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Woolbeding Tithe Apportionment transcription

Please note that the data presented here are unchecked transcriptions in progress.


TD/W152 - Apportionment of the Rent-Charge in lieu of Tithes in the Parish of Woolbeding
11 April 1839.

Transcribed by and © David Coward



Page No. Landowner Occupier Nos. ref. to the Plan Name & Description of Lands & Premises State of Cultivation
Quantities in Statute Measures
Payable to the Rector
            A R P £ s d  
4POYNTZ, William, Stephen, EsquireSADLER, Edmund1Lower Woolbeding FieldPasture15112   Part of Bepton and Linch Farms
   2Middle Woolbeding Field 13 2 5     
  WELLS, Christopher3Common Piece 0011    
  TURNER, William4Further Woolbeding Field 15026    
   4aLane End Piece 0010    
  POYNTZ, William, Stephen, Esquire299Part of Iron Hill) Underwood      North Lands Farm
 SADLER, EdmundSADLER, Edmund5CoppiceUnderwood0314    
  MORRIS, Robert6House MeadowMeadow3034    
   7House Garden BarnHomestead023    
   8Barn FieldPasture2029    
   9The Three AcresPasture2328    
   10The Six CornersPasture5019    
   10aHalf of Tye land - Brook adjoining 5, 6 and 8.Water0013    
  PURSLEY, Frances163The Seven AcresArable6334   Pigeon Hill Farm
   164Lower Field 5230    
   165Middle Field 4119    
   166House MeadowMeadow206    
   167Little FieldArable207    
   168West Field 5324    
   169Barn Field 302    
5  170House Garden and outbuildings 0215    
   172Coppice FieldArable6118    
   173North Field 4323    
  SADLER, Edmund171CoppiceUnderwood118    
   174Little Coppice 0129    
 SADLER, HenryHALL, Henry154Garden FieldArable4323    
   155Barn Piece 0123    
   156House Garden & OutbuildingsHomestead0036    
   157House FieldArable534    
   158The Six Acres 6212    
   159The Five Acres 5117    
   160The Seven Acres 729    
   161Pigeon Hill Field 5130    
   162The Roundabout (detached) on Pound Common)\ 2071000 
 WATSON, William Henry, EsquireGREENFIELD, George11Muichin LanePasture2122   Tyeland or Tyland Farm
   12The Nine AcresArable833    
   13Bunterdue Field 9213    
   14The Five Acres 522    
   16Brook MeadowMeadow031    
   17Half of Tyeland Brook adjoining 15,16,24, 32 and AOWater0036    
   19Lower ClayfieldPasture2310    
   20Bushy MeadowMeadow0327    
   21Plovetts FieldArable5233    
6  22Kiln FieldArable6230    
   23Clay Field 438    
   24Batton Wood MeadMeadow4322    
   25Pear Tree FieldArable6036    
   26Poets Field 626    
   27The GreenPasture1138    
   28House Garden,Orchard and OutbuildingsHomestead0334    
   29House platPasture2011    
   31Great Sandy FieldArable600    
   32Great MeadowMeadow332    
   34Little Sandy FieldArable1235    
   36Warren Field 3139    
 WATSON, William Henry, EsquireWATSON, William Henry, Esquire15Tyeland Brook FieldFurze & Brushwood5311    
   30Occupation RoadRoad0039    
   35The WarrenHeath & Furze2005    
   37Tyeland Lane and Heathy GroundHeath & Road4218    
   18Pound CoppiceUnderwood2322    
   33Warren Coppice 2224    
   38Lower WarrenFir Plantation & Heath0320    
   39PlantationFir Plantation2132    
   40Alder MoorUnderwood2333    
   41Half of Minstead Brook adjoining No 40Water0012    
 WELLS, ChristopherWELLS, Christopher42House Orchard Garden and OutbuildingsHomestead21310120 
 SPENCER, Lord Robert Frederick, Trustees ofPONSONBY, The Honourable George43PlantationFir Plantation1226   Woolbeding Estate
   44The WarrenHeath48323   Trustees:
   45Warren CoppiceUnderwood1629   BOUVERIE, Sir Henry Frederick, KCB
7SPENCER, Lord Robert Frederick, Trustees of 46Adjoining Minstead BrookOzier Beds2015   BEAUCLERK, Charles George, Esquire
   47Adjoining Minstead BrookOzier Beds108    
   48Adjoining Minstead BrookUnderwood       
  ELLIS, James49Cottage Orchard and GardenCottage Garden Etc0129    
  PONSONBY, The Honourable George50The Severals PlantationFir Plantation119233    
  NAISH, John 51Cottage and GardenCottage & Garden ) 236    
  BRIDGER, George51Cottage and GardenCottage & Garden )       
  HOUNDSOME, Daniel51Cottage and GardenCottage & Garden )0236    
  PALMER, Thomas 52Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden )       
  EDWARDS, William52Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden )1229    
  PONSONBY, The Honourable George54Half of Minstead Brook from where it leaves Tyeland Farm to its confluence with the River RotherWater0319    
   55Woolmers CoppiceWoodland5022    
   60Half Moon Cover 1036    
   61The Hanger 0313    
   63Alder MoorUnderwood0133    
   65Half of the River Rother where it bounds the Woolbeding Estate with the whole of the said river where it runs within the said estate.Water4321    
  BOXALL, Mrs Ann67Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden0029    
  PONSONBY, The Honourable George69Little WoodWoodland0035    
   80Wood 0036    
   82Woolbeding Wood 23334    
   96A Cover 1014    
   107Reeds Hanger 2321    
   109Preserved Ground 4126    
  PRIOR, John117Cottage and Garden 0125    
  PONSONBY, The Honourable George75Long WalkWoodland and Shrubberies3332    
8SPENCER, Lord Robert Frederick, Trustees ofPONSONBY, The Honourable George74Bridge MeadowMeadow327    
   76Kitchen GardenGarden034    
   77Long Walk pieceArable032    
   78Lower Church MeadowPasture2112    
   79Church MeadowPasture8117    
   84Long AvenuePleasure Ground201    
   85Woolbeding House, Shrubberies, Orchards, Gardens, Outbuildings, YardsHomestead6132    
  BOUVERIE, The Reverend I86aLittle OrchardOrchard0035    
   86bAdjoining the GlebeShrubbery0012    
  SHOTTER, Frederick59Lower Furze FieldArable928    
   66Broom Croft OutbuildingsMeadow & Outbuildings17022    
   68Great MeadowMeadow1236    
   70Part of Cottons MeadowMeadow1114    
   71Part of Cottons MeadowMeadow0032    
   72Upper Furze FieldArable1109    
   81Long Avenue FieldArable2702    
   83Aylings MeadowMeadow508    
   86House Garden Orchard & OutbuildingsHomestead2028    
   87Hilly Field and BarnArable & Buildings2618    
   88Wood MeadowMeadow2222    
   89Hocks FieldArable16020    
   105The Nine AcresArable9138    
   106Upper Bottom FarthingsArable7012    
   18Reeds Hanger FieldArable10212    
   94Great Edwards FieldArable15227    
   97Smiths FieldArable15321    
   98Lower Bottom FieldArable714    
   99Middle Bottom FieldArable7128    
   100Upper Bottom FieldArable605    
   101The Eight AcresArable8331    
   130Mill FieldArable13237    
   131New Barn FieldArable618    
9SPENCER, Lord Robert Frederick, Trustees ofSHOTTER, Frederick132Lower Six AcresArable6133    
   133Upper Six AcresArable5323    
   134Upper Barn FieldArable 3 3 31       
   135Barn and Fold YardBuidings 304021    
   136The Ten AcresArable10239    
   137House FieldArable5132    
   138Field Yard and OutbuildingsBuildings0028    
   139Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden0033    
9SPENCER, Lord Robert Frederick, Trustees ofHIDE, John91Humphries FieldArable5333280 
  SHOTTER, Robert102Beech FieldArable12031   East Shaw Farm
   103Farthings FieldArable5329    
   104Lower FieldArable8038    
   90Lower Ladder FieldArable7136    
   92Upper Ladder FieldArable6320    
   93Great Farthings Field & BarnArable 10 0 26 Buildings 2910115    
   95Litle Edwards FieldArable6222    
   110Paling FieldArable808    
   111Upper FieldArable7338    
   112Hornsomes FieldArable5318    
   113Well FieldArable8114    
   114Footway FieldArable629    
   115Hornsomes Five AcresArable4222    
   116Keepers FieldArable3034    
   118Cricket FieldArable5222    
   119Dean House FieldArable7012    
   120Dean House Cottages Gardens and OutbuildingsHomestead0218    
   121West FieldArable4314    
   122Lower House Field and BarnsArable 5 2 3 Buildings 235226    
10SPENCER, Lord Robert Frederick, Trustees ofSHOTTER, Robert123Two Cottages Orchard Gardens and OutbuildingsHomestead0138    
   124East Shaw Farm House Garden Orchard and OutbuildingsHomestead0318    
   125Rick Yard FieldArable1337    
   125aHouse MeadowPasture105    
   126Inner West FieldArable4012    
   127Outer West FieldArable3237    
   128Land FieldArable1310    
   129House FieldArable5010    
  GREENFIELD, George53House Garden and OutbuildingsHomestead0216   Heath Barn Farm
   56Footway FieldArable11131    
   57The Seven AcresArable6328    
   58The Eleven AcresArable11212    
   62East Alder MeadowMeadow0319    
   64Alder Bead MeadowMeadow0317    
10STOVELD, John, EsquireCHALLEN, John175The Nine AcresArable9120    
   176Lime Kiln FieldArable10139    
   177Log FieldArable9337    
   178Six AcresArable6134    
   179Coppice FieldArable10318    
   183Wool Lane FieldArable5018    
  OSGOOD, John180CoppiceUnderwood3037    
   184Little CoppiceUnderwood014    
   187Marsh CoppiceUnderwood1214    
  STOVELD, John, Esquire189The CoppiceWoodland0235    
   190West Field PlantationFir Plantation2222    
   194House CoppiceWoodland0211    
11STOVELD, John, EsquireSTOVELD, John, Esquire198PlantationFir Plantation903    
   199Hill Field CoppiceWoodland0114    
   200Benbrook CoppiceWoodland2314    
  OSGOOD, John191aWest Field CoppiceUnderwood0236    
  OSGOOD, John185Marsh MeadowMeadow3326    
   186Lower Brick Kiln FieldArable2222    
   188Upper Brick Kiln FieldPasture2236    
   191West FieldPasture3038    
   192Lower House Garden and OutbuildingsHomestead0130    
   193House MeadowMeadow4017    
   195Barn FieldPasture411    
   196Broad FieldPasture717    
   197Hill FieldArable2233    
  VOLLER, William181Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden )0112    
  MOSELEY, George182Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden )       
  STEVENS, Thomas201Benbrook MeadowMeadow1037070 
  LUFF, Mary202Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden0030    
11SANDERS, JamesSANDERS, James149Lower FieldArable4223    
   150House FieldArable3130    
   151House Orchard Garden and OutbuildingsHomestead022    
   152Upper FieldArable3218    
   153The ReedsArable5228    
12POOR, Overseers ofDENYER, Robert203part of Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden )0121   Redford on or near Pound Common
  WEST, William204part of Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden )0119    
12OLDER, JamesOLDER, James205Encroachment on pound CommonGarden0023    
   206Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden0116    
12CHALCRAFT, ThomasHALL, Henry207FieldMeadow1020    
  SANDERS, Benjamin208Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden011    
12BOXALL, HenryBOXALL, Henry209Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden0226    
12GREEN, WilliamGREEN, William210Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden1130080 
12SMITHERS, GeorgeSTEVENS, Thomas211Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden0026    
   212Encroahment on pound CommonGarden0021    
12WEST, RichardTERRY, George213Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden0217    
   216Encroachment on pound CommonGarden0025    
  SANDERS, Philip215Encroachment on pound CommonGarden0015    
   214Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden0015    
12SMITH, JohnLEE, William219A FieldMeadow221    
   220Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden0017    
   221part of a FieldArable029    
   223part of a FieldArable0029    
   222Part of a FieldUnderwood0125    
   224Part of a FieldUnderwood0138    
13NAISH, Mr John FoardHARDING, Henry225Plough Inn, Orchard Garden and OutbuildingsHomestead105080 
13BRIDGER, William Milton, EsquireLUFF, William226Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden011    
   227Long MeadowMeadow2116    
  BRIDGER, William Milton, Esquire228Bridgers CoppiceWoodlands5239    
13TAYLOR, Sir Charles Wlliam, BaronetJACKSON, John217Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden014    
   218Encroachment on pound CommonGarden0018    
13TAYLOR, Sir Charles Wlliam, BaronetUninhabited229Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden0121   Hooklands and Reford Cottages and Gardens
  BERRY, George230Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden0026    
   232Brick ShedsBrick Yard0117    
  BERRY, George233Orchard FieldMeadow23320150 
  TIPPER, James231Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden014    
  PURSLEY, John250Hooklands MeadowMeadow4116    
   251Fold Yard and OutbuildingHomestead0033    
   254Barley CloseArable233    
   257Broad FieldArable233    
   258Wood FieldArable322    
   259Parrs CloseArable4038    
   260Shop FieldArable229    
14TAYLOR, Sir Charles William, BaronetQUINNELL, Robert249Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden0129    
  HALL, John and252Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden )       
  SCOTT, Peter252Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden )0315    
  FIGG, George and255Cottage Garden and ShedCottage Garden )       
  STEVENS, Richard255Cottage Garden and ShedCottage Garden )0124    
  GREEN, William256OverhooksMeadow23110140 
14SMITHERS, GeorgeSMITHERS, George317Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden0136    
  HETHERINGTON, Joseph318Cottage and GardenCottage and Garden0028    
14TAYLOR, Sir Charles William, BaronetTAYLOR, Sir Charles William, Baronet234South Long CroftArable513    
   235North Long Croft 5022    
   237Kiln Field 727    
   239Lower MeadowMeadow9035    
   241Barn Close and BarnPasture 3 21 Buildings 27 108    
   242Upper Pond FieldArable4335    
   243Lower Pond Field 513    
   245The Eight Acres 8238    
   246The Six Acres 6118    
   312Part of Ten Acres 1218    
   313Part of Sheep Gate Field 4017    
  BERRY, George247Lower CroftMeadow2210    
  QUINNELL, Robert248Upper CroftArable1214    
 TAYLOR, Sir Charles William, BaronetTAYLOR, Sir Charles William, Baronet236Little CoppiceUnderwood238    
   238Barn CoppiceWoodlands11335    
   240Lower CoppiceWoodlands1216    
   244Pond Patches CoppiceWoodlands6010    
   261Upper hooklands Overhooks, Older Hill & Footway CoppicesWoodlands3136    
   311The Seven AcresUnderwood7213    
   314Sheep Gate CoppiceUnderwood0314    
15TAYLOR, Sir Charles William, BaronetTAYLOR, Sir Charles William, Baronet262Long CloseArable709   Beckonsfield Farm
  SMITHERS, John263Mine Pit FieldArable226    
  PURSLEY, John264Broad ClosePasture1016    
  TAYLOR, Sir Charles William, Baronet265Mine Pit GroveWoodland932    
  LAMBERT, Robert266Hay Field MeadowMeadow2312    
  TAYLOR, Sir Charles William, Baronet267Footway FieldMeadow6032    
  CHIVES, Charles268Webbs FieldArable1008    
   268aWebbs MeadowMeadow0117    
  TAYLOR, Sir Charles William, Baronet269Elmers CoppiceWoodland22318    
   270Mine Pit CoppiceWoodland826    
   272Stable FieldArable5325    
   273Barn FieldArable8110    
   274Catty FieldArable3225    
   275Hedged MeadowMeadow036    
   276Great Hedged FieldArable9221    
   277Hedged Field CoppiceWoodland029    
   278Little Hedged CoppiceWoodland1331    
   279Little Hedged Coppice FieldArable2011    
   280Kiln Field CoppiceWoodland0320    
   281Kiln Field FieldPasture506    
   282House MeadowMeadow10318    
   283Beckonsfield House )       
   284Beckonsfield House Garden Orchard Fold Yard and OutbuildingsHomestead )1318    
   285Elmers Marsh FieldArable935    
   286Three CornersArable6013    
   287Elmers MarshPasture522    
   288Smithers PiecesArable0130    
   289Slip 0134    
   290Troopers PlantationFir Plantation0235    
   291Cottage called the Shepherds Hut, Garden Shed YdCottage and Garden0111    
   292Troopers FieldPasture337    
   293Furze CoppiceUnderwood25224    
   293aPart of Beckonsfield Coppice 3127    
   294Hill House Barn FieldArable608    
16TAYLOR, Sir Charles William, BaronetTAYLOR, Sir Charles William, Baronet295Side FieldArable303    
   296Hill Plantation Fir Plantation24327    
   296aHill Plantation pieceArable1026    
   297Little PlantatonFir Plantation0336    
   298Iron Hill CoppiceWoodland517    
   301Iron Hill FieldArable4210    
   302Smooth FieldArable5124    
   303Plantation SlipArable2328    
   304Barn Field, Fold Yard Barn etc 9319    
   305Barn Field PlantationFir Plantation034    
   306Great Hill LandsArable4232    
   307Hermitage pieceArable0236    
   308Little Hill LandsArable4226    
   309Lower Hill LandsArable824    
   310Lower Hill PlantationFir Plantation1036    
   315Sheep Walk PlantationFir Plantation13026    
   316Sheep WalkHeath7602    
      366038   Tithes Merged
16BOUVERIE, Reverend John AM - GlebeBOUVERIE, Reverend John AM - Glebe140Church and Church Yard 0130    
   141The Rectory House and Buildings, Shrubbery Orchard and GardensHomestead3213    
   142Rectory MeadowMeadow3039    
   143Great MeadowMeadow5319    
   143aHalf of the River Rother where it bounds the GlebeWater0238    
   144The Walk Shrubbery 025    
   145Hollist FieldArable4327    
   146Long FieldArable5129    
   147Orchard MeadowPasture4216    
  QUINNELL, Joseph148Lodge GardenHomestead0010    
16MANOR, Lords of thePONSONBY, the Honble George 319South HeathHeath3130    
  PONSONBY, the Honble George and Others320Pound CommonHeath464332    
  Roads321 to 351  18136    



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