cottage and LandArable0321028 
10POLLARD, AnthonyPRATT, Edward189CloseArable1025043 
10POLLARD, AnthonyPRATT, Edward and another186aCottage and Garden 0037    
10PUTTOCK, ThomasCARTER, John and Another483OrchardOrchard0034    
10PUTTOCK, ThomasBERRY, James488Cottage and Garden 0133    
10PUTTOCK, HenryCARTER, John and Another484Cottage and Garden 0135    
10SARGENT, CharlotteSARGENT, Charlotte11East Tegleaze WoodWood53329    
   12West Tegleaze WoodWood5336    
   17Side HillWood135224    
   18Droke HangerWood4220    
   21Road in Droke FieldRoad0218    
   24Spring Field RowWood2018    
   28Road in Spring FieldRoad0218    
   34School House Garden etc 0016    
   35Carpenters Yard Buildings etc 0024    
   53Warren House RowWood0126    
   58aRoad in Warren House RowRoad0228    
   60Plantation in Warren House RowWood1111    
   80Bushy PieceWood13219    
   81Parsons CoppiceWood1527    
   82Ox Chains Wood & RowWood1000    
   83Dornins WoodWood4509    
11SARGENT, CharlotteSARGENT, Charlotte97Brooks CoppiceWood10021    
   99Brooks CoppiceWood8316    
   131Tays FurzeWood36112    
   140Barrows RowWood029    
   147Little Barrows PlantationWood10030    
   183Part of CommonCommon0238    
11SARGENT, CharlottePELAR, John13Lower Pond FieldArable1400    
   14Upper Pond FieldArable7122    
   15The DownPasture119036    
   78Upper Long MeadowPasture725    
   79Lower Long MeadowPasture7320    
   84Domins Wood FieldArable9128    
   85Part of Granary FieldArable7339    
   86Part of Western Lands Homestead 025    
   87House Field PlotPasture1232    
   88Yew Tree PlotPasture0312    
   89South Yew Tree PlotArable923    
   90North Yew Tree PlotArable1001    
   91Part of Hale FieldArable2211    
   92Lower Barn FurzeArable1111    
   93Lower Barn Buildings 015    
   94Lower Barn MeadowPasture5119    
   95Lower Barn FieldArable11022    
   100Pell Oak FieldArable5324    
   101The Park FieldPasture11338    
   102Half YardsPasture10310    
   104Withy Head FieldArable9226    
   105The Eleven AcresArable1116    
   108Marners FieldPasture7235    
12SARGENT, CharlottePELAR, John110Garden and Orchard 0135    
   112Cottage Yard Buildings 0126    
   113Lodge MeadowPasture11315    
   114The Ten AcresPasture9236    
   115South part of Barn FieldArable10131    
   116North part of Barn FieldArable6112    
   117Old Park LandsArable12010    
   119North part of Seventeen AcresArable7215    
   120North part of Fourteen AcresRough7311    
   121Park Barn and Yard 012    
   122South part of Fourteen AcresArable6134    
   123South part of Seventeen AcresArable9321    
   124Long Eight AcresArable5135    
   125Park or Pond MeadowPasture6236    
   126Sheepwash FieldPasture3022    
   127Lower Nine AcresPasture709    
   128The North FieldPasture3116    
   129The North FieldPasture2228    
   130Peaked North FieldPasture2138    
   141West BarrowsPasture817    
   142Row I West BarrowsWood0213    
   150East BarrowsPasture6233    
   151Hesters CroftPasture105    
   179Part of Western Lands CommonHeath22315    
   180Part of Western Lands CommonHeath5333    
   185Mares MeadowPasture33277    
   216The ReedsArable6116    
   217The Alder BedWood021    
   218The MoorPasture313    
   219Foxbury FieldArable5016    
   222House FieldArable7124    
   223Nashwood Homestead 010    
   229Orchard or West FieldArable6237    
   230Orchard FieldArable5316    
   231The MoorPasture1225    
13SARGENT, CharlotteTERRY, James16The Chalk PitPit3218    
   52Warren House Gardens etc 1210    
   55Part of Terry's MeadowPasture etc0024    
   56Row and OrchardWood etc007    
13SARGENT, CharlotteWELSH, Joseph19Part of Droke FieldArable0018    
   20Part of Droke FieldPasture505    
   22Spring FieldArable22034    
   23Orchard in Spring FieldOrchard0026    
   29New OrchardOrchard018    
   30Old Orchard RowWood0128    
   31Old OrchardArable220    
   33Buildings & Yard 0026    
   57Part of MeadowPasture0013    
   58Part of the LawnPasture43027    
   59Great MeadowPasture31328    
   65Part of Park Furlong etcRoad1115    
   66East Park FurlongArable4310    
   67West Park FurlongArable5311    
   68The Fifteen AcresPast16330    
   69The Nine AcresPasture7322    
   70Pond FiedArable25337    
   71Pasture in Pond FieldPasture1239    
   72Dell HolePond & Wood0234    
   73New Barn Homestead 0337    
   74Barn FieldArable307    
   75The Eleven AcresArable8335    
   76Part of Upper Marl FieldArable909    
   77Row I Upper Marl FieldWood0332    
13SARGENT, CharlotteBYLES,Isabella36Garden Slip 0039    
   37Shrubberry & WalksWood637    
   38Kitchen GardenGarden2021    
   39Gardeners Cottage & Garden 0025    
   40Poultry Yard 0323    
   41Buildings & Yard 0131    
   42Mansion Buildings 0210    
14SARGENT, CharlotteTRIBE, John106Hartleys Three AcresPasture2024    
   107Hartleys Three Acres RowWood0215    
   109The PondsPasture1323    
   118Old Park LandsRough8012    
   132The PaddocksPasture9326    
   134Cottage and Garden 017    
14SARGENT, CharlotteHEDGER, Robert176Part of AllotmentPasture1137    
   177Pasture in Pond FieldPasture0115    
   178Piece of CommonCommon0315    
14SARGENT, CharlotteREAVES, Mary61Part of House pond fieldPasture700    
14SARGENT, CharlottePRATT, Edward186Garden 0038    
   187Arable 0128    
14SARGENT, CharlotteREAVES, Mary and another44Cottages and Garden 0130    
14SARGENT, CharlottePRIOR, James & others195The Parish House & Garden 0118    
14SARGENT, CharlotteHORTON, James133aOrchardOrchard0122    
14STOVELD, WilliamSTOVELD, William469PasturePasture2021    
   472House Buildings 0110    
   473The CylindersPasture1132    
   478Cottage and GardenGarden035    
15TERRY, JamesTERRY, James143PlantationWood027    
   145Part of AllotmentPasture223    
   146Part of AllotmentArable0233    
   146aPart of AllotmentPasture1010    
15TERRY, JamesRANGER, David144Cottage and Garden 016    
15TODMAN, CharlesHILTON, James152Cottage and Garden 035    
15TODMAN, WilliamTODMAN, William135Cottage and Garden 0125    
15WYNDHAM, George, EsquireWYNDHAM, George, Esquire404Part of Wharf and Coal Sheds 0031    
15WYNDHAM, George, EsquireSHEPHERD James1TegleazePasture0224    
   2Tegleaze RowsWood022    
   4Stuggin Pits BottomArable7217    
   6Stuggin Pits BottomArable7325    
   7Stuggin Pits BottomArable2131    
   8Stuggin Pits BottomWood2022    
   9Stuggin Pits BottomArable5213    
   10The DownPasture12927    
15MANNING, Revd Henry Edward (Glebe) MANNING, Revd Henry Edward (Glebe) 45House Lawn & Buildings 033    
   46Jacobs Croft 7021    
   47Orchard 216    
   48Warren Field 536    
   49Kitchen Garden 0316    
   50Buildings & Yard 015    
   43Church and Church Yard 0038    
   386Public Gravel Pits 100    
    Roads 20339    



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