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The Fernhurst Society

North Ambersham 1871 census transcription

Please note that this data is presented as work in progress.

North Ambersham enumeration district:
"Number 7. The Whole of the Tything of Northambersham. Comprising Lowder Mill, Varndell Hill. Wades Marsh. Sheetland. Reeths,. Lower House, Upperfold, Surney, Guntersfarm and Cottages at Bexley Hill."

Data transcribed from West Sussex Record Office Reference: RG10/1121 2- Folios 67-73, by David J Coward.
Additional and connecting information added by transcriber shown in quotation marks.

Original data Crown Copyright
All information on this page © David Coward


No. of Schedule

Road, Street, & No. or Name of House


SurnameForename(s)Relation to head of familyCondition as to MarriageGenderAgeBirthplaceOccupation Comments added by transcriber (part of ongoing research that is not yet complete)
1SurneyMILLSThomasHeadUM26Wisborough, SxFarm Bailiff 
    BOSWELLMary AHousekeeperWF38CambridgeshireHousekeeper 
    BOSWELLAnnieVisitorUF12Rickmansworth, HertsScholar 
2Bexley HillDUDMANSamuelHeadMM40N Ambersham " "Witness at the Marriage of Charles HEATHER and Mary Ann DUDMAN at Fernhurst in 1847 along with Jane BAIGENT"1st Marriage to LOUISA BAIGENT at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1852 but widowed by 1858" "2nd marriage at Farnhurst, Sx, in 1859 with William DUDMAN and Phebe DUDMAN as witnesses" "Died in Midhurst District in 1909"
  DUDMANAnnieWifeMF41Iping, Sx "née STEVENS -2nd wife" "probably Died in Midhurst District in 1910"
  DUDMANMary AnnNieceUF8Queensferry, ScotlandScholar 
  DUDMANWilliamNephewUM13Iping, SxAg Lab 
3Bexley HillHEATHERCharlesHeadWM47Petworth, SxAg Lb"Married Mary Ann DUDMAN at Fernhurst in 1847 with witnesses Samuel DUDMAN and Jane BAIGENT" "Buried at Fernhurst in 1875"
  HEATHERSarahDaughterUF10N AmbershamScholar 
  HEATHERRose H "Kate"DaughterUF7N AmbershamScholar 
4Bexley Hill DUDMANMatildaHeadWF45Lodsworth, Sx "Married Widower, Thomas DUDMAN, at Steep, Hants, in 1854 with witnesses Charles TRUSLER and Ellen MUSS" "Bramshott, Hants, shown as her place of birth but this was where she was from at the time" "probably Died at Ryde on the Isle of Wight in 1881"
  DUDMANJohn T "Eames"SonUM18Easebourne, xAg Lab 
  DUDMANJamesSonUM16N AmbershamAg Lab"At Bexley Hill with his wife, Fanny, and 4 children at the 1881 Census"
5Bexley Hill ENTICKNAPMatildaHeadUF57Fernhurst, SxCharwoman"Probably died in the Midhurst District in 1887"
  ENTICKNAPWilliamBrotherUM46Fernhurst, SxAg Lab 
  ENTICKNAPElizaDaughterUF37N Ambersham "Buried at Fernhurst in 1875"
  ENTICKNAPAnnieG DaughterUF13N AmbershamScholar"mother - Eliza"
  ENTICKNAPJohnG SonUM7N AmbershamScholar"probably Married Mary Anne COLE at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1881"
6Bexley HillMADGWICKJamesHeadMM35Midhurst, SxCarpenter"married at Farnhurst, Sx, in 1862 with witnesses Frank MADGWICK and Charlote BOXALL " "Witness at the Marriage of Henry BOXALL and Emma Bacon at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1873" "Died in Midhurst District in 1909"
  MADGWICKMaryWifeMF22N Ambersham "née BOXALL" "Witness at Marriage of Henry BOXALL and Emma BACON at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1873" "father was William BOXALL"
  MADGWICKMaybel "Elizabeth"DaughterUF1N Ambersham "married Horace Albert PUTTICK at Easebourne in 1891 with witnesses Thomas James MADGWICK and Sarah PUTTICK and then moved to Haslemere, Sy"
  BOXALLCharlesBro in LawUM28N AmbershamAg Lab 
  BOXALLRobertVisitorUM11Lodsworth, SxScholar"Father was Henry BOXALL" "Married Alice Sarah WEST at Fernhurst in 1881"
  BOXALLWilliamVisitorUM7Lodsworth, SxScholar"Father was Henry Boxall" "Married Iris Kate WEST at Fernhurst in 1886"
7Bexley Hill TRUSLERThomasHeadMM67N AmbershamAg Lab"Married at Steep, Hants, in 1824" "He Died at Bexley Hill in 1887" "probably Nightingales"
  TRUSLERSarahWifeMF75Bramshott, Hants "née HACKMAN from Lodsworth, Sx" "Died in Midhurst District in 1886"
8Bexley HillKNIGHTJohnLodgerWM72Lodsworth, SxAg Lab 
9Bexley HillDUDMANHenryHeadWM68Haslemere, SyAg Lab"Buried at Fernhurst in 1874"
10Bexley Hill KNIGHTHenryHeadWM72Lodsworth, SxAg Lab"Married Maria REDMAN at Stedham, Sx, in 1835" "Buried at Fernhurst in 1872"
11Bexley HillBOXALLJeremiahHeadMM42Fernhurst, SxAg Lab"Married at Farnhurst, Sx, in 1848" "Witness at Marriage of son, Arthur, at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1871" "Died in Midhurst District in 1903"
  BOXALLMaryWifeMF42Stedham, Sx "née KNIGHTS" "born before marriage of parents, Henry and Maria" "Died in Midhurst District in 1911"
  BOXALLArhurSonUM22N AmbershamAg Lab"Married Rebecca SMITH at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1871 with witnesses Jeremiah and Anne BOXALL"
12Bexley HillDUDMANWilliamHeadMM51N AmbershamAg Lab"Witness at Marriage of Samuel DUDMAN to Anne STEVENS at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1859" "possibly Paradise Cottage"
  DUDMANPheba "Phoebe"WifeMF46Selham, Sx "Witness at Marriage of Samuel DUDMAN to Anne STEVENS at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1859" "possibly Paradise Cottage"
  DUDMANSarahDaughterUF13N AmbershamScholar 
  DUDMANAlfredSonUM10N AmbershamScholar"father- William DUDMAN" "Married Kate COLE at Fernhurst, Sx, 1881"
  DUDMANEmmaDaughterUF7N AmbershamScholar 
  DUDMANCharlotteDaughterUF6mosN Ambersham  
13Gunters FarmBAKERHenryHeadMM50Kirdford, SxAg Lab"married at Lurgashall in 1845"
  BAKERAnnWifeMF43Lurgashall, Sx "née COOPER" "
  BAKERRichardSonUM19Lodsworth, SxAg Lab 
  BAKERMosesSonUM17Lodsworth, SxAg Lab 
  BAKERAnnDaughterUF15Lodsworth, SxScholar 
  BAKERHarrySonUM12N AmbershamAg Lab 
  BAKERHannahDaughterUF9N Ambersham  
  BAKERAaronSonUM6N Ambersham  
  BAKERMercyDaughterUF4N Ambersham  
14Bexley Hill (Lower Elidge)HULL "HALL"JohnHeadMM57Haslemere, SyAg Lab"father Thomas HULL (HALL)" "Tenant of 2 Cottages auctioned in 1890" "1st Married Elizabeth GOBLE at Easebourne in1848 and 2nd at Farnhurst, Sx, in 1868" "Died in Midhurst District in 1908"
  HULLSarahWifeMF47Lodsworth, Sx "née WHEELER" "Died in Midhurst, Sx, District in 1902"
  HULLJim "James"SonUM19Woolavington, SxAg Lab"Married in Midhurst, Sx, Dist in 1878" "At Henley Hill, Easebourn, Sx, with his wife and a daughter, Rosa Ann, at the 1881 Census"
  HULLMark HNephewUM18Woolavington, SxAg Lab 
  HULLMaryDaughterUF12Fernhurst, SxScholar 
  HULLSarah "Jane"DaughterUF8Fernhurst, SxScholar"Married Percy MARSHALL, the lodger, at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1881"
  HULLCharlesSonUM5Fernhurst, Sx "Married Hannah ALMOND at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1894"
15Lower HouseWILLMERGeorgeHeadMM43Pulborough, SxAg Lab 
  WILLMERCarolineWifeMF43Pulborough, Sx  
  WILLMERWilliamSonUM15Fittleworth, SxAg Lab 
  WILLMERJamesSonUM13Pulborough, SxAg Lab"Died in Petworth, Sussex, District in 1883"
  WILLMERCharlesSonUM10Pulborough, SxScholar 
16Lodge HouseSMITHERSWilliamHeadMM46Fernhurst, SxAg Lab"Married at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1853 with witnesses Edmund ROE and Emma Milton"
  SMITHERSEllenWifeMF37Fernhurst, SxDress Maker"née MILTON"
  SMITHERSEmilyDaughterUF15Woolbeding, SxScholar 
17Bell ValeBERRYSarahHeadWF40Wandsworth, SyBrewer & Maltster"née McGEORGE married George at Lambeth, Sy, in 1857"
  BERRYGeorgeSonUM14Thursley, SyScholar 
  BERRYFrankSonUM9N AmbershamScholar 
  BERRYArthurSonUM5N AmbershamScholar 
  BERRYLora JaneDaughterUF7N AmbershamScholar 
  WALKERHannahVisitorMF60Thursley, Sy  
  MILTONEmilyVisitorUF24Thursley, SyCompanion 
  UPTONThomasServantUM49Haslemere, SyBrewer/Maltster"Died in Hambledon, Sy, District, in 1886" "
  HOWARDWilliamServantUM20Haslemere, SyGeneral Servant 
  HOLDERRosaServantUF17Fernhurst, SxDomestic Servant 
18Lowder MillVOLLERJohnHeadWM84Fernhurst, SxAg Lab 
  BOXALLMaryServantWF80Tillington, SxDomestic Servant 
19Lowder MillENTICKNAPWilliamHeadMM70N AmbershamAg Lab 
  ENTICKNAPHarrietWifeMF57Fernhurst, SxCharwoman"her father was James WILSON" "As a widow she Married widower, James MARRINER, at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1873"
  ENTICKNAPWilliamSonUM36Headley, HantsAg Lab"assumed Deceased by 1873"
20Lowder MillBOORNEWilliamHeadUM24Dover, KentAg Lab 
21Fernden HillGALE "HACK"Walter GHeadMM35Lurgashall, SxAg Lab"Married at Fernhurst, Sx,in 1862 with Ruth and George VOLLER as witnesses"
  GALE "HACK"FannyWifeMF31Fernhurst, Sx "her father was Henry VOLLER" "née VOLLER"
  GALE "HACK"EmilyDaughterUF7Fernhurst, SxScholar 
  GALE "HACK"AliceDaughterUF6Fernhurst, SxScholar 
  GALE "HACK"GeorgeSonUM4Fernhurst, SxScholar 
22Fernden HillKEMPJamesHeadMM34Guestling, SxGardener"married at Farnhurst, Sx, in 1869"
  KEMPHarrietWifeMF23Chiddingfold,Sy "née HAMMOND" "
  KEMPEdith "Evelyn"DaughterUF7mosN Ambersham "probably Married William Arthur MILLS or Charles Percy Coote CLARK in Christchurch, Hants, District (probably staff of YATMAN above) in 1910"
23Fernden HillSUTERSThomasHeadMM43Guestling, SxCoachman 
  SUTERSMaryWifeMF44Fairlight, Sx  
  SUTERSMalaha FDaughterUF15Winchelsea, SxScholar 
  SUTERSRosa EdithDaughterUF10Winchelsea, SxScholar 
  SUTERSConstance L "Louisa"DaughterUF4N AmbershamScholar 
  SUTERSWilliam I "John"SonUM2N Ambersham  
24Fernden HillCARTERJohnHeadMM61Fernhurst, SxMaster Bricklayer3 men
24Fernden HillCARTERAnnWifeMF49Linchmere, SxLaundress 
24Fernden HillCARTEREuniceDaughterUF9Fernhurst, SxScholar 
25Fernden HillYATMANHerbert "George"HeadMM49London, MiddxLand Owner"500 acres - 15 men & 1 boy "Baptised at St Clement Danes, London in 1823" "Married in Marylebone, London, District in 1860" "Died in Christchurch, Hants, in 1911"
  YATMANMary L"yon"WifeMF36Scotland "née MacGREGOR" "
  YATMANEllen M"ary"DaughterUF10ItalyScholar"Died in West Ham District in 1906"
  YATMANCatharineDaughterUF8Lymington, HantsScholar 
  YATMANEdwardSonUM6Steep, HantsScholar"North Ambersham"
  YATMANLauraDaughterUF4Steep, HantsScholar"North Ambersham" "Married Edward Haliday D'OYLY or John Francis LAVELL at Kensington, London, in 1891" "
  YATMANMildredDaughterUF2Steep, Hants "North Ambersham" "Married Catsford or Coleford Mathews BA(U)RDON" at Fenhurst, Sx, in 1892"
  YATMANClementSonUM2mosSteep, Hants "North Ambersham"
  MACGREGORAlexanderF in LawWM78ScotlandBank Director 
  PALFREYLydiaServantUF37Putsham SomersetDomestic Servant"Died in Christchurch, Hants, District in 1911"
  WINDERAnneServantUF35Isfield, SxDomestic Servant"possibly died in Salford District in 1908"
  CORKElizabethServantUF27Hawkhurst, KentDomestic Servant 
  UPTONMaryannServantUF27Eastfarleigh, KentDomestic Servant 
  BICKNELLCharloteServantUF19Fernhurst, SxDomestic Servant 
  HULLEmmaServantUF16Haslemere, SyDomestic Servant 
  GODDENJaneServantUF20Liphook, HantsDomestic Servant 
  CHALLENRichardServantUM20Northchapel, SxStable Boy 
26Wades MarshROBINSONJohnHeadMM50Hedley, HantsAg Lab"married at Headley, Hants, in 1846"
  ROBINSONSarahWifeMF50Linchmere, Sx "nee WHEELER, 2nd wife of John"
  ROBINSONJohnSonUM17Bramshott, HantsAg Lab 
  ROBINSONGeorgeSonUM13Bramshott, HantsScholar 
  ROBINSONElizaDaughterUF10Bramshott, HantsScholar 
27Wades MarshFROGLYJamesHeadMM26Frentsham, SyAg Lab"Frensham, Sy"
  FROGLYElizabethWifeMM24Frentsham, Sy "Frensham, Sy"
28Wades MarshTICKNERGeorgeHeadMM58Lurgashall, SxAg Lab"parents were James & Elizabeth TICKNER" "Married at Lurgashall, Sx, in 1840" probably Died in Midhurst District in 1880"
  TICKNERLucyWifeMF54Lurgashall, Sx "née DUDMAN" "Died in Midhurst District in 1895"
  TICKNERJemmaDaughterUF23N AmbershamUnder Gardener 
  TICKNERWilliamSonUM19N AmbershamAg Lab"Married Clare Emily WEBSTER at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1884"
  TICKNERFrederickSonUM17N AmbershamAg Lab 
  TICKNERHenrySonUM9N Ambersham "his parents were Joseph and Matilda née TICKNER"
29SheetlandETHERINGTONSamuelHeadMM42Lurgashall, SxGamekeeper"1st Marriage at Lurgashall, Sx, in 1849" "Other children Harriett BERRY, Samuel ETHERINGTON, Mary Jane ETHERINGTON" "2nd Married Jane KINGSHOTT, née POAT, widow, sister in law, born 1831, at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1891" "Died in Midhurst, Sx, District in 1903"
  ETHERINGTONMarthaWifeMF41Lurgashall, Sx "? née STEVENS" "Died in Midhurst ,Sx, District in 1887"
  ETHERINGTONAlfredSonUM16Lurgashall, SxAg Lab 
  ETHERINGTONRichardSonUM14Lurgashall, SxAg Lab 
  ETHERINGTONStephenSonUM12Lurgashall, SxAg Lab 
  ETHERINGTONSusanDaughterUF10Lurgashall, SxScholar 
  ETHERINGTONLeonardSonUM8Lurgashall, SxScholar 
  ETHERINGTONKateDaughterUF6Lurgashall, SxScholar"Married Albert Edwin MIDDLETON at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1894"
  ETHERINGTONAlbertSonUM4Lurgashall, Sx  
  ETHERINGTONMarthaDaughterUF2Lurgashall, Sx  
  ETHERINGTONEmmy "Emma"DaughterUF1Lurgashall, Sx "Married Walter Henry WALKER at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1900"
30SheetlandBAKERRichardHeadMM80Guildford, SyUnder Gardener"married Jane TICKNER at Lodsworth, Sx, in 1814 but shown as a widower in 1861"
  BAKERMaryDaughterUF56Lurgashall, SxDomestic Servant 
31SheetlandCOMBESNoahHeadMM32Lurgashall, SxAg Lab"Married at Fernhurst Sx, in 1864 with his wife's sister, Jane TICKNER, a witness"
  COMBESCarolineWifeMF30Lurgashall, Sx "née TICKNER" At Tanyard House, Fernhurst, Sx, with husband and 3 children at the 1881 Census"
  COMBESAnneDaughterUF6Lurgashall, Sx "probably Married Lewis BOWDEN at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1894"
  COMBESJaneDaughterUF3N Ambersham "probably Married Charles HILL in Midhurst District in 1894"
  COMBESFrederickSonUM2N Ambersham "Married Mary Ann HARRINGTON at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1896"
  COMBESLoetonSonUM3mosN Ambersham  
32ReethDUDMANJamesHeadWM60Fernhurst, SxGamekeeper"had Married Elizabeth KITCHEL, who died in 1869, at Lurgashall, Sx, in 1836" "Died in Midhurst District in 1853 or 1863"
  DUDMANJohnSonUM25N AmbershamAg Lab"Married Harriett NEWMAN at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1873"
  DUDMANJamesSonUM21N AmbershamAg ab"Married Charlotte NEWMAN in Midhurst District in 1875 & at Fernhurst Village Green with his wife at the 1881 Census"
  DUDMANMariaDaughterUF19N Ambersham  
33ReethENTICKNAPJonathanHeadMM50Lurgashall, Sx  
  ENTICKNAPMarthaWifeMF41Tillington, Sx  
  ENTICKNAPJosephSonUM12Lurgashall, Sx  
  ENTICKNAPEmmaDaughterUF10Lurgashall, Sx  
  ENTICKNAPAdaDaughterUF8Lurgashall, Sx  
  ENTICKNAPElizabeth MDaughterUF1Petworth, Sx  
34UpperfoldTIGNERMaryHeadWF52N AmbershamCharwoman"née LEE" "Widowed in 1870 and possibly Married John Thomas BAKER, a single Farm Labourer, of South Ambersham, who was living in Midhurst at the 1881 Census" "possibly Died in the Midhurst District in 1907"
  TIGNER "TICKNER"WilliamSonUM30N AmbershamAg Lab"possibly Married Mary Ann STENNING in Hambledon, Sy, District in 1882" "
35Shalford CottageVOLLERHenryHeadMM64Fernhurst, SxAg Lab"Died in Midhurst District in 1885"
  VOLLERElizaWifeMF57Fernhurst, Sx "Died in Midhurst District in 1890"
  BURNSIsabellaNieceUF40Chelsea, LondonDomestic Servant 



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