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The Fernhurst Society

Fernhurst 1901 census transcription (1)

Please note that this data is presented as work in progress.

Fernhurst enumeration district 1:
"All that part of the parish that lies to the East of the Road leading from Midhurst to Haslemere.
Beginning at Henley Common and continuing to Kingsley marsh.
Including Old Henley Hill, Hurstfold, Bridgeland, Courts, Denyers, Brickyard Cottages, Fernhurst Green,
Tanyard, Cooksmill House, Copyhold and part of Kingsley Marsh."

Data transcribed from Public Record Office sheets RG13-973-01-01 to RG13-973-01-14 by Anne Pennington, Robin Barnes, Carla Barnes, Charles Hallifax, Pat Hallifax, John Siebert, C M Maynard, Ralph Carver, Richard Ranft and Tracey Edwards

Original data Crown Copyright
All information on this page copyright of The Fernhurst Society

Note: 'Year of birth' is estimated from age given in census

No. of Schedule
Road, Street,. and No. or Name of House SURNAME Name and Surname of each Person Relation to head of family Condition as to Marriage Age last Birthday Gender Year of birth Profession or Occupation Employer, Worker or Own Account If Working at Home Where Born If (1) Deaf and Dumb, (2) Blind, (3) Lunatic, (4) Imbecile/Feeble-Minded
1Midhurst RoadHILLJames HillHeadWidr55M1846BuilderEmployed Sx Fernhurst 
  HILLAnnie E HillDaurS30F1871   Sx Fernhurst 
2Midhurst RoadWESTAlfred WestHeadM33M1868Timber underwoods dealerEmployed Sx Fernhurst 
  WESTHarriet WestWifeM30F1871   Middlesex Newington 
  WESTViolet WestDaurS7F1894   Sx Fernhurst 
  WESTMary WestDaurS5F1896   Sx Fernhurst 
  WESTJames WestSon 3M1898   Sx Fernhurst 
  WESTAlfred WestSon 1M1900   Sx Fernhurst 
3Midhurst RoadCORNWALLFannie CornwallHeadM28F1873   Sx Fernhurst 
  CORNWALLPercy CornwallSon 1M1900   Sx Fernhurst 
4Midhurst RoadHOAREWilliam A HoareHeadM59M1842Returning officer  Devon Limestone 
  HOAREJane HoareWifeM58F1843   Gloster Bristol 
  HOAREAlice M HoareDaurS27F1874Post office counter ?Worker Sx Rogate 
5Midhurst RoadTHORNEWilliam H ThorneHeadM46M1855Registrar ?? & deaths  Sx Shipley 
  THORNECharlotte ThorneWifeM36F1865   Sx Fernhurst 
  THORNEHilda ThorneDaurS8F1893   Sx Fernhurst 
  THORNEDora ThorneDaur 7F1894   Sx Lurgashall 
  THORNEViolet ThorneDaur 5F1896   Sx Lurgashall 
  THORNEGilbert ThorneSon 4M1897   Sx Lurgashall 
  THORNEMay ThorneDaur 3F1898   Sx Lurgashall 
  THORNERaymond ThorneSon 1M1900   Sx Fernhurst 
6Midhurst RoadCRADDOCKE?Beatrice Craddocke?HeadM28F1873   Ireland 
  CRADDOCKE?Arthur CH Craddocke?Son 4M1897   Devon Torquay 
  CRADDOCKE?Margaret C Craddocke?Daur 2F1899   London Marylebone 
7Midhurst RoadVARNSMatthew VarnsHeadM39M1862General labourerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  VARNSEliza VarnsWifeM32F1869   Sx Fernhurst 
  FORDGeorge S FordNephew 3M1898   Sx Fernhurst 
  FORDChester H FordBoarderS16M1885BricklayerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
8Midhurst RdHORLIN?John Horlin?HeadM37M1864Gardener DomesticWorker Sx Petworth 
  HORLIN?Alice Horlin?WifeM37F1864   Sx Petworth 
  HORLIN?John W Horlin?Son 12M1889   London Holloway 
  HORLIN?William F Horlin?Son 10M1891   Sx Petworth 
  HORLIN?Maud Horlin?Daur 9F1892   Sx Petworth 
9Midhurst RdGALEFrederick GaleHeadM35M1866BricklayerEmployer Sx Fernhurst 
  GALEMary J GaleWifeM45F1856   Sx Trotton 
  GALEErnest GaleSon 9M1892   Sx Fernhurst 
  GALEClement GaleSon 8M1893   Sx Fernhurst 
  GALEAlice E GaleDaur 4F1897   Sx Fernhurst 
  GALECharles J GaleSon 3M1898   Sx Fernhurst 
10Midhurst RdCOOMBESSeaton? CoombesHeadM30M1871Woodman Copse LaborerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  COOMBESSarah CoombesWifeM31F1870   Wiltshire N K 
  COOMBESLaura CoombesDaur 5F1896   Sx Fernhurst 
11Midhurst RdCHALWIN?William Chalwin?HeadM48M1853BootmakerOwn account Sx Fernhurst 
  CHALWIN?Ellen Chalwin?WifeM45F1856   Sx Midhurst 
12Midhurst RdGALEWilliam GaleHeadM72M1829Painter HouseWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  GALEEmma S GaleWifeM74F1827   London Poplar 
13Midhurst RdFOSTERS?Ann Fosters?HeadWid72F1829Living on own means  Berkshire Newbury 
14Midhurst RdPENFOLDMary PenfoldHeadWid61F1840Living on own means  Sx Fernhurst 
15Midhurst RdWESTRuth WestHeadM54F1847   Sx Fernhurst 
  CHASEJohn ChaseFatherWidr85M1816Living on own means  Sx Fernhurst 
16Midhurst RdDUDMANGeorge DudmanHeadM33M1868BricklayerWorker Sx Lurgashall 
  DUDMANMary E DudmanWifeM29F1872   Sx Fernhurst 
  DUDMANGeorge W DudmanSon 7M1894   Sx Fernhurst 
  DUDMANJohn E DudmanSon 5M1896   Sx Fernhurst 
  DUDMANAlexander DudmanSon 4M1897   Sx Fernhurst 
  DUDMANEdwin H DudmanSon 1M1900   Sx Fernhurst 
17Midhurst RdGALEWilliam GaleHeadM39M1862Bricklayers LaborerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  GALEEmily GaleWifeM40F1861   Sx Windful Wood 
18Midhurst RdFORDCharles FordHeadM40M1861BricklayerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  FORDWundham FordSonS13M1888Agricultural LaborerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  FORDPercy FordSon 12M1889   Sx Fernhurst 
  FORDErnest FordSon 10M1891   Sx Fernhurst 
  FORDMary FordDaur 6F1895   Sx Fernhurst 
  BUDDMary BuddHousekeeperS50F1851Housekeeper Domestic?  Hants Petersfield 
19Midhurst RdCHASEWilliam ChaseHeadM52M1849Farmer and BuilderEmployer Sx Fernhurst 
  CHASEDerey? ChaseWifeM59F1842   Sx Fernhurst 
  CHASEElizabeth A ChaseDaurS26F1875   Sx Fernhurst 
  SLADESamuel SladeBoarderS62M1839Farming? LaborerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
20Cooks BridgeWESTCharles A WestHeadS31M1870Farmer Cattle and corn DealerEmployer Sx Trotton 
  WESTFlorence WestSisterS20F1881   Sx Trotton 
21Henley CommonHANSFORDCharles HansfordHeadM45M1856FarmerEmployer Sx Storrington 
  HANSFORDMary HansfordWifeM50F1851   Sy Abinger 
  HANSFORDCharles L HansfordSonS16M1885Gardener DomesticWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  HANSFORDEthel HansfordDaur 12F1889   Sx Fernhurst 
  HANSFORDMorris HansfordSon 10M1891   Sx Fernhurst 
  HANSFORDAlbert HansfordSon 8M1893   Sx Fernhurst 
  HANSFORDHenry HansfordSon 7M1894   Sx Fernhurst 
22Henley CommonTHAYERWilliam ThayerHeadM48M1853Tile Maker and Copse WorkerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  THAYERMary A ThayerWifeM39F1862   Sx Midhurst 
  THAYERHerbert T ThayerSon 12M1889   Sx Fernhurst 
  THAYEREdgar J ThayerSon 9M1892   Sx Fernhurst 
  THAYERLucy C ThayerDaur 7F1894   Sx Fernhurst 
  THAYERMay R ThayerDaur 4F1897   Sx Fernhurst 
  THAYERElsie A ThayerDaur 3F1898   Sx Fernhurst 
  THAYEREdith W ThayerDaur 4 mosF1900   Sx Fernhurst 
23Henley CommonTHAYERJohn ThayerHeadWidr55M1846Grocer and BakerOwn account Sx Cocking 
  THAYERAbatta? ThayerSonS25M1876Brick and tile makerworker Sx Iping 
  MCSTOYKate McStoyHousekeeperWid28F1873   Sx Balcombe 
24Henley CommonCOLEGeorge ColeHeadM53M1848General BlacksmithOwn accountAt homeDorset 
  COLEHarriet ColeWifeM53F1848   Hants Ampfield 
  COLEReginald ColeSon 14M1887General BlacksmithWorker Sx Easebourne 
  COLEFrank ColeSon 13M1888   Sx Easebourne 
  PIERCEThomas PierceBoarder 10M1891   Not known 
  SMITHGeorge SmithBoarder 10M1891   Not known 
25Henley HillSMITHERSJohn SmithersHeadM59M1842Landman of Cowdray EstateWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSHarriet SmithersWifeM54F1847   Sx Fernhurst 
26Henley HillCOLEJames ColeHeadS51M1850Agricultural LabourerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSJoseph SmithersLodgerM41M1860General LabourerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSAnn S SmithersLodgerM37F1864   Sx Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSIda SmithersLodgerS15F1886   Sx Cocking 
  SMITHERSAria K SmithersLodger 13F1888   Sx Cocking 
  SMITHERSClara A SmithersLodger 10F1891   Sx Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSDorothy SmithersLodger 8F1893   Sx Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSLewis SmithersLodger 4M1897   Sx Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSJames R SmithersLodger 2M1899   Sx Fernhurst 
27Henley HillSTEERJames SteerHeadM52M1849GamekeeperWorker Sx Petworth 
  STEERElizabeth J SteerWifeM53F1848   Sx Peasmarsh 
  STEERLydia SteerDaurS15F1886   Sx Kirdford 
  STEERJames SteerSon 13M1888   Sx Easebourne 
28 VARNSJoseph VarnsHeadM34M1867Copse LabourerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  VARNSRebecca VarnsWifeM32F1869   Sx Fernhurst 
  VARNSCharles VarnsSon 9M1892   Sx Fernhurst 
  VARNSSarah VarnsDaur 7F1894   Sx Fernhurst 
  VARNSDaisy VarnsDaur 5F1896   Sx Fernhurst 
  VARNSLilly VarnsDaur 3F1898   Sx Fernhurst 
  VARNSAlbert VarnsSon 1M1900   Sx Fernhurst 
29Henley HillSMITHERSThomas SmithersHeadM52M1849Cowdray Estate LabourerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  SMITHERSJane SmithersWifeM52F1849   Sx Fernhurst 
30DenyersGLAZIERElizabeth GlazierHeadWid59F1842   Sx Linchmere 
  GLAZIERArthur GlazierSonS38M1863Copse LabourerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  GLAZIERCharles GlazierSonS28M1873Builders LabourerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  ENTICKNAPEdmund EnticknapS in LawM28M1873Farm LabourerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  ENTICKNAPJane EnticknapDaurM24F1877   Sx Fernhurst 
31Courts FarmPIERCEEliza PierceHeadWid37F1864   Sx Bepton 
  PIERCELeonard PierceSonS17M1884Carter on FarmWorker Sx Bepton 
  PIERCEEdith PierceDaur 12F1889   Sx Bepton 
  PIERCEEthel PierceDaur 10F1891   Sx Fernhurst 
32Courts FarmMADGWICKJesse MadgwickHeadM69M1832Farm LabourerWorker Sx Fittleworth 
  MADGWICKElizabeth MadgwickWifeM60F1841   Sx Billingshurst 
33BridgelandCHILDSJohn ChildsHeadM44M1857FarmerEmployer Sx Plaistow 
  CHILDSSarah ChildsWifeM45F1856   Sx Fernhurst 
  CHILDSMaud ChildsDaurS17F1884   Sx Fernhurst 
  CHILDSAlgernon ChildsSon 14M1887   Sx Fernhurst 
  CHILDSMiriam ChildsDaur 12F1889   Sx Fernhurst 
  CHILDSFrank ChildsSon 10M1891   Sx Fernhurst 
34HurstfoldDUMMERArthur DummerHeadM41M1860Carter on FarmWorker Sx Easebourne 
  DUMMERMary DummerWifeM46F1855   Sx Easebourne 
  DUMMEREmily DummerDaurS21F1880Servant DomesticWorker Sx Easebourne 
  DUMMERHarriet DummerDaurS16F1885   Sx Fernhurst 
  DUMMERBlanchy DummerDaur 12F1889   Sx Fernhurst 
  DUMMERArthur DummerSon 9M1892   Sx Fernhurst 
  DUMMERAlfred DummerSon 5M1896   Sx Fernhurst 
  DUMMERAlbert DummerSon 2M1899   Sx Fernhurst 
  DUMMEREdith DummerDaur 1F1900   Sx Fernhurst 
35HurstfoldWESTHenry WestHeadWid39M1862General LabourWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  WESTSarah WestDaur 12F1889   Sx Fernhurst 
  WESTArthur WestSon 8M1893   Sx Fernhurst 
  WESTSamuel WestSon 6M1895   Sx Fernhurst 
36Bexley HillBERRYMoses BerryHeadM49M1852Agricultural LabourerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  BERRYFrancise BerryWifeM47F1854   Sx Fernhurst 
  BERRYAlbert BerrySonS22M1879Agricultural LabourerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  BERRYGeorge BerrySonS19M1882Agricultural LabourerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  BERRYArthur BerrySonS15M1886Agricultural LabourerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  BERRYPercy BerrySon 12M1889   Sx Fernhurst 
  BERRYEdith BerryGrand Daur 11F1890   Sx Fernhurst 
37VerdleyASTBURYCharlotte J AstburyHeadWid45F1856Head Laundress (Domestic)Worker Chelsea London 
  PORTBlanche E PortLodgerS20F1881Laundress / (Domestic)Worker Buriton Hants 
38VerdleySEWALLGeorge SewallHeadS25M1876Foreman / GardenerWorker Bucks Missenden 
  FITCHGeorge A FitchBoarderS18M1883Journeyman GardenerWorker Suffolk Haverhill 
39VerdleyHOPKINSAlfred HopkinsHeadM50M1851Head Gardener ?Worker Oxford Waterperry 
  HOPKINSElizabeth HopkinsWifeM51F1850   Hereford Michaelchurch 
  HOPKINSLilly HopkinsDaurS18F1883DressmakerOwn accountAt homeMiddlesex Chiswick 
40Verdley PlaceDAVEYLord DaveyHeadM67M1834Lord of AppealEmployerAt homeSy Camberwell 
  DAVEYLady DaveyWifeM63F1838   Sy Camberwell 
  KILLIWAYArthur KilliwayServantS20M1881Footman DomesticWorker Isle of Wight Freshwater 
  EURYMANRichard EurymanServantS18M1883Footman DomesticWorker U S A 
  WYNNEFlorence WynneServantS25F1876Ladysmaid DomesticWorker Sy Frimley 
  WAUGHIsabella WaughServantS30F1871Cook DomesticWorker Northumberland Will 
  BARKEREllen BarkerServantS27F1874Housemaid DomesticWorker Bedford NorthHill 
  DRAGEMabel DrageServantS26F1875Kitchenmaid DomesticWorker Yorkshire Leeds 
  HICKSMaud HicksServantS22F1879General Servant DomesticWorker London Highbury 
  MILLSCharles MillsServantS28M1873Outdoor Servant DomesticWorker Sx Bepton 
41Verdley Place FarmKINGSHOTTJoseph KingshottHeadM34M1867Carter on farmWorker Hampshire Not Known 
  KINGSHOTTAnnah KingshottWifeM29F1872   Sx Not Known 
  KINGSHOTTHorace S KingshottSonS6M1895   Sx Linchmere 
  STACEYSarah StaceyServantS29F1872Cook DomesticWorker Sx Linchmere 
  DUDMANGeorge DudmanBoarderS57M1844Bailiff on FarmWorker Sx Linchmere 
  PULLENCharles PullenBoarderS30M1871StockmanWorker Sx Linchmere 
42AshurstBURROWSWilliam BurrowsHeadM41M1860Engineer (Electric) {App}Worker Sy Haslemere 
  BURROWSEllen M BurrowsWifeM37F1864   Sx Iping 
  BURROWSLilly BurrowsDaurS18F1883   Sx Iping 
  BURROWSGeorge BurrowsSon 15M1886Engineer ApprenticeWorker Sy Haslemere 
  BURROWSSidney BurrowsSon 11M1890   Sy Haslemere 
  BURROWSDorothy M BurrowsDaur 5F1896   Sx Fernhurst 
  BURROWSHarold BurrowsSon 2M1899   Sx Fernhurst 
43AshurstWESTJohn P WestHeadM29M1872General LaborerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  WESTMargaretta WestWifeM28F1873   Sx Fernhurst 
  WESTFlorence M WestDaur 5F1896   Sx Fernhurst 
  WESTGeorge E WestSon 3M1898   Sx Fernhurst 
  WESTAlice S WestDaur 1F1900   Sx Fernhurst 
  BAILYSarah BailyMotherWid65F1836   Sx Fernhurst 
  HALLFrank HallVisitorM39M1862PainterWorker Sy Godalming 
44AshurstGLAZIERWilliam GlazierHeadM54M1847Carter on farm {Ag Horse}Worker Sy Shottermill 
  GLAZIERAlice GlazierWifeM34F1867   Sx Fernhurst 
  GLAZIERWilliam GlazierSon 12M1889Cowboy on farm {Ag Cattle}Worker Sx Fernhurst 
  WHITERODGeorge WhiterodBoarderS18M1883CarpenterWorker Sx West Brighton 
45The KingshottsCLARKEJonathan ClarkeHeadM60M1841Gardener DomesticWorker Berks Reading 
  CLARKEElizabeth ClarkeWifeM55F1846   Berks Reading 
46BaldwinsHOWESHenry J HowesHeadM37M1864Farm Carter {Ag Horse}Worker Hampshire Newtown 
  HOWESEleanor HowesWifeM34F1867   London 
  HOWESEdith HowesDaur 12F1889   Sy Pirbright 
  HOWESHorace HowesSon 10M1891   Sy Pirbright 
  HOWESErnest HowesSon 8M1893   Sx Fernhurst 
  HOWESCharles HowesSon 6M1895   Sx Fernhurst 
  HOWESHerbert HowesSon 4M1897   Sx Fernhurst 
  HOWESNellie HowesDaur 1F1900   Sx Fernhurst 
47BaldwinsMORLEYLevi MorleyHeadM58M1843BricklayerOwn account Sx Fernhurst 
  MORLEYElizabeth MorleyWifeM55F1846   Sx Fernhurst 
  MORLEYAlice MorleyDaurS29F1872   Sx Fernhurst 
  KINGSHOTTArthur KingshottServantS16M1885Laborer {General}Worker Sy Haslemere 
48TanyardBICKNELLWilliam BicknellHeadM52M1849Worker in woodsWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  BICKNELLCharlotte BicknellWifeM49F1852   Sx Fernhurst 
  BICKNELLAda BicknellDaurS21F1880   Sx Fernhurst 
  BICKNELLSarah BicknellDaurS19F1882   Sx Fernhurst 
  BICKNELLFrank BicknellSonS18M1883Letter carrierWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  BICKNELLCamilla BicknellDaur 13F1888   Sx Fernhurst 
  DUDMANDaniel DudmanLodgerWid74M1827Laborer on farm {Ag L}Worker Sx Fernhurst 
49TanyardFARMINERRichard FarminerHeadWid62M1839Fencing CarpenterWorker Sx Linchmere 
  FARMINEREmma FarminerDaurS21F1880Servant DomesticWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  FARMINERWilfred FarminerSon 14M1887Telegraph MessengerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  FARMINERVictor FarminerSon 11M1890   Sx Fernhurst 
  FARMINERElizabeth FarminerDaur 7F1894   Sx Fernhurst 
50TanyardBROOKSFrederick J BrooksHeadM32M1869Gardener DomesticWorker London 
  BROOKSMay BrooksWifeM27F1874   Berkshire 
51TanyardHARTWRIGHTFrederick W HartwrightHeadM33M1868Carpenter & jointerWorker Wales Llanlleth (?) 
  HARTWRIGHTKezia HartwrightWifeM33F1868   Kensington 
  HARTWRIGHTHarold V HartwrightSon 10M1891   Sy Guildford 
  HARTWRIGHTHorace A HartwrightSon 9M1892   Sx Lurgashall 
  HARTWRIGHTLionel S HartwrightSon 8M1893   Sx Fernhurst 
  HARTWRIGHTFrederick G HartwrightSon 6M1895   Sx N. Ambersham 
  HARTWRIGHTArchie R HartwrightSon 4M1897   Sx Sx [N.Ambersham] 
  HARTWRIGHTIvy M HartwrightDaur 3F1898   Sx Sx [N.Ambersham] 
  HARTWRIGHTGrace I HartwrightDaur 1F1900   Sx Sx [N.Ambersham] 
52Fernhurst GreenTICKNERFrederick TicknerHeadM25M1876Bricklayer's LaborerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  TICKNERAmelia TicknerWifeM25F1876   Sx Fernhurst 
  TICKNEREllen TicknerDaur 3F1898   Sx Fernhurst 
  TICKNERFrederick TicknerSon 2M1899   Sx Fernhurst 
  TICKNERCharles TicknerSon 4moM1900   Sx Fernhurst 
  WELLENAlbert WellenBr in LawS21M1880Bricklayer's Laborer  Sx Fernhurst 
53Fernhurst GreenWESTWilliam WestHeadM67M1834General LaborerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  WESTAnn WestWifeM57F1844   Sx Fernhurst 
  WESTAlbert WestSonS26M1875General Laborer {GL}Worker Sx Fernhurst 
  LEGGATJames LeggatBoarderWid76M1825General Laborer {GL}Worker Sx Fernhurst 
54Fernhurst GreenLAMBERTReuben LambertHeadM49M1852Carter on farm {Ag Horse}Worker Sx Fernhurst 
  LAMBERTEllen LambertWife 47F1854   Sx Fernhurst 
  LAMBERTJoshua LambertSon 11M1890   Sx Fernhurst 
  STACEYFlorence StaceyVisitor 3moF1901   Sx Brighton 
55Fernhurst GreenCOHENEllen C CohenHeadS33F1868Artist Sculp  London 
  MARIEJeannie S MarieServantS22F1879Housemaid Domestic  Paris 
56Fernhurst GreenCOOMBESNoah CoombesHeadM62M1839Hay binder {Ag L}Worker Sx Lurgashall 
  COOMBESCaroline CoombesWifeM60F1841   Sx Lurgashall 
  BALLWalter H BallLodgerS26M1875Gardener DomesticWorker Rusden(?) Suffolk 
57Fernhurst GreenWATTSHerbert WattsHeadM37M1864Schoolmaster (Head)  Bromsgrove Worcester 
  WATTSAda WattsWifeM29F1872   Brandon Suffolk 
  WATTSNeville WattsSon 9M1892   Brandon Suffolk 
  WATTSConstance WattsDaur 7F1894   Brandon Suffolk 
  WATTSDorothy WattsDaur 6F1895   Sx Fernhurst 
  WATTSMarjorie WattsDaur 2moF1901   Sx Fernhurst 
58Fernhurst GreenBENGEJames BengeHeadM37M1864Coachman DomesticWorker Somerset 
  BENGESarah BengeWifeM30F1871   Essex 
  BENGEMinnie BengeDaur 9F1892   Sy 
  BENGEWilliam BengeSon 6M1895   Sy 
59Fernhurst GreenBICKNELLYork BicknellHeadM41M1860BricklayerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  BICKNELLHelen M BicknellWifeM33F1868   Sy Wandsworth 
  BICKNELLAda F BicknellDaurS15F1886   Sy Wandsworth 
  BICKNELLJames S BicknellSon 12M1889   Sy Wandsworth 
  BICKNELLMabel C BicknellDaur 8F1893   Sx Fernhurst 
60Fernhurst GreenBICKNELLEdmund BicknellHeadM76M1825Gardener DomesticWorker Sy Thursley 
  BICKNELLSarah C BicknellWifeM75F1826   Sx Lodsworth 
  BERRYWilliam BerryBoarderS71M1830Living on own means  Sx Fernhurst 
  MILESWilliam MilesBoarderS20M1881Gardener JourneymanWorker Kent Sandwich 
  DUDMANDJames DudmandBoarderS50M1851Farm Laborer {Ag L}Worker Sx Fernhurst 
  MORLEYHannah MorleyPauperS58F1843   Sx Fernhurst 
61Fernhurst GreenBARFOOTElizabeth BarfootHeadM48F1853Schoolmistress  Bucks High Wycombe 
  LINDSAYMary LindsayBoarderS22F1879Assistant Schoolmistress  York Rotherham 
  SMITHEmily SmithBoarderS20F1881Assistant Schoolmistress  Hants Portsmouth 
62Fernhurst GreenEDWARDSJohn EdwardsHeadM34M1867ButcherWorker Warwick Leamington 
  EDWARDSMary M EdwardsWifeM27F1874   Sy Dorking 
  EDWARDSVictoria M EdwardsDaur 2moF1901   Sx Fernhurst 
  CHITTYJohn H ChittyBro in LawS24M1877Trooper Imperial Yeomanry  Dorking Sy 
63Fernhurst GreenSLADEBenjamin SladeHeadM76M1825Carpenter & BuilderEmployer Sx Fernhurst 
  SLADEHannah SladeWifeM67F1834   Sx Chichester 
64Fernhurst GreenHEADFrederick HeadHeadM37M1864BlacksmithWorker Sx Worthing 
  HEADEllen HeadWifeM37F1864   Sx Worthing 
  HEADFrederick HeadSon 14M1887Gardener (Domestic)Worker Sx Worthing 
  HEADEthel HeadDaur 6F1895   Sx Worthing 
  HEADJohn HeadSon 2M1899   Sx Midhurst 
  BROWNRobert BrownNephew 10M1891   Sx Worthing 
  KINGHarry KingBoarderS39M1862Painter {House}Worker Sx Cowfold 
65Fernhurst GreenCOLWELLAlfred ColwellHeadM52M1849Carter on Farm {Ag Horse}Worker Hants Petersfield 
  COLWELLEllen ColwellWifeM53F1848   Sx Fernhurst 
  FREEMANFrederick G FreemanBoarderS24M1877Professional GardenerWorker Sx Shipley 
66Fernhurst GreenHOLDENEdwin HoldenHeadM60M1841Carpenter & JoinerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  HOLDENEliza HoldenWifeM53F1848   London 
  HOLDENGeorge HoldenSonS32F1869Mechanical EngineerWorker Sy Battersea {Ldn} 
67Fernhurst GreenCHASEJohn ChaseHeadM59M1842GrocerEmployerAt homeSx Fernhurst 
  CHASEAnnie ChaseWifeM52F1849   Sx Fernhurst 
  CHASEEdward ChaseSonS28M1873GrocerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
68Fernhurst GreenCHASEWilliam ChaseHeadM32M1869Grocer & ShopkeeperOwn account Sx Fernhurst 
  CHASEFlorence ChaseWifeM29F1872   London Chelsea 
  CHASEVera ChaseDau 2F1899   Sx Fernhurst 
69Fernhurst GreenCHANDLERHenry ChandlerHeadM50M1851Gardener{W} Sx Lodsworth 
  CHANDLERMinnie ChandlerWifeM42F1859Laundress At homeSx Brighton 
  INKPENMinnie InkpenNiece 9M1892   Sx Brighton 
  REMNANTWilliam RemnantBoarderS31M1870Carrier Farmers? Porter {Carter}Worker Sx Fernhurst 
70Fernhurst GreenHARRINGTONElizabeth E HarringtonHeadWid88F1813   Sx Fernhurst 
71Fernhurst GreenVENESMartha VenesHeadWid79F1822   Sx Fernhurst 
  VENESEzra VenesSonM30M1871Store Keeper {?}Employer Sx Fernhurst 
  GREENWAYEphraim GreenwaySonM44M1857Egg Merchant ChandlerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  VENESZilpah VenesDauS29F1872   Sx Fernhurst 
  GREENWAYMahalath GreenwayDauM47F1854   Sx Horsebridge 
  ADAMSONMary E AdamsonNurseS38F1863Sick Nurse  Lancs Aston 
72Fernhurst GreenMILLSGeorge MillsHeadM65M1836Thatcher {Ag L}Own account Sx Fernhurst 
  MILLSEmily MillsWife 63F1838   Sx Fernhurst 
73Fernhurst GreenFRANCISJames FrancisHeadM60M1841General LaborerWorker Sx Didling 
  FRANCISHarriet FrancisWifeM69F1832   Sx Fernhurst 
  FRANCISAlfred FrancisSonS36M1865General LaborerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
74Ferhurst GreenVENESCharles E VenesHeadM38M1863CarpenterWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  VENESKate VenesWifeM27F1874   Sy Tongham 
  VENESGoen E VenesSon 1M1900   Sx Fernhurst 
75Fernhurst GreenPUTTICKThomas PuttickHeadM61M1840Painter & DecoratorEmployer Sx Fernhurst 
  PUTTICKEdna PuttickWifeM53F1848   Sx Fernhurst 
  PUTTICKFrederick J PuttickSon 11M1890   Sx Fernhurst 
76The VicarageBETTSHerbert P BettsHeadM43M1858Clerk in Holy Orders {Clergy}  Kent Aylsford [Aylesford] 
  BETTSMarie B BettsWifeM38F1863   London Clerkenwell 
  BETTSMarie G BettsDau 7F1894   Sx Fernhurst 
  BETTSRuth S BettsDau 4F1897   Sx Fernhurst 
  KNOWLESMargaret KnowlesServantS22F1879Nurse Domestic  Lancs Bolton 
  JULYANFanny JulyanServantS29F1872Parlour Maid Domestic  Alwasham? Hants 
  UPPERTONJemima UppertonServantS26F1875Cook Domestic  Sx Fittington 
  BESANTAnnie BesantServantS17F1884Housemaid Domestic  Wilts Manton 
77Church RoadJOHNSWalter JohnsHeadM30M1871ButcherWorker Sx Billingshurst 
  JOHNSLucy JohnsWifeM30F1871   London Notting Hill 
  JOHNSJessie JohnsDau 6F1895   Sy Haslemere 
  JOHNSGeorge JohnsSon 5M1896   Sy Haslemere 
  JOHNSLucy JohnsDau 3F1898   Sy Haslemere 
  BAINSHenry BainsServantS17M1884ButcherWorker Sy Thursley 
78Church RoadPARMENTERThomas W ParmenterHeadM41M1860TailorOwn accountAt homeSomerset Dulverton 
  PARMENTERElizabeth ParmenterWifeM41F1860   Devon Challacombe 
  PARMENTERGordon ParmenterSon 8M1893   Sy Haslemere 
  PARMENTERErnest ParmenterSon 5M1896   Dorset Swanage 
79Church RoadEDWARDSAlfred EdwardsHeadM41M1860General {Blacks}Smith & FarrierEmployer Sy Tongham 
  EDWARDSRosa EdwardsWifeM44F1857   Hants Bentley 
80Church RoadVENESAlexander G VenesHeadM40M1861CarpenterWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  VENESHannah VenesWifeM42F1859   Essex Gt Waltham 
  VENESClement VenesSonS15M1886CarpenterWorker Sx Fernhurst 
81Church RoadMORLEYEdward MorleyHeadM48M1853Postman {?}Worker Sx Fernhurst 
  MORLEYAnnie MorleyWifeM46F1855   Hants Froxfield 
82Church RoadHARDINGJohn HardingHeadM64M1837Carter on farm {Ag Horse}Worker Sy Frensham 
  HARDINGMartha HardingWifeM59F1842   Hants Greatham 
  HARDINGJohn HardingSonS33M1868Agricultural LaborerWorker Sy Frensham 
  HARDINGJames HardingSonS22M1879Agricultural Laborer {AgL}Worker Sx Fernhurst 
  HARDINGLilly HardingDauS12F1889   Sx Fernhurst 
83Church RoadSMITHSarah SmithHeadWid83F1818Living on own means  Sx Linchmere 
  SMITHEleanor M SmithGd DauS19F1882Board School TeacherWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  SMITHZoe C SmithGd DauS17F1884Post Office Clerk {Civ C}Worker Sx Fernhurst 
84Church RoadMARINERBenjamin MarinerHeadM61M1840Underwood DealerEmployer Sx Fernhurst 
  MARINERMatilda MarinerWifeS [M]59F1842   Sy Chiddingfold 
  MARINERFrederick MarinerSonS23M1878WheelwrightWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  MARINERIda M MarinerDauS19F1882   Sx Fernhurst 
  MARINERWalter S MarinerSonS17M1884Hire Carter FarmWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  CHANDLEREllis ChandlerServant 15M1886Cowtender {Ag Cattle}  Sy Aldershot 
85Church RoadR LAMBERTErnest A R LambertHeadM27M1874Rural Postman {Civ?}Worker Sx Fernhurst 
  LAMBERTKate LambertWifeM27F1874   Sx Fernhurst 
  LAMBERTElsie A LambertDau 9F1892   Sx Fernhurst 
  LAMBERTMabel L LambertDau 8F1893   Sx Fernhurst 
  LAMBERTErnest J LambertSon 6M1895   Sx Fernhurst 
  LAMBERTJames LambertSon 3M1898   Sx Fernhurst 
  LAMBERTGeorge LambertSon 1M1900   Sx Fernhurst 
86Hatch FarmSTUBBSWilliam StubbsHeadM55M1846Carter on Farm {Ag Horse}Worker Hants Froxfield 
  STUBBSEmma StubbsWifeM49F1852   Hants Froxfield 
  STUBBSArthur StubbsSonS17M1884Builders Carter {?}Worker Hants Lanish [Langrish] 
  STUBBSSidney StubbsSon 15M1886Carter on Farm {Ag Cattle}Worker Hants Lanish [Langrish] 
  STUBBSAlbert StubbsSon 13M1888   Hants Lanish [Langrish} 
  STUBBSAda StubbsDau 10F1891   Hants Lanish [Langrish] 
87Kingsley GreenRALPHWilliam RalphHeadM51M1850Estate CarpenterWorker Sy Frensham 
  RALPHPriscilla RalphWifeM50F1851   Sx Fernhurst 
  RALPHClement RalphSon 16M1885General LaborerWorker Sx Fernhurst 
  PAYNEHarry PayneBoarderS23M1878CarpenterWorker Hants Southampton 
88Kingsley GreenNAPPERMoses NapperHeadM43M1858Farm Laborer {Ag L}Worker Sx Kirdford 
  NAPPERGeorgina NapperWifeM45F1856   Sx Kirdford 
  NAPPERJames NapperSon 15M1886   Sx Kirdford 
  NAPPERFrederick NapperSon 10M1891   Sx Kirdford 
  NAPPEREdwin NapperSon 8M1893   Sx Kirdford 
  NAPPERHarriet NapperDau 5F1896   Sx Kirdford 
89Kingsley GreenMERRITTJohn H MerrittHeadM36M1865Gardeners LaborerWorker Sy Effingham 
  MERRITTHarriet MerrittWifeM36F1865   Sy Shalford 
  MERRITTHenry W MerrittSon 13M1888Errand {Post} Boy  Sy Guildford 
  MERRITTCaroline MerrittDau 9F1892   Sy Chiddingfold 
  MERRITTCharles MerrittSon 6M1895   Sy Farnham 
  MERRITTAlbert MerrittSon 4M1897   Sy Farnham 
  MERRITTSarah A MerrittDau 2F1899   Sx Fernhurst 
90Kingsley GreenSTACEYThomas StaceyHeadM45M1856Agricultural LaborerWorker Sx Linchmere 
  STACEYAlice StaceyWifeM38F1863   Sx Linchmere 
  STACEYThomas StaceySon 5M1896   Sx Linchmere 
  STACEYAlice L StaceyDau 2F1899   Sx Linchmere 
91Kingsley GreenWICKHAMThomas O WickhamHeadM22M1879Cowman {Ag Cattle}Worker Sx Horsham 
  WICKHAMFanny WickhamWifeM20F1881   Sx Pulborough 
92CopyholdWELLENJames WellenHeadM47M1854Farm Laborer {Ag L}Worker Sx Northchapel 
  WELLENMary WellenWifeM44F1857   Sx Northchapel 
  WELLENWilliam WellenSonS20M1881Farm Laborer {Ag L}Worker Sx Northchapel 
  WELLENAlice WellenDauS19F1882   Sx Northchapel 
  WELLENHarriet WellenDau 13F1888   Sx Northchapel 
  WELLENMyrtle A WellenDau 10F1891   Sx Northchapel 
  WELLENInfant WellenGd Dau 1 wkF1901   Sx Fernhurst 
93CopyholdQUANTRILLFlorence QuantrillHeadM25F1876   Essex Chelmsford 
  QUANTRILLFlorence QuantrillDau 6F1895   Hants Petersfield 
  QUANTRILLPercy QuantrillSon 3M1898   Ireland 



Fernhurst History