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The Fernhurst Society

Tales from the Archives - 26

Social Niceties

In her book ‘An Edwardian Childhood’, Miss Margaret Hutchinson recalls a Scout and Cub Rally held at Ropes, the home of Sir Arthur and Lady Balfour.  Her Ladyship was a great patron of Scouting.  (The scout hut in Ropes Lane is all due to the generosity of the Balfours.)

A visiting troop was camping nearby and was invited to the rally.  A marquee was erected for the boys’ tea and scouters were divided between the drawing room and the kitchen.  Mr Lawson qualified for the drawing room but our Scoutmaster, a gardener, departed happily for the kitchen.  I said firmly that I must stay with the boys to see that they behaved.

There was great consternation however, when Mr Lawson hurried out to whisper to me in the marquee that the visiting Scoutmaster had been sent to the kitchen.  He was a vicar in disguise!  There was nothing I could do but laugh.  No doubt the bread-and-butter was more filling out there!

If you would like to know more about this story, or research other local topics, the Archive is open on Tuesdays, 2.30-5pm in the Village Hall. Other times by arrangement.

Christine Maynard
Fernhurst Archive

One of a series of short articles bringing you some of the incidents from our rich village history. Collated by Christine Maynard, based on documents preserved at the Fernhurst Archives, these originally were published in the monthly Fernhurst News.

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