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The Fernhurst Society

Easebourne Tithe Apportionment transcription

Please note that the data presented here are unchecked transcriptions in progress.


TD/W45 - Apportionment of the Rent-Charge in lieu of Tithes in the Parish of Easebourne, West Sussex
2nd July 1847

Transcribed by and © David Coward



Page No. Landowner Occupier Nos. ref. to the Plan Name & Description of Lands & Premises State of Cultivation Quantities in Statute Measure Amount of Rent Charge Remarks
            A R P £ s d  
1ARCHER, JohnARCHER, John194Cottage and Garden-0027    
 HENTY, George and RobertLUFF, George311The White Horse Public House-022    
 TIPPER, JohnCARVER, Henry & another286Two Tenements-10280911 
 BUDD, William, devisees ofGEVIS, Henry292Cottage and Garden-0036    
 BAKER, StephenBAKER, Stephen424Cottage and Garden-012    
 WEST, WilliamWEST, William517Cottage and Garden-0113    
 CAPRON, SarahCAPRON, Sarah276Cottage and Garden-0029    
 CHALCRAFT, ThomasCHALCRAFT, Thomas178Cottage and Garden-0011    
  LICKFOLD, Edward178aWheelwright Shop & Yard-       
    TODHAM FARM        
 DENNETT, MullensDENNETT, Mullens61The Great MeadMeadow60351160 
   62The MeadMeadow023036 
   64House and Orchard-31300176 
   65Todham Farm Yard-037    
   68Arable FieldArable3210186 
   69Great FieldArable17204176 
   70Barn and Yard-0023    
   71Cottage and Garden-0029    
   74Lime Kiln RoughWood2 6    
   75Outer Poor FieldArable50321100 
   79Great Todham RoughWood47326    
   80Great Todham RoughWood2028    
   81Fir Plantation-44021    
2  82Part of Fir Plantation-0129    
   93Upper TodhamArable8318276 
   94Lower TodhamArable8320276 
   97Limekiln FieldArable141323176 
   98Fifteen AcresArable1500400 
   99Barn FieldArable9137    
   107Well fieldArable11135410 
   393Furze FieldWood6320    
   394Furze FieldWood2235    
      231 0 35 30 10 0  
  SANDERS, Thomas283Farm Yard-0115    
   285Farm Yard-0122    
   360Limekiln FieldArable190266100 
   390Nine AcresArable9036210 
   391Fir Plantation-10226    
   396East ReedsArable3230180 
   398Great ReedsArable71131176 
   399Long ReedsArable21220120 
   413Upper Bailys fieldArable5191100 
   420Lower Bailys fieldArable5101100 
    DODSLEY FARM        
 DENNETT, PruettDENNETT, Pruett327Vanzell fieldArable1137636 
   335Cottage barn and Yard-0113    
   336Gravel fieldArable12015656 
3  436Dodway Farm House and garden-0134    
   439Dodsley fieldArable27001400 
   440West Upper fieldArable6103120 
   441East Upper fieldArable6253136 
   465Fir plantation-0018    
 DAMER, WilliamDAMER, William310House and garden-026    
  TRUSLER, William310aCottage-001    
  STONER, William310bCottage-001    
 DAMER, JamesDAMER, James and others318Three Tenements-0019    
    LOCKS FARM        
 DAMER, SarahDAMER, Sarah655Upper fieldArable1122080 
   656Barn and Yard-0017    
   661The fieldArable3316123 
  DAMER, Sarah and others657Three Tenements-0139    
 HOOKER, WilliamDABBS, Robert197Cottage Garden-0026    
  STONER, Widow198Cottage and garden-005    
 GLAZIER, WilliamGLAZIER, William and others307Two Tenements-009    
 DUMMER, ThomasDUMMER, Thomas202Cottage and Garden-0332    
 HARPER, ThomasHARPER, Thomas277Cottage and Garden-0013    
 WOOLGAR, CharlesOLDER, William and another425Two Tenements-0126    
4WOOLGAR, JamesWOOLGAR, James and another312Two Tenements-0019    
 LAMBERT, Mrs, The Devisees ofSEVRES, The Rev'd J E D304House and garden-0133050 
  STUBINGTON, John350Siminous fieldArable13290150 
  STONER, William351Cottage and Garden-1100911 
 WINTER, ThomasSANDERS, Henry and others305Tenement and Butchers Shop-0036    
   319Public House-0027   ? If The Holly Bush
 LUFF, GeorgeCARTER, Henry and another308Two Tenements 0020    
 LUFF, ElizabethBAKER, John461Cottage and Garden-101    
 MARTIN, ThomasMARTIN, Thomas199Orchard-1022    
   200Three Tenemants-0024    
   279Two Cottages & gardens 0037    
 MIDHURST UNION, The Guardians of theMIDHURST UNION, The Guardians of the433Garden-2017    
   448Union Workhouse-0025    
   449Union Workhouse-206    
   450The Workhouse Garden-206    
 NORFOLK, The Duke ofNORFOLK, The Duke of344aEasebourne Pound-002    
 PUTTICK, GeorgeOSGOOD and others306Four Tenements-0011    
5PUTTICK Thomas, JuniorPUTTICK Thomas, Junior519House and Court-0010    
  BOXALL, James520House and garden-008    
  CURTIS, William520aHouse-0036    
  ELDRIDGE, William539Garden-0215    
   540Cottage and garden-0018    
 PUTTICK, GeorgePUTTICK, George321Cottage and Shed-005    
 PONSONBY The Honorable GeorgePONSONBY The Honorable George609Coppice-0123    
   628Hurst HillWood13022    
   665Hollist Common-6535    
    HOLLIST FARM        
  MERRITT, William610Spring MeadMeadow1220089 
   612Farm Yard-0117    
   613Hollist Yard-0011    
   618Rick yard-0016    
   619Hollist PasturePasture1221    
   620Coppice fieldArable50131120 
   621Cherry tree fieldArable6122240 
  HARPER, Thomas615Cottage and garden-007    
  LINTOTT, John616Garden-0015    
  GOBLE, John617Garden-0015    
  MERRITT, James617aThree Tenements-003    
6 PONSONBY The Honorable George627Cottage and Orchard-1117    
  TROWER, Joseph625Cottage and garden-013    
   624Orchard fieldArable82335100 
   630Old eleven AcresArable9396100 
   631Old six AcresArable517340 
   632Eight AcresArable8027500 
   633Barn fieldArable81234171 
   636Barn and Yard-0027    
 RALPH, ThomasBEECHER, Ann426Cottage and garden-0029    
 TURNPIKE ROAD, Trustees ofDOREY, Thomas344Turnpike House-0018    
 WINTER, ThomasJENNER, Thoms45Easebourne Mead, part of-0136030 
    WESTS FARM        
  WINTER, Thomas195Two Tenements-0034    
   196The MeadMeadow22330176 
   295House and garden-0124    
   296Farm Yard-0037    
   298House CroftArable2327196 
   412Knight fieldArable6030276 
   416Road fieldArable40251186 
   417Short AcreArable532300 
   421Burnt house fieldArable308100 
   466Kempfield Coppice-331    
   468aFir Plantaion-28027    
   469 1/2Fir PlantationWood101    
7  471Sawpit fieldArable31390110 
   472Great fieldArable6220110 
   473Pond fieldArable41170158 
 SHOTTER, RobertSHOTTER, Robert443MarefieldArable3026120 
   640Six AcresArable6012280 
   643House and garden-0119023 
   644Farm Yard and lane-0118    
   658Seven AcresArable71352160 
   666Upper Common-6233    
   667Furze field Coppice-3323    
   669Eight AcresArable80381160 
   670Limekiln fieldArable53301100 
   671Limekiln field Coppice-6322    
   672Little fieldPasture22300113 
   673Lower Common-3128    
   674Common fieldPasture8230160 
   676Beech Coppice-011    
   677Beech Coppice-011    
   678Beech Coppice-035    
   679Long ReedsArable4030199 
   680Peaked ReedsArable8114240 
 SANDERS,ThomasJENNER, Thomas42Part of Easebourne MeadowMeadow21230150 
    REDGATE FARM        
  SANDERS,Thomas271Part of WoolfieldMeadow0228046 
   282House and garden-018    
   280Farm Yard-0030    
   281Farm Yard-0019    
   288Three Tenements and garden-029    
   294Down fieldArable2140156 
8  362Pasture piecePasture2050126 
   363Hatch gardenArable60332190 
   364Wool fieldArable4026256 
   370Beech fieldArable6235360 
   395Long fieldArable3271100 
   397Three acresArable31271100 
   400Limekiln fieldArable12100100 
   401Dell fieldArable3210136 
   402Stone pit roughWood3236    
   403Barn and Yard-0018    
   404Hangar pieceArable20320150 
   406Eleven AcresArable103265120 
   407Twelve AcresArable1213689 
   392Eight AcresArable83242176 
   392 1/2Fir Plantation-3210    
   477Common piece roughWood0320    
   478Great roughWood5127    
   486Upper ScotlandArable4125110 
   487Upper Scotland roughWood4032    
   488Lower ScotlandArable63181100 
   489Lower Scotland RoughWood0214    
   490Upper Eight AcresArale72372100 
 SANDERS, JamesSANDERS, James181 1/2Garden-0017    
   180House and garden-0014    
 SNOOKS, MrsGOSDEN, Ralph272Cottage and garden- 032    
 SHOTTER, MarySHOTTER, Mary181Yard and Shop-0017    
   182House and Garden-02200100 
9STUBINGTON, JohnSTUBINGTON, John355Four AcresArable42212126 
   302Farm Yard-0026    
   303House and garden-0134    
   353Eleven AcresArable112251610 
 SMITHERS, GeorgeSMITHERS, George523Cottage and garden-0230    
   515The MeadMeadow020    
  COLES, John516Garden-0117    
   522Cottage and garden-0135    
 VENUS, GoenPUTTICK, Thomas543The MeadMeadow1011076 
   545Public House-009   ? If The Cumberland Arms
   546The MeadMeadow1228    
 WELLS, Christopher HERSEE, James and others320Four Tenements-0039    
  WELLS, Christopher 321Orchard-0123    
  BAKER and others322Four Tenements-0038    
  DOBSON, Mrs323Cottage and garden 0020    
  Unoccupied324Cottage and garden-0023    
  SANDERS, Mrs325Cottage and Garden-0125    
 WYNDHAM, GeorgePURSER, William43PasturelandPasture0226    
 WHITTER, WilliamWHITTER, William389RoughWood18310    
 WHITTER, AnnMOSELY and another455Two Tenements-0238    
10   BUDGENOR        
  STUBBINGTON, John460Plantation-6033    
   451Bakers fieldArable32221100 
   453Eight AcresArable83183176 
   456Barn and Yard-0037    
   458Barn fieldArable31170130 
   463Part of Budgeon fieldArable33170150 
   598Long SlipWood2032    
   595Madams CommonWood48110    
   599The SlipArable3290130 
   600The CommonWood1023    
   602The CommonWood012    
   603The CommonWood3036    
   604Four AcresArable40350150 
  WHITE, Thomas437The MeadowMeadow22370510 
 WEST, RichardWEST, Richard518Garden-0035    
 WEST, JamesWEST, Richard519aMeadowMeadow121087 
  ARCHER, John and another549Two Tenements-0125    
 Lord of ManorGILBERT, John250Garden-0023    
  COVER, Stephen251Garden-0023    
    COMMONS etc        
  Lord of the Manor252Part of Bexley Hill-3332    
   273Part of Bexley Hill-0010    
   514Henly Common-531    
   542Henly Common-2337    
   551Henly Common-0116    
   552Henly Common-15226    



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