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The Fernhurst Society

North Ambersham Tithe Apportionment transcription

Please note that the data presented here are unchecked transcriptions in progress.


Apportionment of the Rent-Charge in lieu of Tithes in the Tithing of North Ambersham, Parish of Steep, Hampshire 1847
(later part of Fernhurst and Lodsworth, West Sussex)

Transcribed by and © David Coward



Page No. Landowner Occupier Nos. ref. to the Plan Name & Description of Lands & Premises State of Cultivation
Quantities in Statute Measures
Amount of Rent Charge
Remarks added by transcriber
            A R P £ s d  
1BATES, JasperBATES, Jasper1Barn MeadowsMeadow0318076 
   4Brewhouse and Yard-0022    
   5Cottage & Garden-0016    
   7Great MeadowMeadow32301103 
1BRIDGER, WilliamBATES, Jasper8Camel MeadowMeadow11230104 
    VARNDELL HILL FARM       later called Fernden Hill
1LUCAS, JohnLUCAS, John11Mill CoppiceWood614    
   21Mill FieldArable60141100 
   22Shaw FieldArable0038    
   23North Side CoppiceWood26126    
   24Over the Road FieldArable10001100 
   25Wind Mill FieldArable8124140 
   26Brick fieldArable4333100 
   27Old barn fieldArable4018100 
   28Lower MoorPasture4100100 
   29Four Acres under the hedgeWood14237    
   30Lower pond pieceArable112030 
   32Four AcresArable40230150 
   33Gosling FieldArable60271100 
   34Barn FieldArable131103149 
   37Farm Yard-0122    
   38House & Garden-0212    
   39Road to field-0223    
   40Upper MoorPasture4280100 
   41South Down CoppiceWood9131    
   42Nine AcresArable10120200 
   43Cart house fieldArable1234300 
   10Well fieldArable3215082 
   44The Danes CoppiceWood3324    
    LOWDER MILL        
1LUCAS, JohnVOLLER, Richard & HILLS, John13Cottage & Garden-0016    
  VOLLER, Richard14Garden-023    
2LUCAS, JohnLUCAS, John, the Younger 6MeadowMeadow3391139 
   15Lowder Mill & Yard-0020    
   16Mill pond-0339    
   17Mill pond-0332    
   18The roughPasture0330    
   20The roughPasture012020 
2LUCAS, JohnGALE HACK Richard62Cottage & Garden-0121    
2SMART, John BennettSMART, John Bennett9Part of MeadowMeadow0124    
2EWEN, John LemanEWEN, John Leman45North Side Coppice-10224    
   46North Side Coppice-6215    
   47Park and paddockMeadow Pasture3211071410 
   50House & Yard & Building-0221    
   51High fieldArable20300110 
   52High fieldArable53171126 
   53Eshet fieldArable5014150 
   55Man's pitArable4010    
   58West fieldArable5331116 
   59Shalford fieldArable6001126 
   64Pond fieldArable5126176 
   66Barn fieldArable7034    
    BLACKDOWN, REETH AND SHEETLAND       also called Reithe and Sheet Land
3HENRY, JamesHENRY, James67Marsh Coppices-5128    
   75Fir plantations-1110    
   76Oak plantations-1128    
   77Fir plantation-2031    
   78Ridge hill coppice-2221    
   89Sheetland coppice-98216    
   92Coppice with firs-7031    
   93Fir plantation-122    
   94Fir plantation-136    
   97Fir plantation-122    
   98Fir plantation-103    
   100Fir plantation-1221    
   106Road to wood-0111    
   109Reeth meadowMeadow510    
    REETH       also called Reith and Reethe
3HENRY, JamesCHALWYN CHALLEN, William and DEADMAN DUDMAN, James108Cottage and garden-0314    
    WADES MARSH        
3HENRY, JamesTICKNER, George 69Cottage and garden-020    
    SHEETLAND AND REETH       also called Reithe and Sheet Land
3HENRY, JamesAYLWIN, Thomas 74Near Wades MarshPasture42320160 
   83Long fieldArable516100 
   85Lane to barn-018    
   86Barn and yard-0024    
   88Barn MeadMeadow4340150 
   90House fieldArable3250130 
   91Spring field roughPasture50320100 
   95Bowling greenArable6023130 
4HENRY, JamesAYLWIN, Thomas 96March fieldArable8071126 
   96 1/2Long Dean fieldArable33100140 
   99Heathfield (h)anger roughPasture6380130 
   101Broad fieldArable8318200 
   103Violet hillArable30270120 
   105Long fieldMeadow42180141 
   68Wades MarshArable3336115 
    SHEETLAND       also called Sheet Land
4HENRY, JamesBAKER, Richard 87Cottage and Garden-019    
    LOWER HOUSE FARM        
4HENRY, JamesHENRY, James122Coppice-1120    
   126Balls grove coppice-133    
   127Balls grove coppice-0229    
   132Coney burrow-2220    later called Congburrow
   111Layzers-28313    later called Leazer Wood
   138 1/2Row field copse-0320    
    LOWER HOUSE FARM        
4HENRY, JamesCHALCRAFT, Thomas 112Layzers FieldArable8121216 
   114Brick Kiln fieldArable31190126 
   116Lime kiln platWood2226    
   118The WarrenArable3334    
   119House and garden-0323    
   120Pasture fieldPasture4030080 
   121Farm Yard-0133    
   123House MeadowMeadow123191150 
   124Great SmallardsArable7011200 
   125Little SmallardsArable5371150 
   129Jarvis fieldArable728176 
   133Long ruffWood2331    
5HENRY, JamesCHALCRAFT, Thomas 134Strood barn fieldArable1111821211 later called Stroud
   137Row fieldArable92151136 
   152Strood FieldArable4235136later called Stroud
5HENRY, JamesCURTIS, William 110Scout hatchMeadow       
    SURNEY FARM        
5STILWELL, James STILWELL, James 184The SlipWood7328    
   194The long shawWood2227    
   212Furze fieldWood10020    
    SURNEY FARM        
5STILWELL, James CHALCRAFT, Thomas 195Crabtree fieldPasture52110126 
   198Nine acresArable80251176 
   199Rushey piecesArable212080 
   200Little tile fieldArable3010120 
   202High fieldArable7131160 
   204Flat fieldArable602140 
   206Eight acresArable72111100 
   207Furdley fieldArable40340160 
   181Long meadowMeadow1127040 
   182Great tile fieldArable528130 
   185Long MeadowMeadow31130100 
6STILWELL, James CHALCRAFT, Thomas 187OrchardOrchard0011    
   188Two tenements and garden-0039    
   189Yard and pond-0119    
   190Barn and yard-012    
   192Lower barn field-60131711 
   210Upper barn fieldPasture61230122 
   213Potatoe fieldArable31120120 
   215Harnett fieldArable7216150 
6The Rev'd Frederick FORD, Frederick, The Rev'd LUFF, Thomas 139Furze Wood Wood10027   later called Furze Copse
   140Long fieldArable40310140 
   141Three AcresArable32330140 
   142Little plashArable2360100 
   144Great plashArable50300150 
   146Spout coppice Wood930   later called Spout Copse
   147Spout fieldArable32220140 
   148Kill coppicesWood4130    
   149Broom fieldArable3060120 
   151Strood fieldArable4235100 later called Stroud field
   153Kiln fieldArable9233250 
   155House and garden-0032    
   157Farm yard-0132    
   158Rick yard-013    
   159Little field-13210110 
   160Hurstfold field-53251130 
   162Pond fieldArable4136150 
   163Bookers groveArable62371100 
7The Rev'd Frederick FORD, Frederick, The Rev'd LUFF, Thomas 164ShawWood )       
   165ShawWood )0135    
   166Great MeadowMeadow9342160 
   169Westers MeadowMeadow30350146 
   169 ShawWood0121    
   170Long WoodWood1229    
   171Upper WesterfieldArable3190150 
   173Old Womans pieceWood2035    
   174Old Womans fieldMeadow3012080 
   176Lower WestersArable3130114 
7JOHNSON, Henry William Robinson Luttman, The Rev'd JOHNSON, Henry William Robinson Luttman, The Rev'd 178Wood-7036    
   217Fir plantation-638    
   239Firs and Coppice-5115    
    GUNTERS FARM        
7JOHNSON, Henry William Robinson Luttman, The Rev'd JAMES, James 179MeadowMeadow4280160 
   219Rough CoppiceWood133    
   225Eight acre meadowMeadow7239250 
   226House and garden-0039    
   231Little MeadowMeadow1350136 
8JOHNSON, Henry William Robinson Luttman, The Rev'd JAMES, James 233Drove Way-0333    
   234Yard and barn-000    
    HOWICK FARM        sometimes called Hoewck or Hoick Farm
8MITFORD, William Townley MITFORD, William Townley 237CoppiceWood3328    
8CHALCRAFT, Thomas CHALCRAFT, Thomas 242Coppice-7314    
8CHALCRAFT, Thomas JAMES, James 243House MeadowMeadow108   Upper Elidge Farm
   244Cottage and garden-0119    
8CHALCRAFT, Thomas BOXALL, Richard 247Cottage and garden -030   later called White Cottage
8HAMPTON, Thomas HAMPTON, Thomas 254Orchard-0136    
8Lord and Tenants of the ManorLord and Tenants of the Manor2Waste-007    
8Lord and Tenants of the ManorTRUSLER TRUSSLER, Thomas 248Orchard-0029    
   262Cottage and garden -0017   later called Nightingales
8Lord and Tenants of the ManorHENRY, James 71Pond-1338    
9Lord and Tenants of the ManorBOXALL, William and ENTICKNAP, Hannah251Cottage and garden-0136   Later called Tanglewood
9Lord and Tenants of the ManorENTICKNAP, Hannah 250Garden-0116    
9Lord and Tenants of the ManorDEADMAN DUDMAN, Thomas 253Garden-0020   later called The Nook
9Lord and Tenants of the ManorDEADMAN DUDMAN, Thomas 255Cottage and garden-010   Later called Paradise Cottage
9Lord and Tenants of the ManorKNIGHT Henry 257Cottage and garden-0115   Later called Paradise Cottage
9Lord and Tenants of the ManorDEADMAN DUDMAN, James 258Cottage and garden-017   Later called Tree Tops
9Lord and Tenants of the ManorDEADMAN DUDMAN, Thomas 249Cottage and garden -0031    



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