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Lynchmere Tithe Apportionment transcription

Please note that the data presented here are unchecked transcriptions in progress.


TD/W77 - Apportionment of the Rent-Charge in lieu of Tithes in the Parish of Linchmere, West Sussex
5 June 1846

Transcribed by and © David Coward


Page No. Landowner Occupier Nos. ref. to the Plan Name & Description of Lands & Premises State of Cultivation Quantities in Statute Measures Amount of Rent Charge Remarks added by transcriber
            A R P £ s d  
4HOLLEST, HaslerHOLLEST, Hasler344Coppice-0119    
   346Little Grove FieldPasture1322    
   348Cottage and Garden-0136    
   349Garden & Yard-024    
   350Gold HawkMeadow5234    
   351Long FieldArable221    
   352Cabbage FieldArable3211    
   35Six AcresArable612    
   357West TurvallArable3020    
   359Old HatchesArable5119    
   362Nine AcresArable8228    
   365Turvall Coppice-38020    
   366River FieldArable7217    
   367Eight AcresArable6333    
   369Coppice- 116    
   372Two AcresArable2222    
   375Cart House Copse-6130    
   376Lower West CroftsArable3325    
   377Upper West CroftsArable506    
   380Great Shelter FieldWood307    
   381Great Shelter Field CopseWood4334    
   382North West RowWood0127    
   383Little Shelter FieldArable6029    
   386Sheltered FieldOrchard0317    
5  388Coppice-0139    
   389Dial MeadMeadow424    
   391House & Garden-0025    
   394Bottom Croft Wood-3120    
   395Milk Gate FieldMeadow3012    
   398Carthouse FieldArable1313    
   401Barn FieldMeadow2016    
   402Pound MedaowMeadow3324    
   404Eight AcresArable5023    
   40Broom Field Copse-1225    
   406Long MeadMeadow7329    
   407Eight Acre PieceArable2023    
   408Long Coppice-1028    
      18835   Tithes Merged
5COOMBES, JamesCOOMBES, James2Lower MeadowMeadow2211    
   5Orchard- 113    
   8House & Yard-012    
   10Pond MeadowMeadow2317    
   18Grove FieldArable4130    
   19Seven AcresArable707    
   20Barn FieldArable6135    
   21Garden FieldArable4334    
   22Great FieldArable13024    
6  24Chithurst MeadowMeadow524    
   30Church FieldArable229    
   31Bottom FieldArable533    
6STILLWELL, WilliamSTILLWELL, William134-Pasture300    
   136House and Garden-012   Tithes Merged
6EGMONT, The Earl of 108Part of HangerWood2227    
   108aFir Plantation-426    
   202Cricketing Plantation-1939    
   202aPart of HangerRough12332    
   211Hammer RoughPlantation16029    
   277Welch Copse-12012    
   278Welch Copse-7239    
   279Rough HangerWood24232    
   311Pond MoorWood144037    
   336Green Hill FieldWood13220    
   337Great CognorWood58113    
   337aFir Plantation-1217    
   338Green Hill Copse-91027    
   338aBeech Wood-4124    
   334Reeds FieldWood0122    
   341Famhurst Copse-8116    
   342Oak ReedsWood60330    
   435Part of PopemoreCommon224    
   445Part of PopemoreCommon2923    
6EGMONT, The Earl ofJAMES, Edmund210Ridge Common-73132    
   214Six AcresArable624    
   216Potatoe FieldArable813    
7  218Road-020    
   256Part of Court HangerWood213    
   271Lower MoorArable10232    
   272Upper MoorArable9220    
   273Stoney FieldArable534    
   274Wilcox FieldArable8016    
   280Court Hanger FieldArable11319    
   306Great Hurst FieldPasture1226    
   307Upper Hurst FieldArable11114    
   309Low FieldArable7117    
   312Old GardenPasture9221    
   313Upper West FieldArable10032    
   315Low West FieldArable920    
   317Bayards MeadMeadow8224    
   323Little PasturePasture0236    
   324House & Garden-0234    
   325Pasture & OrchardPasture etc130    
   327Great MeadPasture8119    
   331Reeds HillArable12310    
   339Old FieldArable10114    
7EGMONT, The Earl ofVARENS, John430Orchard-0017    
   431Cottage & Garden-0222    
8EGMONT, The Earl ofHOLDEN, John433CrabfieldArable3026    
   446Kiln Reed FieldArable9012    
   449Marsh FieldArable10124    
8EGMONT, The Earl ofCOBBS, Richard297Garden-0126    
8SIMMONDS, JamesSIMMONDS, James123Coppice-2120    
   130Paper Mill etc-0136    
      912   )
            ) Tithes Merged
8SIMMONDS, JamesSMITH, William127Cottage & Garden-0033   )
            Payable to the Impropriate Rector
8BAKER, Rev'd HenryBAKER, Rev'd Henry97Coppice-010    
   106Kiln FieldWood2029    
   109Nattis's CopseWood5218    
   188Fir Plantation-236    
   189Beech Wood-1314    
   201Fir Plantation-1127    
   203Rough OakWood2217    
9  205Plantation-511    
   207Part of Mill LandWood339    
   208Fir Plantation-232    
   215Little Kiln FieldArable2216    
   220Oak ReedArable2014    
   221Waterhole FieldArable5313    
   222Roundabout FieldArable7214    
   241High FieldArable716    
   242Marley CloseArable5036    
   243Stoney FieldArable8018    
   244Butt FieldArable536    
   245Kiln FieldArable216    
   246Long PatchesArable7018    
   247Lower patch RowWood220    
   250Pit FieldArable4327    
   251Garden FieldArable524    
   252Home FieldArable4012    
   253Corner FieldArable531    
   254Barn FieldPasture434    
   259House & Yard-0033    
   261Old Garden-0131    
   263Parsonage CroftArable103    
   266Farm House & Garden-0116    
   270Bottom FieldArable6029    
   282Upper CovesArable3124    
   283Town CovesArable2224    
   290Coves MoorWood2322    
10  293Late BovalsMeadow202    
   300Part of Great MeadMeadow0224    
   301Cobles FieldMeadow215    
   302Cobles Field RowWood0336    
   304Marsh FieldRough3138    
   305Marsh FieldMeadow2033    
   414Reeks LawnMeadow2339    
   416Reeks House and Yard-018    
   418Reeks Upper MeadMeadow508    
   419Firclay Hill House etc-0313    
   420Firclay HillWood63015    
   440Cottage & Garden-0122    
   444Pop MoorWood6132    
10BAKER, Rev'd HenryBIRT, Robert113Level 5 AcresArable525    
   1163 AcresArable3122    
   117Roundabout FieldArable5110    
   120House FieldArable7120    
   121Tunpike Gate FieldArable3117    
   1507 AcresArable7212    
   151Long MeadMeadow418    
   153Part of MeadMeadow1217    
   154Moor FieldPasture219    
   155Moor FieldPasture527    
   168Farmhouse Building etc-012    
   171Dean House FieldArable221    
   181Long CrewtArable326    
11  182ShawWood003    
   184Ten AcresArable10214    
   186Balls FieldArable4030    
   187Heath FiedRough6030    
11BAKER, Rev'd HenryBERRY, John114Golden FieldArable327    
   115Great Sandy FieldArable4111    
   172Garden FieldArable3026    
   173Farm Yard-0035    
   175House & Yard-008    
   17Crooked FieldArable3118    
   179Carthouse FieldHeath6011    
   180Morley Lane FieldArable606    
   194Upper HangerArable4111    
   195Starve AcreArable4217    
   196Flat FieldArable4019    
   197Little FieldArable231    
11BAKER, Rev'd HenryCOOMBES, Richard152MeadowMeadow1124    
11BAKER, Rev'd HenryPASLEY, Samuel284Cottage and Garden-0225    
11BAKER, Rev'd HenryBERRY, Thomas289Cottage and Garden-0127    
11BAKER, Rev'd HenryWHEELER, James291Boxalls fieldArable132    
   292House and Garden-1015    
11BAKER, Rev'd HenryCOBLE, Richard299Cottage & Garden-010    
11BAKER, Rev'd HenryREDMAN, John91RoughPasture034    
11BAKER, Rev'd HenryCLAPSHAW95MeadowArable033   ? John
   99Seven AcresArable710    
   1008 AcresArable8228    
   101Watts Farm Yard-013    
   102House and Garden-013    
   105Kiln FieldArable3017    
   107Hanger FieldArable3227    
   110Long FieldArable8229    
12  112Shop FieldArable328    
   275Wilcox FieldArable7212    
12BRIDGER, MrsLUFF, William and another294Cottage and Garden-0139    
12BERRY, JohnBARNES, Henry421House and Garden-028    
12BERRY, JohnBERRY, John423Cottage & Garden-011    
   426Cottage & Garden-0031    
12CLAPSHAW, JohnCLAPSHAW, John165Garden-0039    
   166Anchor Public House-0116    
12CLAPSHAW, JohnCOOMBES, John1Lower MeadowMeadow2036    
  CLAPSHAW, Charles49House & Garden-0016    
  WINDEBANK Thomas and another156Tenements & Garden-0020    
  WHITE, John and another157Garden-0017    
  HAYTON, James158Cottage & Garden-0110    
12FORD, Rev'd FrederickFORD, Rev'd Frederick42-Plantation2026    
   47Moor Coppice-11036    
   48Part of Moor Coppice-0220    
   49Plantation-0 31    
   223Danley BottomPlantation24019    
13  233-Plantation3317    
13FORD, Rev'd FrederickMADGWICK, Ann15Lower MeadowMeadow1319    
   17Hanger FieldPasture8019    
   32Copse FieldArable525    
   33Copse Field-130    
   34Nine AcresArable900    
   35House and Garden-0111    
   36Farm Yard etc-0119    
   37Rick Yard FieldPasture1319    
   38Eight AcresArable202    
   40Bottom FieldArable4325    
   43Arable FieldArable1039    
   45Kiln FieldArable600    
   46North Six AcresArable634    
   50Moor FieldPasture3210    
   52Middle MeadowMeadow0212    
   54Upper MeadowMeadow214    
13FORD, Rev'd FrederickLAMBERT, Mrs26MeadowMeadow3232    
13FORD, Rev'd FrederickBRIDGER, William23Chithurst MeadowMeadow2110030 
13FORD, Rev'd FrederickCHALCRAFT, Elizabeth25-Pasture114    
   224Upper FieldArable3012    
   225Kiln FieldArable4125    
   226Barn FieldArable3212    
14  228Danley BottomMeadow329    
   230Farm House & Buildings-0027    
   232Garden FieldArable6334    
   237Three Cornere FieldArable1217    
   240Furze FieldArable2114    
   286Harley MeadowMeadow2317    
14FORD, Rev'd FrederickCOOMBES, James13GroveMeadow206060 
14FORD, Rev'd FrederickREDMAN, James and others93Cottage & Garden-0030    
   94Cottage & Garden-0139    
14FORD, Rev'd FrederickPASLEY, Samuel285ArableArable1227076 
14FORD, Rev'd FrederickLASSAM, James57Barn MeadowMeadow1311    
   58House Copse-1118    
   60House and Garden-018    
   62Thatched House MeadMeadow0124    
   63House FieldPasture128    
   64Ash HillMeadow2214    
   65Rick Yard-0221    
   66Rick Yard-025    
   67Stable CopseWood1035    
   68Kiln FieldWood100    
   70Lower MoorMeadow4124    
   71Little MeadMeadow1026    
   73Saw Pit FieldArable3114    
   75Quarry FieldArable2225    
   77Quarry Copse-2127    
   78Gillams FieldArable3139    
   80Hanger FieldArable2028    
15  82Old CopseWood1838    
   83Rick FieldArable224    
   84Hatch FieldArable3022    
   86Moor CopseWood16215    
   89Upper MoorPasture2324    
15HOLTSTHOMAS, Gregory148House & Garden-0034    
   160House and Garden-0132    
15LUCAS, JamesLUCAS, James370Linchmere FieldArable4329    
15MADGWICK, AnnMADGWICK, Ann161Rough-0023    
15MADGWICK, AnnCAVEN162Garden-0026    
15MINER, EdwardMINER, Edward295Cottage & Gden-018    
15MARTIN, MaryMINER, James296Cottage and Garden-024    
15OLIVER, GeorgeOLIVER, George141Shotter Mill-0013    
15STILLWELL, JohnSTILLWELL, Abraham139Water-0010    
   140House & Garden-0123    
16SMITHER, CharlesCOLES, James and others287Cottage & Garden-0123    
16MANOR, Lord of theTAYLOR, Sir Charles28Yard-0016    
16MANOR, Lord of theROW, Jonathon87Garden-0130    
16MANOR, Lord of theWHEELER213aGarden-0213    
16MANOR, Lord of theWEST, Richard412Garden-0120    
16MANOR, Lord of theDAWS, Edward88Cottage & Garden-027    
16MANOR, Lord of theVOLLER, James191ArableArable025    
16MANOR, Lord of theRONEING, William192ArableArable0210    
16MANOR, Lord of theOLIVER, George146PasturePasture014    
16MANOR, Lord of theROW, Edward and others212Garden-2212    
16MANOR, Lord of theVARNS, William413Garden-0321    
16MANOR, Lord of theBERRY, James410Garden-0113    
16MANOR, Lord of theBERRY, John422ArableArable0217    
16MANOR, Lord of theOLDERS, John427ArableArable0211    
16MANOR, Lord of theBERRY, William428Orchard-0025    
16MANOR, Lord of theChurch & Church Yard265--012    
17   Waste Lands Roads etc -24810    
   122Waste -0120    
   451Little Marley Common-3323    
   343Green Hill Lane-500    



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