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South Ambersham Tithe Apportionment transcription

Please note that the data presented here are unchecked transcriptions in progress.


TD/W114 - Apportionment of the Rent-Charge in lieu of Tithes in the Parish of the Tithing of South Ambersham 1847

Transcribed by and © David Coward



App. Page No. Landowner's Surname Landowner's First Name Title Occupier's Surname Occupier's First Name Title Nos. ref. to the Plan Name & Description of Lands & Premises State of Cultivation Quantities in Statute Measure Payable to the Impropriator
                    A R P £ s d
1DennettMullins DennettMullins 1Ambersham MeadPasture2139 150
1DennettMullins DennettMullins 2Ambersham MeadPasture 120 29
          2319 179
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 6River by Hombley Mead   31   
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 7The SlipPasture4132186
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 8Clapper field 519230
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 9River by Ambersham Mead  13   
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 10River by Ambersham Mead   27   
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 11Hombley meadPasture1228 120
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 12Garden  112   
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 13House and yard   10   
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 14Yard and Buildings   35   
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 15Yard   25   
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 16Orchard 1028   
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 17Barn fieldPasture2022 126
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 18The SlipPasture232 176
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 19Coppice in the SlipWood1237   
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 20Shepherd fieldArable7233210
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 21Beechy lane fieldArable3032186
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 22Long fieldArable8017336
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 23West fieldArable4091137
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 24Rack fieldArable60222120
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 25Hilly fieldArable92222110
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 26Wood fieldArable7314200
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 27Castle fieldArable6391160
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 28Coppice in the Slip 2129   
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 29Crab tree fieldArable100182136
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 3Yard   19   
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 4House and garden   19   
1DennettPruett SmithTilden 5Garden  36   
1DennettPruett DennettPruett 30Balls herd wood  135   
1DennettPruett DennettPruett 31Balls herd wood 4232   
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 32Part of Top Leigh CommonHeath and Furze1414   
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 33Birch Coppice 6038   
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 34Square fieldArable5329150
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 35Shaw(wood)  37   
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 36Furze field 3333 126
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 37Shaw(wood) 114   
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 38The Hanger (wood)10030   
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 39Well CroftArable3136 150
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 40Rough Wood   13   
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 41Little well croftArable 18 10
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 42Rough in little well croft(wood)  16   
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 43Barn fieldPasture1318 26
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 44Barn yards and Buildings and Rickyard   36   
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 45Garden  10   
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 46House and Gaden  210   
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 47Pond Croft  317 26
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 48Rough(wood)  22   
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 49Black piece 727   
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 50Shaw(wood) 238   
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 51High fieldArable60101126
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 52Way fieldArable63211176
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 53Top Leigh fieldArable9316288
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 54Shaw wood  11   
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 55Shaw wood  20   
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 56Top Leigh rowWood 222   
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 57Nine AcresArable92112126
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 58Shaw Wood  20   
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelChallenJames 59Ten acresArable90322100
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelWyndhamGeorgeColonel60Top LeighWood3220   
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelWyndhamGeorgeColonel61Top LeighWood5124   
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelWyndhamGeorgeColonel62Lane 1235   
2WyndhamGeorgeColonelWyndhamGeorgeColonel63Top LeighWood812   



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