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The Fernhurst Society

North Ambersham 1861 census transcription

Please note that this data is presented as work in progress.

North Ambersham enumeration district:
"The Boundary of Enumeration District No 7. The whole of the Tything of Northamersham. Comprising Lowder Nill, Bell Vale, Varndell Hill, Wades Marsh, Sheet Land ,Reeth, Lower House, Upperfold, Surney, Gunters Farm and Cottages at Bexley Hill."

Data transcribed from Public Record Office PRO Reference: RG9/0627 2- Folio 63-68 by David J Coward
Additional and connecting information added by transcriber shown in quotation marks.

Original data Crown Copyright
All information on this page © David Coward


No. of Schedule

Road, Street, & No. or Name of House


SurnameForename(s)Relation to head of familyCondition as to MarriageGenderAgeBirthplaceOccupation Comments added by transcriber (part of ongoing research that is not yet complete)
1Bell ValeBERRYGeorgeHeadMM39Haslemere, SyMaltster & Brewer"1 man & 1 boy "married at Lambeth,Sy, in 1857" "
   BERRYSarahWifeMF30Wandsworth, Sy "née McGEORGE"
   BERRYSarah H"oward"DaughterUF7Thursley, Sy  
   BERRYGeorgeSonUM4Thursley, Sy  
   BERRYJasperSonUM9mosN Ambersham  
   LUNNEdwardF in LawWM59Wilton, SyMaster Wheelwright 
   UPTONThomasServantUM39Haslemere, SyMaltster & Brewer 
   BUDDMary AnnServantUF17Farnhurst, SyHouse Servant 
2Lowder MillBOXALLThomasHeadMM30N AmbershamSawyer"married at Woolavington, Sx, c1820"
  BOXALLCharlotteWifeMF25Stedham, SxSawyer's Wife 
  BOXALLSarah AnnDaughterUF3Chiddingfold, Sy  
3Lowder MillSLEMMINGSJamesHeadMM56Waltham SxAg Labourer"probably his 2nd marriage after Mary COLLINS in 1823 at Petworth, Sx" "
  SLEMMINGSElizabethWifeMF51Lurgashall, SxAg Lab's Wife 
4Lowder MillVOLLERRichardHeadMM81Frensham, SyAg Labourer"2nd Marriage at Frensham, Sy, in 1807 following Sarah FULLER at Ewhurst, Sy, in 1786" "Died in Hambledon District in 1867"
  VOLLERHannahWifeMF76Witley, SyAg Lab'sWife"née BATCHELOR ? Was this her 2nd" "Died in Midhurst District in 1864"
  VOLLERRichardSonUM53Haslemere, SyChelsea Pensioner"Died in Midhurst District in 1874"
  VOLLERWilliamSonUM51Haslemere, SyAg Labourer"possibly Died in Hambledon, Sy, District in 1900"
  VOLLERPeterSonUM39Witley, SyCarter at the Mill"Married Jane BATCHELOR in Hambledon, Sy, District in 1866" "At Camelsdale, Fernhurst, Sx, with his wife and niece, Phoebe FARLEY, 16, at the 1881 Census" "Died in Midhurst, District in 1881"
  VOLLERIsaacSonUM36Witley, SyAg Labourer 
5Varndell HillLUCASJohnHeadMM62Chiddingfold, SyLanded Proprietor"Married at Shere, Sy, in 1823" "Died in Hambledon District in 1871 "
  LUCASMary AnnWifeMF60Chiddingfold, Sy "née SKELTON" "She had a daughter, Mary, born in 1824 who Married Edwin ALBERY, Solicitor, born 1822 at Petersfield, Hants" "At Sheep Lane, Midhurst, Sx, a widow, at the 1881 Census with her daughter and son-in-law" "Edwin Albery features as a solicitor in partnership with a LUCAS in many wills and other legal documents" "
  LUCASWilliam R "Clement"SonUM20N AmbershamFarmer 90 Acres"2 men & 2 boys "shown as William R LUCAS in the 1861 Census" "Married Eliza STEER in Petworth District in 1864"
  BENHAMBethiaServantUF26Lurgashall, SxHouse Servant 
  MORLEYEbenezerServantUM16Farnhurst, SxCarter 
6Wades MarshLAMBERTRichardHeadWM28Barrards, RutFarmer 16 acres3 men & 2 boys
  MILTONThomasServantMM66Farnehurst, SxCarter"married at Lurgashall, Sx, in 1817"
  MILTONJaneServantMF66Northchapel, SxHousekeeper"née DAVIS"
7Wades MarshTICKNERGeorgeHeadMM46Lurgashall, SxAg Labourer"parents were James & Elizabeth TICKNER" "Married at Lurgashall, Sx, in 1840" probably Died in Midhurst District in 1880"
  TICKNERLucyWifeMF42Lurgashall, SxAg Lab's Wife"née DUDMAN" "Died in Midhurst District in 1895"
  TICKNERJaneDaughterUF16N AmbershamServant 
  TICKNERGeorgeSonUM14N AmbershamAg Labourer"Buried at Fernhurst in 1870"
  TICKNERJames "Jimmy"SonUM12N AmbershamAg Labourer"Married Jane GOSDEN in Hambledon District in 1872" "At Blue Bell, Fernhurst, Sx, with his wife and 2 children at the 1881 Census" "Died Midhurst District in 1908"
  TICKNERWilliamSonUM8N AmbershamScholar"Married Clare Emily WEBSTER at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1884"
  TICKNERFrederickSonUM6N Ambersham  
8Shalford CottageHETCHALLTimothyHeadMM35Lurgashall, SxAg Labourer 
  HETCHALLFloveletWifeMF27Tangmere, SxAg Lab's Wife 
  HETCHALLJohnSonUM8Haslemere, SyScholar 
  HETCHALLHarrietDaughterUF6Haslemere, Sy  
  HETCHALLElizabethDaughterUF3Lurgashall, Sx  
  HETCHALLArthurSonUM1N Ambersham  
9SheetlandsBAKERRichardHeadWM69West Clandon, SyAg Lab"married at Lodsworth, Sx, in 1814 to Jane TICKNER"
10ReethDUDMANWilliamHeadMM26Lurgashall, SxAg Labourer"Married Jane COOMBES at Lurgashall, Sx, in 1856" "Witness at the Marriage of William CAPLIN at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1858"
  DUDMANJaneWifeMF20Lurgashall, SxAg Lab's Wife"née COOMBES" "Witness at the Marriage of William CAPLIN at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1858"
  DUDMANMaryannDaughterUF4Lurgashall, Sx  
  DUDMANHenrySonUM2Lurgashall, Sx  
  DUDMANWilliamSonUM1moN Ambersham  
11ReethDUDMANJamesHeadMM50Farnhurst, SxGame Keeper"Married at Lurgashall, Sx, in 1836" "Died in Midhurst District in 1853 0r 1863"
  DUDMANElizabethWifeMF68 ?Haslemere, SyGamekeepers Wife"née KITCHELL" "Died in Midhurst District in 1869"
  DUDMANJohnSonUM15N AmbershamAg Labourer"Married Harriett NEWMAN at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1873"
  DUDMANMaryDaughterUF13N AmbershamScholar"Married David LANDER in Midhurst District in 1865 and at Chilnhurst, Lurgashall, Sx, with her husband and 6 children at the 1818 Census"
  DUDMANJamesSonUM11N AmbershamScholar"Married Charlotte NEWMAN in Midhurst District in 1875 & at Fernhurst Village Green with his wife at the 1881 Census"
  DUDMANMariaDaughterUF9N AmbershamScholar 
12Lower HouseJAMESWilliamHeadMM44Stedham,SxFarm Bailiff"His parents were Elizabeth and John JAMES "Married Jane CURTIS at Farnhurst, Sx, in 1850 with witnesses John James and Ellen ?" "his sister Elizabeth GALE was at Surney Cottage" "Died in Midhurst, Sx, District in 1907" "
  JAMESJaneWifeMF44Farnhurst, SxFarm Bailiff's Wife"née CURTIS" "Died at Fernhurst in 1882"
  JAMESSarahDaughterUF3N Ambersham "Married William HASLAM at Fernhust, Sx, in 1881"
  GALE "HACK"DavidNephewUM16N Ambersham  
13UpperfoldTICKNERCharlesHeadMM48Lurgashall, SxAg Labourer"Married at Farnhurst, Sx, in 1847" "probably Died in Midhurst Disrict in 1870"
  TICKNERMaryWifeMF42Farnhurst, SxAg Lab's Wife"née LEE" "Widowed in 1870 and possibly Married John Thomas BAKER, a single Farm Labourer, of South Ambersham, who was living in Midhurst at the 1881 Census" "possibly Died in the Midhurst District in 1907"
  TICKNERMaryDaughterUF7N Ambersham  
  TICKNERJaneDaughterUF6N Ambersham  
  LEEJamesF in LawWM80Farnhurst, SxAg Labourer"The 1851 Census shows him as from Hickfield, Berks" "Father of Mary TICKNER" "probably Died in the Midhurst District in 1857"
14GuntersBAKERHenryHeadMM36Kirdford,SxAg Labourer"married at Lurgashall, Sx, in 1845"
  BAKERAnnWifeMF32Lurgashall, SxAg Lab's Wife"née COOPER"
  BAKERRichardSonUM9Lodsworth, Sx  
  BAKERAtaden ?SonUM7Lodsworth, Sx  
  BAKERPhillisDaughterUF5Lodsworth, Sx  
  BAKERHenrySonUM2N Ambersham  
15SurneyHAMMONDWilliamHeadWM50Chiddingfold, SyFarm Bailiff"had married Jane LUFF at Frensham, Sy, in 1824" "Present at the Marriage of his son, homas HAMMOND to Emma GILBERT at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1862"
  HAMMONDThomasSonUM22Chiddingfold, Sy "Married Emma Gilbert at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1862 with witnesses his sister, Jane HAMMOND and Charles MILLS"
  HAMMONDJaneDaughterUF16Chiddingfold, Sy "Witness at the marriage of her brother Thomas HAMMOND, to Emma GILBERT at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1862"
  HAMMONDHarrietDaughterUF13Chiddingfold, Sy  
16SurneyCAISTFULEdmundHeadUM35Lodsworth, SxCarter 
17Bexley HillHEATHERCharlesHeadMM37Petworth, SxAg Labourer"Married at Fernhurst in 1847 with witnesses Samuel DUDMAN and Jane BAIGENT" "Buried at Fernhurst in 1875"
  HEATHERMaryann "Mary Ann"WifeMF32Lodsworth, SxAg Lab's Wife"née DUDMAN" "parents were Henry and Martha" "Deceased by 1871"
  HEATHERCarolineDaughterUF11Lodsworth, SxScholar 
  HEATHERWilliamSonUM9Lodsworth, SxScholar 
  HEATHERSarahDaughterUF11mosN Ambersham  
18Bexley Hill DUDMANSamuelHeadMM29N AmbershamAg Labourer" "Witness at the Marriage of Charles HEATHER and Mary Ann DUDMAN at Fernhurst in 1847 along with Jane BAIGENT"1st Marriage to LOUISA BAIGENT at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1852 but widowed by 1858" "2nd marriage at Farnhurst, Sx, in 1859 with William DUDMAN and Phebe DUDMAN as witnesses" "Died in Midhurst District in 1909"
  DUDMANAnnWifeMF30Iping, Sx "née STEVENS -2nd wife" "probably Died in Midhurst District in 1910"
  DUDMANCharlotteDaughterUF6N Ambersham "mother was Louisa DUDMAN née BAIGENT" "
19Bexley HillTRUSLERThomasHeadMM57N AmbershamAg Labourer"Married at Steep, Hants, in 1824" "He Died at Bexley Hill in 1887" "probably Nightingales"
  TRUSLERSarahWifeMF65Bramshott, HantsAg Lab's Wife"née HACKMAN from Lodsworth, Sx" "Died in Midhurst District in 1886"
  TRUSLEREli T "Thomas"SonUM36N AmbershamAg Labourer"Buried at Fernhurst in 1862"
  TRUSLERWilliamSonUM26N AmbershamAg Labourer"mother Sarah née HACKMAN" "1st Marriage to Jane STONER (5 children) at Fernhurst in 1864, with witnesses Charlotte TRUSLER and John CAPLIN" "2nd Marriage to Fanny BURTON "née DUDMAN at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1874 with witnesses James DUDMAN and Fanny HALL" "Living at Nightingales" "Died at Bexley Hill in 1920"
  TRUSLERCharlotteG DaughterUF11N AmbershamScholar"mother was Matilda DUDMAN née TRUSLER" Married Frank HOLLAND and then moved to the Isle of Wight"
20Bexley HillDUDMANWilliamHeadMM41N AmbershamAg Labourer"Witness at Marriage of Samuel DUDMAN to Anne STEVENS at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1859" "possibly Paradise Cottage"
  DUDMANPhoebeWifeMF36Selham, SxAg Lab's Wife"Witness at Marriage of Samuel DUDMAN to Anne STEVENS at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1859" "possibly Paradise Cottage"
  DUDMANHarrietDaughterUF13Lodsworth, Sx  
  DUDMANFannyDaughterUF9Lodsworth, SxScholar"Married William TRUSSLER at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1874 after she had been married to James RASSALL and George BURTON " "
  DUDMANSarahDaughterUF6N Ambersham  
  DUDMANAlfredSonUM2mosN Ambersham "father- William DUDMAN" "Married Kate COLE at Fernhurst, Sx, 1881"
21Bexley Hill KNIGHTSHenryHeadWM60Lodsworth, SxAg Labourer"Married Maria REDMAN at Stedham, Sx, in 1835" "Buried at Fernhurst in 1872"
  KNIGHTSJohnSonUM29Stedham, SxAg LAbourer"born before marriage of his parents, Henry and Maria KNIGHTS" "
  KNIGHTSHenrySonUM19N AmbershamAg Labourer 
  BOXALLJeremiahS in LawMM32Farnhurst, SxAg Labourer"Married at Farnhurst, Sx, in 1848" "Witness at the Marriage of his son, Arthur, at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1871" "Died in Midhurst District in 1903"
  BOXALLMaryDaughterMF32Stedham, SxAg Lab's Wife"née KNIGHTS" "born before marriage of parents, Henry and Maria" "Died inMidhurst District in 1911"
  BOXALLArthurG SonUM12N AmbershamScholar"Married Rebecca SMITH at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1871 with witnesses Jeremiah and Anne BOXALL"
  BOXALLAnnG DaughterUF11N AmbershamScholar"Witness of Marriage of brother, Arthur BO)XALL at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1871" "Married William HALE at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1876"
22Bexley HillDUDMANHenryHeadWM57Haslemere, SyAg Labourer"Buried at Fernhurst in 1874"
23Bexley Hill DUDMANMatildaHeadWF36Lodsworth, SxAg Lab's Widow"Married Widower, Thomas DUDMAN, at Steep, Hants, in 1854 with witnesses Charles TRUSLER and Ellen MUSS" "Bramshott, Hants, shown as her place of birth but this was where she was from at the time" "probably Died at Ryde on the Isle of Wight in 1881"
  TRUSLERJohn "Thomas"SonUM8Easebourne, Sx "Baptised at Fernhurst" "Married Emily Wren née HOWICK n 1878 and moved to Easebourne by 1901" "2 sons, George and Alvah TRULER who were both killed in WW1"
  DUDMANJamesSonUM6N Ambersham "Born in Bexley Hill" "Married Fanny HULL, daughter of John and Fanny née SAGEMAN, DUDMAN in 1875 at Cocking, Sx"
24Bexley HillBOXALLJaneHeadWF56Farnhurst, SxAg Lab's Widow"née GLAZIER, married William BOXALL at Farnhurst, Sx, in 1822"
  BOXALLGeorgeSonUM22Farnhurst, SxAg Labourer 
  BOXALLCharlesSonUM10N AmbershamAg Labourer 
25Bexley Hill ENTICKNAPMariaHeadWF48N AmbershamWashing"father William ENTICKNAP" "Buried at Fernhurst in 1898"
  ENTICKNAPWilliamBrotherUM37N AmbershamAg Labourer 
  ENTICKNAPElizaDaughterUF24N AmbershamServant"Buried at Fernhurst in 1875"
  ENTICKNAPRuthDaughterUF20N AmbershamServant"Married William CHIVERS, at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1866 with witnesses, "Henry CHIVERS and Elizabeth HALE"
  ENTICKNAPAnnG DaughterUF4N Ambersham "Illegitimate" "Mother was Eliza"
  ENTICKNAPMaryG DaughterUF1N Ambersham "Married Arthur SUMMER at Fernhurst, Sx, in 1885"



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