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North Ambersham 1881 census transcription

Please note that this data is presented as work in progress.

North Ambersham enumeration district:
"The whole of the Tything of North Ambersham. Comprising Lowder Mill, Bell Vale, Varndell Hill, Wades Marsh, Sheetland, Reethe, Lower House, Upperfold, Surney, Gunters Farm, & Cottages at Bexley Hill (The Cottages at Bexley Hill are also in the Parliamentary Bourough of Midhurst)."

Data transcribed from Public Record Office sheets RG11 - Piece/Folio: 1132/74 to 77, Page Numbers 1 to 8, by David J Coward.
Additional and connecting information added by transcriber shown in quotation marks.

Original data Crown Copyright
All information on this page © David Coward


No. of Schedule

Road, Street, & No. or Name of House


SurnameForename(s)Relation to head of familyCondition as to MarriageGenderAgeBirthplaceOccupation Comments added by transcriber (part of ongoing research that is not yet complete)
1Lower HouseSMARTJohnHeadMM54Horsham, SxFarmer 196 Acres"2 Lab 2 Boy "married in Guildford, Sy, District in 1862"
    SMARTMary AnnWifeMF46Gt Bookham, Sy "née MARTIN - 2nd wife"
    SMARTWilliamSonUM27Newdigate, SyFarmer's Son"mother - Ann Hannah née LIDBETTER" "possibly Married Kate COLE or Sarah Ann CHILDS in Midhust, Sx, District n 1882"
    SMARTAlice MargaretDaughterUF2Horsham, Sx  
    SMARTSusan CharlotteDaughterUF12Horsham, SxScholar"mother - Ann Hannah née LIDBETTER"
    SMARTKateDaughterUF6Horsham, SxScholar 
    SMARTEvelynDaughterUF4N Ambersham  
2"Wades"...mershTICKNERLucyHeadWF58Lurgashall, SxAnnuitant"née DUDMAN when she had Married at Lurgashall, Sx, in 1840" "her husband was George TICKNER" "Died in Midhurst, Sx, District in 1895"
  TICKNERWilliamSonUM29N AmbershamFarm Lab"Married Clare Emily WEBSTER at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1884"
  TICKNERHenry William CurleyG SonUM17N AmbershamFarm Lab"his parents were Joseph and Matilda née TICKNER"
3ShalfordCOOMBESStephenHeadMM41Lurgashall, SxFam Lab"parents Stephen and Jane COOMBES" "Married Matilda TICKNER, at Farnhurst, Sx, in 1866" "Died in Midhurst, Sx, District in 1910"
  COOMBESMatilda WifeMF37N Ambersham "née TICKNER"
  COOMBESCharlesSonUM13Fernhurst, SxScholar 
  COOMBESGeorge FrederickSonUM11Fernhurst, SxScholar"probably Married Mary Jane BICKNELL or Ellen BRIDGER in Hambledon, Sy, District in 1889"
  COOMBESLucy JaneDaughterUF9Fernhurst, SxScholar"probably Married William CHANDLER or Leweis BOWDEN in Midhurst, Sx, District in 1894" "
  COOMBESEdith FlorenceDaughterUF6Fernhurst, SxScholar"possibly Maried William SINGLETON or Ebenezer Nathaniel Remnant in Midhurst, Sx, District in 1903"
  COOMBESPercySonUM1Fernhurst, Sx  
  COOMBESRobertBrotherUM24Lurgashall, SxFarm Lab"parents Stephen and Jane"
4ShalfordVOLLERHenryHeadMM76Fernhurst, SxGen Lab"Died in Midhurst, Sx, District in 1885"
  VOLLERElizaWifeMF67Fernhurst, Sx "Died in Midhurst, Sx, District in 1890"
5ShalfordYATMANHerbert GeorgeHeadMM59MiddlesexAnnuitant"Baptised at St Clement Danes, London in 1823" "Married in Marylebone District, London, in 1860" "Died in Christchurch, Hants, District in 1911"
  YATMANMary Cyon (Lyon)WifeMF44Scotland "née MACGREGOR"
  YATMANEllen MaryDaughterUF20Italy "Died in West Ham, London, District in 1906"
  YATMANKatherineDaughterUF18Hampshire arriages or
  YATMANLauraDaughterUF14Steep, Hants "North Ambersham" "Married Edward Haliday D'OYLY or John Francis LAVELL at Kensington in 1891" "
  YATMANMildredDaughterUF12Steep, HantsScholar"North Ambersham" "Married Catsford or Coleford Mathews BA(U)RDON" at Fenhurst, Sx, in 1892"
  YATMANClementSonUM10Steep, HantsScholar"North Ambersham"
  PEDEREDM AnniServantUF43Royston, Cambs ? HardwickGoverness"possibly PENDERED or PENDRET who Died in Thrapston District in 1906"
  PALPEY "PALFREY"LydiaServantUF48Kilde, SomersetServant Domestic"Died in Christchurch, Hants, District in 1911"
  DEFRATESJaneServantUF27MiddlesexServant Domestic"possibly Married Thomas Bailey BOREHAM or Walter TIDDER in Hackney, London, District in 1887"
  HALLElizaServantUF24Ryde, IOWServant Domestic 
  VERREORMaryServantUF49MiddlesexServant Domestic 
  FROGLEYJaneServantUF48Chiddingfold, SxServant Domestic"probably Married George LONGMAN or possibly William GAUNTLET in Hambledon, Sy, District ion 1888"
  CHITTYEmilyServantUF22Lurgashall, SxServant Domestic"probaly Married William GALE or possibly Artthur George IFOULD in Midhurst, Sx, District, in 1894"
  EADESMauriceServantUM17King Weston, S'setServant Domestic 
6Farnden HillLICKFOLDLaurenceHeadMM55Hambledon, SyCarpenter"Married at Hambledon, Sy, in 1854" "Died in Hambledon, Sy, District in 1891"
  LICKFOLDAnnWifeMF50Hambledon, Sy "née BENNETT" "probably Died in Hambledon, Sy, District in 1887"
  LICKFOLDLouisa CarolineDaughterUF25Hambledon, Sy "Married Henry PAGE at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1881 but with the name 'Laura Caroline'"
  LICKFOLDLaurenceSonUM19Hambledon, SyCarpenter"Married Mary Ann BRIDGER or Mary Emma MERCER in Guildford, Sy, District in 1885"
  LICKFOLDAnn Florence "Annie"DaughterUF13Fernhurst, Sx "Married Wlliam BOXALL in Hambledon, Sy, District in 1884" "Died in Hambledon, Sy, District in 1893"
  LICKFOLDThomas EdwardSonUM10Hambledon, Sy "probably Married Minnie Esther BRIDGER or possibly Alice Elizabeth BUCKLAND in Guikldford, Sy, District in 1892"
7Bill Vale "Bell"KILNWalterHeadUM37Sidleshaw(m), SxBrewer"probably Died in Hambledon District in 1908"
  KILNLewisBrotherUM33Sidleshaw(m), SxBrewer 
  FULLERAnnServantWF46Washington, Cumb "probably Died in Hambeldeon District in 1888"
  LOEMaryVisitorUF27Guildford, Sy  
8Lowder MillSNELLINGJohnHeadMM41Thursley, SyFarm Lab"married at Thursley, Sy, in 1828"
  SNELLINGJaneWifeMF38Lurgashall, Sx "née BOXALL" "probably Died in Hambledon District in 1911"
  SNELLINGAnneDaughterUF13Thursley, SyScholar 
  SNELLINGLucyDaughterUF9Thursley, SyScholar 
  SNELLINGMatilda DaughterUF4Thursley, SyScholar 
  SNELLINGSusanDaughterUF3Thursley, Sy "possibly Married William DIXEY in Guildford, Sy, District in 1905"
  SNELLINGMinnieDaughterUF2Thursley, Sy  
  SNELLINGWilliamSonUM1Thursley, Sy "probably Married Eliza Harriett EVANS or Ethel HORSLEY in Hambledon, Sy, District in 1904"
  JUDGEFrankLodgerUM17Frenshaw(m), SyFarm Lab"probably Married Mary Jane SNELLING in Midhurst, Sx, District in 1883"
9Lowder MillBROMHAM "BROOMHAM"EdwinHeadMM29Dunsfold, SyAg Lab"married at Chiddingfold, Sy, in 1877" "Died in Hambledon, Sy, District in 1904"
  BROMHAM "BROOMHAM"Sarah JaneWifeMF29Chiddingfold, Sy "née LUFF" "Died in Hambledon, Sy, District in 1881"
  BROMHAM "BROOMHAM"Peter WilliamSonUM6Chiddingfold, SyScholar 
  BROMHAM "BROOMHAM"Emiline JaneDaughterUF3Chiddingfold, Sy  
  HUMPHREYKateVisitorUF10Lurgashall, Sx "Married Noah TAMAN in Midhurst, Sx, District in 1895"
10Lowder MillKEMPJamesHeadMM45Guestling, SxGardener"married at Farnhurst, Sx, in 1869" "may well have moved to Christchurch, Hants, with employer, YATMAN, above"
  KEMPHarrietWifeMF33Chiddingfold, Sy "née HAMMOND"
  KEMPEdith EvelynDaughterUF10Fernhurst, SxScholar"probably Married William Arthur MILLS or Charles Percy Coote CLARK in Christchurch, Hants, District (probably staff of YATMAN above) in 1910"
  KEMPLillia ElizabethDaughterUF8Fernhurst, SxScholar"probably Married George BURTON in Christchurch, Hants, District (probably staff of YATMAN above) in 1915"
11Lowder MillAITCHISONThomasHeadMM34ScotlandCoachman"married in Hannover Sq, Lond, District in 1875"
  AITCHISONSarah AnnWifeMF34Norwich, Norfolk "née LOVETT"
  AITCHISONRobert ThomasSonUM3St Georges, Hannover Square, Middx "possibly Married at St Georges, Hanover Square, London, in 1902 to Frances HAMILTON" "probably Died in Farnham, Sy, District in 1905"
  AITCHISONLucy AnnDaughterUF6 mosFernhurst, Sx "probably Married William Daniel SMITHERS or Alexander Bridger HILL in Farnham, Sy, District in 1903"
  COLBOURNEWilliamBoarderUM17Finchdean, HantsGroom 
  BERRYKateServantUF15Fernhurst, SxGen Servant 
12Va.rnden HillSTEVENSThomasHeadMM36Stedham, SxAg Lab"Married in Havant, Hants, District in 1880"
  STEVENSAgnes AnnWifeMF25Ireland "née LEDGATE"
  STEVENSAliceDaughterUF1Unwalshaw, Sx "? Up Waltham"
  STENIONEOUSJamesBoarderWF80NorthamptonAg Lab 
13Wadesmarsh FarmSAUNDERSWalterHeadMM30Easebourne, SxGardener"married at Lurgashall, Sx, in 1873"
  SAUNDERSMatilda WifeMF30Mile End, Middx "née GOLDSMITH"
  SAUNDERSAlice SusanDaughterUF5N Ambersham "probably Married Charles LAMBERT or Henry Stephen JEFFREYS in Hambledon, Sy, District in 1908"
  SAUNDERSWalter WilliamSonUM4N Ambersham "possibly Died in Petworth, Sx, District in 1883"
  DIXONMary ElizabethMinLawWF61Kennington, Sy "Widow of John DIXON, her 2nd husband, who she had married at Bethnal Green, London, in 1862"
14Wadesmarsh FarmROBINSONSarahHeadWF60Linchurch, Sx Lynchmere  "? née WHEELER - 2nd wife of John - married at Headley, Hants, in 1846" "Died in Hambledon, Sy, District in 1893"
  ROBINSONJamesSonUM31Headley, HantsFarm Lab"possibly Married Hannah Ann ROGERS or Louisa WINDEBANK in Midhurst, Sx, District in 1888"
  ROBINSONJohnSonUM27Bramshott, HantsFarm Lab 
15SheetlandETHERINGTONSamuelHeadMM51Lurgashall, SxGamekeeper"1st Marriage at Lurgashall, Sx, in 1849" "Other children, Harriett BERRY, Samuel ETHERINGTON, Mary Jane ETHERINGTON" "2nd Married Jane KINGSHOTT, née POAT, widow, sister in law, born 1831, at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1891" "Died in Midhurst, Sx, District in 1903"
  ETHERINGTONMarsha "Martha"WifeMF49Lurgashall, Sx "? née STEVENS" "Died in Midhurst ,Sx, District in 1887"
  ETHERINGTONRichardSonUM24Lurgashall, SxFarm Lab 
  ETHERINGTONKateDaughterUF18Lurgashall, SxDom Servant Cook"Married Albert Edwin MIDDLETON at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1894"
  ETHERINGTONAlbertSonUM14Lurgashall, SxFarm Lab 
  ETHERINGTONMarthaDaughterUF12N AmbershamScholar 
  ETHERINGTONEmmaDaughterUF11N AmbershamScholar"Married Walter Henry WALKER at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1900"
  ETHERINGTONFannyDaughterUF9N AmbershamScholar"Married Richard Fred Augustus EVERLEIGH at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1898"
  ETHERINGTONFrankSonUM7N AmbershamScholar 
  ETHERINGTONBeatriceDaughterUF1N Ambersham  
17ReetheBUTCHERWilliam GeorgeHeadMM30East Grinstead, SxGamekeeper"? married in Hannover Square, London, District in 1873"
  BUTCHERElizabeth Sarah AnnWifeMF23Gillingham, Dorset "née SIMONS"
  BUTCHERBeatrice AnnieDaughterUF5Hatton, MiddxScholar 
  BUTCHERWilliam GeorgeSon UM4 mosN Ambersham  
19ReethePOOKCharlesHeadMM52Harting, SxFarm Lab"married in Midhurst Dist in 1856" "Died in Midhurst District in 1907"
  POOKFannyWifeMF58Compton, Sx "née WOOLDRIDGE"
20Swiney "Surney" HatchWARDENJohnHeadUM38Henfield, SxFarm Bailiff 
21Swiney "Surney" HatchMARTINElizaServantWF42Brau ns.ton, RutlandHousekeeper"Buried at Fernhurst in 1896"
22OvernoonsLUFFLeviHeadMM32Linchmere, SxFarm Lab"married in Midhurst Dist in 1870"
  LUFFCharlotteWifeMF29Lurgashall, Sx "née VARNDELL" "Died in Midhurst District in 1887" " her baby, Levi, born and died in Midhurst District in 1882"
  LUFFAdaDaughterUF8Linchmere, Sx  
  LUFFBarbaraDaughterUF3Linchmere, Sx  
23Gunters FarmWANE (WAIN)CharlesHeadMM44Pulborough, SxFarmer 50 Aces"? married in Stockton Dist in 1866"
  WANE (WAIN)JaneWifeMF38Cranleigh, Sy "? née ECKLES"
24Upperfold FarmAYLWINJames "Blackmore"HeadMM63Fernhurst, SxFarmer 90 Acres"married at Lurgashall, Sx in 1838" "Died in Midhurst District in 1891"
  AYLWINEsther CatherineWifeMF59Lurgashall, Sx "parents Noah and Esther HILL" "née HILL" "Married at age16" "Died in Hirsham, Sx, District in 1909"
25Upperfold FarmMOSELEYJosephHeadMM43Stedham, SxCarter Farm Lab"married at Farnhurst, Sx, in 1867"
  MOSELEYSusanWifeMF32Easebourne, Sx "née WEST"
  MOSELEYRuthDaughterUF7Old Lauington, Sx "West Lavington"
  MOSELEYWillieSonUM4Cocking, Sx  
  BRIDEWELLJohnBoarderUM23Rogate, SxFarm Lab 
26UpperfoldVENNESCharlesHeadMM56Easebourne, SxGardener"VENESS"
  VENNESMartha "? Sabina"WifeMF59Fernhurst, Sx "possibly Died in Lewes District in 1882"
  VENNESEliza (Ezra)SonUM10Fernhurst, SxScholar 
  VENNESZilpahDaughterUF9Fernhurst, SxScholar 
27Bexley HillDUDMANSamuelHeadMM55Steep, HantsFarm Lab" "Witness at the Marriage of Charles HEATHER and Mary Ann DUDMAN at Fernhurst in 1847 along with Jane BAIGENT"1st Marriage to LOUISA BAIGENT at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1852 but widowed by 1858" "2nd marriage at Farnhurst, Sx, in 1859 with William DUDMAN and Phebe DUDMAN as witnesses" "Died in Midhurst District in 1909"
  DUDMANAnnWifeMF54Iping, Sx "née STEVENS - his 2nd wife" "probably Died in Midhurst District in 1910"
28Bexley HillDUDMANPhoebeHeadWF54Lodsworth, SxFarm Woman"Witness at Marriage of Samuel DUDMAN to Anne STEVENS at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1859" "possibly Paradise Cottage"
  DUDMANAlfredSonUM20N AmbershamCopse Lab"father- William DUDMAN" "Married Kate COLE at Fernhurst, Sx, 1881"
  DUDMANCharlotte (Phoebe)DaughterUF10N AmbershamScholar"father - William DUDMAN"
29Bexley HillBOXALLJeremiahHeadMM52Fernhurst, SxFarm Lab"Married at Farnhurst, Sx, in 1848" "Witness at Marriage of son, Arthur, at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1871" "Died in Midhurst District in 1903"
  BOXALLMaryWifeMF52Stedham, Sx "née KNIGHTS" "born before marriage of parents, Henry and Maria" "Died in Midhurst District in 1911"
  KNIGHTCharlesNephewUM12Duncton, SxScholar"Father was Henry KNIGHT" "Married Anne SMITHERS at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1895" "
  CREAVELLEdmundBoarderUM51Lodsworth, SxFarm Lab 
30Bexley Hill "possibly Landsick Cottage"MADGWICKJamesHeadMM44Midhurst, SxCarpenter"married at Farnhurst, Sx, in 1862 with witnesses Frank MADGWICK and Charlote BOXALL " "Witness at the Marriage of Henry BOXALL and Emma Bacon at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1873" "Died in Midhurst District in 1909"
  MADGWICKMaryWifeMF39Fernhurst, Sx "née BOXALL" "Witness at Marriage of Henry BOXALL and Emma BACON at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1873" "father was William BOXALL"
  MADGWICKMabel "Elizabeth"DaughterUF11Fernhurst, SxScholar"married Horace Albert PUTTICK at Easebourne in 1891 with witnesses Thomas James MADGWICK and Sarah PUTTICK and then moved to Haslemere, Sy"
  MADGWICKThomas "James"SonUM7Fernhurst, SxScholar 
  MADGWICKHenry "George"SonUM3Fernhurst, Sx "Married Caroline Ann VENNES at Easebourne, Sx, in 1901"
  KETCHALLJohnBoarderUM27Fernhurst, SxFarm Lab 
31Bexley Hill ENTECKNAPMariaHeadUF69Fernhurst, SxCharwoman"father William ENTICKNAP" "Buried at Fernhurst in 1898"
  ENTECKNAPWilliamBrotherUM56Fernhurst, SxLab Ag"ENTICKNAP"
  ENTECKNAPAnnG DaughterUF24Fernhurst, SxCharwoman"ENTICKNAP" "Mother - Eliza" "see * below"
  ENTECKNAPKate"Gt "G Daughter"UF2Fernhurst, Sx "Mother was Ann ENTICKNAP, single"
32Bexley Hill TRUSSLERWilliamHeadMM56"46"N AmbershamFarm Lab"mother Sarah née HACKMAN" "1st Marriage to Jane STONER (5 children) at Fernhurst in 1864, with witnesses Charlotte TRUSLER and John CAPLIN" "2nd Marriage to Fanny BURTON "née DUDMAN at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1874 with witnesses James DUDMAN and Fanny HALL" "Living at Nightingales" "Died at Bexley Hill in 1920"
  TRUSSLERFannyWifeMF42Lodsworth, Sx "née WARD" "widowed from James RASALL and then George BURTON, became Housekeeper to Thomas TRUSSLER and then Married his son William TRUSSLER with witnesses James DUDMAN and Fanny HALL." "Died at South Ambersham, Easebourne, Sx, in 1935" "
  TRUSSLERWilliamSonUM14Lodsworth, Sx  
  TRUSSLERMaryDaughterUF13Easebourne, SxScholar 
  TRUSSLERJohnSonUM6N AmbershamScholar"Did Marry" "Died at Midhurst Cottage Hospital in Easebourne in 1963"
  TRUSSLEREli ThosSonUM4N AmbershamScholar"Married Emma Elizabeth Carver in Midhurst District in 1899" "Had 5 daughters" "Died at Lodsworth in 1961"
  TRUSSLERFerdinandSonUM2N Ambersham "Married Elizabeth SAGEMAN, his 1st cousin, sister of Ellen" "Had 10 children" "Died on the Somme in France in 1916" "His widow died at Lodsworth in 1918"
  TRUSSLERThomasFatherWM77N AmbershamFarm Lab"was married to Sarah HACKMAN at Steep, Hants, in 1824" "Died in Midhurst District in 1887"
33Bexley Hill TRUSSLERJohn ThosHeadMM28Easebourne, SxFarm Lab"Baptised at Fernhurst" "Married in 1878 and moved to Easebourne by 1901" "2 sons, George and Alvah TRUSLER who were both killed in WW1" "possibly Black Cottage"
  TRUSSLEREmily "Wren"WifeMF28Easebourne, Sx "née HOWICK"
  TRUSSLERAlvahSonUM2N Ambersham  
  TRUSSLERAmeliaDaughterUF1 moN Ambersham  
  DUDMANMatilda MinLaw *WF56Lodsworth, SxFormer Laundress"née TRUSLER" "Married Widower, Thomas DUDMAN, at Steep, Hants, in 1854 with witnesses Charles TRUSLER and Ellen MUSS" "Bramshott, Hants, shown as her place of birth but this was where she was from at the time" "probably Died at Ryde on the Isle of Wight in 1881" *"Mother not Mother in Law"
34Bexley HillBOOKERDanielHeadMM42Woolbeding, SxFarm Lab"Father was William BOOKER" "1st Married at Farnhurst, Sx, in 1836" "2nd Marriage at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1868"
  BOOKERElizaWifeMF32Fernhurst, Sx "née HALL"
  BOOKERFannyDaughterUF10Woolbeding, SxScholar"moved in with grandparents by 1861" "
  BOOKEREllenDaughterUF5Woolbeding, SxScholar"moved in with grandparents by 1861" "
35Bexley HillHALL "HULL"John (James)HeadMM64Haslemere, SyFarm Lab"married at Farnhurst, Sx, in 1836" "Died in Midhurst District in 1908"
  HALL "HULL"SarahWifeMF55Fernhurst, Sx "née WHEELER" "Died in Midhurst, Sx, District in 1902"
  HALL "HULL"Sarah JaneDaughterUF18Fernhurst, Sx "Married Percy MARSHALL, the lodger, at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1881"
  HALL "HULL"Charles SonUM15Fernhurst, SxFarm Lab"Married Hannah ALMOND at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1894"
  MARSHALLLewisLodgerUM24Bepton, SxFarm Lab 
  MARSHALLPercyLodgerUM20Bepton, SxFarm Lab"Married Sarah Jane HULL at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1881"
  BAKERRichardLodgerUM30Lodsworth, SxFarm Lab"probably Married Ann ENTICKNAP in Midhurst District in 1888 - see above*"
36Bexley HillCAPLINJohnHeadMM46Lurgashall, SxGamekeeper"mother, Elizabeth CAPLIN, née BUTLER" "probably 1st Married Jane DUDMAN at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1858 with William DUDMAN and his wife, Jane DUDMAN, as witnesses" "probably 2nd Marriage to Croline ?" "possibly Died in Midehurst, Sx, District in 1889"
  CAPLINCarolineWifeMF41Lodsworth, Sx "possibly Died in Westbourne, Sx, District in 1911"
  CAPLINAgnesDaughterUF20Lodsworth, Sx  
  CAPLINThomasSonUM18N Ambershaw mFarm Lab 
  CAPLINWilliamSonUM13Fernhurst, SxScholar 
  CAPLINStephenSonUM7Fernhurst, SxScholar 



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