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The Fernhurst Society

Data and privacy protection policy


What personal information does the Fernhurst Society hold about its members?

  • Name and address, plus optionally phone number
  • Email address
  • Details of payments received – membership subscriptions and/or donations to the Society
  • Optionally, consent to claim ‘Gift Aid’ from HMRC against money paid to us.

How is this information stored and used?

  • It is stored on paper and on computer files.
  • It is used for the normal administration of individual membership, for example to send an email reminding members that a subscription is due.
  • It is also used to keep our members informed of the activities of the Society. Individual members may opt out of receiving this information by email at any time by informing the Membership Secretary.
  • At any time a member can request to see, change or delete their personal details via the Membership Secretary or the Treasurer.
  • Personal information will be deleted as soon as possible after a membership is cancelled. However some financial information may need to be kept for up to seven years thereafter for audit purposes, after which time it will be deleted.

Who has access to the information?

  • Normally, only the Treasurer and the Membership Secretary will have access to these details.
  • Sometimes they may share information with other members of the Society’s Executive Committee, for example when organising events run by the Society.
  • All of those entrusted with personal details of members will follow this Policy.
  • All those entrusted with personal details will take reasonable steps to keep the information secure.
  • The Society will not divulge personal information outside the Executive Committee, with two exceptions:
    • To allow the annual drawing up and independent examination of the Society’s financial accounts;
    • Where written consent has been received, information may be submitted to HMRC to claim Gift Aid payments.



Last updated: 30-May-2018